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Don Venuto's Sissies

fetish marybethsanford 2018-11-20

"It's an invitation to a birthday party?" Mark's mother said. You've got to go dressed as a little girl." Carol said. invitations, and I'll call a couple of the moms," Mark's mother said. supposed to have shoes, dresses and accessories." Mark's mother said on OK?" Mark's mother said as she transferred the slip to the arm "Life your arms honey." Mark's mother said as she gathered the slip. so the dress slids over it." Mark's mother said fighting that smile "Do you guys really like this stuff?" Mark asked as the dress and slip "Do you think he dresses like this?" Mark's mother asked. "Going to show you a trick we girls learn," Mark's mother said.

Kinky Regression

fetish HayleyHollyGrace 2018-11-14

Helen becoming impatient orders Becky to bring Hayley into the room. “There’s a good little girl, look what mummy has found in her bag.” Mummy Hayley takes a used tissue from her handbag, wiping his mouth clean, kissing him sloppily on the lips. Helen orders Hayley to put her new sissy-baby onto Lowri’s lap. “That’s lovely Holly Grace, milk Mummy Lowri dry.” Mummy places his small finger towards her nose, Alan seems to know what is expected of him. Helen is delighted as she presses her face close up to the sissy-baby. “There’s a good little ickle wickle baby, give Mummy Lowri a wet sloppy kiss.” Alan Leighton Jones has enjoyed his time as a pretty baby-girl with two extremely confident mummies covering his every need.