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Mistress and Boi - Anniversary Night

fetish MamaMinx 2018-01-14

All he got was a glimpse of her beautiful naked ass in the air, with me pounding away like a mad man as both hands raked polished nails down Mistresses' back! I looked out the side window to see that we were pulling into the long drive way to the mansion and I began fucking her like a stallion in heat, ramming her pussy so hard that it hurt me, but was determined to accomplish my goal before I came. I in turn could not hold off any longer and on its own my right hand slammed down on her beautiful ass cheek three times in a row as my seed jettisoned deep inside her glorious pussy.

Making Love To A Mother

fetish sexyvette2469 2018-01-14

Slowly kisses came up your leg, covering your knee and thigh. Kissing my way up the second time you moaned as your legs opened. The whole time you walked fingers were deep inside you, each step continued the pleasure. My fingers moved and pumped as you walked the steps to the bedrooms.  In your bedroom we kissed, I felt your tongue in my mouth tasting the juices you made. Kissing you again I felt your hand guiding my cock inside you. Nursing at your breast as my cock moved inside you. Moving up your body we kissed passionately and again I felt your tongue moving in my mouth drinking the remaining love nectar our bodies have made from my lips.

A written proposal

fetish besidethesea 2018-01-13

Now he couldn't move this was starting to seem a little less like a good idea, but as she walked back towards the cameras to set them to record, Emma removed her shirt and dropped her jeans, kicking off her trainers at the same time. David could hear she had moved he face close to his left ear, perhaps she was kneeling but the custard had blurred his vision so much he couldn't make anything out, even when he turned his head. Emma moved away with David's head uselessly trying to follow her, which is just what she wanted for the camera.

The Cape

fetish ThePhantom 2018-01-13

As he tongue enters my mouth her small hands slowly run their fingers across the cape from my shoulders down to my hips and moans as she does it. I can feel her warm breasts pressing against my flesh as she begins to rub herself against the cool material of the cape. As she begins to gently slide it in and out of her sweet mouth I lower the cape and she disappears under a blanket of heavy black satin. Tina stops long enough to allow her arms to poke out from under my cape and circle my hips. Her hands run down the tall peaked collar to my shoulder where she hugs me tight and pressing her hot breasts against the cool front of my cape.

The wonders of feet

fetish SeanR83 2018-01-12

As I was starting my routine with her foot I watched Alice slip her hand between her legs. She closed her eyes as she played with herself, groaning as I started to suck on her big toe. As I sucked on her toes, she rubbed her other foot up against my balls and the underside of my cock. I pulled away from her feet and spread her legs. I inched forward, pushing my cock into her tight pussy as I held her close to me. I pulled my cock from her quivering cunt and held her feet together. It took me all of ten seconds before my cock exploded over her perfect toes and feet.

Clipped Wings

fetish marietv 2018-01-12

As the attendants come forward to remove the theatrical wings and bind Sierra with a body harness of festive red rope, the guests learn the name of the game. Clamping it tight between her thighs, she opens her mouth and lets out a piercing shriek, coming so hard it hurts. Left bent over to contemplate the puddle of her own sweat and juices on the floor while random sexual activity gathers momentum all around her, Sierra can hardly stand straight when her arms are finally lowered for the next phase of her ordeal. Satisfied that they have her just as they want her, the hard men who move her body around like a rag doll let her up from the chair only to replace ropes with straps and chains.

The Art Of Shaving

fetish Raedigga 2018-01-12

  Still kneeling you affectionately apply baby oil to my skin with your strong hands slipping your fingers skillfully into me fucking me exquisitely while you begin to circle my navel languidly with your tongue, biting my waist sensuously, kissing my hips reverently then using your hot stiff tongue replacing your fingers instead parting my pussy smoothly and plunging inside until your soft full lips press mine.   “You make me feel so good” I moan and just when I think I have reached the pinnacle of my pleasure and I cannot go any higher you move me to the floor laying me down arranging my legs over your shoulders your chest against my thighs aggressively punishing my pussy delivering with all your strength each thrust penetrating me deeper each time than the last burying the plum colored head of your cock further into my pink depths.

Always a Breast Man

fetish poppyx 2018-01-11

He’d straddled her, placing his thighs either side of her head, and dipped his cock inside her mouth as she lay there in mid moan. Maria had pushed her breasts together as his cock rested between them, the warm flesh surrounding him as he’d started to fuck them. Every now and then she had raised her head a little and opened her mouth, pushing her tongue onto his thrusting cock. He repeated what he’d said, a little louder this time, “Can I try some of your milk, honey? “What, you want to try my breast milk?” Maria, a little shocked, asked. Chris whimpered in protest as Maria eased her nipple from his mouth, a little stream of milk sprayed out and he tried to catch it.

