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Janine & George Ch. 02

fetish hairybush 2018-12-03

I looked over at my master George, and my pussy almost flowed with juices to see him inserting a huge, thick cucumber into his hairy, brown shithole. With my eyes fixed on the huge vegetable going in and out of my master's fat asshole, I began sucking Janine's nasty crack for all I was worth. When she came down I was moaning from the vibrator up my nasty ass and our master's hard cock was sticking out from his bush, and the cucumber was protruding from between his thick hair covered assbush. George grunted and pushed hard, and the cucumber began to slowly emerge from his asshole like an enormous turd.

Janine & George

fetish hairybush 2018-12-03

"Janine, eat Rachel's dirty fat hairy cunt NOW you fucking whore, take that butt plug out and munch her nasty hairy ass" George demanded, and he farted loudly again. "Yeah bitch, take that fart, sniff it, you like that you nasty hairy cunt ass eater?" He was out of control, lewd and free of inhibitions. "Yeah slut eat that whore's filthy fucking asshole, suck that ass hair, taste her farts. She's eating your nasty ass cunt, bitch, you like that don't you, she's eating that hairy bush, so give her a nice fart, she wants it!" "Oh yeah you nasty cunt, eat that shit of mine, eat that Rachel," George moaned, picking up the other half of his turd and rubbing it into Janine's hairy ass crack.

Kelly's Awakening Pt. 2

fetish mature_nylons 2018-12-01

We carried on chatting like this for a while until the wine was finished and Victoria said, "I have an idea, I'm going to show you just how hot it is to have that much power over a guy." The thong was pretty, I have worn them in the past but never found them particularly comfortable, however after seeing how good Victoria's ass looked earlier I wasn't NOT going to wear it. It wasn't happening fast enough for me, I grabbed the gusset of the pantyhose with both hands and pulled tearing a large hole, Victoria's £20 tights were ruined and I couldn't give a fuck!

At Sophia's Feet

fetish fucktoy99 2018-11-30

As I started to walk away, I realized she must've tracked dirt through the house with her boots, while she was walking over to the couch. I dutifully started licking the rest of her boots clean. I was still kneeling with my face right next to her feet, so I didn't have to move much as I slowly pulled each boot off. I got down on my knees once again and started licking her right after she pulled her shorts down. I started licking, since I realized that's what she meant by clean. Once I got home, I realized how much my life had changed in the past few hours, and was glad that I was given the chance to worship Sophia.

One for her...The Train !

fetish uliveonce 2018-11-29

Then I looked you in the eyes as I ran my tongue along the line of cum, licking it up before calmy slipping your heel back on just as the station platform began to pass our window. I couldnt wait any more, so I ran my hands up your legs, pushing your skirt up around your waist, and with an animal instinct, I pulled your knickers aside and buried my tongue deep into your soaking wet pussy. I turn on my back, making you sit on my face, as you rub your clit over my tongue for a while..then you inch forward, pushing down so my tongue delves inside your soaking pussy, then you move again, pushing that tight wet ass down onto my stiff slippery tongue as you play.

chat with granny

fetish flash 2018-11-27

Can i just see your butt granny, if you dont mind becuase i want to know what happens if i put something in my anus said lovely. Mary laughed and said that's not required honey, but if you want to see i will and i will check yours too.just to know how much you will scream haha. Lovely has heard her granny fart many times in the toilet, bedroom and even while watching TV. Mary could not control herself and she let out a long hissing fart into lovely's mouth. I am single dear, and not every guy knows my age and women fall for my ass just like you did said mary. Lovely screamed in pain and she farted on marys finger.

Liz takes charge

fetish Hard_and_Happy24 2018-11-21

What I had not considered, was that Liz was plotting and planning an elaborate week long sexual build up to a night of raw lust. Liz grabbed my hands and placed one on her tits and the other on the back of her head. Liz cuffed my left hand to the head board and grabbed something shiny. Removing the penis plug, Liz went back into the draw and pulled a cock ring out. As Liz climbed off of me a combination of our love juices flowed from her, all over the bed. She looked me up and down before heading to the shower, leaving me with the punishment of the cock ring still vibrating.

My Descent into Slavery

fetish fucktoy99 2018-11-16

Jackie stood up and I began to stand and follow her but she pushed down on my chest keeping me in place, she then said "It's getting pretty dark so I think we should go back to my place before we do anything else." This statement really excited me, I had no idea what else we were going to do but I definitely wanted to find out; I was so turned on that she could've told me to do anything for her and I would've done it. Jackie tied my leash to her bed and told me I would sleep there on the floor tonight and that her parents would come home late at night and probably leave for work early in the morning, so she didn't want me making any noise.

