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The Room

fetish Swoopmott 2018-12-04

She moans louder when she hears and feels him moaning into her now very wet pussy but then his hand moves again and the butt plug slowly pulls out a little and then pushes itself back inside of her. Then the feeling of his still semi erect dick is felt running over her lips and she takes it into her mouth, tasting his and her own cum mixed together on it as she sucks a little harder cleaning it off, roiling her tongue around the head slowly, making him groan quietly and grip roughly to the back of her head and pulling her head in closer to him.

I Am a Kinky Woman

fetish GoldenLayla 2018-05-08

"Melly, "stop playing; you know you are never going to piss the bed. Not only is it nasty but you will have to sleep in a very wet spot, I know you are too damned lazy to change the bed." Melly started laughing hysterically. The next thing I knew I heard a hissing sound and as I watched golden pee spurted from that pink place onto the bed covers. Legs spread, her pink pussy open and all of the wet piss streaming out and yeah it did look like a golden fountain. I found myself excited by the thought that rather than rush and get to the toilet as well as you could, Melly chose to simply stop and piss her pants calmly.

Cum On Robyn

fetish RobynBanks 2018-04-06

I knew my legs and backside looked good, after all I'd worked bloody hard to make sure the muscles were firm and taut, the effort getting more difficult the older I get - So why not give the two young men a chance to appreciate the rear view? Come back later with your friend..." I stepped back, lifted the bikini top away from my breasts, enjoyed the boggle-eyed response the action received, and added, "...And you can cover these in spunk." I can sit with my fingers curled inside myself or rubbing hard at my clit and watch him come, jizm spurting, his gasps and moans taking me there as well, desire sluicing out of me.

She Kisses Me Where It Matters

fetish Gotrootsucked 2018-02-28

Jakki's mouth and neat upturned nose grazes my abdomen, plants slow leisurely kisses along my wide spread thighs, onto the folds of my buttocks where the double bed ends. "You want her," Kelly lifts Jakki's glossy hair in her fist, "to suck you, don't you. Jakki tilts her face, dark eyes resting on Kelly while she rubs me with her lips, mashing slowly up and down the underside of my rod. She forces me deep, squashes my cock-head into her throat and gags and keeps me there, holding my gaze, swallowing my big fat shiny bulb, and keeps me there as spit drizzles down the trunk, unchecked by her wide open lips.

Payback at the Beach

fetish JPValkenheiser 2017-11-20

Jana and Angie had taken nothing but abuse from Mandy, Lisa, and Ashley ever since they started at the university. If everything went as planned, Mandy, Lisa, and Ashley would be getting all the attention they so badly craved the following day! Mandy, Lisa, and Ashley were loudly and rudely making fun of people they saw. Since Mandy, Lisa, and Ashley were all facing different directions at the moment, they had no idea anything strange had happened. Mandy with a hand over her pussy and another over her ass, Ashley trying to hide her flopping boobies, and Lisa with both hands clasped onto her shiny scalp (as if that were really hiding it), they were quite a sight to behold!

Wife getting fucked like a whore

fetish 2017-10-28

My wife was smilling and the blond said you think this is funny slut and told him to spank her and he spanked her over and over and over and over hitting each ass cheek with open and closed hand until my wife started lifting her legs to try to stand. Finally the spanking stopped and the blond took a shot and told my wife to open her mouth and gave it to her like snowballing and my wife swallowed it. I grabbed her hair and pulled it really hard and slammed her againts the wall until I had to cumm.I took my condom off they gave us and told her to open her mouth.

My brief stab at prostitution

fetish aurora_dream 2017-10-18

I was nervous as his eyes darted about and he said " I want you to fuck my wife and her friend" I was amazed and shocked at first then i looked her over, early 50's plump still kinda pretty, in the back a figure waved at me and smiled. She moaned and responded by burying my face in her sweet ass, i could barely breathe, after what seemed like an eternity, she pulled off of me and the wife lay forward on me and began thrusting on me. "You did a great thing for my friend there, how would you like to fuck her next?" I nodded and grinned as she pulled herself off me, my cock popped out of her pussy.