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Unexpected Afterglow

fetish mistyfdfa 2018-12-04

The middle-aged woman who came to seat them gave Shaiana a look that was somewhere between fear and contempt before asking if they only needed a table for two. Shaiana had to spread her knees to fit under the table, and even then the edge was pressing into her thighs, but it felt nice to be sitting down. "Let's start with that I like the idea of you ordering food for me in general, so don't feel bad about doing so." With each item and each adjustment he made in her name, Shaiana could feel her body throbbing like it had when she first started growing. The second plate being placed half on and half off her left areolae made her whole body clench as an unexpected orgasm rushed out from between her legs.

Switch Hitting

fetish mistyfdfa 2018-12-01

As his skin brushed hers there were more tiny shocks and he began to feel like he had been in the sun all day. After what felt like a lifetime, the jean material split right along the outer seams as her hips widened against his arms and her thighs thickened against his crotch. She pinned his atrophied arms under calves that were like velvet vice grips and pressed down on his chest with hands bigger than his barely there pectorals. With his legs pressed together, it certainly felt like his balls had grown and despite everything, his shorts had not gotten any looser. Craig was indeed considerably larger, his twitching cock about the same thickness as a baseball bat and about as long as his arm.

Milk Makes a Body Grow

fetish mistyfdfa 2018-11-15

Zynn wasn't sure what to expect, but, sure enough, the level of the milk went down and the phallus began to expand. The extraordinarily busty goblin gripped the milk-slick shaft with plump calves and thighs as she lowered herself towards the tip. Somehow, her body seemed to rearrange to accommodate the intrusion and in what felt like no time at all, her knees were on the floor and the entire three foot dong was inside her as she leaned against her nook. In the time it had taken to take stock of her new body, the pleasing feeling of being full had faded and a considerably smaller toy fell between her feet with a wet splat.

Combination Sale

fetish mistyfdfa 2018-11-09

She had come down a little bit but, it was starting to seem like her being ten feet tall and hyper muscled was going to be the new norm. The woman's animal legs made her shift back and forth as she walked, causing her ample busts to wobble and sway in a way Claudette was unable to stop watching. Tiffany gasped and stepped forward to stop her, but Claudette's tail moved quickly to hold her in place. It was not until the smell of cum washed over Claudette that she realized Tiffany had grown quite a lot of boob and an equine hard-on that would likely still stuff her ass full. "Now for the surprise," Tiffany said as two feet of horse cock steadily entered Claudette.

Demoness Costume

fetish mistyfdfa 2018-11-07

Until now, the layer of paint had felt more like a gauzy outfit than a second skin. Sitting at her mirror, she began to paint her arm with what she figured the tattoos looked like under Kylbyi's outfit. With the intricate lines finished, her arms itched as scales began to grow in, forming navy blue gauntlets up to her elbow. Her new prehensile appendage joined in to the painting session, scooping up the blue liquid and tracing lines over her face as her fingers began to pinch her nipples. It felt like an inch of length was added for every beat of her heart as it stood more and more erect until the glans was smacking into the underside of her tits spreading sticky fluid over her soft flesh.

Becoming Ch. 01

fetish bustygoddess 2018-09-18

"Sure," Audra said half-heartedly, not willing to admit that she thought they'd be a perfect pair, if for no other reason than for the fact that she often felt like Audra 'Tits-On-The-Brain' Mitchell. The face of the heroine melted away and was replaced by Audra's own face, her own small nose and large green eyes, her own soft brown hair cascading over her shoulders and brushing the tops of those two monumentally perfect tits, with their pale creamy skin broken only by two red nipples jutting out like inch-long joysticks begging to be tweaked. A long, high moan ripped from her throat, and her fingers gripped her left nipple so tightly it felt like it might come free of her body.

