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Henry's Home for the Summer Ch. 05

fetish cynthiablaine7 2018-12-04

When Margaret arrived, wearing a variation on her governess outfit, a navy skirt and a white blouse with paisley ascot and gold stickpin atop her usual sheer hose and burgundy pumps, she encountered Lenore in what looked like a collegiate or high school jumper, with a plain white blouse and espadrilles. "When I allow you to go out," she said, which conveyed a real tone of menace to Robbie, as he began to realize how his life might be restricted from now on, "You will start using appropriate protection when you have sex with them. She longed to be allowed to spank him but realized she had to do exactly what Margaret told her if she wanted to be given that kind of privilege.

After hours with the lifeguard

fetish michaelthomas 2018-11-13

“There is one way we could let you stay though,” I’d given up responding now, “you could wear a bikini and be one of us girls?” Claire ended her sentence looking excited. Claire carefully removed her hands, Anna keeping the bikini bottoms tight around my cock. “Oh, that's Claire's job.” Anna stood up and turned away, her ass held firmly in the navy one piece with the straps fallen by her sides. Anna had taken her polo shirt off and had got back into her swimsuit, she knelt beside Claire and moved her hands up my leg and onto my balls.

Henry's Home for the Summer Ch. 02

fetish cynthiablaine7 2018-10-31

"Well, Lucille," she said firmly, picking up on her employer's asking her to address her so intimately, "there's no time like the present, so you had better lift your skirt and lower those panties for your inspection." Henry cringed at the idea of anyone—even Kathy, who had been allowed by Margaret to spank him—to see him in pink panties, but he decided to make the best of the situation and thank her again. "I'm going to spank you for messing these panties," she said with mock seriousness and a grin, "but I'm going to give you a note to Margaret saying that I've already disciplined you so I hope she won't feel the need to do it too."

A Misunderstanding Ch. 05

fetish undiecontrol 2018-09-28

And one person who always entered without knocking was Sarah who had been asked by Emma to do periodic checks on Simon. This brought giggles and whispers from the typing pool who put a romantic interpretation on this gesture but Simon knew that all Sarah was doing was feeling for his bra and camisole straps. Weekday evenings seemed to be largely consumed by corner time punishments for trivial offences, or else helping Emma with the domestic chores. Once he'd passed the half-way point, she started to count down the time saying something like "Only two weeks to go, darling." Then it was only one week and then it was into counting days.

Lingerie Does Make the Man Ch. 03

fetish lingerielover 2018-09-09

All I knew is that I saw a lingerie store coming up soon, and I was hoping she would want to stop and look around in there. My wife asked me to go in the dressing room and remove everything except my thong, and also wanted me to leave the door open so Jane could see everything. Kay was still in the dressing room with me, and told Jane to go ahead and help the other customer and she would make sure I tried on the teddy. Jane straightened up her clothes and picked up the teddy, bra and panties and told us when we were ready she would be out in the store ready to ring up our purchases.

Restless Nights

fetish sisifo 2018-09-09

This intense feeling was increasing and I decided to stay for a while, leaning over the counter, slowly glancing at the images and enjoying the growing stiffness of my cock, rising as I turned the pages. At some point my penis began to throb and the glans rubbing against the soft fabric of my underwear made it impossible to hold myself without sticking a hand inside my pants. Oh God, how I've yearned to be near her, unhook her bra and feel her breasts shudder under the touch of my hands, arouse her with my skilled fingers and taste the precious juices liberated by her pussy, take her to orgasm by the single action of my industrious tongue.

Mother in Law's Suitcase Ch. 02

fetish sethwaite 2018-08-20

"One coffee as ordered" I said handing the cup to Ann "you girls both look very nice for your shopping trip". Pulling the bra tight around my cock felt lovely and looking down I could clearly see my engorged cock head through the lace of the cup. Each downward stroke stretched the bra cup over my cock, causing the lace to rub across my slit, all adding to the wonderful sensation. The feel of Ann's dress in one hand and the lace of her bra rubbing my cock with each stroke soon had me getting that tingling feel in my balls and I could feel I was right on the edge.

Lily Ch. 01

fetish EliasRotica 2018-08-16

I began to frequent a high class gentleman's club where the dancers wore wonderful outfits of satin, lace, and sheer materials. "If you come in next time wearing a bra, panties, stockings, a garter belt, and high heels, I'll give you something totally against the rules..." We went back to a private room and I saw Lily have a longer conversation with the bouncer than usual. As she mounted my lap, her hand snaked down between us and began to stroke my cock through the panties in time with her body moving against me. She turned around, planting her own satin panty-covered bottom against my cock and began to grind me. I watched as she reached back and pulled my panties down low enough to free my condomed cock.

