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The Road Trip (6th in the Golden Series)

fetish MrNiceguy888 2018-12-04

“I think I’d like a hot tub,” I said, “It’s going to be a long day, we can relax between fucks.” I slid my cock out and told Rena to just wait and so I could piss in her open mouth. The sound quality of the recording is really good too and when I watch the now I can actually hear the piss streaming into Rena mouth and the sound of her swallowing. As much as I was enjoying looking down at Rena on her knees in a little piss puddle sucking my dick, I wanted more of her and her hot young body. After licking and probing Rena’s pussy and ass for about twenty minutes I asked her where she wanted my cock.

Racquel Darrian Takes Tokyo!

fetish Rick Deckard 2018-11-26

The two men continue to suck on Racquel’s tits as Niko, dick still erect, asks Racquel if she had watched the film she was requested to view. Racquel begins to perspire as Niko grabs the cockroach between his finger tips and slowly navigates the beast on top of Racquel’s pussy. Racquel, feeling relaxed now, stays seated as Niko gets on one knee and opens the box to reveal two HUGE sewer roaches that are scurrying around trying to get out. After several long minutes of watching, Niko reaches inside her panties and grabs both the male and female sewer roaches and places them back on Racquel’s pussy hair – sealing them shut.

Morrigan's Money Quest

fetish MsMorrigan 2018-09-19

'I'll direct, this time.' And so she did -- she ordered him to pull out, to drive straight through the traffic lights to then take a left at the end of the avenue. Her hands tightened around his member that started to whir and throb; comparable to a street thief, she held his cock -- rather than his less important throat -- to ransom, and slipped her hand into the back of his pants, retrieving his wallet. He did not see his Mistress leave to spend the bills that she had earned; he did not see the front door to his apartment block open as a figure came to investigate such strange text; he did not see his old life ever again.

String Me Up

fetish alteredego524 2018-08-29

Then he would hang, strangle as she continued to suck, fuck, or what ever she wanted, until he passed out, or got off. They continued to fuck, as she played with her ass with one hand, and her breasts with the other. "First, you are going up my asshole..." With one fierce thrust backwards, she impaled her pretty brown ass on his long dark cock, and knocked him off the stool. You get to do me ass-to-mouth, just like a whore..." As the words entered his mind, he felt the orgasm hit him. "Cummm" was all he could mutter, but Nydia spun around instantly, and as promised, took his black cock from her ass, and shoved it right down her throat.

Complete Surrender

fetish MsMorrigan 2018-06-23

She smiled at me and spoke: "Come in, my little slave." She had a tendency to use words like 'little' and 'baby' and 'boy' and she knew that those words were both humiliating and arousing for me, words that made clear who the dominant partner was. "I want you to kiss and lick my boots as if they were my beautiful tits." I was already aroused but those words made my cock twitch and stiffen further and I knew that she was aware of exactly the effect her words were having. "Mistress, I want to rub my cock against your boots and look at your cleavage." Hump it now, you little faggot." She revealed more of her cleavage and she began to move her boot against my cock so that I couldn't slow down.

CashPoint Meet for Dinner

fetish MsMorrigan 2018-04-02

The waiter brought him the water and sat it in front of him, Before he could say a word about ordering, Young Miss snapped her fingers and shooed him away quickly. As the waiter dispersed quickly from their vicinity the man handed the young woman an expensive looking purse. Just as the young woman was about to say something the older gentleman handed her a small wallet attached with a note on the outside. Again the young woman smiled and slipped it inside her purse, again not bothering to count it. The waiter seemingly slightly confused brought back her wine and handed the gentleman his card and the bill to sign.

Taking Care of Her Bottom

fetish crueldaddy4baby 2018-03-23

Or a stinging spanking ("an important part of caring for a little girls behind!" Daddy would say) She found herself like this bent over the bed. During her ass fuckings her responsibility was to reach back and spread her own cheeks to help daddy past her plump bottom to her dirty little hole. With his permission granted she had jammed her hand in the wet diaper and began furiously rubbing, and he would occasionally begin to fuck her mouth, but she would try to stay concentrated on her first task. While she sat waiting, she felt a little warm wetness spread, pee soaking in and warming up the diaper, making it more pleasant.

Diary of a Super Slutty Slut Ch. 01

fetish ThatGirl13 2017-12-22

Working my way deeper I felt his thick head at my throat and began to push him down it, slightly, before coming back up. I pushed back, taking a little more of him this time, but before I could come up I felt his hands in my hair holding my head still. He pushes into me again and starts taking short hard strokes, staying deep inside me, as he reaches my hair and pulls it back. Still assaulting my ass I pull my fingers out of my cunt and a gush of fluid flows out behind them as I cum again. I'm going to cum, turn around and open your mouth, he told me as he pushed me off of his cock.