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Dousing the Fireworks

fetish lesliejones 2018-06-26

"No, Miss Heath," I managed to answer as I stood there, trying not to show the tell-tale motions of a girl who now was becoming close to desperation in my need. "Well," I answered, gaining confidence and feeling that the problem was under control at least for now if I tried to concentrate on the class discussion, "we do know from Joyce's letters that he had an inordinate interest in those kinds of things." The demure, severe-smiling teacher put her hand around my shoulder and letting her own auburn hair flip past my face, said very quietly, "Come with me so we can take care of your little problem."

Anne of Browndale Ch. 02

fetish Adrian69702006 2018-05-20

As she struggled with the zip, Anne felt a large spurt of pee escape from her pussy, splashing into her panties. Eventually freeing her zip, Anne froze as she felt a turd easing its way out of her bottom into the seat of her panties. Cutting one of those wonderful eggy farts (she'd not been nicknamed 'eggy' in a previous life for nothing) Anne head a familiar crackling noise as a large turd snaked its way out of her bottom and landed on the woodland floor. Anne looked up and smiling down at her was Sarah Worthington, an old friend from her nursing days on the Urology unit in Newcastle.

Best friends

fetish 2018-05-17

Susan ran one finger along Helen's slit, parting those Helen smiled broadly and Susan began to giggle Helen lay down on the floor, behind Susan, on her front Helen's finger made it's way into Susan's rectum. bowl while Helen had one finger firmly up Susan's dirt Susan was pushing and pressing against Helen's inserted Helen gyrated her finger up in Susan's hole and hooked at Helen's wet and stinky bum hole and cunt as both brink of orgasm by finger fucking Susan's shitty bum Helen and Anne trailed behind Susan into the bathroom. Anne and Helen laughed and stood astride Susan, over Anne and Helen obeyed and soon Anne's cunt and bum hole girls and Susan gave Anne a deep open mouthed kiss,

September Sunday Morning

fetish Adrian69702006 2018-05-09

Anne's bottom felt full and it wasn't surprising since she'd not done a poo since Thursday lunchtime, a memorable event in itself as she'd nearly clogged the staff toilet at school. One such accident had happened a year or so earlier at school, luckily only half an hour before the end of afternoon lessons, but the headmaster hadn't been pleased and he'd made it quite plain to her that if she needed to go for a shit she was to use the staff toilets, preferably at break or lunchtime, not fill her knickers. Nothing felt better than holding a good poo in when she needed to go really badly and the feeling which had actually been bewing for some time was now getting intense.

Proud Holders Ch. 02

fetish Adrian69702006 2018-05-08

Matron checked the beds this morning whilst you were having breakfast and I'm afraid they didn't all get a clean bill of health. "I'm sorry Miss but it wasn't a case of waking up in the night and needing the toilet. Look I'm sure I'm not the only person here who wets the bed occasionally. We may as well give the gentleman a little entertainment and, given the amount of liquid imbibed at breakfast time I'm sure some of them are in need of a helping hand." Jack, we're going to do some exercises which, with any luck, will give you such a level of control that that one woman in ten is quite fearless about having a cock inside her which is attached to a full bladder."

Picnic in New Forest

fetish petercee 2018-05-01

While trying to decide we stayed in a hotel in Southampton for a week to check out the New Forest area, looking for houses that might suit us. We found a parking area that had about four cars in it and decided it must be one of the local beauty spots, a few New Forest ponies roamed nearby and a path led of the car park so we followed it taking the picnic basket and travel rug. We fit in more with the doggers than the lovers, but did we want to do anything with them, I was already turned on and decided I wanted to fuck Anne anyway and if the guys wanted to watch all well and good.

Morning dominance

fetish volleballen77 2018-04-29

Anne got on the bed and I gave her a surprised look, she only pointed at the corner and said 'Crawl!', I got on my knees and crawled to the corner and turned around, she lay on her side, spreading her legs a bit and rubbing her pussy, 'Do you like to watch me do that?' she asked while a finger slipped inside her, I answered with an eager 'Yes!', 'Yes what?' she asked, 'Yes ... But not for long, she sat up quickly and beckoned me to come 'Come here!', I tried getting up but immediately heard 'Uhuh!', a chastising finger put me in my place, 'You may only crawl!' she said, I got on my knees and slowly slided my way towards her but she immediately got up from the bed before I even was a couple of inches closer, she walked towards me and slapped me in the face.

Leaving the Car Behind

fetish Adrian69702006 2018-04-20

She thought she'd put his suggestion to the test though and then write to him, explaining that if car users people were to be coaxed back on to public transport it would need a significant investment of taxpayer's money to bring buses and trains up to scratch. Claire turned to her, trying to look and sound sympathetic, whilst thinking all the time that her old friend had scored an own goal. Claire gave her a sympathetic look but Anne felt as though everyone on the bus knew about her predicament and was judging her. Soon the bus pulled up at the stop where Anne got off and Claire followed her.

