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A black Mistress at Helena's house

fetish Anitaslut44 2018-11-13

I started to take my clothes out and Helena smiled when she saw my hard erection: “You are a fucking pervert, my little Victor…such a horny bitch…” It was the giant sized red rubber cock strapped into her black harness that pulled my eyes from her perfect round firm breasts, full hips and slim waist. Our eyes met in the mirror and she smiled at the look on my face as she held her hand still, her finger deep inside me. And with that Tamara pushed the hard rubber cock harness deep into my ass and our hips slammed into each other violently…

Black on Black Pegging: Sexism

fetish Samuelx 2018-11-12

Digging up a Black man's asshole with my strap-on dildo like a miner looking for gold in the Yukon. To the folks inside the night club, I looked like a concerned girlfriend taking her man home after he got drunk. That's why I've got him ass up right now, with my strap-on dildo buried so deep inside his asshole that I think his ancestors in the island of Haiti might feel it. I looked into Salomon's eyes, watching defeat and agony creep into them as I smacked him, spat on him and berated him while sodomizing him with my thick strap-on dildo. All of his macho buddies from Haiti would know that a strong Black man like him let a little Black woman like me fuck his ass with a dildo.

Mother Dear Pt. 07

fetish keptsissy 2018-11-08

Be a good boy and kiss, baby, between my cheeks over my panties. I handed her a glass of wine, like I do every day she comes home. Ooo, I love the feeling of my little boy's mouth like that." She buries her head into the back of the couch as I start to run my tongue up the full length of her rear end, feel her wince and hear her whimper softly as my tongue methodically runs up and over her tight little hole, again and again. I love no other, no other gives me what I truly need, I love you, Mother, love you...love being in your house, being you special boy..."

Serving The Bitch pt. 2

fetish LittleMissFart 2018-09-29

"I hope you know I'm going to have you staying all night here!" She told leanind down over me with a big sadistic smile etched on her gorgeous face. "I don't really care about your situation, silly little girls like you deserve this kind of treatment." She smirked, "All I know is when I get home, I'm going to have a real good time with my fingers and dirty thoughts, and then I'm going to spend all day tomorrow just relaxing in my nice comfortable home. I paused to think what she meant by that when she suddenly turned round, stuck her butt out towards my face, and let rip a puff of rasping hot air!

Oler Men Turn Me On

fetish NYCbbwSUB 2018-09-25

"Look at your nasty pussy needing a good fucking." "Do you want to get fucked whore?" "Oh Daddy, yes, please use my whore body anyway you want!" "I will suck and fuck anyone you want!" "Yes Daddy." As I rubbed and moaned Daddy continued to talk dirty to me on the phone. It read: "Your doorbell will ring in five minutes, and you are to open your door and let the old man on the other side in." "He will fuck you and use you at my direction, on the telephone, and I will watch it all on your cam, which you should already have turned on." I quickly got back in the chair, and watched Daddy stroking his cock while I rubbed my cunt.

A Real Bitch

fetish Mnprnwriter 2018-09-23

Trish walked up to me, the usual snide look on her pinched face, "Jess, I may have put a small scratch in your precious truck." With that she turned on her heel and pranced away down the aisle and out the door. I looked her in the eye and told her that she was not allowed to use her hands and must eat like the bitch she was. Once I ate and cleaned up, I took the boat back to the truck and called Tom. His voice was worried and he wanted to know how things were going, I gave him a update on what had happened so far and went over what I had planned next.

Mr. McGregor Learns a Lesson

fetish porkypig666 2018-09-17

After ensuring that the Boss was seated comfortably in one of the lobby couches, Henry walked up to the perky little receptionist and let her know that Mr. McGregor wished to see Cindy, the sales director. “Aaawwww, Benny wants to play hide and seek with Cindy,” she said as she moved behind the old man and pushed him so that his arms and chest fell heavily on the backrest of the couch and his flabby ass lewdly stuck out in the air facing her. Benjamin, felt a heavy sensation in his gut, almost like he was being tickled from the inside, and then it came like a sudden flood … it felt as though some valve had been opened and Benny started dripping drops of cum which Cindy expertly caught in the shot-glass.