Katie Takes Freckles The Pony For A Ride

fetish Banes1 2018-01-10

Katie sucks first on one nut, then slides her tongue up the underside of my shaft and takes the head in her mouth for one quick suck before licking her way back down. Reaching my nut sac, she runs her tongue all around the sac and then sucks on the other nut as her hand rubs the head of my cock, spreading the precum all around. Taking her hands, Katie lifts my right leg and removes my boot saying, “You were a very good boy today, Freckles and shall be justly rewarded.” Katie moves to my left leg, raises it and removes my other boot.

Miss Donald’s Cum Punishment

fetish footlover95 2018-01-10

I cleaned both her hands and even her leg without her asking me and said, “Sorry, Miss Donald, I do not know what had came over me, it was like I was under her spell.” I tried to pull out but she started using two hands and then whispered in my ear in a seductive tone, “Swallow his cum, and I promise you will have the best orgasm of your life.” Miss Donald bent down, on her knees and whipped the cum of my lips and said, “You did a good job, but you know your cock is to small for me to fuck.” I started licking my cum of her beautiful feet, until they were clean and then she said, “You will do what I tell you from now on, if you ever want to cum again.”

Melissa's Golden Fun.

fetish SeanR83 2018-01-09

She got to her knees in front of me, she took my rock hard cock by the tip and licked at my pee hole. I groaned as I could feel it coming, I warned Melissa and she opened her mouth in front of my cock. We let the water cascade over our bodies as I pulled her close to me my still rock hard cock pressing against her belly.  I slammed my cock into her hole as hard as I could, her body shaking as she started getting close to another orgasm. I could not help myself and started to jerk my cock hard, her pee falling from my face onto my body.

Getting What He Asked For

fetish joey65 2018-01-09

I closed the room door and watched quietly as Michael picked up one of the condom packs and returned to Tom's exposed ass. I told Tom that since I had booked this hotel room for the last five days and had ordered room service several times during the week, I had gotten to talk to Michael on several occasions. As Michael returned to probing Tom's rectum with first his thumb, and then the two middle fingers of his right hand, I walked around to the side of the bed where Tom's head was located. I knew Tom was enjoying himself because each time Micheal's hand made contact with his ass cheek, Tom would let out a soft whimper, while he bit down on the bed spread beneath him.

Jizz Pig

fetish Tuppie 2018-01-08

Flapping his cock about I am going to throw caution to the wind, and kneel at the hole offering my mouth. ‘Big guy’ has a really big cock with a huge mushroom-head. He is pulling ‘youngster’s’ head off his dick and suggesting we move through to the last toilet stall. ‘Big guy’ is fucking like crazy and ‘youngster’ is yelping into my mouth. It’s fucking hard trying to anchor ‘youngsters’ head because ‘big guy’ is feverishly spiking him. Fuck Yeah, my arse is making sloshing sounds churning ‘big guys’ sloppy seconds. “Oooh, take it all the way, ooh… oh pen you’re fucking throat, oooh… yes… That’s the way cock sucker.” My head is being pulverized.

Sleepy Little Girl

fetish cuddlybabygirl 2018-01-06

I looked up into his eyes and whined softly, moving my hips in time with his hand. "You know I can't resist when you pout like that, Kitten." He began kissing the top of my breasts and used both hands to push my behind into his fully hard cock. After a few more slaps, he caressed my behind until his fingers began to touch my soaking cunt. I gripped the blanket and moaned loudly, my cunt growing more wet with each slap. I wanted him to claim me in every way possible so I used my hands to hold his cock in my mouth. I felt each shot of cum fly into my mouth and moaned with each one. 

Confessions of a Foot Fetishist

fetish MonsoonMicky 2018-01-06

She knows I have a penchant for ladies’ feet and always pads around the house bare foot, wiggling and splaying her toes in the air, fondling her soles and arches, taunting me with her adorable little tootsies. Her right foot worked its way up slowly to the tip of my cock before caressing the gooey head in a circular motion with the pad of the big toe, smearing pre-cum, smudging the slippery substance all over my bulbous helmet-head. I clamped Beth’s soles to either side off my cock and manipulated her feet, moving them in a circular motion, the pads of her toes stroking my helmet, the heels rubbing the base of the shaft.

Sweet Clairette (3rd in the Golden Series)

fetish MrNiceguy888 2018-01-05

I had to push Claire's face and muffled moans deeper into the snow as I drove my cock deep into her pussy and let loose what felt like a torrent of cum. I could feel Claire's tongue roaming over the head of my cock and probing its eye, as if trying to staunch the flow of piss into her mouth. In that vein I wanted to show Claire what it felt like to have someone lick her pussy while she pissed and to give her experience of knowing that someone is drinking her warm urine right from her body. Trying to drink as much of her piss as I could, I eventually opted to hold Claire close and suck on her pussy lips to better control the jets filling my mouth.