Lingerie Does Make the Man Ch. 02

fetish lingerielover 2018-07-31

When the game got over and it was getting late, so I thought I would stick my head in the door and tell my wife that I was going to bed. She started to ask me to get off, but I reminded her that I was in charge and she was going to have to feel how wet she got me when she squirted. Now you know what your pussy feels like after I have cum inside of you when you are all wet from squirting everywhere, I told her. We finally got to bed around 2 a.m., and before I fell asleep my wife leaned over gave me a good night kiss and told me I could dress in lingerie more often if we could have nights like we did tonight.

Lingerie Does Make the Man

fetish lingerielover 2018-07-23

As the women were leaving the house, my wife turned around and said to me that I better not change clothes or masturbate while they went back to work, otherwise I would have hell to pay. "Looks like he has been a good little sissy" said my wife "look at that tent he has in his gown and since it takes him at least 8 hours to get hard again, I know he didn't masturbate and he is still wearing the same clothes." I don't know how long Stacy went at it but my ass was on fire and I wanted to cum so bad that she must have hit the right spot because cum started going all over my stomach and my chest.

Mother in Law's Suitcase Ch. 07

fetish sethwaite 2018-07-12

I moved my hand away leaving Ann's resting on my hard shaft, she didn't pull her hand away, instead I felt her pressing her palm onto my cock. It was heaven, here I was lying back in a chair with my big titted mother in law kneeling between my legs, her tits exposed to me in a sheer see through bra and her old hand resting on my hard shaft. With our hands joined I took the lead and moved them to my cock letting Ann's hand come to rest on the shaft. I couldn't help myself as I let out a noise of joy as my mother in law held my cock in her hand, her eyes continued to lock on to the shaft and head. "Fuck yes Ann, wank my cock my sexy mother in law."

BBW in Office

fetish goldcloak 2018-06-22

Her suit jacket was on, and her white blouse was open slightly exposing her cleavage, allowing me to see part of a jet black brassiere. She made no move to stop me and so after a few minutes I pulled her collar away and touched her bare skin and felt the silky lace of her black bra on her shoulder. It didn't take me long to take her up on her invitation as I got behind her hike her skirt up grab onto her hips and began thrusting my cock into her pussy. We had been going at for quite some time, her moaning loudly and me not believing that I was fucking this woman in my office When I felt closer to cumming.

Mother in Law's Suitcase Ch. 04

fetish sethwaite 2018-05-30

My cock twitched at Ann's voice and I was picturing her in her new tight blouse and how it would stretch across her tits, that vision had me laying back in my chair with my eyes closed hanging on every word. I started to relax a little and began to enjoy the sensation of Sarah's warm hand feeling the head of my cock and then turned my thoughts back to Ann and our conversation. I looked into Sarah's eyes while she stroked and then said to Ann "I bet they would Ann, in fact why not slip the bra on and send me a picture on my phone and I can confirm it." "Sarah said it looked nice" replied Ann.

A Misunderstanding Ch. 01

fetish undiecontrol 2018-05-27

On entering the bedroom, Emma had been sitting on the bed, firmly wrapped in a bathrobe, holding a pair of her black satin thong panties that she had taken from her lingerie drawer. Simon tried to do his best to use his corner time to work out how to make amends with Emma but he didn't find facing a blank wall to be conducive to developing a plan. His face turned a shade of scarlet as he repeated her words, "Yes, Emma, I have worn your black thong." So for the third time that morning, Simon found himself standing very close to a blank wall for thirty minutes of sheer boredom. His thoughts were disturbed as Emma said, "Time to start again, Simon.

A Misunderstanding Ch. 03

fetish undiecontrol 2018-05-10

He spent so long browsing in the lingerie section of the first store, trying to pluck up courage to select the items he needed, that he was approached by an assistant who asked if she could help. But it's my girlfriend's birthday next week so I buying her some sexy lingerie." He delved into his basket and pulled out a lacy red bra with a matching thong and suspender belt. Quickly, Simon put three T-shirt bras of the right type into his basket before moving on to the camisole section, all the time keeping an eye open for anyone he knew and particularly James. Wasting no time, he hurried to a check-out desk, choosing one staffed by a more mature woman who, he thought, was less likely to ask him questions.

A Misunderstanding Ch. 04

fetish undiecontrol 2018-05-09

Anyway, Sarah already knew that you liked to wear female clothing, darling," explained Emma. Sarah will just do some discreet spot checks a couple of times a day to make sure you are dressed as required. Next, I want you to get dressed so we can see what you look like - panties, bra, camisole and tights. However, he got there eventually and stood in front of Emma wearing his pink panties, black pantyhose, white bra and white camisole. "You will change your underwear, including your camisoles and tights, daily but your pantyliners three times a day - when you put your clean panties on in the morning, at 4 PM every afternoon and at bedtime - keep the used liners for me to inspect.