BBW Whore for Old Cock Ch. 03

fetish NYCbbwSUB 2018-09-12

Her hand slid down to my dripping wet pussy and began rubbing my clit, as Walter approached me and grabbed me by my hair and forced his cock into my mouth. I took his cock like the greedy whore I was now becoming, and then Sandy roughly spread my legs, and got down on her knees and began licking my swollen clit. I was roughly turned onto my side facing Sandy, and was staring right into her eyes when she plunged her big cock deep inside my pussy, and Walter rammed his big old cock deep inside my ass. With that Walter slid his still hard cock deep inside my cunt, and they rammed my holes, filling me up, giving me what I so desperately needed.


fetish QueenIckora 2018-09-09

I will not calm down, you are going to get your ass up from the fucking couch, draw me a bath and get in the fuckin kitchen and clean those damn dishes NOW!!!’ “You are really funny Nicole, I am not washing the dishes until my game is over, and I sure in hell am not running a bath for you!” ‘Oh you’re not?’ “you’re damn right I’m not!” That was it I had it, my mind was completely blown at this moment I felt the fury grow inside me and not the fact that I was sexually frustrated as well.

Deepthroat Rehab

fetish Atgod 2018-09-08

The door opened which distracting my confused thoughts, she was dressed formally and looked like a right bitch. When one blonde girl, that reminded me of my reflection swallowed an especially big load I grabbed the dildo and jumped back onto the bed, feeling my chest wobbling. I thought I was going to go mad but just when it all got too much as I grabbed my slutty blonde hair and started to sob like a bitch, the TV turned off automatically. "Please don't worry," she said without a hint of concern," its only temporary until you finish your rehabilitation, you will be returned to your old self," she looked at me and then knowing what I was obviously thinking she said "We used extremely advanced genetic modification along with other techniques and we have managed to convert you into a real female, right down to your DNA, but like I said it surprisingly is a reversible process."

Tales of a Bullying "Victim" Part 2

fetish LittleMissFart 2018-09-02

As Lisa and Tanya got off the bed to look at me in a full picture, Clarissa suddenly jumped onto the bed and sat down hard on top of me. "By the way, the girls will be back soon, and I know for a fact they ain't gay so their idea of having fun with you is just going to be good ol' fashioned bullying!" She laughed. "Sure am, and you know what," she paused as she grabbed some of her deep red lipstick and started rubbing it on my forehead, "there I think that says it all!" She giggled, she had wrote 'Lezzy Slut' on me.


fetish RON8112 2018-08-29

He continued to rub his cock and his precum all of my face and told me I'm such a whore. He then told me to bend over my desk and when I did he rubbed his cock over the crack of my ass several times and gently f***ed his cock head inside me and telling me he was going to fuck his bitch. He continued to tell me I was his bitch and I'm a good fuck, he pounded my ass until he came and then finished up and then pulled up his pants and said I was such a slut and walked out. We met several more times and I was his willing bitch.....and it was an awesome experience.

Skinny Bitch Ch. 05

fetish sixyjackoffpot 2018-08-25

You would think that two people would get sick of being around one another constantly, all day, every day, but even after three months of flirting and trading lewd stares at work all day and fucking like animals at night, showering together and eating together (or not eating, as it were), Tracy and I never got sick of each other. With the other arm, I sorted through what seemed like miles of silk, finally negotiating with the dress to maneuver my hand between Tracy' legs. I paused, kissing Tracy's bare, corded neck tenderly, and withdrew my fingers from her pussy. Now it was my turn to moan helplessly as she caressed my chest and, struggling to kiss my neck, her hipbones pressed and released and pressed and released my dick against my leg.

The Ira Saga Ch. 1

fetish Insanity 2018-08-22

Over the years, I've worked my way up from being a girl with a backpack full of felonies, barely making a profit, to being the queen of my own little empire. I even have a mini-pool in the living room that's got a floating, fully stocked bar at its center, and a large-screen TV at one edge. Dani is my personal assistant, and if you think that you can last five minutes in the drug world without a girl like her, you're mistaken. A loose little smirk on my face, I walked right up to him, water dripping from every inch of my smooth skin as I placed my palm against the center of his chest.

Punished By Fan

fetish hotsandra94 2018-08-15

He sat down and simply said “Down on your knees and please my cock Italian bitch!” I was hypnotized and horny and soon I was on my knees sucking his cock and giving him titjob at same time. He was enjoying in it and soon he gave me next order “ Turn around, show me your ass and dance in front of my cock bitch - you will be properly punished for wearing that shirt!” He got so horny and simply tore my Italian shirt and said “Very good bitch. Soon, he came into my ass, while I was already getting 3rd orgasm… Mmm… It was great… After he spread his sperm in my asshole, he said to me “You are good Italian bitch.