The Beast Within You

fetish smiler77 2018-01-05

I whisper and I don’t know what I’m begging for, you don’t know either and fuck fuck fuck you’re just going to have to keep trying until the begging stops, you need to make this begging stop because eventually it will drive you crazy, make it stop, whatever it takes. Your fingers are first to act, they thrust into my open mouth, they want to violate me but I suck them willingly, hungrily. You roar loudly like an animal as you thrust harder and harder carelessly before explode inside me, coating my throat with your delicious cum.  You look down at me and I look to you to like I’m your fuck doll, your plaything, but you want to break me, your destructive nature the one that your mother used to complain about when you were a child is back and it’s welcome by me, I want you to break me and then fix me afterwards.

A Surprise Ass-fucking in Panties Part 2

fetish hummmph 2018-01-05

The once hot cum in the front of my panties is now cooling against the front of my crotch as I try my best to walk, still weak at the knees, down the street. I have a panty crotch full of cum here, which feels fucking horny I must say - cold, but horny!” I exclaim. “Well, if that didn’t work, Humph, then I am going to have to go to a little bit further to sort you out because I want you hot and ready when we get back to yours,” Emmy says with a hint of wryness. We just hold each other in a strong embrace the entire time Emmy is pissing through her panties onto my already wet and messy crotch, enjoying the taboo nature of what we are doing.

Chanel No. 19

fetish Scorched 2018-01-04

I exhale raggedly and focus my energy onto my computer screen and gather my thick brown hair into a messy low bun and begin to work once more until I hear the door creak open slowly behind me and a wave of pure electric desire overwhelms my senses. I close my eyes slowly and let her drive my body into a state of euphoria with the mere smell of Chanel No. 19 and her own body's fragrance. That perfectly smooth skin glistens as she stares at me with a soft glaze in her eyes as I gently take her beautifully thin fingers and taste the succulent natural flavor and Chanel No. 19 in her pores.

Nasty Fun Beside My Pool

fetish Toriblonde 2018-01-03

I put my hair into a pony tail and I was soon walking around the house naked. The way it feels against my boobs and pussy always makes me want to immediately masturbate. I loved feeling nasty, but I didn't want to smell like pee for the rest of the day. The idea of being totally exposed and far away from any clothes was absolutely incredible. My pussy was throbbing all over again, I could feel juices dripping on my legs as I walked. There were houses everywhere; I just stood looking around, loving the whole thing. I floated around in the pool for a few minutes longer and eventually got out and lay down on my chair.


fetish heelzanpearls 2018-01-03

"Well Lois, I see you really want to get back into playing and since I love piano, I know how great it is to sit down and start playing some beautiful music. "So Raymond, you really like the looks of me wearing my black half-square glasses and beaded neck chain?" I was surprised, I had my eyes on Lois as she got on the sofa, as she took off her blouse and bra, I didn't even notice her half-glasses and beaded chain on the coffee table. I was on the sofa with my pants down and Lois was sitting at the edge, looking at me through her black half-squares and touching me all over with her gold square glasses.

Foot job bliss

fetish SeanR83 2018-01-03

So it was by the fourth evening I was sitting on the couch in just my boxers as Melissa sat on the couch her back against the armrest and her legs stretched out, her feet resting on my lap. She knew what was going on and I could feel her foot gently massaging my hard cock as we talked. It wasn’t long before it was made plainly obvious what was going through both of our minds, as Melissa slipped her foot up the leg of my boxers and started to massage my balls with her toes. We kissed deeply as I gently fingered her pussy and her hand glided over my cock.

Ice Cold

fetish Gillianleeeza 2018-01-02

No, just a girl who can't drive." I started laughing again at the look on Mike's face. Mike came over and looked down at me laying in the snow with my snowsuit and jeans pulled down. Thankfully, Mike returned to pushing two fingers back inside of my pussy, which by now was dripping so much it was melting the snow underneath me. I watched Mike standing at the edge of our bed, slowing stroking his cock, wearing nothing but that smile I love. Pleasure from the cold, from having my ass filled, from playing with my clit and, most importantly, making Mike happy and proud that he married me. I reached down to feel Mike's cock, and the toy in my ass.

Strapon Fucked by my Wife

fetish cuntosaurus 2018-01-02

On one occasion when we were doing this my wife mentioned that she liked the though of using a strapon to allow her to take the role of penetrator when we had sex. After some more browsing and decision making I hopped onto the computer, and placed the order for our strapon, lube and a few other bits through the catalogues website. My wife proceeded to gently fuck my arse for a few minutes, as I groaned with the pleasure. It was extremely pleasurable, the hard shaft in my arse with my wife's hands pumping away on my own dick. After a short time I felt her tense as the orgasm started, I kept driving my fingers in and out of her and thumbing her clit while she moaned, and bucked around.