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Haitian Bisexuality Ch. 05

fetish Samuelx 2018-12-03

Like many men in this world, I work very hard to make a living. In her day job, Janice Brownstone has the power to affect and control the lives of thousands of people across the globe. I began rubbing the feathers up and down on Janice Brownstone's face. I moved the feathers from Janice Brownstone's face down to her neck, and she trembled under the gentleness, and viciousness, of their touch. Over the next few minutes, I patiently and thoroughly pushed each of the twelve-inch dildos into Janice Brownstone's holes. I pressed the little red button, and the super-sized dildos began to vibrate inside Janice's pussy and asshole. Janice Brownstone's eyes widened like saucers when she saw the whip.

Black Studs Love Strap-ons, Too

fetish Samuelx 2018-11-26

Angela grunted as I fucked her, barking some cuss words and telling me how good it felt to have my big black cock up her tight asshole. Sarah knelt before me and began sucking my cock while Angela masturbated, thrusting a sleek black dildo in and out of her pussy. I thrust my cock deep into Sarah's asshole, loving the feel of the white woman's tight butt hole around my massive black cock. Lots of bisexual and heterosexual black men love getting fucked by women wearing strap-on dildos. Sarah put her hands on my hips and began thrusting the dildo up my ass while Angela sucked my dick. Angela finished sucking my black dick and drank my cum while Sarah slowly withdrew the dildo from me.

Big Woman's Booty Cake

fetish Samuelx 2018-11-25

She's a six-foot-tall, large-breasted, thick-bodied, wide-hipped and big-bottomed woman with jet-black skin and long hair braided into cornrows. This big beautiful black woman loves to show off her body. Marianna Brown was the only female on the Brockton High School Men's Wrestling Team. The big black woman looked really hot with oil all over her dark skin. Also, if that woman has both a tight asshole and a penchant for anal sex, that actually increases the chef's chances to create a truly wonderful Booty Cake. We have a big beautiful black woman with a body that's shiny from cold cooking oil and juicy from Orange Juice. Marianna's eyes widened like saucers as I slammed my cock into the forbidden depths of her asshole.

Black On Black Pegging Is Amazing

fetish Samuelx 2018-11-21

I am happily married to Clifford Lalonde, a big and tall, handsome Black man originally from the City of Cap-Haitien in the Republic of Haiti. Clifford laughs at me and tells me that I don't have what it takes to dominate a strong Black man like him. It looks like this time my sweet Clifford is actually surprising me by holding on a bit longer than I thought he would. I pounded into his ass, loving the way the dildo's hilt rubbed against my pussy as I worked it into Clifford's asshole. Clifford lay there and took it as I thrust my dildo deep into his ass, loving the way his hard ass yielded to my powerful thrusts.

Black Sissy for White Couple

fetish Samuelx 2018-11-14

Watching Robert Wiles sucking my husband Daryl's cock totally turned me on. In most of these videos, a macho-looking Black guy with a big dick slams his cock into the asshole of a weak-looking, submissive sissy of a White guy. Robert Wiles screams as my dear husband Daryl Winston slams his cock up his ass. Daryl pounded his thick White cock into Robert's masculine Black ass until the macho Jamaican stud begged for mercy. Yes, I wanted to get fucked in the ass by the same Black man who sucked my husband's cock. My darling husband Daryl Winston came all over my face, so turned on was he by the sight of Jamaican bisexual stud Robert Wiles fucking me in the ass.

Black Man Takes It Up The Ass

fetish Samuelx 2018-11-08

I like plump women with big butts. Susan sucked my cock and licked my balls. Yeah, a lot of women like to lick a man's asshole and suck on it. Susan told me that one of her past lovers, a football player named Tyrone Harris, was a bisexual black man. Susan thrust the dildo deep into me and stroked my big black cock as she fucked me. I looked at the sexy, big-bottomed, plump white woman and I definitely wanted to fuck her. I looked at her big, sexy plump ass and felt my cock harden. Susan's asshole felt wonderfully warm and tight around my cock. Also, she was yelling about how she couldn't get enough of my big black cock up her asshole.

Blonde Fucks Blacks Ch. 02

fetish Samuelx 2018-11-04

It was a real turn-on for me to watch sexy Janice suck on Stephanie's dildo before the two of them started to go at it. Stephanie moaned in pleasure as Janice fucked her with the dildo. I've had the pleasure of sodomizing a few women before but never one as beautiful as Janice Lee. I took my sweet time as I began to shove my dick up her ass. I fucked Stephanie, having put her on all fours and spread that fat ass of hers wide open before sticking my dick up her anus. One night, Stephanie sucked my cock while Janice drove a dildo in and out of my ass. Later that night, Stephanie wore the dildo and fucked Janice's ass with it.

Blonde Fucks Blacks Ch. 03

fetish Samuelx 2018-11-02

Melinda goes and meets this tall, good-looking black man named Ajax. Melinda sucks on Ajax's big black dick. Melinda screams as he begins to fuck her in the ass. Melinda screams as Ajax buries his cock deep into her asshole. Her black lover continues to fuck her up the ass until she finally surrenders and takes it deep without complaint. Melinda smiles nastily and tells him that she's going to sodomize him with her big strap on. She loves to fuck black men in the ass with her large strap on dildo. Ajax is the hundredth black man whose ass she fucked with her big strap on. A tall, macho black man to fuck her pussy and ass until she's sore.

Photo Session with a Twist

fetish photog45 2018-09-03

The rough idea was to start with the man's black hands coming around playing with the breasts of the white woman. I had wanted to keep the morale high while we were together, but once Holly and I were alone, I confessed that there seemed little hope we'd be able to get a suitable model willing to have sex with a man that she had just met, especially for photography. Once she was standing, straddling him and this long thick cock, she looked at me, "I need another sip of wine real quick." I reached over and handed her the glass, which had a decent measure still left. Get a shot of his cum on my boobs!" She told me, after I finished getting the cum running down her hands as she squeezed the last little bit from his spent manhood.

