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Dousing the Fireworks

fetish lesliejones 2018-11-02

"No, Miss Heath," I managed to answer as I stood there, trying not to show the tell-tale motions of a girl who now was becoming close to desperation in my need. "Well," I answered, gaining confidence and feeling that the problem was under control at least for now if I tried to concentrate on the class discussion, "we do know from Joyce's letters that he had an inordinate interest in those kinds of things." The demure, severe-smiling teacher put her hand around my shoulder and letting her own auburn hair flip past my face, said very quietly, "Come with me so we can take care of your little problem."

My Neighbor is a Whore

fetish 2018-10-02

Anne moaned while I started rubbing the crotch of her jeans. Anne moaned while I ran my hand down to her pussy. I loved the feeling of Anne's warm mouth over my cock. "Mmmm," Anne moaned as her reply with a mouth full of my cock. I love having my pussy licked," Anne moaned out Feels fucking good," Anne moaned while I licked her asshole. I placed my hands on the side of her head and started fucking her mouth. Another load of cum spurted out of my cock into Anne's warm mouth. I ran my tongue all over her asshole with her moaning and moving her ass "Ah, yes," Anne moaned while I slowly fucked her ass.

Proud Holders Ch. 10

fetish Adrian69702006 2018-09-16

As I'm sure you're all aware both Charmaine and Omar had accidents, neither of which surprised either Mrs Glenson or myself. I fully expected to have ten wet students by the end of the day so I think it's pretty fair to say that the outcome way exceeded my expectations. Some, well most of you in fact, were pretty frantic by the time we got back especially, Cathy, Holly, Jack and Jonah. Also I would like to pay a special tribute to Anne who nearly left us but in the end showed both courage and good sense by sticking the course out. Omar and Charmaine, you've both done very well despite yesterday's little setbacks.

The White Menu Ch. 01

fetish ExtraAqua 2018-09-15

This time, Sasha nearly laughed out loud at the look on her friend's face as she saw what the hostess was, or more accurately was not, wearing. “Oh my god, Sasha!” said her friend as she gaped at the long legs, perfect round ass, and neatly trimmed pussy of the hostess. Anne thought carefully about her friend's words, and wishing she hadn't told Sasha some of her stories, she slowly uncovered her face and turned to look again at their waiter. This place caters to a woman's unique tastes,” Sasha laughed as she picked up one of the oysters and let it and the cum sauce slide onto her tongue. Anne watched with a mixture of horny fascination and disbelief while their stud waiter stroked his cock above Sasha's drink.

The Panty Club Ch. 07

fetish nikki_2021 2018-09-02

Teri sat watching as Abby slowly pulled her tiny shorts down her luscious legs, revealing a pair of black lace tanga panties beneath. "You don't even know what the club is for you dumb fuck, so if you really want in, you come when you're told and you wear that." Abby and Teri walked away. Greg lay down and pulled his cock out the side of the thong and started to work his hand up and down it, pumping his shaft as his gaze took in the sight of three hot girls in their school uniforms all rubbing their panties or slipping a hand inside to play with their pussies. As he adjusted them, feeling somewhat uncomfortable, Abby and Teri handed each other their panties and Anne held the yellow thong for Amber.

Thursday in Jeans

fetish Adrian69702006 2018-08-25

Mission accomplished, Anne further congratulated herself that despite the isolated toot whilst helping Brian pack, she'd not farted once on the way to the airport. Much as she enjoyed the sensation, Anne soon realised that if she didn't get to a toilet quickly she'd end up in a mess sooner or later. Much though she disliked using public loos she realised that stopping off for a shit in Woodchester was her only option if damage to her jeans and the car seat were to be avoided. Pulling up outside the Bishop's Palace, Anne got of the car and walked as briskly as she dared across College Green towards what she hoped would be a source of much needed relief in the nick of time.

Proud Holders Ch. 08

fetish Adrian69702006 2018-08-20

Miss Sarah boarded the minibus and found Anne defiantly sat in her seat, arms crossed and clearly in no mood to co-operate. Look Anne, if it's what you really want you can pack your bags and leave the moment we get back. All sorts of people come on this course from every walk of life you can imagine and some you can't - or perhaps would rather not think about. A fair number of my students have made it big in one way or another - except they haven't mastered the art of controlling the need to wee so that it only ever happens when they want it to.

