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Kinky Fetish Whore

fetish Mysteria27 2018-01-23

George had a fetish for stockings and feet. I looked like a Barbie doll and George loved to play with me. George licked my stocking toes on my left foot and then on my right foot. George sat on the bed and pushed his toes up inside of my pussy. George fucked my pussy in and out with his foot. George moved to the bed and got on top of me. George pulled his pretty panties down his legs. I opened my legs wide and George moved his tongue up and down and all around over my pussy. He pushed his cock into my pussy and fucked me on the bed. George let out a scream and came inside of my pussy.

Big Woman's Booty Cake

fetish Samuelx 2018-01-22

She's a six-foot-tall, large-breasted, thick-bodied, wide-hipped and big-bottomed woman with jet-black skin and long hair braided into cornrows. This big beautiful black woman loves to show off her body. Marianna Brown was the only female on the Brockton High School Men's Wrestling Team. The big black woman looked really hot with oil all over her dark skin. Also, if that woman has both a tight asshole and a penchant for anal sex, that actually increases the chef's chances to create a truly wonderful Booty Cake. We have a big beautiful black woman with a body that's shiny from cold cooking oil and juicy from Orange Juice. Marianna's eyes widened like saucers as I slammed my cock into the forbidden depths of her asshole.

A Little Sexy Fun For Robert

fetish Mysteria27 2018-01-20

Both girls kneeled down and licked Denise’s panties that Robert was wearing. Pamela was stroking his cock, while Denise licked his cock through her soiled panties. Pamela got on her hands and knees and Robert was licking her ass and pussy, while Denise slid her cock into her boyfriend’s ass. Denise grabbed Robert’s hips and slid her cock deep into his ass. Denise then kneeled down in front of Robert so he could lick and love her pussy and ass. Robert was licking and loving Denise’s ass and pussy. Pamela was fucking Robert’s ass good and hard. Denise then got up and she started to jerk her boyfriend’s cock and shoved his cock into her mouth, while Pamela fucked her boyfriend hard and fast.

Gymnastic Role-Play Fantasy

fetish Mysteria27 2018-01-11

Albert likes to do this specific role-play with Kimberly once every month on a Saturday. Albert finds this highly entertaining and he gets very excited seeing her in her slutty uniform. Kimberly loves to please Albert and will happily play along in this gymnastic fetish fantasy. This is the story of a Saturday morning that Albert and Kimberly were going to play out their gymnastic fantasy role-play. Albert loves to role-play and this particular fantasy really gets him very aroused and very excited. Albert undressed and sat on a chair and began to stroke his cock, while I was playing with my pussy. I got on my hands and knees like Albert said to do.

The Golden Shower Virgin Part 2: Anya’s Bottom…

fetish RayneDor 2018-01-02

The second time, she actually reached around and began working the nozzle slowly in and out of her asshole as she asked the question, making me almost pass out with longing. I was surprised of course, particularly because Anya had not dropped any of her usual hints about sex-play to come, but it was a pleasant sort of surprise and my cock immediately twitched in interest. Anya has used this on me many times but, to date has never asked me to use it on her… she much prefers a long, ribbed nozzle usually and likes it to be slid in and out as the enema liquid is flowing into her.

My take on Anal Sex, a Girls first time

fetish Fridagirl 2017-12-22

For men, on the other hand, it just looks the same, an organ made for fucking and pumping sperm into, and at that particular time, when a girl is induced and reminded to take notice she has a slit that men desperately want to slip into, she practices, with her hairbrush, toothbrush, pencil or crayon, and not forgetting, an inch or so away under it lies another, her tiny pink crinkled butt hole, needs to be opened up, so she can entertain two men simultaneously, and all of this coming a year before anyone can call out the old 'Bingo' parlance, 'Legs Eleven'.

Space Camp Ch. 04

fetish kcunningh 2017-12-21

Once they were alone, Tiffany put her arms over Chris's shoulders and started kissing him. Chris let his fingers slide down the front of Tiffany's diaper. He worked his two fingers in up to the first knuckles, then to the second and then he was pushing them all the way into her ass. Chris grabbed her hips tightly and slowly fucked her ass as deeply as he could. Tiffany started to pull forward and Chris went with her. Tiffany's anus eventually pushed Chris' penis out as he lost his erection. Tiffany asked Chris if he would finger fuck her again like he just did before. Chris obliged and then fucked Tiffany in the ass again.


fetish Smother 2017-12-20

The Kukeri on either side of me made sure I didn't fall down too far, and as the Kuker giving me the blowjob continued to masterfully tease my cock, rocking its head in the back of his throat and creating a relentless amount of suction as he moved his mouth, lips, and firm tongue up and down the shaft of my penis in what felt like contrary motions, I was unable to stop by ass from squeezing around the one filling me from behind. The Kukeri started putting their costumes back in order – smoothing out the fur, getting their cowbells organized, closing up flaps – when one of them looked over at me and said "Mislite li , che vse oshte iska da vzeme nashiya kartina?" A few of the men let out a groan while a few laughed and slapped each other on the back.

