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Fantasies of Laura

fetish Madabouthair 2018-09-21

I had only seen one woman with armpit hair all summer; a cute girl who came from Canada most likely, and I hung around her area for about an hour, listening to her speak her lyrical French while enjoying looking at the modest tufts of brown hair under her arms whenever she raised her slender limbs. Every time I saw her back at work after that, I fantasized about her armpits - what they looked like under those clothes, and how hairy they had may have become since that day.

Italian Hair Ch. 02

fetish belab 2018-08-23

Her left arm quickly shot back up covering her breasts while her right hand moved to lower her panties. Then she moved down by my tool and sitting next to me and brought her beautiful face down until she felt the stiff pubic hair surrounding my balls touch her pretty nose. The beautiful woman pressed her back against the bed and pushing up with her legs, slid her body up to a standing position. My fingers eased from her huge tits and then I pinched her taut nipples between my fingers and lifted her arms and started licking the long thick hair in her unshaven armpits. Her pubic hair covered her entire mound and the head of my penis gently pushed into her.

Hair(y) Dresser

fetish belab 2018-07-09

At first she didn't notice me so I spread my legs out and raised my arms and closed my eyes as I stretched out with my arms tucked in behind my head showing the long bushy hair in my luxuriant armpits. Dan bent over and buried his face in Vera's bushy underarms as he licked wildly at her untrimmed armpit jungle. Sonia pushed her mouth into my hairy underarms and tugged at the huge growth of jet-black hair in bushy armpits. I looked up and saw the erect cocks of Shane disappearing into Vera's mouth while Dan pressed his dong into the bushy underarms. I then moved around and licked her salty bushy underarms while Sonia moved alongside and kissed her other underarm pulling at the long and dense hair in her hairy armpits.

Maya's Story Ch. 02

fetish JustLikeEwe 2018-06-17

"You liked that, didn't you?" I guessed, not expecting an answer, and reached under the bed for the step-stool, which I placed under Maya so she could stand on it and relive the strain on her arms, which were still tied above her head. With fashion and customs the way they are these days, I had assumed that I would never have the pleasure of enjoying another woman like that again, until Maya had walked into the shop. "I want to know what it feels like," I said, raising my arm and moving up to Maya. Maya alternated between this armpit fucking and just rubbing the head up my cock up and down her underarm like she would a roll-on deodorant, while I fought the urge to cum.

Nurse Karyn

fetish Madabouthair 2018-06-08

I suspected that Karyn would likely have an abundance of body hair, basing that on her bushy eyebrows and the faint swirl of down around the front of her ears, and while I knew that there wasn't any way I was going to ever find out, it was fun to use my imagination as we interacted. Maybe I'm getting senile at 60, or perhaps being lonely was part of it, but the fact was that I had a raging erection from looking at Karyn's shoulder muscles ripple and the jungle of dense black hair that filled the deep pocket of her armpit which was so close to my face.

My Playful Wife

fetish Madabouthair 2018-05-19

"Oh man that's awesome!" Tony said, looking like he was going to explode right in the middle of the kitchen. Tony was a heck of a lot handier than me, so I asked him if he would come over to help me in exchange for some beers and a barbecue afterward with him and his wife. Finally, Tony said he had to use the can and got up and walked past Debbie and inside. "I've gotta change in case Eileen come over," Debbie said, but I was too busy pulling her tube top up over her head as we landed on the bed, and with her arms wrapped up in the top, I buried my face in her moist armpits, feeling the damp fur with my tongue and making it wetter still.

Matted Hair

fetish belab 2018-05-04

He cums suddenly as if he is in a trance thinking of his hairy aunt with bushy armpits as I open my mouth to swallow as much as possible, but most of his issue lands on my hair and face and some even in my bushy armpits. I then went towards Nina and licked at the extremely hairy growth in her unshaven armpits. My arms were behind my head and my unshaven armpits seemed to turn on Nina who tugged at the bushy hair in my unshaven underarms. Matt took out his cock from between my breasts and shoved hem into the heavy pelt of hair in my luxuriant armpits rubbing in amongst the profuse growth of hair in my bushy armpits.

