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Black Stallion

fetish SizeQueenSupreme 2018-06-25

He lapped at my clit slowly, dragging his hot tongue across my little button to let me feel every moment of pleasure, then began to speed up. To give my horse-hung date a special treat, I let some jizz dribble from my mouth, pooling in my lower lip, and finally cascading water-fall like into the expanse of my cleavage. Smiling wickedly I licked my lips, and lifted the vast expanses of titflesh to my face, cleaning his cum from my own tits, until both were shining from my efforts. And then I made those nuts my own, bouncing them from my palm to my mouth, kissing, slurping, sucking, licking, and letting them know they'd better be prepared to produce a huge load of cum for my lusty lips.

Dirty Old Pervert 5

fetish megalanthropus 2018-06-23

I had a grade A, harder than steel, boner, and it poked her when I stopped sucking her nipple and pulled her in to kiss her on the lips. I caught her lovely silken black hair and pulled her forward more than she intended, so that my cock was in her mouth to the hilt. “Do you like mouthing balls, Savannah?” I said. I wanted to stick to plan though, and winked at her, and turned my attention back to my lovely Carmella Bing lookalike who still was trying to pretend that my balls were not crushing her.  She sucked in some gasps of air, playing with my cock, and pulling my foreskin onto and off the head of my penis. 

crossdressing with my moms friend

fetish hornyTVluvr 2018-06-10

one day upon returning from school, i walked into the kitchen to find mom and her friend Linda. "look Simon" she said "I understand what you're going through right now, if you'd like to come over to mine tomorrow night, we can talk, it would probably help for you to talk to someone other than your mom about this right?" "look, your mom is wrong to repremand you about this, in fact, if you were my son, I'd just get you some of your own clothes to wear and let you work it out" This whole little charade was pointles as when Linda opened her eyes, the black panties barely hid my erection. Finally Linda reached below the bed, and pulled out a pair of black heels.

Helping the wife recruiting new cuckolds

fetish woreout 2018-05-26

I told her that I'd like to watch her have sex with a well hung guy. I said , honey have you given any thought to what I asked you about? If you want me to do something you will ask me to my face and not looking at my feet. I looked up and said ummm I just wondered if you had given any thought to having sex with a guy while I watched. I said I think its time to pick a lucky guy. She said he is someone we both know and I don't want you saying something to him and mess it up. I answered it, my wife said OK baby I'm all fucked out come on home.

foxxiroxxi gets fucked by a black bull at a costum

fetish foxxiroxxi 2018-05-20

WOW aaaahhhhhh fuck me yyeeeesssssss ohhhhhh fuck me fuck me wow ahhhh mmmm aahhhh yes thats so fucking good as my black stud shoves his huge cock balls deep into my ass without even easing me into it he is fucking me so hard and fast and deep ive never felt anything this deep inside me before nor have i felt anyhting so thick and hard wow fuck i am getting fucked like a porn star gets fucked this guy is a real stud and by now im screaming so loud anyone could hear me but i didnt care i was getting the fuck of my life and loving every second of it .

Fantasy to Reality.

fetish 2018-05-18

I was thinking of the fantasy – get a black man into the house and close so my wife Donna would fuck him in front of me. She told me that she knew I was setting her up to fuck Kenny and while we both enjoyed the fantasy of her getting laid by a black man, that the reality of the possibility was something completely different. The vaginal juice was literally running down the crack of her ass leaving a damp spot on the bed matting her thick dark pubic hair and coating his black cock, lubricating it and leaving a sheen that made it look even darker.


fetish 2018-05-17

She told me she dated a black man one time but she said they didn't have sex. Now I told Jennifer I want her to be honest with me and if and when she is able to get fucked by a long thick black cock I want her to tell me how good it is and tell me while she is being taken. I told her I realize that its possible to be more sexually satisfying especially since we were looking for long thick dicked guys for her. One night while on the phone and I was out of town working she told me she was chatting online and one conversation was with a black guy she'd told me a few things about and she said she was getting bored and was about to go to bed.

Administrative Discipline

fetish Chimney Sweep 2018-05-11

His long brown fingers had been tapping slowly on the desk for what seemed like hours as he regarded the woman across from him. I took you under my wing and gave you the best assignments, and still you continued to fail!" Anger was rising in his voice and he let it cut through the young woman. You've learned to relax and obey." He pulled his fingers away from her and stepped back, placing is hands on his hips. She let it swing there in front of her face for a moment, hesitating just long enough for him to raise his hand. Tom replaced his hand on his hip and watched the pretty young Latina face split around his growing erection.