Bustline: 2048cm... And Counting

fetish Safetystars 2018-06-26

You note that this is already promising to be a better run that last time, as you feel something soft begin to press against your elbow. Her hair tousled around her, mouth lightly open and eyes closed, your girlfriend lies on the bed beneath her magnificent chest as it heaves slightly but rapidly. However, before your hand has finished its ascent, the movement sending ripples across the expanse of titflesh, she breathes in suddenly and you feel her hand begin to work faster beside you. You move your fingers faster and faster, your mind racing in elation and calculation, you're beginning to approach your high score, and her tits are spilling out everywhere, covering most of your arm and a good part of your chest.

Humiliated Milk Maid

fetish Bunny19 2018-04-27

"I wanted you here bright and early because there's a very specific way I like my house to be cleaned, which is also why I always book double appointments for all of my maids." He informed her as the door was slammed shut, hard enough to send vibrations rippling beneath her skin and she accidentally let slip a small gasp of shock. No one was standing in front of her, observing the obscene jiggle of her embarrassingly large milk jugs, spilling out of the dress as her arm moved side to side, spreading the water about and making sure to remove anything remotely looking like a paw print.

Ensnared Succubi

fetish ShadowWolfe 2018-04-10

want these to get bigger?" As she asked, she made her breasts swell up a bit, making Lynx look on stunned and his dick throbbed bigger. He instantly spurt so much cum in Liicha's mouth and her "hunger" started to subside, making her shiver and shake in relief, but opening the door to a very expansive need to finish what she started. Lynx forced Liicha's legs open and pressed the enormous tip of his dick to her small and tight pussy lips. Lynx lifted the leg that she had up and put it over his shoulder, while trying to thrust every bit of his massive dick inside her. Lynx's dick was still hard and thick, its veins pulsing visibly as Liicha kept playing with his balls.

The Milk Maid Ch. 01

fetish shiveringgirl123 2018-03-01

My breasts felt fuller and heavier, I liked to hold them in my hands and feel the weight of them. I massaged my breasts and rubbed my clit, feeling the heat rise inside me, building closer and closer to orgasm until the buzzer sounded and I knew it was time to get out and dry myself. "This time next week your breasts should be so big and heavy that you'll prefer to crawl around on all fours rather than stand." I listened to the doctor's voice, listed to the sexy words like 'udders', 'milk', 'lactating' and 'cow' and felt his firm hands kneed at my flesh.

What's New, Pussycat? Ch. 03

fetish Namazuros 2018-02-28

Lori never took her eyes off me, her face flushed gently as she looked me up and down, then she shook her head. I looked up at Lori in horror, ready to swipe at her, but even as I opened my mouth, Lori was already lightly tapping me on the forehead with her wand, right between my fluffy ears. I growled and hissed up at her, but my furious mewls were muffled into quiet little whimpers, and Lori was already talking to the class, patting me on the back as she did. "Back on earth, kitten?" Lori bent down, smiling sweetly, and gave me a kiss on the forehead, drawing a muffled purr of appreciation from my lips.

What's New, Pussycat?

fetish Namazuros 2018-02-28

And so of course her mind has been shifted appropriately; just cute mewls and purrs from her, at least until someone trains her." She reached down to stroke my head, and although I meant to move away....oooohhh God, her fingers behind my ear...her hands were soft and warm, light but still strong, and as she scratched I felt my hips wiggle, soft meows escaping my lips... Right now Tamara can't really do anything but wiggle underneath me, even if she wants to do something else...though it's a treat, you can also use this to gain control of an unruly catgirl." After a little more light teasing, lowering the ball just in front of my face (I almost got it, I was so close!!), Madison tucked the ball back into her robes.