Emmy's Iron Maiden Glory Hole

fetish hummmph 2018-11-16

I really don’t care what other people think my sexual orientation is, I have a strong desire for the feminine look but it’s just that I want it to come with a cock,” I say finishing my drink and gesturing to Emmy for another. I pull my head back a little to get a closer look at this writhing cock between my hands and I see it start to spurt it’s hot glowing white cum all over my face. I start rubbing its now sopping wet head up and down my ass crack and can’t help myself as I pull my panties aside to place my puckered asshole on to the head of the cum lubed shaft between my hands.

Emi's Fart Slave Ch. 04

fetish fucktoy99 2018-11-12

Emi had just gotten back from a run and was grinding her sweaty ass into my face when the first party guest showed up. I barely had enough time to open my mouth before her stream of liquid shit started spewing into it. Whatever the reason, a handful of women came in while Lauren had been shitting in my mouth. The whole night I was just thinking about the fact that I was still serving my amazing goddess Emi when I consumed all of these girls' waste. Emi came home visibly drunk and smelling like sex. She fell asleep like that with her ass over my nose and fortunately with my mouth able to breathe a little bit of air.

Medussa's Fool

fetish TaleTeller4035 2018-11-11

My hands shook as I retrieved my erect cock and maniacally masturbated as I replied yes to her invite to meet for coffee. "My words begin to reveal their controlling, dominant nature, and, thus, reveal my person, for I am a demanding Mistress and expect your absolute obedience and submissiveness—your natural nature, by the way. A feeling, he realized, of mostly humiliation; his eyes devoured, again, the last paragraph of the dominant personality's e-mail -and this feeling surged, once again, like lightening, charging firmly the boned condition of his cock. The moment he clicked the e-mail into the electronic atmosphere, his hand began to jerk his rigid cock in a frenzied rush to climax, which came to him in less than a minute.

The Start of Something

fetish spuddick 2018-11-11

I remembered how Nancy had set up here apartment for our first time together and I didn't have a massage bench here either, so I would bring him to the bedroom. He came into my kitchen and noticed the bottle of wine I had left on the counter. Then, I remembered our last encounter, how he had come into the parlor just after I had made the deal, how I had fucked him without a hint of pretense. "I see that," he said and let one of his big hands fall onto my exposed breast. He lifted me off the counter and let my fall through his arms onto his dick, bouncing me against his hips.

Mrs Riesin's Son Ch. 04

fetish DirtyOldBukowski 2018-11-10

He had seen his beautiful sister's nakedness in the past few weeks in their torturous games of cat and mouse, and while he regularly admired Anne's shapely form (particularly her soft round ass) as she went about her business in her tight fitting yoga pants or flattering pencil skirts, there was only one other time Luke could remember where he came anywhere close to seeing his mother this naked. Luke's cock sprang straight up as his mind processed the sounds on the other side of the door, and his imagination conjured up scenes of a his own mother's asshole opening wide to release a long, hard turd from the valley between her giant, perfect ass cheeks.

How it all began

fetish Sexymylf 2018-11-04

I was to attend the winter formal I needed to wear a long gown and leg covering for it was winter time. I remember looking at myself and with one hand rubbing a nipple and my other over the silky crotch. Every time my legs rubbed together or the silky sheet caught my nylon encased toes I felt sexual bolts of pleasure between my legs. With my eyes closed I continued to play with my breast and let my self explore my pussy further.The crotch of my pantyhose had gotten so wet that I thought the thin material would give way to my probing fingers.

A Surprise Ass-Fucking In Panties Part 3

fetish hummmph 2018-11-01

I feel a little uncomfortable and strained but that all disappears as Emmy buries her face between my ass cheeks and starts to lick my asshole. “Oh Humph, you do look good with your cum on your face, and those panties, oh my well they have been through a lot haven’t they?” She says with a caring whisper as she lets me slip back down onto the bed. She takes a moment to collect up the beads of cum from my face and wipe them on the panties in my mouth before leaning in and giving it all a big slow lick while looking me straight in my eyes.

Early Christmas Present

fetish Bunny12 2018-10-31

I feel his cock getting hard in my hand as I suck the left one into my hungry mouth. Squirt goes the blob of lubricant I apply to my index finger then start smearing it over his horny little hole, around in circles, slowly teasing it and getting it all relaxed. With the fifth stroke into his fine ass I feel my slippery pussy lips rubbing against each other and the vibe making my clit grow and throb. Then with a moan like an animal being released from a trap the walls of my vagina spasm, my clit pulses rhythmically and I cum as I feel the resistance of his ass clenching on my cock.

