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My blindfold fetish

fetish PetiteWife 2018-03-01

I'd been dating this guy named Rich, and we had pretty typical sex several times a week. So back with Rich, we had been having sex a few times a week like I said, and whenever he would get close to cuming, if I had my eyes open he would tell me to close them and keep them closed until he was finished ejaculating. So one time as we kissed I asked him straight up if he would like me to wear one. As I lay there glowing and musing, Rich soon after came inside me once again, moaning beastily, like a man getting sex after spending years on a desert island.

I've got yummier things in mind

fetish carter120 2018-02-21

I was letting out loud moans of my own because I loved the thought that I was treating your cock like my fuck toy. But just when I thought I was about to get a good fucking from your big cock, you spread my legs and I felt your tongue licking circles around my swollen clit. I thought you were about to roughly fuck my pussy but instead you shoved your fat cock into my tight little asshole. I begged you to fuck me harder like the little slut I know you wanted me to be. As soon as you finished your sentence you let out a hard grown and I felt your hot cum shooting deep into my ass and your thrusts became more gentle.

Give the Girl a Helping Hand

fetish Smokey125 2018-02-17

Realizing for myself just what a great number of women there are who enjoy men's hands (looking at them, feeling them on their bodies, holding them, kissing them, what have you) inspired me to write this story. He'd often ask if she wanted to learn to play herself, but her interests lay only in the mere sight of his hands tickling the ivories. Lowering his body atop hers, he made his way down her left inner thigh and up her right with one hand, caressing and playing her about the forearms, neck and breasts with the other. As the fingers of his right hand stretched their way further inside her, his left circumnavigated her upper torso.

Kitty Girl Goes to the Beach - Part II

fetish sprite 2018-02-11

Just remember, each one will get harder, just like your cute little nipples." I gasped as I felt her fingers squeezing one, twisting hard, pain radiating through my breast until she forced a sharp cry from my lips. I couldn’t tell if the newcomer was the one kissing my feet or my fingers, although I could guess by the way the hands on my breasts paused, they belonged to Kay. Doing my best to still my fear, I concentrated on her hands, arching my back as she gently pulled at my hard nipples, teasing them upwards, her lips eventually replacing her fingers. "No fair!" I’d meant to whisper the words, but instead, they came out with a gasp as I felt my legs being pushed apart while warm, wet kisses teased the insides of my thighs.

Sex in heels

fetish misteryme 2018-01-30

I feel the second person bending over me, cupping my breasts in his hands, and I can also feel his penis close to my mouth, while his tongue licks over my hard nipples. I suck on it to keep my moans of pleasure down, while Marcus penetrates my pussy hard with what feels like two of his fingers, grinding inside me and flicking on my g-spot. With my legs around his waist and my heels digging into his back, all three of us enter another dimension where no thoughts exist, only our pure sensations, pleasure and ecstasy, as I am getting fucked in my mouth and my pussy at the same time!

My Fantasy Pt. 01-05

fetish kitten1964 2018-01-10

Oh, how it felt, to dance in the nude, our bodies sliding along each other...then as we got fully aroused, and the music built to a climax, we fell back on the bed and had hot, passionate sex...I remembered every detail...the way it felt as his huge cock plunged into my wet, swollen pussy, the only sounds our breathing and the hot, syrupy jazz flowing around us, binding us in a peak of ecstasy as we both climaxed over and over to the last few notes of the song. I hear my lover moving around the room...the clink of glasses...the sounds of various liquids being poured...I wonder, what will happen next?

Toys, White Satin, and a Story

fetish elausente 2018-01-10

I will tell you that I am going to give you a foot massage with the Nivea cream but that in order for you to properly enjoy it, I have to limit your sensory inputs; so I will pull the satin belt and asked you to not remove it under any circumstances.... I will put a bit of cream on my hands and I'll get a hold of one of your feet and I will start giving you a very competent massage; I'll know when you are enjoy it enormously when I heard your sighting and moaning when I go over a stiff spot...

Cold Tile Floor

fetish dillythemonkey 2018-01-09

The other hand found the smooth space between my legs and rubbed, not yet pressing inside my lips. These hands pinched at my nipples light at first then groaning into a harsher and rougher touch. I could feel the roughness of the man's fingers tugging and pulling at my pert little nubs. I opened my mouth in a long low moan and he touched these fingers to my tongue, letting me taste myself and rubbing my wetness over my lips. Of course as his hands, his fingers move faster and harder I can't do anything but scream in pleasure. My ass is flexing and pushing up off the tile, just to feel his cock for one more second as he strokes out and pumps back into me.


fetish lucas123 2018-01-07

I was enjoying it so much I let out a quiet moan and as I did, I felt her toes wrap around my nose and her pushing her feet into my face harder. She took her feet from my face, sat up on the bed and said she wanted a bottle of water. She knows this is something I can NOT resist Cumming with, when she’s on top, I don’t last long at all, never mind having been made to inhale her feet and sneaker now for close to an hour!