Ms. Jiggles Ch. 02

fetish Cappadonna 2018-09-01

He usually fucked her in the doggy-style position, just to see her big, jello-like ass bounce and slap off of him. "Now she know's that is just too much ass," another lady said to herself from down the aisle, "And it looks like she's gotten some kind of surgery done to her behind. As she walked to check out, her big round ass cheeks rolled up and down, jiggling with every clicking sound her flip flops made, and Jalen looked on. "I ca-I can't hold it any more!" Jalen said, bucking his hips forward, meeting Ms. Jiggles' huge ass with every thrust, "Fuck!" "Mmm yeah....come on that big ass...." she moaned, looking back him milking out the last few drops, "Fuck...damn baby..." It looks like your ass got bigger," Sheryl said, observing it as they walked.

Black Stud for Her, Sissy Cuckold for Him

fetish 425olds 2018-08-29

Sissyboi, get over here and lick your wife's pussy clean!" The husband started to protest but by the look on the black man's face; he knew he had no choice. He got down below his wife's pussy and watched as the black bulls big schlong popped out releasing a wave of white hot cum to pour down onto the husbands face and mouth. After completely cleaning her up and swallowing what felt like mouthfuls of sperm-rich cum from his wife's sore pussy, the husband turned to get up only to be stopped by the black man. While the husband obediently sucks on the wife's pussy, the black man starts to fondle his ass, slapping his cheeks and pulling on his lacy panties.


fetish 62_goo 2018-07-02

We found out that we lived in the same city. Every thrust pushed his stomach into my face, hard. Suddenly he tensed up and pushed even harder. He fucked me harder than I've ever been fucked before. Make me fuck anyone, just as long as I get to fuck you." Someone thrust his cock into my mouth while someone else fucked me. He slapped me hard across the face. I want you to go home, knowing you will have to keep your tramp stamp away from your husband's eyes. My master brought me inside, pushed me to my knees and fucked my mouth. You will live here now. When the nanny arrived I kissed my baby girl and left for my new life with my master.

BBC At The Adult Theater

fetish bioralpleaser 2018-05-08

I got on my knees and looked over to see a few guys were standing around watching me acting like a slut and a white whore for this black man. Once I got on my knees this man kept calling me his "little cocksucking slut" and pushed his cock into my face. The thought of people watching me behave like a dirty filthy cocksucking slut got me so hard I started to suck his cock deep and hard. After sucking this black cock for about 5 minutes I could feel him tense up and he started to moan and grunt and proceeded to blast a warm salty load of cum into my mouth.

Please Hold My Titties Ch. 04

fetish LIVINRFANTASIES 2018-05-08

Other times we felt like walking the other half mile to the far south park boundary signs. Dollie wanted to walk the distance and talk some of the old geezers into posing with her for hands on tit pictures. I can't remember which story she told them but in no time the big guy was standing partially behind Dollie working on both titties with two masive black hands. It was me that suggested the little guy remove his jockey shorts or bathing suit and stand on the other side of Dollie, working on the other tittie. With all three of us begging, the little guy did finally step up and fondle Dollie's other tittie as I took 110 film camera photos, pretending to take many more.

Dungeon Free-for-All

fetish equiano 2018-04-24

I heard the woman say, "Eat it, bitch." She had apparently moved behind the man, for as he lifted his cock at my mouth again, I could see her hands kneading his huge balls. The blond moved my hand away from my own cock and began stroking me, at the same time still kneading the guy's balls. I began to suck in earnest, pulling the huge cock into my mouth as I stroked it with my free hand. He began to moan with pleasure, and in a short while it happened – I could feel huge gobs of cum shooting out of his cock and into my mouth.

Mrs. Gumshot

fetish SpankerSam 2018-02-02

Chase rubbed his dick thinking about what it would be like to fuck that old white woman. After watching him drive away, Cassandra Gumshot, couldn't stop thinking about the bulge in young Chase's pants. You want to feel that hard black cock pushing up into your pussy." She talked out loud, as she pulled her wet panty crotch aside and pushed the head of the dildo in her already wet cunt. "Well Cassandra, I certainly wouldn't tell anyone that my neighbor, the sweet Mrs. Gumshot, is a dick sucking, pussy licking, cum and piss drinking slut! Chase groaned as Mrs. Gumshot sucked and swallowed every drop of his hot cum.

Please Hold My Titties Ch. 05

fetish LIVINRFANTASIES 2018-01-13

One afternoon while sitting around next to our RV Dollie asked me to make one of her French cut bikini bottoms narrower in the crotch. We played the game with our first partner Stan at least four times during those two weeks off and on in the sand dunes. I watched a few slip fingers partially inside her next to that narrow crotch without Dollie batting an eye! As we rode around the various campground loops Dollie and I spotted those same two tit lovers from nearly thirty years ago. We were new at being naked in front of others and very new at letting strangers play with her tits while I took pictures.

sold into sissyhood

fetish momandboys 2017-12-19

I quickly handed over the little red satin purse and the thin-faced black man tore it open, not bothering to work the little silver angel clasp. I'd never seen the document the black man was reading: it looked like some kind of contract. The black man looked up from the paper and pointed with his chin. This bitch is money." He took the paper from the lanky man's hands and read it over quickly. The others started laughing and trash-talking among themselves and the big black man took my jacket and put his muscular arm around my trembling naked shoulders. I wanted to break away from the black man's grasp, but I couldn't make myself do anything but follow him deeper into the park.