My "Last Time" with an Ex-Girlfriend

fetish PureCoffee 2018-08-14

I admired the way her breasts pushed out firmly against the shirt as I swung the car into the parking lot and stopped to let her get in. Turning to look at her, I slowed the car slightly and replied. As I stopped the car, she looked at me and said, "Please take me back now; I need to get home to my fiancée." How lonely we are even this short distance from the road, my pet?" I turned off the car and undid my seatbelt as I spoke, my eyes now fixed on her. Her head hung low, she quietly nodded and said, "I can't stop you from taking what you want."


fetish leprincesscreole 2018-08-13

You might as well cum as much as you can tonight, bitch, because on the way home tomorrow, we are putting a hole in your head, and getting you fitted for permanent chastity; once on, you won’t come out unless it pleases me to let you out.” She pinched me hard, and added, “I guess I won’t be able to do much cock torture, but that just means I will have to work even harder on the other two.” She was stroking me as she said that, I came hard, just as he had.

A Beginner's Guide To Domination

fetish 4nickeightor 2018-08-12

You may not feel comfortable with this at first thinking you are hurting him or something but trust me if he really doesn't like it he'll let you know. At this point, where you are going to start using some mild forms of pain you really should agree on a safe word so that you can feel comfortable pushing his boundaries knowing that you won't go too far and scare or really hurt him. If you decide to take it public this can be an amazing turn on for your man but you may perhaps want to try it in another city.

Fuck me baby!

fetish 2018-08-08

She said to me "I know that you have been jacking off a lot to pictures of me getting fucked by another man. They were white boy-shorts That say 'Slut wife' 'Give me what I deserve' on the back and the front said 'I love BBC' and show a picture of a ruler going up to 8" that says 'Must be at least this tall to ride'. Then she asked "Does it feel good slut?" I responded "Yes Baby, I love being your Bitch." "Good" she said, "this is how it feels when I get fucked. "Shut up Bitch!" she said as she slapped my dick as hard as she could.

In the mall (sissy femdom story) Part 4

fetish germanmemail 2018-08-02

Looking at me, she took note of the shoes, particularly the heels. you've got to complete the look, accessories make the girl, or whatever you are They were silly looking really, too big and gaudy, just like with a look that said "Say UNCLE" Bitch, I had no intention of giving her the would you like to use our little whipping boy here." With a sweet smile she I looked again at the sweet little girl and saw a wicked grin. Jenny stood there looking at me for a moment and then spoke for the first time The dragon lady came over and looked at it closely and said "I always wondered long as the bitch held up a hand mirror for me to look.

Cathy's Sick Desire

fetish almostdead 2018-08-01

He coughed, cleared his raspy throat and said, "Oh and one more thing bitch, I'll want a cold beer waiting for me when I get there." And the third thing is, 'You can call me a fucking bitch or a fucking cunt, as long as you fix my fucking sink'. He took a look at the filth in the sink and said, I think it's going to be something simple, but you never really know with this things until you do a little digging. He got down on his knees and opened the cabinet beneath the sink, as he said, "You know something bitch; I asked you to wear something a little sexy and that's the best you could fucking do?

The Painslut Ch. 01

fetish SilverWolfXX 2018-07-30

"Come you stupid bitch." The atheletically built man dragged her forward by her hair, causing her to both whimper in pain and also see that momentary light of pure bliss, and slammed the car door shut. "Look at you, you fucking whore..." His hand began to slap her pussy with incredible speed, so hard bolts of pain mixed with the whispers of orgasm fired through every cell in her body. Just as Sarah gave up hope of ever coming again his huge cock forced its way balls deep into her tight, soaking wet, red raw and uber-sensitive cunt, stretching it painfully as her whole body exploded into an orgasm unlike any she had ever felt before.

Bisexual Awakening Ch. 02

fetish bimale_35 2018-07-29

Mike was laid back on the bed, wanking his cock slowly; Kat told me to get on all fours between his legs and to lick his balls for him. He held the knickers to one side and I felt his cock pressing against my ass and then slipping inside; it went in easily enough after the fucking Kat had just given me. Kat came again as I sucked her clit and then I felt Mike speed up his thrusts, his cock filling me to the hilt as he used a hand to reach around and pull at my cock. Kat was telling him to fuck me harder and shoot his cum into my ass; I pushed back against him and then I felt his cock twitch and his hot sperm started spurting deep into me.

Muscle encounters 6 Mistress Treasure

fetish lilguy41 2018-07-29

Little did he know, that that a Day ago Treasure broke out of Jail. "You got a Phone bitch, give it to me" Treasure said Laying Low. Yea got that little bitch who bitch hard right now looking at my breast" She said Need a little bitch like him to go out, get me food and items I need" Treasure She smiled and started licking her dark nipples. "Better make it good and quick, look like one of your ribs about to snap." She "Shit cumming" Treasure said Pussy licking a perfect Job for small dick bustas like you. "Then shut your fucking mouth and keep licking" Treasure said wimpy sissy" Treasure said "Piece of shit" ..you came" Treasure said "Little light bitch" She said getting up