My Cousin My Keeper Ch. 02

fetish Lawyerlyzach 2018-08-19

She never said a word, but I understood exactly what she wanted, I slid my seven inch, and very thick cock into my small aunt, and began to fuck her. The next morning I woke up to a text from my eighteen year old cousin Maria, Anne's oldest child, telling me she needed me to stop by the house if I had time. I did as I was told and as I stroked my cock over her small frame maria played with my balls, and then reached through m legs and started fucking me with the large plug that was already thrust deep inside of my ass.


fetish phresh4hose 2018-08-12

"Finish your shower, hornball," I said as I shut the door and walked back to the room with my pantyhose in hand, smiling because he just couldn't handle it. I had no idea why my boyfriend was jacking off with my roommate's pantyhose, but the thought of Anne's hose in my hands and her wetness so close to my face sent me into a mental fit. "What the fuck?" I said to Jeremy and I turned, threw open the door, and stomped to Anne's door. From the corner of my eye, I watched Anne motion for Jeremy to come over behind me and soon I felt his hard, thick cock buried deep in my wet pussy.

Attached Ch. 2

fetish MirageLM 2018-07-27

"Sorry for the delay..." he said with a grin, only to pause when he saw Jack's hand stroking Anne's thigh, "Ah, o-okay, let's see about your size." Anne's involuntary gasp of surprise caused the clerk to look up...And right into the vision of her stocking encased thighs between which lay her bare pussy. Again, Anne's was tortured with conflicting sensations....Disbelief that this stranger was being allowed to not only touch her, but stare into her most private of places....Raw sexual need as the combination of the clerk's hands and Jack hands raked her skin and caressed her into a sexual panic. "The coat takes away from the effect," Jack said tuning to the clerk, "I think she should raise the hem don't you Jason?"

Anne of Browndale Ch. 01: Monday Fun

fetish Adrian69702006 2018-07-25

Few things felt better than a long holding session culminating in the sheer joy of a delightful warm wetness as she soaked herself like the naughtiest of naughty housewives. Earlier that morning she'd nipped down to the village in her tight blue jeans in order to pick up some stamps and the Daily Telegraph. That had been two hours ago and, although Anne had been unable to resist crossing and uncrossing her legs for effect whilst in the Post Office, she'd not been desperate then, just quite capable of peeing if she'd wanted to. Unwilling to hold it in for any longer, Anne began peeing and started to release little spurts which soon turned into a cascade.

Anne of Browndale Ch. 02

fetish Adrian69702006 2018-07-16

As she struggled with the zip, Anne felt a large spurt of pee escape from her pussy, splashing into her panties. Eventually freeing her zip, Anne froze as she felt a turd easing its way out of her bottom into the seat of her panties. Cutting one of those wonderful eggy farts (she'd not been nicknamed 'eggy' in a previous life for nothing) Anne head a familiar crackling noise as a large turd snaked its way out of her bottom and landed on the woodland floor. Anne looked up and smiling down at her was Sarah Worthington, an old friend from her nursing days on the Urology unit in Newcastle.

Angels Two Demon One

fetish oggbashan 2018-06-30

I had enjoyed my time with Mary and Anne as they measured me for my demon costume. Mary and Anne were dressed as angels in flowing white dresses with gold trimmings, gold belts, and gold headbands supporting their halos. Julie held the door wide as George and I carried the wings containing Anne into their guest bedroom and put her down on the double bed. "I thought you should see what it was like," Anne said as Mary climbed out. "I was telling Alan that Angela gave us the idea for the wings and the imprisonment," Mary said. "And what we would like, Alan, when you've drunk your coffee, is a demonstration of what you can do under a skirt." Mary said "Earlier this evening we tossed a coin.

Anne's Ball Busting Pleasure

fetish Kessler 2018-06-29

Little did I know at the time, Anne was aware of my stares and was adding to my state of excitement by slipping her foot in and out of her shoe and crossing her legs in such a manner to accentuate her calf muscles. Anne leaned forward and placed her chin back on top of her knees and smiled saying, "You're going to feel some good friction this way. She smiled up at me and said, "How does this feel" She flexed her crossed ankles up and down causing the muscles in her calves to flex in my hands and against the head of my cock.

The Pull Toy

fetish fetisha_44 2018-06-19

Anne's friend, who like to be called "The Goddess", said that her submissive was to be my attendant for the evening. I was told to be seated and after I sat, her submissive "Toy" slipped my pumps off, and accepted a pair of locking ballet-heeled ankle boots from Anne, and laced and locked them on my feet. I was towed into the spotlight, and Anne got the benefit of my now exhausted tongue, holding my face tightly into her cunt, until finally she came. "Toy" performed her last cleanup of the evening by licking my face and cock clean, and kissing me before I was released, exhausted, and helped to the car by Anne and the driver.

The White Menu Ch. 02

fetish ExtraAqua 2018-06-18

She had been hesitant at first, but after watching their waiter jerk off into her friend's martini, then trying a similar drink herself, the eroticism of the event had turned her on so much that she had orgasmed right at the dinner table. Anne stared at the waiter, her eyes travelling slowly down to his cock as she listened to the sounds of the sex in the next booth reach a crescendo and the woman let out a long orgasmic scream. Then, as the waiter stepped forward and began to massage his giant cock over her food, she reached out and grabbed his dick with her hands and said, "You must be tired from waiting all those tables, why don't you stand there, relax, and let me handle this one."