Why Ask Your Rabbi?

fetish Madabouthair 2018-04-12

Sadly, for the brief seconds that my fingers were allowed to slide around her warm, moist armpit before she forced my hand out, I learned that instead of finding the thick tuft of hair under her arm that I had hoped for, what my fingers stroked was a coarse pocket of stubble. I even got to make categories in my mind of the various patterns of hair growth, from the extremes of the women whose stubble filled the entire armpit to the ladies who had only a faint and narrow strip in the center of their underarms. This lasted for a week, until finally that next Sunday night after going out, I got Beth's top off and saw that instead of seeing her underarms coated with a sea of tiny hairs, they had reverted to the sand-papery look.

Miss Hairy Armpits 2002 Ch. 1

fetish belab 2018-03-15

The seven contestants would then have their armpit hair measured and the contest would be narrowed to the final three that would be asked questions by the two judges and one from the audience and then the "Miss Hairy Armpit 2002" would be announced. As she lifted her arms her crinose armpits were beautiful the thick black unshaven hair in her buttery armpits was crying out to be licked. I had hardly cum and I could feel myself getting erect again I wanted to fuck my friends bushy armpits as I kept Anna, Katrina and Madhuri in mind. The next few contestants weren't as hairy as the last contestant Julia stepped on stage as she lifted her arms the thick blonde hair in her unshaven armpits took everyone by surprise.

Killing Time at a Head Shop

fetish Madabouthair 2018-02-15

"I see," I said, watching intensely as Sienna raised her slender arm, exposing her unshaven armpit to me like she had done for the couple before me. I bought a couple of the rocks, which were cheap and according to Sienna, lasted "like forever, man," and also bought the Doors Live at the Whisky bootleg album. I couldn't wait, moving my face to her exposed left armpit, letting my tongue slide along the same path as the crystal rock had before, Sienna's armpit hair was incredibly fine and soft in texture, and I had to run my tongue against the grain to actually feel it.

Little Diane

fetish Madabouthair 2018-02-02

As time passed, I did notice the signs that Diane was a little older than I originally guessed; the faint lines around her eyes and neck were the most obvious, but regardless, Diane Mulligan did not look like she had just turned 50, and once I got her clothes off my opinion stayed the same. Usually a good judge of what a woman's armpits would look like before seeing them, while I knew they would be shaved because women in the year 2000 would not wear sleeveless clothes if they didn't shave, I was hoping to see some faint evidence of what would be there if she didn't.

Up Against the Wall

fetish furryfan 2018-01-19

"Love your hairy arms too," the cop said in a guttural tone, grinding himself into Pam's ass as his hands kept stroking. The cop groaned like a wounded animal as his fingers raked through the damp tufts of hair that filled Pam's armpits, and her knees buckled as he bit into her neck, feeling his hardness against her. "Mmmmm," the cop said as his hand worked its way through the swirling tangle of hair that surrounded Pam's womanhood, and when his fingers parted the lips of her pussy she let out a groan that sent a shiver down the cop's spine. "Open your mouth," the cop said, rubbing the stick along Pam lips while his other hand held a fist full of her scalp, forcing her head up and back.

Hair(y) Dresser Again Ch 2

fetish belab 2018-01-14

“No” said Denise “why does she want to shave it” She called out to John “Remember I told you that I was sure that one of my customers had bushy armpits it is her. Riding his cock, I looked down and watched his hands play with my underarm hair. I moaned as I felt my own orgasm again watching these two fuck like rabbits as John started pumping his cock in my unshaven underarms just like Rob my ex-husband used to love doing. My armpits were matted with cum and sweat and I asked Denise that the time had now come for her to remove my underarm hair.