The Shopping Expedition

fetish Adrian69702006 2018-04-16

Clearly not a person to hang about, Anne quickly had the task completed to her satisfaction, Adam gently being guided in the direction first of the underwear department where a dozen pairs of pants and eight pairs of boxer shorts were picked up. Resigned to the fact that Anne appeared to have taken charge of the afternoon, Adam shrugged and headed off in search of the book stores which, being fairly central, weren't hard to find. "Adam it's only a suspicion, and I hope you'll forgive me if I'm wrong, but I've got a feeling I'm not the only one in our house who likes to hold their pee."

Proud Holders Ch. 10

fetish Adrian69702006 2018-04-16

As I'm sure you're all aware both Charmaine and Omar had accidents, neither of which surprised either Mrs Glenson or myself. I fully expected to have ten wet students by the end of the day so I think it's pretty fair to say that the outcome way exceeded my expectations. Some, well most of you in fact, were pretty frantic by the time we got back especially, Cathy, Holly, Jack and Jonah. Also I would like to pay a special tribute to Anne who nearly left us but in the end showed both courage and good sense by sticking the course out. Omar and Charmaine, you've both done very well despite yesterday's little setbacks.

Proud Holders Ch. 04

fetish Adrian69702006 2018-04-11

"Good morning Miss Sarah." Your kegel exercises went fairly well last night considering what happened earlier in the day, although I think more work still needs to be done. Matron was, however, disappointed to find both your beds soaking wet this morning. Like her I only wet the bed very occasionally but when it happens I just wake up totally sodden. To put it bluntly I'm inclined to think you woke up and, like Andrew, fancied a sneaky wee between the sheets. I know you weren't wearing panties or a nightie last night and I'm always a little wary of people who sleep in the buff.

African Customs prt 1

fetish 2018-03-22

So when he announced that his holiday destination was Orlando with the offer to take my offspring along with his own, my two jumped at the chance saying, "At last a holiday without any old ruins to tramp round." That was how Anne and I found ourselves on a plane heading to Nigeria for our first holiday as a couple since the Honeymoon fifteen years before. After arriving in Nigeria, a bus carried us from the plane to the airport arrival hall where we carried our luggage through the X-ray machines and headed towards the exit, but, half way there, a tall African man in uniform intercepted us and pointed towards the customs benches.

Proud Holders Ch. 01

fetish Adrian69702006 2018-03-18

Should you choose to leave us before completing the course I must warn you that we are regularly approached for references and we have a duty of candour to those who approach us in good faith. Please note that all bathroom and toilet use will be strictly supervised at all times - either by Matron or myself. If any of the ladies foresee that happening you must tell Matron and she will issue you with our approved sanitary protection, your use of which will take place strictly under our close supervision." You're all adults and Matron and I firmly believe you should be able to view whatever you wish during that generous allocation of 'me time' which we've worked into the timetable for you.

Whilst The Cat's Away

fetish Adrian69702006 2018-03-07

Glad of the warmth of her bed -- and of a centrally heated house -- she decided that today would not be a day for going far if at all possible. Almost always fully clad in pyjamas for twelve months of the year, Brian had insisted in the early days of their marriage that Anne had to at least wear panties in bed if nothing else. Brian would have a duck fit if he knew she was lying completely naked in their bed with an early morning bladder that cried out to be emptied. As Brian wasn't around to get on to her, Anne toyed for a few minutes with the idea of being really disgraceful, parting her legs and discharging all that pent up pee between the sheets.

Wee are Not Amused

fetish Adrian69702006 2018-02-22

Wendy had lost count of the number of times over the years she'd heard Anne say "I'm fine" when she certainly wasn't 'fine' but she'd still not altogether grasped the futility of arguing with her friend. Wendy looked across at Anne and noticed with alarm that her friend had one hand on the steering wheel and the other pressed tightly into the crotch of her jeans. Anne shrugged, continuing to fidget and hoping she'd make it to those loos at the end of College Green, near the Cathedral in time. "Yes, Ma'am," Anne gasped, breathing a sigh of relief as the Queen, completely ignoring Wendy, went on to chat to other well wishers further along the barrier.

Election Ch. 01

fetish Adrian69702006 2018-02-03

It was perhaps not altogether surprising that Anne was determined to avoid wetting herself whilst out canvassing if possible and it was rapidly become apparent that her only option was to knock on a door and ask to use somebody's loo. The man looked at Anne with disdain but there was a distinct bulge in his trousers which hadn't been there before she'd mentioned her (now urgent) need of a loo. "Sir, my husband cares a great deal about parliamentary standards and, like all the other candidates, he's committed to making sure that sort of thing doesn't happen again. Unable to hold her pee a second longer, Anne parted her legs and peed hard, her golden stream landing on the concrete of the garden path.