What's New, Pussycat? Ch. 02

fetish Namazuros 2018-02-20

Dimly, I was aware of the giggles of the class, and I could hear Professor Grey praising Vincent for paying attention to her, but I was too busy staring up at what I wanted, humping the air gently with need...the sight of those amazing balls made my hips quiver with need, and I rubbed my legs together like an anxious grasshopper as I mewled up at Vincent, trying to get his attention, maybe to get him to bend down just a bit... "You're so eager to meow at me, but maybe we can try to find a better use for that tongue, eh pussycat?" He moved his hand away, and there, dangling just inches from my lips, were his full, hanging balls...my eyes widened, and I felt my face flush with heat...my whole body felt awash with fire, and I let out a long sigh of longing, panting with need...

Between the Cushions

fetish bewonderful 2018-02-20

She replaced the couch cushion and sat with the tube in her hands, eyeing the lid — it looked like it just twisted off — and Sarah's retreating form. "Oh my god." Aly couldn't help but moan as her pussy gushed, her breasts pulsed, and the skin over her stomach pulled tight. Aly grabbed what felt like every single bit of her favorite junk food items from the pantry: Oreos, peanut butter, sweet rolls, chocolate cereal, Poptarts, cinnamon bread, chocolate chip cookies. Her belly rumbled, and Aly realized it had listened in more than one way; as she fucked herself with the tube, her belly — once just as taut as Sarah's — seemed to fill, softening into a soft mass of fat and skin and rolls.

Sexy Magical Princess Miharu Ep. 01

fetish Uniracer 2018-02-04

With a wave of his hands, pink sparkles gathered in the air and flew towards Miharu, on whose neck appeared a golden-chained necklace. A moment later, Miharu was floating around in the dimension of cheer, sparkles and rainbow backgrounds, not really knowing nor caring how she got there! As it passed in front of her face, more sparkles trailed behind it, which applied light pink lipstick to the girl's slightly plumped lips, plus just a touch of blush to her cheeks, then caused her glasses to vanish, revealing large, sky-blue eyes with long, fluttery lashes. She grabbed for Cuppy's tiny hands and did a little celebratory dance, dizzying her new mascot, before she let him go, shifting from ecstatic to (mostly) serious in the blink of an eye.

Becoming Ch. 03

fetish bustygoddess 2018-02-04

The small grapefruit size had persisted through the rest of Saturday, though when Audra finally collapsed in a sweaty heap to sleep at nearly four a.m., her reddish areolas had grown from quarters to something just shy of silver dollars, and her rock-hard nipples had swollen to throbbing nubs a fair bit thicker and longer than they had been that morning. The thought was so incredibly erotic that Audra found herself, for about the fifteenth time that day, splayed open on her bed, one hand pinching her swollen nipples and the other driving the thick handle of her hairbrush into her tight pussy. She hadn't measured again this morning, but she was confident from the heavy pressure she felt behind her nipples that if she wasn't already double-D-no-more now, she would be by noon.

Something Strange

fetish The_Ride 2017-12-18

It took all of Jeff's strength to stay faithful to Alex, but Christina didn't make it easy when she showed up to work every day with a shirt that accentuated her enormous GG Cup breasts, or a dress that showed off her 50 inch ass. Normally, this would do nothing to Alex, but since she was getting Jeff's second-hand smoke, she was also getting very high also, and then, the tingly sensation came back. Jeff and pulled Alex in and immediately started to fondle her new boobs with his left hand while lighting up a Joint with the other. Alex's ass had grown so much that she had to squeeze herself through the doorway to show Jeff her new body.

Ensnared Succubi Ch. 02

fetish ShadowWolfe 2017-12-08

Lynx removed his shirt the rest of the way and lifted Liicha's chin up to kiss her deeply, drawing her wet tongue into his mouth and biting down softly, licking the tip until her eyes went teary. Liicha started licking from the base and sucked on Lynx's 30 inch dick, running her tongue over all the veins and little bumps on the head. At the last second, Lynx grabbed Liicha's hips and pulled hard, piercing into her womb and having those tight pussy lips all the way to the base of his beastly dick. When the streams finally stopped, Lynx started fucking her again, thrusting faster from behind and spanking her ass harshly as Liicha moaned and her legs thrashed around loosely beneath her.


