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Holding It In

fetish lesliejones 2018-11-02

Even on nights like this one, though, when I was far too wiped to want sex, I knew I needed some stimulation down there if I was going to get unwired enough to sleep solidly that night. This was the test of my ability to hold it in—Brian had warmly commended me for being able to cum without releasing pee when I had refrained from going to the toilet before sex, saying he was sure that part of me must be male—and I knew it would be a challenge this time. That same index finger that had so shrewdly insinuated itself in my bottom to bring me off went back into my rear hole to see if what I thought I felt way back in there was going to emerge any time soon.

Proctological Delights Ch. 02

fetish Misschievous1 2018-03-02

I sat in my seat at the seminar noting by the programme that the last speaker at the seminar was off the stage at 5.30 pm, I knew that would give me plenty of time to eat dinner with colleagues before going back to my room, packing my bags, relaxing in a hot bath before retiring to bed and ease my own much need by pleasuring myself before a good night's sleep and a the long drive home in the morning. My fingers now frantically rubbing my engorged stiff clit, I mirrored the speed my fingers worked with his hand upon his bulbous precum coated cock, never taking my eyes off his facial expression for more than a few seconds I licked my lips as I caught site of the veins standing rigid on his shaft and masturbated listening to his groans of sheer pleasure.