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Big Ben

fetish SizeQueenSupreme 2018-12-04

“I’m looking for Big Ben.” I said. “A dildo…” I gasped, looking up at Big Ben. My face flushed deep crimson with embarrassment as Aaron Black laughed and laughed. “No.” Said Aaron Black. Just as I was hoping he might cum as quickly from that, Aaron Black looked down at me with genuine pity on his face. “Holy shit!” Said Ben, taking Aaron’ cock in. “You said you wanted it.” Said Black as he placed his head inside my back door. “What did I say about giving me orders?” He said spanking my ass and thrusting harder. He pounded me with a savagery that I couldn’t describe, like each thrust was meant to punish me for wasting his time with such a tiny cock in his home.

Sometimes They Come To you

fetish SizeQueenSupreme 2018-12-03

My own eyes are green, my nose is nice and medium, and I round off the works with a pair of dick-sucking lips that can caress a cock into orgasm before you can say, “fuck me.” The head looked like it would feel very nice scrapping hard on the way out of my pussy. My fat lips blanketed the shaft like hot dog buns as I licked, slurped, and smacked my way all over his cock. Suddenly I was being attacked from both sides, Jarred and Paul were savaging my cheeks with their own hard cocks, smearing thick gouts of pre-cum all over my face.

The Operative FIle 01: An Easy Case

fetish SizeQueenSupreme 2018-12-02

"Good Evening my stud Agent captive." I said into the mic of my little booth. One of my subjects said that hearing it was like having a pair of soaked silken panties wrapped around his dick. "why were you in the compound HQ?" I asked again, this time letting my azure eyes deliberately crawl over him. "What was it you were here to take?" I asked, prancing forward a few steps, black fuck-me pumps causing a massive bounce with each pace. "You sure?" I asked, leaning low and breathing the two words slowly on his dick with a hot sultry cinnamon breath. Who knows how many years of agent training had just crumbled in ten minutes of my face, lips, breath, and JJ cups.

The Education of Richard Part 04

fetish SizeQueenSupreme 2018-11-28

I'd like to say I was a more active participant in what happened next, but the fact of the matter, is that Richard skillfully used me as he pleasured me, his hungry mouth sucking at my little button and each of my pussy-lips in turn, his arms moving at the same time to effortlessly jack himself off between my still bra-clad breasts, his precum still seeping out to coat my white blouse in a nasty, nipple-revealing wetness. Richard swung his cock back and forth as he jacked it, shots flying wild over both my shoulders and head, then he was aimed at my tits, one huge shot after another coating them in such a thick layer of gooey gunt that my poor hooters visibly sagged from the sheer wait of it, like some strange bra-in-reverse of white cream has been slapped on by a mad tailor of fuck-fabric.

Big Timmy: The College Years

fetish SizeQueenSupreme 2018-11-24

His hands found my cheeks, and he began to massage his own lip-stretching balls through my mouth, rolling the musky fruits all over my tongue, his rippling veiny cum cannon grinding its shaft against my nose, forehead, and about nine inches of desk as he worked. Easily sliding me along the cum-slicked surface of the desk he knocked over my pencils and knick-knacks, dragging my ass up into a proper doggy position, reaching forward to throw more tit-mauling into the mix of spanks and fuck thrusts, his big hands easily taking weight from my swinging boobs whenever it so pleased him to do so.

The Operative: FIle 02

fetish SizeQueenSupreme 2018-11-24

"Oh fuck it!" Said Braddock at last, "I might as well show this girly boy what a real man's dick looks like. "Tell me what you were going to do with your access to the compound Agent Pierce, and I will lick and suck your balls." I turned my head, tugging the nutsack selfishly with me, to catch Braddock whimpering at his emasculation, his own cock reduced to nothing, his balls drawn high and tight as though attempting to escape the superior alpha male across from him. I unzipped my jumpsuit the rest of the way, letting Braddock get an eyeful of my lush curvaceous hips and heart-shaped ass.

The Sisters Divine

fetish SizeQueenSupreme 2018-11-21

"Yeah, no shit," Anastasia's voice sounded like it was coming from under water, far away, my eyes kept roaming from one of her studs to the other, my lusciously full lips parting as my huge breasts heaved on my chest with the deeper, faster breathing. "What's going on-" Jake placed his fingers to my full lips, his fingertips depressing into the succulent plumpness of them, his hands turning my face back to his, his eyes sparkling, his mouth curled in a half smile. I could hear my little sister's lusty voice moan as she continued to kiss at his sack, her billowy lips parting as she took his hefty scrotum into her mouth.