fetish sexgundam666 2017-12-08

Ashley clicked on it, and the screen took a second to loud a large picture, and what she saw had her jaw dropping slowly in amazement. Opening a box of the Bovine chemical, she pulled out a syringe and lifted a rack filled with vials of the liquid, each one a milky colour that looked inviting, almost tempting her to drink it, but she knew better, and simply began to fill the syringe. With that in mind she went down to her family's living room, watching whatever was interesting, but even after calming herself down, she failed to notice the words on the box she had opened: Bull-ox.

Mia's Transformation

fetish secretsugar 2017-11-27

In their full glory, Mia felt like her balls were going to burst if she didn't fuck the short brunette soon. The hermaphrodite took note of how wet Allison's fuck hole was, dripping down her legs just like Mia's had been earlier that night. After another five minutes of Mia doing her best to hold back her orgasm, what seemed like gallons of thick white cum exploded from the tip of her cock, deep in Allison's cunt. After briefly resting, Mia got out of bed, took a quick shower in Allison's bathroom, took some clothes from her closet, and left the exhausted slut lying in a pool of cum.

Lolita Livingstone Ch. 01

fetish shiveringgirl123 2017-11-22

Lolita Livingstone opened up a bottle of firewhiskey and pressing it to her lips tilted her head back gently, she closed her eyes as the hot liquid warmed her throat and the heat spread through her body. Most of the time was spent focusing on their new swollen chests but Lolita, feeling adventurous had let her hands wander further over Athena's body, finding her clit and gently rubbing it until Athena's moans got so loud that Lolita had to press her hand over her mouth to keep her quiet as her body shook with pleasure and experienced her first orgasm before slipping off into the sexiest dream she'd ever experienced. Smiling as the memories filtered back to her she became aware of the cool air on her skin, they's slept naked above the covers, goodness knows what the other girls had thought when they'd returned to their beds that night to find Lolita and Athena there.

Sexy Magical Princess Miharu Ep. 03

fetish Uniracer 2017-11-20

Instead, Miharu pulled down the meager strip of cloth keeping her large bust in check, and right in front of Carrie's incredulous eyes, she fondled them much like she did earlier that day, causing them to expand well past the size of her head. And with a wave of the Princess' hand, the air around the dumbfounded Carrie was filled with pink sparkles, and a second later, she was wearing a form-fitting nurse's outfit with a pink heart where the Red Cross symbol should be. Carrie's wake-up kisses could take care of things near-instantly when she managed to pry away from her patient, but Miharu found ways to be more efficient with her slower method, holding two boys to her breasts at a time.

Sexy Magical Princess Miharu Ep. 02

fetish Uniracer 2017-11-03

Startled, Miharu looked up at Carrie, a red-headed girl whose family came from America. Tucked in a corner of the room, between two racks of costumes, was Princess Miharu, silk gloves and panties discarded, fingers furiously going in and out of her moist sex. Princess Miharu was looking for more things to throw at her talking cupcake when she heard the door. Still looking up at the boy with her coy smile, the Princess played with her breasts right under his nose... A little too quickly for the tastes of the Princess, who actually looked surprised when he squirted a generous load right into her face.

Becoming Jack's Milk Cow Pt. 03

fetish Suzanne James 2017-11-03

I tried to reciprocate, attempting to unzip his jeans and release his hard cock to come out to play, but Jack pulled back, saying "let's wait--this time is for you." Our sex life continued to be incredibly hot--most nights we'd turn in early so we'd have more play time without being completely sleep deprived. I loved the days when Jack would keep me in bed all day, feeding me ice cream and other rich treats, teasing my increasingly large nipples, and fucking me in every position we could think of. My breasts had grown almost a cup size, largely from the attention Jack gave them, and my nipples were definitely longer and thicker from his regular and prolonged sucking and teasing.