Pegged In The Bar

fetish fossie123 2017-12-17

Watching her walk away I couldn't stop thinking about what her ass looked like in those panties. Taking my head in her hands she looks down at me thru half closed eyes and see's my mouth on her cock. With one hand on my hip and the other stroking my cock she said ok baby relax, here it comes I'll go slowly at first to let you get used to but then I'm going to give you all of it. As she picked up speed her grunting told me she was getting close and when her orgasm hit she was pounding her cock into my ass so fast and hard she was bouncing me off the table.

Shelia Thong Sandal Goddess

fetish mrstanley 2017-12-14

As we left the club Shelia grabbed me in the parking lot and shoved her tongue down my throat. I held onto her head and looked into her green eyes as she slowly sucked the top half of my cock into her mouth. I wear wigs when I am out I love my head shaved." Shelia said with a worried look. Shelia kept about five inches of my cock in her throat at a minimum as she swallowed me to my base. Without warning she spit my cock out of her mouth and lifted my legs and placed my feet by my head. Shelia wore a different pair of thong sandals each time we had sex. Shelia has me wearing thin strapped hand- made thong sandals as well.

South by Key West

fetish MrNiceguy777 2017-12-13

The rain was coming down so hard and Key West is so flat, that by the time we got to our apartment even the raised sidewalks were under a few inches of water. As we fucked my thrusts kept compressing my bladder and when I felt I couldn't take it any more I pulled out and tried to piss on Chelsea's ass. I fucked Chelsea until I was nice and deep inside her ass and then began just holding her tight against me. Deep in Chelsea's ass my cock began shooting out long interrupted streams of piss, slowly at first and then with growing intensity. As I began slowly driving my cock in and out of Chelsea the remaining shots of piss streamed out inside her.

Chamber of Secrets

fetish MuseShadow 2017-12-01

How I would slide my hand up her leg, beneath her underwear and slowly finger her cunt, how I would roll up her dress and fuck her in the ass while reaching around and massaging her breasts. I glanced back to the screen and she shuffled in her seat rolling her ass forwards a bit and opening her legs wider to release the pressure on her back. She started to thank me as I caressed her breasts through her blouse and bra, pulling at nipples with my thumb and finger, my cock pushed up against her open hole, my head holding her lips open. Leaning forwards and grabbing her tits I squeezed, gently pinching and twisting her nipples while stroking her belly with the other hand.

Welcome to the Sisterhood

fetish _M_Odette 2017-11-23

The sorority sisters decided they didn't like the name Brian. If Brian was going to be in the sorority house he would have to become a girl, so the sisters re-named him Christine. "Tomorrow when you walk around with a bruised knee, everyone is going to think you were sucking our cocks all night!!!" said a black girl with gorgeous thick hair. The sorority sisters decided that just making the poor battered Christine lick their feet wasn't enough. The sorority sisters revealed the strap-ons they had packed under their clothes and told poor Christine to start licking and sucking their cocks as well. The redheaded girl fucked Christine so expertly with her glittery pink cock, Christine lost all control; all sense of herself.

A Long Night Ahead

fetish AmethystMare 2017-11-11

She couldn't help the pleasured hiss that rolled off her tongue as Ren bucked and moaned through another trickle of cum, the stream near constantly running from the tingling tip of his shaft. The fox's hips rocked from side to side and he panted into the gag as he sucked down his own cum, trying to focus on the sensation of closing his lips quite firmly around the tube, how it felt to dig his teeth into it. Gagging and whining as breath simply did not seem to come, Ren could only helplessly gulp down what more cum trickled into his muzzle, the sensation of tightness and soreness mingling with the lack of true fulfilment.

Chastity is Rewarded

fetish AlinaX 2017-11-08

I closed my eyes and replayed the highlights of the day: Rach spanking me and making me eat her out, not that I'd resisted, but it was the way she left me there on my knees, discarded after use and desperately unsatisfied, that was most vivid in my mind; Mr Darcy forcing me to reveal myself, the humiliation of my boss seeing with his own eyes how disgustingly perverted I was... Then Tom was behind me, and with the benefit of having watched Ricky and me find a position, he was quickly in place, thrusting wonderfully into my ass, filling it with hard cock and banishing the horrible emptiness.

Becca: High Times

fetish kpaddack2 2017-11-08

As Kevin reached back and pushed "Record," Becca lit up the long, fat joint. As she exhaled a long plume, she sighed, "Oh god, that's good." Becca took another long pull and inhaled like her life depended on it. Just a minute later, as she felt another orgasm approaching, she pulled the huge tool out of her cunt and gasped, "Please, fuck my ass, baby." Now fuck my ass hard." She looked up at him and exhaled the smoke right in his face, then looked down to watch his hard cock plow her tunnel. I want to feel you cum in my ass." With the middle finger of her free hand, the brunette violently massaged her swollen clit.

