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Randi's Embarrassment

fetish lesliejones 2018-12-04

She quickly unzipped and unbuttoned her beige pantsuit's bottom and let it fall, yanked down her tan thong panties, and sat on the toilet as a large log slipped speedily out of her little anal rosette and her usual strong stream flowed plenteously from her light hair-hidden peehole. Finally, realizing that if flushed the toilet again, she would have a floor flood with floating pieces of shit all over, she quietly put down the cover and washed her hands, sprayed the area with the available can of Lysol spray (for whatever good that would do with the turds still in the bowl) and then returned to the meeting as if nothing were amiss.

Picture Perfect - We Meet

fetish sl_dave 2018-06-23

I quickly move and get the massage bar from my bag at the side of the bed and start to rub it to melt its oil into my hands. I work up the front of your legs and then start on your thighs, working them quite deep with flat hands and open thumb pressing hard as I stroke up and back, slowly moving further up to the top of your leg. Your fleshy lips pop into my mouth and I lick them whilst they are captured in the vacuum before slowly letting the air in and probing my tongue deeply between them again, deeper into you as far as I can go into your vagina.


fetish legsnfeet 2018-06-16

Illuminated only by the glow of candles, the radio dial and the street light, Carey is little more than a dark silhouette,...a lovely, sinister sex-monster that holds me captive and remarks softly how wonderful I look beneath her. It has been almost five hours since I first arrived to sit before Mistress Carey's little throne,.....to slip off her sweat-soaked footwear and lick the muck from her lovely soles,....and suck the stinking scum from between her gorgeous toes. The night is young, and as rain falls softly on the fields outside,...spattering on the driveway and the porch,....little Carey leans back, supporting herself with hands on my waist, and rides my tongue that swirls round and round in her deep canal.

Old Friends Ch. 02

fetish EmeraldSolitaire 2018-06-05

Jackie my little slut if you want to fuck me you have to eat your dessert first." "That's good to hear Jackie, if you're lucky I may never let you go, I might just keep you like this forever, my little sex toy. Patrice got up and filled the other glass with champagne and then came to the chair and sat on Jackie again. "Oh my little slut, did you think I was going to let you drink from that glass?" "So Jackie do you want to fuck now?" Patrice asked, with lust in her voice. "Why not Miss Patrice, I worshipped your body as you wanted and you said when we drank champagne I'd get to fuck you."