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Introduction To "Sounding" and Other Pleasures.

fetish cfnmbloke 2018-11-19

Diane had recently discovered that I enjoyed having my cock gently bitten, or scraped along its length with her teeth, as an addition to the standard blow-job. Assuring me that she knew what she was doing, she donned medical gloves, applied baby oil to the eye of my penis, and to the rod, opened the hole with the end of the rod, and let it slide, under its own weight an inch or two down into my cock. With Mona carefully instructing, each girl took a turn, each time with a slightly wider rod (except the older woman). Diane told me she had heard from the guy she had left behind in the UK, that he was coming to Australia, and that she felt that he was now ready to marry her.


fetish Mizilla 2018-07-07

"Ask me to suck your pussy harder," He said and went back to sucking and chewing on my clit. "Fucking harder," I said, more because I needed this to be fierce. "Harder?" He asked as he pulled out his fingers and slipped his thick, hard cock into me again. Remembering the sheer length and girth of him, still feeling him all over me, and all through me; seeing the vision of my wet, red and swollen pussy in combination with all of the little trophies earned through his bites and swats, I felt the fluid inside of me mount up, my toes curled. I held my breath and clenched my pussy tighter as I rubbed harder on my aching clit.

I Dream

fetish bellaluna515 2018-05-06

Pinning my arms above my head by holding my wrists, you start to slowly slide yourself deep into my tight wet pussy. Grabbing my waist you pull my ass closer and fuck me hard, deep. You stop and pick your head up to look into my eyes. You bend your head again and lightly bite my nipple as your hand works it's way to my mound. Finally , You plunge your tongue in and I hear your groan as you start licking my soaking wet clit. You pull my head back and begin to bite then suck my lower lip. I moan against you as I reach out and grab your cock. I wrap my lips around your cock as you lean forward.

Dream Sequence

fetish cavannarose 2018-01-15

"Don't dare what?" you licked my neck again, this time letting your tongue wander up to my jaw line, then brought your mouth to my ear, nibbling on the lobe. You slipped your other arm around my waist, pulling me against you, and slid a hand under my shirt to cup one pert breast, tweaking the nipple while you kept up your assault on my clit. You leaned in and captured one nipple in your mouth, flicking over it with your tongue, sucking hard as you slid your other hand back between my legs, fingers delving into my slick centre. Letting out your breath slowly, laying across my body for a moment, head resting between my breasts, you grin.

Hurts to Love

fetish Mizilla 2017-12-28

He reached down to push my hand away from my clit and took over as the look on his face, gave way to the sheer pleasure of being inside me. One time, he said he didn't mind sharing me because he knew I would never feel for someone else the way I felt for him. I was enjoying having him inside my ass a little less by now, but knowing what it did for him, to finally give him that part of me, completely with no restriction was amazing. It wasn't that I wanted to have a baby right now but that the feel of a man cumming inside of me drove me wild.

I Like to Drive

fetish JesaTaylor 2017-10-15

As I take the winding turns and my hands slip gently over the cool wheel, my muscles loosen and my eyes droop into a half gaze. As I turn my head slightly to look at my shoulder, I find the familiar slim line of elegant wrist skin and my tongue immediately begins to water as the scent of leather, fresh tobacco and the sweetness of redwoods come to me. Just before I come to the place where I will stop existing anywhere but deep in my body, his fingers slowly halt to a stop. As I continue to come with him caressing and caressing that spot deep inside me, he lays the side of his hand across my mouth and I bite hard, tasting the flat hide of his gloves.

Guilty Pleasures Pt. 03

fetish lesbianishkitty 2017-10-07

He ran a hand from her hip to her right breast and squeezed, her eyes fluttered and her lips parted just a bit. He kept flicking his tongue and pressing his fingers against that spot, her moans and cries came faster and louder until she came with a silent, closed eyed, scream. He started to move faster and she ran her nails over his legs, causing him to suck his lips in and make a sound deep in his throat. "Did he like his surprise when he got home?" The woman looked from her boyfriend stretched out on the bed obviously naked under the thin sheet, to her kitty affectionately nuzzling her arm.