Friendly Henry

fetish fantasex13 2017-11-04

About a half hour into my washing of the car, a red convertible containing a shapely brunet and a lovely redhead pulled into Henry's driveway. She smiled and took my arm, leading me to the back yard where a large pool was filled with water and Henry was sitting with Becky who was massaging his back. Henry's face was buried in Becky's red headed pussy and I could see his tongue darting in and out of the sweet pool between her legs. She slipped under the water and took my cock in her mouth and I felt her long fingernails on my ass as she spread my cheeks for Henry's cock.

The Insurance Salesman Ch. 02

fetish stickyapple1 2017-11-02

Finally pulling my cock from behind the pantyhose, she greedily put her mouth down on it and started to suck it the way she used to. Tiffany began writhing and bucking in ecstasy, moaning with passion, and grabbing my hair so tightly I thought she would pull it out of my head. She tried to squeeze my head with her thighs, but I just pulled her closer and pushed her legs apart with my hands. I pushed her back a bit and knelt up beside her head pulling my cock out from behind my pantyhose at the same time. As I steadily stroked in and out of her asshole I reached my hand down to her dripping cunt and scooped some juice to rub onto my cock.

Slim Girl to Fat Bitch Ch. 08

fetish robin35 2017-11-02

As soon as Gladys was free and she had got the circulation back in her wrist she got to her feet and walked over to Bev. She grabbed her by the hair and rubbed her face first in the vomit and then In the spunk and said. It took her a good half an hour to get the floor clean and then Gladys turned to her and said. Bev knew what was coming but she had been that busy cleaning the floor that she had not noticed the wooden spoon that Gladys had taken from the utensil pot and she had no idea what a potent punishment tool it could be. Bev climbed out of the chair and went and sat next to David and then the tattooist said.

Meeting My Mistress

fetish 1Slaveboy4u 2017-10-31

The next thing I heard was a commanding voice, "Get on your knees with your head on the floor and your ass in the air slave." I felt a small bit of cold lube on my ass, then Mistress inserted an enema bottle and slowly squeezed the liquid in giggling. Of course I answer with a quick, "Oh, yes Mistress!" Mistress says she is pleased and then tells me to unzip my pants and orders me to stroke my cock. Mistress Lizzie reaches over and holds a glass at the end of my cock, she orders me "Cum now you worthless piece of manhood!

Water Play

fetish exoticwolf 2017-10-28

This puzzled me a little as her hands slowly mixed with her tongue and mouth, her lips moving to engulf the tip of my throbbing cock.. I felt the plastic shift a little as her hands moved back to my cock slowly moving it back and forth. "Don't worry baby there is another place for this cock to be." and with that I felt my head swallowed by her hot tight ass. Soon the hole length of my cock was buried inside her tight heaven and I felt the first pressure inside my bladder. I let out a loud groan as I felt the pressure overtake the ring holding it and a long shot of cum mixed with the piss that filled her ass.

Travels with Mistress

fetish 1Slaveboy4u 2017-10-10

I command you." I slowly proceed to kiss Mistress Lizzie on her stocking covered pussy. I lean in and kiss my Mistress' wet thigh with little kisses, moving slowly toward her pussy. I can feel and hear Mistress moan and tense up. "Pretty sluts like to get fucked in their ass-pussies, and you are a pretty little slut, just look at you." "Hold still, slut!" Mistress pulls on the leash. Once it is in half way, Mistress grabs hold of the leash and yanks forcing me back onto the full 8 inches and I moan loudly. Mistress pushes the strap-on is as deep as it goes, holding it there and squeezes tight on my balls and cock with her hand.


fetish creampiestories 2017-10-05

I don't know if I am finding the right spot, or if she likes having her hole filled with my fingers. I especially like it when she licks and sucks my balls, then returns to my cock. I gently urged her head into a kiss (I love kissing her, knowing my cock has so recently been on her lips!), then suggested she lay on her stomach with her hips over some pillows. I pulled her even wider open and kissed her asshole like it was her mouth. She especially seemed to like feeling my lips against her opening, and when I gently brushed my teeth against her. Even so, I spent minutes kissing her ears and neck, enjoying just sitting still in her steamy sewerhole.

Cannonball Belly Fever Pt. 02

fetish Subtext 2017-10-02

"Yes, he wants a fish taco with extra hot sauce!" he continued to joke as his hand plowed down in the tight quarters of her jeans towards her fuck slot. He started pushing harder into that gaping cunt of hers with this thought in mind, and he soon saw that the violence of their pelvic collisions was beginning to arouse her. He could smell her cunt and ass better from here and get his hands around her dimpled brown butt cheeks in a way that gave him a feeling of mastery. The sensation of his dick plunging into her rectum and her own finger in her sloppy cunt caused a different kind of pleasure wave to well up in her.