Diagnosis: Hung

fetish SizeQueenSupreme 2018-11-17

Sinking back down, his hands returned my lustrous locks, pushing me away to let his meat pole lower like a cannon, the length stretching down to his knees, precum burbling from his eyelit as he smeared it against my lips, spreading them and pushing the flaring head into my smoldering mouth. “ That’s a girl, cum on this big fucker.” His voice billowed with confidence, his hands still digging in my hair as he used my mouth and throat as a sex toy, humping my face for his own pleasure, reassured from my reaction that my pleasure was obvious.

The One That Made And Broke Me

fetish SizeQueenSupreme 2018-11-12

I cradled his fat balls in the palms of my hands and gave them a last loving kiss, and then started to spiral back up his cock, making sure to cover every part of it with my swabbing tongue. I savaged the head of his cock with my mouth, licking and slurping all over, spreading a thick mass of precum and lusty saliva around it, heavy white drops sliding down the sides. I'd like to say I wasn't scared, but I was looking at the most lengthiest, (yes it was big enough to deserve a double positive!) thickest, snake I had ever seen on a man, and I was about to try putting it in my average-sized pussy.

First Try For A Big Guy

fetish SizeQueenSupreme 2018-11-09

And lastly, the new girl, Liz. She’s a medium built red-head with a mouth so dirty I have to wear earplugs every time she loses her temper. “You’ll be hearing me come to your heart’s content soon enough, boy.” I said, leaning forward, letting my massive melons press him back against the machine. Suddenly he pulled his hips to the side, and wrapped a hand around the base of his cock.  He shoved forward, moving past my willing lips into my mouth, deep into my throat, and even though I fought to keep him there, my oxygen couldn't get in around the humongous gobstopper.  I almost came just from sucking him in that moment, and fluttered out of consciousness for my refusal to release his meat for air.

Sizeably Exercized

fetish SizeQueenSupreme 2018-11-06

Wrapping your head around the concept of finding a guy worthy after you’ve fucked Aaron Black is like trying to wrap your hand around his cock; it just doesn’t fit. Soon I was a pulling a little weight on it like a madwoman, arching my back, testing the limits of my overloaded bra, and not taking my eyes from Greg. Tina’s face pulled back, and she tugged his balls down, clearly showing he enjoyed a little roughness, and planted her tongue on the underside of his shaft that still protruded from my mouth. Shot three caught my by surprise, and I’m sure I must have looked quite funny as my eyes and lips made perfect big ‘O’s of shock.

Black Stallion

fetish SizeQueenSupreme 2018-11-02

He lapped at my clit slowly, dragging his hot tongue across my little button to let me feel every moment of pleasure, then began to speed up. To give my horse-hung date a special treat, I let some jizz dribble from my mouth, pooling in my lower lip, and finally cascading water-fall like into the expanse of my cleavage. Smiling wickedly I licked my lips, and lifted the vast expanses of titflesh to my face, cleaning his cum from my own tits, until both were shining from my efforts. And then I made those nuts my own, bouncing them from my palm to my mouth, kissing, slurping, sucking, licking, and letting them know they'd better be prepared to produce a huge load of cum for my lusty lips.

Get Away for the Month

fetish evilbread666 2018-10-01

The two of us took a walk into the commercial side of town and headed for the ice cream parlor. "You must really like ice cream," she said, as I snuck in a kiss while licking her chest. "She didn't know that you have a girlfriend already." She kept eating ice cream and more spilled. Bending over the tub, her massive breasts now hovering above my naked body, she took a bar of soap and started scrubbing my body with it, holding me down by my chest with her other free hand. "You like pretending as much as I do!" She stopped fumbling for shampoo and simply held her place, letting me play with her massive breasts.


fetish Weenie-Arm 2018-09-17

But poor Jim had a 'hard' time on the slopes that afternoon, trying to ski with a huge, uncomfortable erection that wouldn't go away. When we got to our room, Jim decided to shower before we went downstairs to join the others for dinner. As soon as Jim regained his composure, we got the extra towels from the bathroom and cleaned up the room as best we could. The storm had spent itself during the night (just like Jim!) and deposited a fresh white coating of snow on the mountains. The other girl laughed and they both looked at Jim with big smiles on their faces as they carried on their conversation.