The chair of the White Queen.

fetish R3DD3R 2017-12-26

I walk to the chair and wait, i look to you and you smile, “Yes, sit.” The warm words roll across your lips, almost hinting at concern, that I may be tired after long travel or weary at the end of a long day. I know this is to help distract and prepare me for what's ahead, they are skilled and it's working, I feel the chair lower closer to the floor as the massaging stops. I hear the soft tap of her shoes come to the top of the chair, tap, tap, one each side of my head, I feel her above me, her hands on me, not soft and relaxing now but with nails from my hips to my shoulders, sharp scr****g, cold like goosebumps, then hot pain trailing her fingers.

Blind-folded fun *_^

fetish 2017-12-24

My most recent escapade, number three – a blindfold date – turned out particularly great. She said she wanted to have a threesome – her and me and another guy. She chose a local hotel and told me she’d email me the room number once she was settled in the room on the date. The other guy looked at me and said “This bitch is hot. It only took 2 minutes of that before my cock whispered to me “shoot your load in the slut’s mouth.” My cock whispered “dump a big load in her pussy” and I was getting close to peaking when the other guy shot his cum into her mouth. “Time for a group pick” said the other guy, pulling off the blindfold.

Julia's Huge Tits

fetish The Needler 2017-12-06

So you want to play some stupid game where I touch you, but where you're not entirely free and you don't want to look at what's going on. She gave a little cry and threw her head back, her mouth open and her tongue working as I sucked and licked her delightful nipple. The third time, I put my finger into her mouth, which she welcomed gladly, moving her tongue all over it, sucking like an infant. "Oh yes, lick it off, I love the feel of your tongue on my skin. She shivered and said: "Cold." I took the chocolate covered bud into my mouth and sucked it off, making her squirm and sigh.

Taste And Smell, Just No Looking!

fetish Cookie5 2017-12-01

I raise my head in my plastered obscurity, she shuffles forwards on the seat and I remain kneeling, her hand touches my cock and guides me to her hot wet pulsing entrance! "Fuck me hard" she orders, I bob my head back and forth, I feel the resistance of her tight tunnel against the rubber cock which feels like it's going in about twice as far as it surely is? She cums hard and those hands arrive to push my head in tight against her body, moaning out loudly she's loving the sex; she cums a second time assisting my rubber cock's thrusting motion with a rocking movement of her own.

Fucking a Stranger

fetish DonnaMayer 2017-12-01

One day I was tied blindfold and spread-eagled to his bed, sucking on his cock while he worked a dildo into me and told me how good it would be to see another guy fuck me, and as usual I was really getting into it. The stranger upped the tempo, fucking my asshole harder and faster, making me grunt in a mixture of pleasure and pain, as he reached round and mauled my tits, pinching my nipples hard. As I finished cumming, I felt the familiar throb of a cock on the verge of orgasm, but just as I was bracing myself in anticipation of receiving his load, he pulled out and got off the bed.

The Guestroom Session 01

fetish EyesNotOpen 2017-11-24

The owner of the voice tugged at my leash and began thrusting his cock a little harder into my ass to put on a good show. This whore will still be getting fucked long after the two of you are asleep." Ah, so now I know her boyfriend is with her, watching me get fucked like a cheap slut. I can tell you, he is extremely happy right now just to serve his purpose and be a good whore, knowing that you and I are together." She smiled, wrapping her arms around her boyfriend's neck. I'll wake you when I want my cock sucked." I loved how his tone was so different when speaking to my wife, and then to me.


fetish noz4atu 2017-11-13

"Each subject has to be immobile to make the tests more accurate" he explains as he gently moves your hand to the cuffs you hadn't noticed above your head. As he is closing the second cuff over your other hand, you get this sudden sinking feeling that you don't really know what is going to happen next. I can explain as I start each test, but as I said, it might just help to relax, use the blindfold and it will take no time at all." He is looking at you, waiting for you to respond. This time he moves between your legs and puts his cock inches away from your wide open cunt.