Anne of Browndale Ch. 04

fetish Adrian69702006 2018-06-17

Anne Glenson sat at her desk and quietly completed some paperwork whilst Tom Braithwaite, her last remaining student, put the finishing touches to the drawing he was working on. "I know you do, Tom. Remember the time I caught you looking at those rather 'interesting' websites in the college library? I'd be able to offer you a free place, not least of all because I know you're not known for going anywhere near the college toilets and I'm sure you'd be a great example to the other students on the course." Tom could feel his cock stiffening at the thought of his favourite teacher - the one he actually got on with - holding her pee in all day.

Assignation with a lover

fetish petercee 2018-06-12

Anne was changing her blouse and straightening her skirt as I leaned through the open window to give her a kiss I could smell and taste the guys cum on her, I advised her she'd need a shower before she returned to the office but of course that was no problem if you owned the company, I would have loved to have gone home with her and fucked that soaking pussy but I didn't own my company and I had work to do, so one more kiss and we went our separate ways.

Night Shift Pt. 05

fetish Peethagoras 2018-06-05

Sam wasn't to know that the normal attire for a night shift was no clothes at all, and that it was easier to step out of a skirt or dress than to roll jeans down your legs and pull them over your feet. Susan, now into the swing of things, zoomed the camera in to Anne's hand as it slowly pulled down the zip. Anne was tempted to pull Susan's panties down right away just to find out how wet her pussy was, but thought better of it lest she eat Susan's succulent cunt and forget to expose her lovely breasts. Anne was getting really turned on by this and rashly suggested, "Susan, let me position myself so that I can open my cunt and see if you can squeeze your cream out to land in my hole."

A Strange Encounter Ch. 04

fetish HunterShambles 2018-05-23

This thing about Mum and dad is not good, I hope they can fix it, I hate to think of them tearing each other apart," he said and hugged Sue, kissing her breasts through her jumper and blouse. err, hi guys, err, we're just going to bed, can we talk in the morning?" said Stuart, their Dad, his left arm holding Anne, his right their clothes. In the room Anne still lay on the carpet, snoring gently, spreadeagled; the crust of Stuarts cum on her pussy and arse cheeks, a dried pool on the floor under her, Sue grimaced, not a good sight, despite her mother's beauty.

Flushed with Honour

fetish Adrian69702006 2018-05-06

Wendy, her best friend, had asked if she'd go and open the new toilets which had just been installed at her village hall. For three years Anne had helped Wendy with fund raising for the new loos and played an active part on the village hall committee. Knowing Wendy as I do, I think she would rather have had the Queen here to open the new toilets and this Sale of Work but Her Majesty was otherwise engaged and so you've got to make do with me instead. With that she stepped back, another larger spurt of pee escaping into her knickers, and holding herself was escorted by Wendy at great speed to the new ladies loo.

Couples Only: Glory Hole Night Ch. 02

fetish married40scouple 2018-04-29

Eve was exasperated, "There has to be a way for me to find out what happened." She locked her other arm around Joe's waist, looking deeply into his eyes. I kept thinking about Anne's big tits as I leaned over and held his cock in my hand. Anne was massaging my balls with one hand and feeling my ass cheeks with the other as I slowly tit-fucked her. "I just love watching Jay have gay sex and then fuck me hard!" She said while slipping away from him and resting on the floor of the van. I shook hands with Jay and kissed and groped Anne one more time before I left their vehicle.

Creampies with Anne and Mike

fetish DiggerDave 2018-04-29

Isn't that right love?" Mike said as he turned and looked directly at Anne. I took his grin as permission to get more involved with Anne so as I again kissed her open wet mouth I slid my hand up her leg to her thigh and felt her soft flesh. Anne moaned on my cock and I knew that Mike's hard cock had slipped inside her wet pussy. Anne moved from the floor and as she turned to sit back on the settee between us she laughed as a huge wad of Mikes sperm dripped from her swollen pussy and made a small white puddle on the floor.

A Strange Encounter Ch. 06

fetish HunterShambles 2018-04-23

"That's a long time ago mummy, and I'm so glad you straightened out your differences, it's lovely having the two of you back, like when I was little and Colin was a baby, I love those memories, gosh I'm welling up, look!" Sue's eyes filled with tears which ran down her cheeks, off her chin onto her chest. "Our family." echoed round the table, they finished and the boys stood to clear up, Stuart reached across the table to refill Sue's coke, Sue's eyes widened and she glanced at Anne, who was laughing with her hand over her mouth. Anne had jumped but pushed her plump arse backwards to catch Stuarts piss, feeling the warm jet teasing her anus, she wiggled and smiled, it was a lovely sensation and sent a thrill to her pussy, which began to moisten.