Office Cuckold Ch. 02

fetish Cuckjosht 2018-05-08

From my knees in front of his desk, all I could see was Emma's blonde hair bobbing up and down while Marcus had his head thrown back, enjoying the blowjob from his eighteen-year-old assistant. Pulling off him, I saw her look up at Marcus, smiling at her boss before filling her mouth with as much of his ten-inch cock as she could. Marcus laughed as we kissed, and I could even feel Emma smiling as she slid the last glob of Marcus' sticky cum inside my mouth. As I pushed it open, I took in the sight of Emma on her knees in front of Marcus in the middle of his office. Emma looked over at me and moaned again on Marcus' cock, her fingers working her pussy even faster.


fetish blkice2u 2018-05-07

mature Black men are two and a half times more likely to marry a white woman... we're after the sex, not like white females who want the ring, these special mature black guys aren't the marrying kind anyway. I know you want it like i do ;) Humiliate me daddy and take away any manhood I have left by slamming your hard Black dick in my white femme ass!

Daddy gave me a Black Man to play with.

fetish 2018-05-05

It was too much, I needed to feel release, 'Make him lick me daddy', I groaned in pent up sexual frustration, my knees drawn back and open, as daddy bent forward and pressed his mouth to mind, and f***ed his tongue inside, where I sucked on it like I did when I was nine, all the time feeling my panties being pulled down as if in slow motion, the the heat of his breath and his pink tongue finally made contact with my cunt, 'Oh daddy', I groaned from my very soul, as I clung around his neck, I was cumming with the black man's tongue in my cunt, I was squirting into his face and mouth, and he was lapping and swallowing, all the time my daddy was watching as his little girl lost control of her bodily functions.

Inpregnation by BBC

fetish Cunt4BBC 2018-05-05

I sit here in my panties, a cute litttle negligegh; and wig awaiting what my black bull will cum and do to me in the next few moments. They want a sexy femme gurl to take their big manly cocks. Its a ritual to prepare ones white smooth submissive femme body for contact with rough thick black cock. On my knees servicing dominant black masters who control my mouth and pussy ass. He throws me onto the bed and i push my head down ass up thats the way black men like it. He fucks for hours the way only bareback black power tops can. Im a little sissy fag slut for bareback black cum. In short i love to be imprenated by black men who have very large cocks.

Black Prisoner for White Sexy Wife

fetish Jizzylady 2018-05-03

It was all arranged I turned up at the jail, dressed as before.looking like his Lawyer!even the guard thought I was and quickly took me to the private f****y room, he flipped open my letter and saw he had it wrong about me, as I said that I was his long term girlfriend in it. With my little had on his hard balls I could feel the rubber flapping about on a fucked rubber, it could not take what this big black prisoner had given it! Then yes in went the 1st delivery...he groaned out loud and shot a big heavy, hot piss load of filth in my poor white cunt!

White Wife New Tattoo

fetish 425olds 2018-04-30

Her boss, Tony, is a large black man who worked his way up from the sawmill floor to the top job. "Well, my boss Tony is covered in tattoos and he has talked to me about them and how much he loves them. As I looked away a small black mark on her left breast caught my eye. I looked at the new tattoo but didn't see the black mark I saw earlier. She spent the week fucking her way through a large number of black men. In the morning she was fucked hard and fast by six black men who treated her like a receptacle for their cum. Either way she was fucked twice, by all six black men, in the one day.

Steven Miller's Financial Demise Ch. 02

fetish AfroerotiK 2018-04-25

Let's just say that our first meeting, between Steven and I, didn't go quite as expected. Almost as soon as the words left his lips, Steven knew he had fucked up. He was well aware of my opinion about the word slave and he looked like a deer caught in headlights fearing for his life. I continued, "It's almost unthinkable to imagine that I would even be capable of shackling you to other young boys, making you drag their weakened and dying bodies hundreds of miles, only to be branded like a piece of cattle, kept in a dungeon for months on end, fed food infested with maggots and other vermin, and not even given any sunlight or clean water, let alone medical care.