Proud Holders Ch. 08

fetish Adrian69702006 2018-01-03

Miss Sarah boarded the minibus and found Anne defiantly sat in her seat, arms crossed and clearly in no mood to co-operate. Look Anne, if it's what you really want you can pack your bags and leave the moment we get back. All sorts of people come on this course from every walk of life you can imagine and some you can't - or perhaps would rather not think about. A fair number of my students have made it big in one way or another - except they haven't mastered the art of controlling the need to wee so that it only ever happens when they want it to.

If Only to Please

fetish Adrian69702006 2017-12-27

Painfully aware of her all too plain features, Anne had decided that with the arrival of the mini skirt the time had come to show off her best assets. Perhaps the thought that wearing that mini skirt to school might not be the best thing to do, hadn't entered her head. Mr Carson pointed an accusing finger in the direction of Anne's skirt as she crossed, then uncrossed her legs, affording him a flash of her clean white maxi knickers as she did so. Anne didn't consider it any of Bill Carson's business to tell her whether she should go to the lavatory or not and wanted him to know what she thought.

Anne of Browndale Ch. 01: Monday Fun

fetish Adrian69702006 2017-12-10

Few things felt better than a long holding session culminating in the sheer joy of a delightful warm wetness as she soaked herself like the naughtiest of naughty housewives. Earlier that morning she'd nipped down to the village in her tight blue jeans in order to pick up some stamps and the Daily Telegraph. That had been two hours ago and, although Anne had been unable to resist crossing and uncrossing her legs for effect whilst in the Post Office, she'd not been desperate then, just quite capable of peeing if she'd wanted to. Unwilling to hold it in for any longer, Anne began peeing and started to release little spurts which soon turned into a cascade.

Sunday Lunch, dear?

fetish Adrian69702006 2017-11-13

In need of a poo all morning, she'd actually begun farting twenty minutes earlier whilst still at Wendy's, and Wendy had asked her if she'd like to use the facilities ahead of hitting the open road. Out in the open air it would have been more manageable but the car was a confined space and even after forty years experience of her own farts, some of which had been quite ripe in their day, Anne didn't believe she could smell quite so bad. After what seemed like hours but was really no more than another fifteen minutes, Anne passed the familiar welcome signs to her home town of Attleton Market and drove as quickly as she could to the smart Seventies cul-de-sac where the home she and Brian shared was to be found.

The Pull Toy

fetish fetisha_44 2017-11-06

Anne's friend, who like to be called "The Goddess", said that her submissive was to be my attendant for the evening. I was told to be seated and after I sat, her submissive "Toy" slipped my pumps off, and accepted a pair of locking ballet-heeled ankle boots from Anne, and laced and locked them on my feet. I was towed into the spotlight, and Anne got the benefit of my now exhausted tongue, holding my face tightly into her cunt, until finally she came. "Toy" performed her last cleanup of the evening by licking my face and cock clean, and kissing me before I was released, exhausted, and helped to the car by Anne and the driver.

Anne of Browndale Ch. 04

fetish Adrian69702006 2017-11-01

Anne Glenson sat at her desk and quietly completed some paperwork whilst Tom Braithwaite, her last remaining student, put the finishing touches to the drawing he was working on. "I know you do, Tom. Remember the time I caught you looking at those rather 'interesting' websites in the college library? I'd be able to offer you a free place, not least of all because I know you're not known for going anywhere near the college toilets and I'm sure you'd be a great example to the other students on the course." Tom could feel his cock stiffening at the thought of his favourite teacher - the one he actually got on with - holding her pee in all day.

Thursday in Jeans

fetish Adrian69702006 2017-11-01

Mission accomplished, Anne further congratulated herself that despite the isolated toot whilst helping Brian pack, she'd not farted once on the way to the airport. Much as she enjoyed the sensation, Anne soon realised that if she didn't get to a toilet quickly she'd end up in a mess sooner or later. Much though she disliked using public loos she realised that stopping off for a shit in Woodchester was her only option if damage to her jeans and the car seat were to be avoided. Pulling up outside the Bishop's Palace, Anne got of the car and walked as briskly as she dared across College Green towards what she hoped would be a source of much needed relief in the nick of time.

The Fourth Ring

fetish tx_latin_couple 2017-10-28

returned to Rick slamming his dick into Anne's cunt. wanted the vindication of Anne spurning Rick's base Anne left Rick and walked over to me. I saw Rick and Anne engaged in a never ending, French With a sly smile, Rick placed his hand on Anne's fashion as the night before when Anne and Rick were on fantasies of Rick fucking Anne in all different of Anne sucking on Rick's dick staggered me. In a worshipping manner, Anne's tongue dabbed up Rick's Then Anne lifted Rick's cock to the photo Rick's cock-head disappeared and Anne Anne's vagina to accommodate both Rick's semen and his fifteen minutes of ministrations, Rick rolled Anne over Rick spent the next 90 minutes fucking Anne in every