Trust? Ch. 01

fetish Lost_Freak 2018-09-03

So first we shave it, and then you will be punished for your sloppiness." It was then that Shelly noticed how hairless Joey's body was including the area around his cock and balls. Shelly tried to cry out but the gag stopped her, and fresh heat spread from her ass to her crotch to her body. Joey unhooked the bar her hands were attached to and swung it down to the floor, forcing her to bend over with her legs still spread wide. He told her to open her mouth wide as he pressed his cock between her tits and began violently fucking them, much as he had her pussy. Released from the restrictive cock ring Joey's cock fired several volleys of hot cum into and around Shelly's mouth.

A Tentative Venture Ch. 01

fetish xcunning_linguistx 2018-07-05

Naomi's nipples stood out like bing cherries on her small, round breasts, and for the first time I could see the gap between her long, thin legs. I felt my nipples tingle and harden as Naomi's rail-thin arms wrapped around my neck, and my hands slid around her tiny waist. She was breathing hard as I pulled my tongue out of her mouth, and little gasps of pleasure escaped her slim lips as I sucked on her neck, kissed her collar bone, and lavished her erect nipples with attention. My free hand found its way into my Felix undies and started rubbing my own hard clit. I came in my panties a second or two later, then climbed up on the couch and wrapped my arms around Naomi's frail frame.

A Very Merry UnBirthday!

fetish lacorbeau 2018-06-26

Standing there in this outfit, both the Baker and Brother circled me, dragging a finger along my skin, daring to take little pinching at my ass and breasts. The Brother began to frost my shoulders, then took long laps on my skin. I turned to watch you take the blonde she leaned over in front of you, and sheathed your cock with a condom in her mouth, turning back to face the performance in front of you. He smashed cake and fruit into my hair as he leaned over me, kissing me and Brother's fingers opened my tight ass. The Blonde caught his cock as he slipped from me, taking all the cunt juices, honey and cum.

Why I Love Jenny

fetish veryopenmind 2018-06-22

But I couldn't help but wonder why was she so loose?????I did love her and convinced myself it didn't matter. But then something out of the blue took us right back there......Clubbing one night we ran into one of her old boyfriends Bobby. As I went to lick her pussy she said You were right. Suzy laughed and said He may be too big for you too! She loved his dick......As the story went on she got wetter and I got harder! When he kissed her goodbye he handed her a phone number and said Bobby can help you with that big cunt of yours. He said You know I stretched you and now you need big things to get off.


fetish veryopenmind 2018-04-02

Wes said wow we used to do body shots all the time. She said O.K. Wes here's yours, pouring more salt on her right one. He looked at her and said he will know sooner or later anyway..... Buy Wes and me a shot then let me know your answer. I handed Wes his shot he said relax man. Then he said let me have my pussy. I watched as her pussy seemed to turn inside out every time he pulled his dick out. He said if you love her, you now know what she likes and what's good for her. Later that day at lunch she said I think Wes is your new best friend.

Cock on My Mind

fetish Safetystars 2018-03-15

Your dick knows I'm waiting for it, and it is almost as hungry for me as I am for it. I want to push my mouth over your dick, and feel it grow in my mouth. It will fill my mouth and push my lips out into a big 'O'. I'll be so horny, eating your dick, relishing the slightly salty taste, and with each lick and bob of my head, I'll try to take a little more, but there will be a little more of it; a losing battle. I just wanted to get you hard, but now I don't even care if you come, it's so good.

Big Ben

fetish SizeQueenSupreme 2017-11-18

“Well that’s not bad… but your boyfriend had more then ten.” “You the one named after a British clock?” I asked when I stood before him. Is that clear?” I asked. “So what drew you to me?” He asked as we walked. Haven’t I made that clear?” I knocked on the door, and Aaron Black appeared, dressed in an evening suit. “Well I…” Aaron Black roared with laughter, almost spilling his wine. Just as I was hoping he might cum as quickly from that, Aaron Black looked down at me with genuine pity on his face. “Would you like my cock?” He asked. I felt like his cock was going to end up in my chest.