Immoral Combat

fetish SizeQueenSupreme 2018-04-19

With these words his pants came down, and it was now I realized that this was the first time I’d seen Aaron Black naked. Then the manly monument came crashing back down onto my face, hard, as he used his hand to punish my nose. Then he began to mercilessly tit-fuck me, his strong hips driving all 16 inches in and out of the tight crack his hands were making. His awesome cock head leaked pre-cum into my belly button on his deep thrusts, his hands now holding my tits only by the nipples, his hard grip making them sore. Finally I was gasping for air, and felt as Aaron Black milked a peach-pit-sized dollop of cum directly into my mouth.

one of my fantasys

fetish 2018-04-18

I look down the hallway and see my wife with her legs in the air and a black ass pumping in between them. I hear my wife moaning how good his big cock feels in her and him telling her how good and tight her pussy is. She spreads her legs even wider as she grabs his ass and pulls him in as deep as she can and I see his big full black balls jerk against my wife's white arse, as he shoots his potent black seed in her and she is going wild in orgasm after orgasm. I look out the door just in time to see him climbing off of her and his thick long black dick sliding out of her covered with both their juices and his cum running out of my wife's pussy.

Brooke Anne Jackson's Story

fetish AntaeusQ 2018-04-14

I like how you describe a woman's thigh and ass, the licking of the pussy, when the guys grabbing this and that and then fucking them. Thankfully, there's Google and Facebook, and this chick, beside not being able to write a 2-page fuck story, gave me her real name. As you know, it takes time and talent to write a good story. I opened up a collection of short stories and read one about a guy and a girl pulling on a baby. I got on the bus and started writing her story. Next day, people started emailing me about Brooke Anne Jackson. She wanted to make it up to me, so she started sending me ideas and story outlines, and of course, more pictures.

Cum in Boots

fetish cumboots 2018-04-12

He then squeezed the top of the boot shaft until it was nearly closed so it looked like a yielding vagina, brought the tip of his cock to the opening, and slowly pushed in. Another pull and the boot was on - his cum was squeezed all over my foot and slowly gaining on the ankle and lower leg. Sliding his hands up my boots and stockinged thighs he reached under the black leather skirt and took a hold of my panties. Simultaneously I felt his cum run down the inside of the boot and as I looked a rivulet escaped and slowly ran down my stockinged thigh.

Neighbour Fantasies......Part 14

fetish Croozer 2018-04-09

Seeing her in that position made me get hard, and after a few more minutes, she looked up and said," Are you looking up my dress young man?" I told her it was difficult not to, and she said, "Aww...you wouldn't want the old kitty under there....be a good boy, pour me another drink, and snap out the light." I knew it was the cognac doing the talking as we sat there and she finished the drink. I went to her room and took out a black nylon bra, black full panty, a plain black half slip, black high heels, and a lightweight grey sweater dress which zipped up the front, and had a wide black belt.

Drunken Flirt Wife

fetish wifwat 2018-04-06

Two guys got on the floor next to the Jacuzzi and each started to play with her tits, whilst another two just stood watching. The black guard sauntered over to Beth; he stood gazing at her tits for a while then said. The other two guards started to haul Beth out of the water, making sure they got a good feel of her tits as they did. I was really turned on watching these men use Beth and knew if they took her somewhere private, that they would soon be fucking her. I waited for about 5 minutes and was just about to follow him when the door opened again and a big black guy with sergeant stripes on his arm came out.

Mardi Gras Slut

fetish 425olds 2018-04-05

After the first stud agreed he parted my splayed thighs and mounted me.As I felt that first 13 inch cock slide all the way to the balls in my sloppy cunt I knew in the back of my mind that I would be in real trouble.After only a few short minutes of easy stroking I was beginning to really feel the a****l lust overtake me and started to climax.While the stud fucked me harder I began to climax almost repeatedly as I urged him on.Telling him to fuck me harder still he picked up the pace,his balls slapping against my upturned ass.I was losing any faint hope of control and they knew it.I was close to the edge of a huge orgasm when the stud suddenly stopped.It was at that moment when my body took control over my mind,I just had to keep going.Yelling to him to fuck me deep,don't pull out,shoot all that hot cum deep in my uterus,fill my womb!


fetish blkice2u 2018-04-04


Jack of Spades PT1

fetish 425olds 2018-03-30

I'm a white promiscuous cocksucker, meaning I've sucked so many cocks that I have sucked a few black guys, and have loved it. pictures are of white guys sucking black cocks. friends I chat with regularly who suck black cocks exclusively. I also chat with a number of black guys online. Today I was chatting with a black guy in would signal my desire to suck black cock. similar Queen of Spades symbol for white women owned by black men. As I drew closer she asked, "Do you know what that spade really hot to suck this guy while two more big black cocks were waiting for Soon the first guy shot his hot load in my mouth and pulled out.