Sarah Finds Pleasure in Pissing

fetish Kilgore 2018-10-31

She rubbed the outside of her pussy then rolled out of bed, lightly touching the curves of her ass. She admired her naked body as she had done thousands of times before lightly spreading her vagina lips to expose her pink interior. Each girl, a blond and a brunette, quickly rubbed their clits sending electric waves of ecstasy through their bodies, making them squeak and moan with pleasure. She felt nurturing standing there with her underwear peeled, exposing her lips and tapering ass with a huge hot stream crashing down on the tree's bark. She felt the warm trickle hitting her pussy and rolling off into her ass and down the drain.

Girlfriend Finally Cuckolds Pt. 02

fetish writemarksmith 2018-10-03

She asked me to pick out a nice outfit for Steve, and I chose a tight blue dress I always think she looks hot in. Steve said he had not had a good look at Val's ass except in the picture I had sent and asked her to show him. After our meal I left to go to the bathroom, and when I came back I could see Steve had his hand on Val's leg. He looked at me this time, his hand apparently now stroking Val's bare leg and asked 'wouldn't you like that?'. When we left the restaurant Steve shook my hand and looked me in the eye, the kissed Val on the lips and opened the door for her to get in our taxi.

Shrunken Situation Pt. 01

fetish 003_hunter 2018-09-28

To Mike's utter horror, she walked up to the chair, turning her back to him, and he found himself face to face with his mum's gigantic, legging-clad butt as she prepared to sit down. He could smell her strong womanly scent through her leggings and panties, and realised with disgust that most of his body was squashed underneath her feminine area, while his head happened to be positioned right beneath his mother's arsehole. "Right lets sort this laundry out then." Carol had been sat on her son for over fifteen minutes by the time she'd finished her tea, and Mike was barely holding on to consciousness.

AdDICKed Cuck

fetish Anal Slave 2018-09-27

She fucked that dildo till she was pouring cum out of her gapped pussy. She than grabbed some vaseoline and started massaging by asshole as one by one her fingers disappeared into my horny ass. I reached down and got the dildo that was mounted to the harness, and started working it up my hungry asshole. I opened my eyes and my mother-in-law was standing there, looking at me fucking myself with a strap on dildo. I had the strap-on already up my asshole and I ask Linda if I could suck on her pussy a little. And she kept fucking her pussy till the cum had worked into a white lather.

Wife's Friends Anal Ch. 05

fetish Ilovetoeatsperm 2018-09-17

Brandi says to me "you know I can't wait to fuck your ass tonight" it is going to be fun. Eventually Julie says her husband is not very thoughtful when he wants anal sex He just lubes it up and rather than going slow he just plows it up her ass. Julie says she would definitely rather get a nice slow stroking, that way her ass can get relaxed and grow accustomed to his cock and maybe she will be able to enjoy it. Julie says to the girls, to tell the truth my husband fucked me before I left to come here tonight. Bree said she really liked holding my butt cheeks open and slapping my ass a little, she wished she could have done more of it.

Morning Motions

fetish Poo-Bear 2018-09-01

"Well, if you don't mind, I think I'll continue on with what I was doing," you announce, shifting on the toilet once again, turning forward. Soon I hear the distinctive, familiar crackling sound which announces the beginning of an arduous expellation, but I do not dare move in for a closer look, and I resign myself to simply imagine the bounties coming forth. As the moist popping sounds continue to emit forth, I begin guessing at the turd's approximate length thus far, predicting it to be about 4 inches long. At last, the crackling ceases, indicating that it is probably hanging suspended from you, just before your anus releases and clenches, pinching it off, as it lands in the toilet with a hollow splash and finally settles with a bubbly fizz.


fetish Jack_Love 2018-08-28

I crawled hastily onto her, meat in hand, and gingerly slid my hard dick into her drooling hot pink flower to the hilt, trying out my fuck-doll's pussy for the first time. "I wanna shoot the last bit up your pussy- get on the bed, Barbie!" I said quickly, my dick still cumming in my jerking hand. I slowly slid myself up her ass, fucked it for a few hard, deep and fast thrusts, and blasted a second huge load deep up her hot tight slut's rectum, Barbie moaning the whole time, turning me on like never before. I inserted my hard cock into my living gorgeous Asain fuck-doll and pounded her pussy standing up like that.

Thirst for Women Power

fetish lickerjimmy 2018-08-23

It looked very contrasting to the fair skin of her ass and as she stood there with her ass open towards my face, I sat there and sniffed hard to get the sweet feminine aroma of her. She held her ass open to fit my face snugly inside and without touching her with my hand, I started to lick her ass crack slowly with the tip of my tongue. I pulled her panties down with both my hands and positioned myself between her legs with my head tilted up and my mouth open wide to receive the soft petals of her sweet pussy between my lips.