A Coffee Morning with the Girls

fetish Cookie5 2017-11-12

My 'useless juices' are starting a free-flow from my cock forming thin trails, of syrup like material, running towards the awaiting spoon which I will lick up later. I am enjoying the restriction she has placed upon me with my feet tied snugly together, my hands raised, bound securely over my head and my eyes covered completely. I feel a fingertip slide into my mouth and along the top of my tongue "suck it" says a sweet voice, the finger motions in and out a few times. The cold spoon then touches the tongue of my open and willing mouth and is tipped to allow the taste to enter and mix with saliva.

Teased by My Neighbor

fetish randomer555 2017-10-25

"I bet you wish you could get long and hard." Beth said, laughing as she grabbed my caged cock again. "Yes. I'm sure." I said as Beth began licking my cage again. Beg me to keep your cock locked up." Beth said. "Well since you want your cock locked up so badly, I'll keep it locked." Beth said. "Here's how this game is going to work," Beth said as she blindfolded me with the cloth, "I'm going to put each clothespin on you. I managed to get clothespin number six off but then I got another smack to the balls. I simply focused on giving Beth a strong orgasm, in hopes of forgetting about my sore balls and throbbing, trapped cock.

Fun with the Missus

fetish reteps 2017-10-24

"Push it out," I tell her, and obediently she makes the bottle emerge from her vagina until it drops into my waiting hand. I tell her how beautiful her body looks and run my left hand across her shaved mons, caressing her clitoris with my thumb as I gently pump the bottle in and out of her. Over the next fifteen minutes, I concentrate on stretching her deeper and deeper, until I can get her labia to start closing around the base of the bottle. Eventually I help her and with two fingers of each hand, spread her labia apart to allow the base of the bottle through. I gently start to piston my hand in and out of her vagina, rotating and pushing, twisting and pulling.

Infusion of Goddess Energy

fetish AnaTG 2017-10-14

Seconds later I feel the guy push deeply into my pussy one last time spraying my cervix with cum, injecting it deeply into my womb. Just as I feel the guy getting harder in my mouth I hear another grunt and hot sticky cum spraying all over my toes. Then I hear the door open and the familiar click of Ana's heels could be heard entering the room with another man beside her. Then I hear the distinctive intake of breath as a cock slips inside of Ana. Each time he slides inside of her I can feel his balls rub across my forehead.

One Kink At A Time Ch. 2

fetish Tyjord 2017-09-08

I take the one inch band and clamp it around the base of your penis, turning the screw until the veins on your shaft start to throb under the strain of the trapped blood. The top opening is right above my cunt and is holding in place a ten inch long black rubber dildo. The dildo is easily as thick as my wrist and molded exactly like a cock, complete with bulbous head, veins and assorted bumps along the shaft. I look down at you, bound hand and foot, blindfolded, gagged with your own dirty sock, ass stuffed with a huge dildo, and force fed your semen with my piss to wash it down.

Clara the Babysitter Ch. 03

fetish jamiestory 2017-09-01

He started talking to me" 'Don't know if your innocence can handle watching people suck and fuck. He came behind me and started talking about how sexy she looked. I wasn't sure what he wanted, so I made sure we left soon for lunch. He wanted me to experience sucking some different cocks than his. As soon as we got there, I noticed he went right back to the couch. I could hear her cumming on the TV, when he started to blindfold me again. I heard him unzip his fly, and soon I could feel a cock hitting my face. He, have some more of mine." Next thing I know, he's pushed his cock past my lips, and I'm sucking him off again.

By Invitation Only

fetish bijennifer 2017-08-29

Next I feel your hands slip round me and under my heavy breasts, undoing the final few buttons of my blouse. Your light kisses leave a trail down my body as you work your way down, paying extra attention to the underside of my breasts, you know that drives me wild. My thighs are next for your kisses and your hot lips drive me wild, I try thrusting my hips forward but you push me back down, ignoring the pleas of my pussy for attention. As I reach the peak of my pleasure I feel a hot load of cum rain down onto my breasts, it's quickly followed by more on my face and I open my mouth to taste some of that hot salty load.

Jessica's Fantasy

fetish LostOnes 2017-08-29

She felt Michaels hand touch her midsection, and run down a leg. He turned her away from him, and felt her hands being pulled towards the small of her back. There was a pause where nothing happened, and then she felt her breast being cupped and then squeezed, her nipple pinched, and the surprise of it all causing her to breath out sharply between pressed lips. She now felt a hand grab her by the back of the neck and a voice in her ear told her to open her mouth. Her skin flushed cold, her mouth suddenly dry, as she heard the sounds of the bedroom door being opened, and felt the pull of her hand guiding her out and into the unknown.