Scarf Collectors Ch. 01

fetish oggbashan 2018-05-08

She was tall, elegant, with long straight blonde hair held in a ponytail with a silk scarf. What do you do, Jonas - apart from collect silk scarves?" "I think I'd like an Indian meal as long as we eat early in the evening before the crowds arrive." A meal in an Indian restaurant could be eaten dressed any way you wanted from jeans and a T-shirt to full evening dress. "Nearly done, Jonas." Cecilia said as her hands stroked my body through the silk. "I was teasing you, Jonas." she said "I wanted you to feel that I and my silk scarves had you at our mercy.

Teacher Needs a Lesson Ch. 02

fetish Emmcee20 2018-04-29

"I think we need to have a little chat Mark," she said as she pulled out the chair next to mine and sat facing me, that cleavage jumping out of the undone buttons of her blouse. I tried to pull back so that I could spray on her tits but her teeth nearly tore me in half as she latched and sucked onto the rim of my cock head and sure enough I exploded. She pulled back and looked me in the eyes and brought out her cum soaked hand from under her skirt and grasped my cock and carefully put it back into her panties.

Mother in Law's Suitcase Ch. 01

fetish sethwaite 2018-04-21

I sat in the living room and heard the car pull onto the drive, Sarah was back from picking up her mother Ann who was coming to stay for a few days. Walking back into the dining room I handed a glass of wine to Sarah and another to Ann, being careful to make sure that Ann received the glass that my cock had rubbed against. Sitting down I watched as they both lifted their glasses to taste the wine, smiling to myself as Ann's lips reached the rim of her glass, touching the very same piece of glass that had felt my cock only minutes before.

For the Love of Cute Panties

fetish genderbending 2018-04-18

"You stiffen up at the thought of being Sarah, don't you?" he said, tossing the black padded bra on my cock. I remember gulping at the sight of a cute blonde taking it up her ass as I cummed in Daniela's panties. 60 and over, skinny ones with a huge, thick cock, who loved slightly fem guys in cute panties. I felt ready to be pushed on all fours, skirt hiked up, tights down, panties just below my hole, and banged like a slut in heat. I decided on a plain black bra, black miniskirt which enhanced my cute perky ass, a purple crop top, black opaque tights..and colourful girlboxers. Soon my mouth was filled with cock and John's strong thrushes was making my head bob like never before.

Being Good in the Bedroom

fetish MsTrina 2018-04-15

Right from the moment he espied Jenny's pile of garments on the bed, he figured that should he get a clear hour to himself, he could have a good rummage, a feel, and perhaps try on a few items. So he let the suspenders dangle, and completed the ensemble with a generously-cut bottle-green bra, which again was well short of the size needed to span his chest, so he chose to let it hang from his shoulders while he caressed his man-breasts through the delectably soft satin. Rod didn't need to be asked twice, and as they kissed, Jenny felt like a tiny silk doll in his powerful arms.

The Maid

fetish sisifo 2018-04-10

I chose the urinal beside the door and decided to take a closer look at the woman - who, meanwhile, resumed her cleaning task - through the open door, while getting ready to pee. Watching my cum splashed all over the floor she'd just clean, she threw me a disgusting look, while giving a rant about the patience she needed to put up with all the freaks (and they should be many, judging by her expression) which rode by the place, choosing her as pretext and goal for their dirty fantasies. Without saying a word, she turned away and headed for the bathroom door, closing it after hanging on the doorknob an off-duty notice that she took from the cart.

Pimped Out Sissy Bitch

fetish Gemsissy 2018-04-08

Why would she want me when she knew I was a slutty little sissy bitch wearing satin lingerie like a girl? "Sabine let me know you were a bit of a size queen so I thought we'd have some real fun." From my kneeling position, the cock looked huge. "Mmmm, yes, sissy wants her Mommy's cock, doesn't she?" cooed Mrs. Yakota. It felt so glorious to be fucked like the total sissy I was, with such a beautiful, huge cock and by a beautiful, powerful woman. Even though I couldn't get erect, I felt like something was happening with my cock and balls. Mrs. Yakota was working herself up good and fast, moaning and babbling about being Mommy and fucking her sissy girl with her huge cock.

Alone with a Sissy

fetish JRussell 2018-03-25

He would think of her when he pulled her panties up to his hips and snapped into place the bras that had held his mother-in-law's old saggy breasts that nevertheless formed much of his fantasy about fucking the happy old woman. His first choice was the old favorite black 38C front-close bra that his man breasts filled perfectly, the garter belt and black stockings, his mother-in-law's smooth black underpants and those tight but pretty shoes. Just for the hell of it he looked at his Craigslist email one more time and wouldn't you know it, two men had answered his posting about wanting quick sex that night.