Linda's Mother Has a Friend

fetish Madabouthair 2018-01-12

As Millie sucked and pinched my nipples, I exploded into Barbara Couse's mouth, sending volley after volley of my seed down her long throat, and not only did she take it without blinking, she seemed to be trying to siphon every drop out of me, sucking on my cock until it went utterly limp. Millie fingered Barbara until I worked my way around and climbed between her skinny thighs, and then Linda's mother took my cock and brought it down between the lips of Barbara's pussy. Ms. Couse's pussy, having experienced nothing for several years besides Millie's tongue according to her, treated my cock like it was going through the ringers of an old-time washer.

Linda and Her Mother

fetish Madabouthair 2018-01-09

"Without a man around the house anymore, Linda and I could never figure out how to hook up something complicated like that," Mrs. Groves said. Linda had told me that her mother had the hairiest pits in the world, and while that wasn't true - Becky still held that distinction - there was a whole lot of hair that sprouted wildly from under Millie's upraised arm; medium brown hair that had a soft part in the center of her underarm with the hair heading upward and downward from there. "Look how sweaty you made me," Millie said, running her left hair through the hairs that were pasted against the skin of her underarm, and when she heard me moan a little as a reaction to her fondling her armpit hair, leaned over and licked herself.

Up Roxanne's Sleeve

fetish Madabouthair 2018-01-07

"Then he must have also done this," I concluded, lowering my face and letting my tongue press against the soft moist skin down at the bottom of the gentle slope of Roxanne's armpit before letting my tongue make a slow and serpentine trip all the way through her underarm, licking the tiny nest of hairs and continuing until I was licking the inside of her bicep. "Wasn't sure," Roxanne said, leaning away and using gentle pressure to just let the tip of my dick graze the wisp of hair as she used my cock like it was a roll-on deodorant, sweeping up and down her armpit with long strokes.

You Have Amazing Armpits

fetish Madabouthair 2018-01-02

I had usually preferred women who let their armpit hair grow, but found woman's underarms sexy regardless, and this girl's were works of art. "You want to find out if my armpits are as buttery as they look?" Maureen said with a laugh, and said it loud enough so that the other people crowded around the stand could hear it, but if her intention was to embarrass me it didn't work. Maureen never did shave her underarms, and I never stopped lavishing my affection on them, right up until the day she died, killed by a drunk driver on her way home from work one night.

Hot Armpits

fetish revol 2017-12-24

Stacey groped below, felt and held him, he held her shoulder tight, and buried his face in her smelly armpit...mmmmmmmmmm...what a strong and pungent smell...As her fingers were playing with him, he bit on her armpit hair, and pulled them hard, then released. Their bodies were being held tight by each other, lips locked, Stacey playing with him, and Jack putting his fingers in both her armpits and pulling the jet black hairs in her armpits. Tight body squeeze and swaying went on along with armpit kissing, sniffing, licking, nibbling, biting and spitting-in-armpits.... Then he brought out his tongue, and gave each of her smelly armpits big long licks for hours on..wetting them with saliva, and savouring the smell of sweat plus saliva.

Eugene the Nerd Pt. 01: Hard Times

fetish Absweat 2017-12-06

He wanted so bad to keep his nipples and soft pooched belly, his armpit hair which he could feel was now dripping wet with his nervous sweat and he was sure his armpits were really ripe with his manly armpit musk, and even worse, the huge sausage shaped bulge in his pants created by his mature genitalia that he was so ashamed for anyone to see was now in full view of everyone. Eugene could feel that his dick was now stretched out and sticking up vertically and that the very sensitive fat head of his cock was now squeezed between his soft sweaty belly and the tight elastic waistband of his shorts.

Hair(y) Dresser Again

fetish belab 2017-11-19

My new boyfriend at first did not mind my hairiness but last night he said “Baby I love you but so much hair in your underarms looks unattractive why don’t you shave your underarms”. I did not feel bad then as we made love but the this morning when I got up in my white nightie and went to the bathroom I raised my arms and looked at the long bushy jet-black hair in my underarms. ”your underarm hair is so thick that I will not be able to remove it without shampooing it first” he said and his hands moved slowly over my shoulders, down my arms to the elbow and then across my chest, his fingers stopped inches from my bra, my titties aching and the nipples hard.