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Harem Ch. 06

fetish MyCherryTree 2018-01-13

He understood some of Gerig's troubles, the man had been trying to have a son for eight years, likewise Adam had been trying to just get his wife pregnant at all - he was starting to suspect that she might be barren. So when Gerig mentioned his kingdom and his club fully stocked with pregnant women, Adam didn't believe him at first. 20 minutes into their flight his flight attendant Anika had come back to his seat and sat lightly on his lap, her pink pleather mini skirt uniform riding up high enough for him to see her dainty white panties. "Of course Mr. Adam," said the driver with a nod. She was an astoundingly beautiful Swede, over 6' tall, with long black hair, and a beautiful face with big blue wide set eyes and soft petals for lips.

Always a Breast Man

fetish poppyx 2018-01-11

He’d straddled her, placing his thighs either side of her head, and dipped his cock inside her mouth as she lay there in mid moan. Maria had pushed her breasts together as his cock rested between them, the warm flesh surrounding him as he’d started to fuck them. Every now and then she had raised her head a little and opened her mouth, pushing her tongue onto his thrusting cock. He repeated what he’d said, a little louder this time, “Can I try some of your milk, honey? “What, you want to try my breast milk?” Maria, a little shocked, asked. Chris whimpered in protest as Maria eased her nipple from his mouth, a little stream of milk sprayed out and he tried to catch it.

Time for dessert

fetish curvyflirt 2018-01-07

For she was thinking just how desperate she was to feel his rock hard cock naked in the palm of her hand as she slowly stroked his shaft up and down, up and down against her her full and sensitive breasts. He wanted to take her home, kiss her passionately in the car until she was breathless, feeling her luscious body against his hands as they trailed over her hips, her waist, her back. He crushes her against him and the kissing continues, her lips, her cheek, her neck, making his way to the breasts that have been distracting him all night, and that he has been wondering about half his life.

Karen Babysits for a Man Her Age Ch. 03

fetish cynthiablaine7 2018-01-02

Claire did not hesitate to take the younger woman in her arms for a warm hug and she ran her hands then down Karen's sides and cupped them below her bottom cheeks as she helped her up onto the commodious bed. Karen daringly ran her finger over Claire's large protruding labia right down through her legs and the hair there to dab at Claire's puckered little anal rosette. Being treated as a younger person appealed to the soft side of the highly assertive Claire, who giggled like a schoolgirl and said, "I will, yes, if you decide to let me, mommy." When Claire finished enjoying her cum, Karen again probed the dark puckered anal opening with her index finger and again felt the imminent need Claire was having to sit on the toilet soon.

A Great Reason to Have a s****r!!! (Part 2)

fetish tcg 2018-01-01

Just the right size, and look, it even curves just like a guy with a hard-on!" She swayed a little on the way to the couch; they were both quite tipsy from the wine by now. "The next time we go out, you're going to get a big surprise..." She took the banana and held it in her hands between Jamie's legs, curving upward like a stiff erection, just inches from the real hard-on that was hiding in his pants. Jamie's eyes were glued below her waist, as she executed little turning steps in time to her humming, giving him a view from all sides of her sheer black panties, stretched tight across her rear and clinging revealingly to her crotch.

The Operative FIle 01: An Easy Case

fetish SizeQueenSupreme 2017-12-29

"Good Evening my stud Agent captive." I said into the mic of my little booth. One of my subjects said that hearing it was like having a pair of soaked silken panties wrapped around his dick. "why were you in the compound HQ?" I asked again, this time letting my azure eyes deliberately crawl over him. "What was it you were here to take?" I asked, prancing forward a few steps, black fuck-me pumps causing a massive bounce with each pace. "You sure?" I asked, leaning low and breathing the two words slowly on his dick with a hot sultry cinnamon breath. Who knows how many years of agent training had just crumbled in ten minutes of my face, lips, breath, and JJ cups.

Mature Bliss Ch. 01

fetish MarcusWoolf 2017-12-12

In the breakfast room she looked as if she had just risen from bed in a black, oversized, fuzzy knitted morning coat of the wrap-around kind – only held together at the waist with a matching belt - and added to that black high-heeled "fuck me" slippers and black fishnet stockings. And a couple of times when she reached for her coffee, her morning coat fell sufficiently open for me to get a glimpse of her naked breast and a brown, jutting nipple. As I studied the pictures of ripe and sexy mature women displaying their wares and having sex with men young enough to be their sons, I must admit that my thoughts frequently returned to the owner of the magazine.

Harem Ch. 03

fetish MyCherryTree 2017-12-12

"I heard that Gerig was going to wife her," said Isla, soaking in the tub - her buoyant breasts floating atop the bubbles. "Are you hungry dear?" she said, looking over her shoulder as she leaned into the fridge, Jelena could see her large brown belly peeking between her legs. He pushed Jelena's belly up and out of the way and rubbed his cock on the lips of her pussy like the first time they had fucked, and then plunged in. Sani brought two babies over, Jelena held them to her breasts, and they latched instantly. "Our baby girls were taken away immediately without us having a chance to milk, I guess Gerig wanted you to have a few minutes with them.

Jess & Lucy

fetish alex_wd 2017-12-06

Under her short skirt, Lucy was wearing black stockings, Jess "Mmm," murmured Lucy as Jess kissed her neck and then put one hand on her temptation as Jess bent her head to Lucy's nipple and began to suck on Jess got on her knees beside Lucy's waist, and began to lick her thighs, Jess licked the insides of Lucy's pussy, lapping up the juices oozing from moaned as Lucy began to suck on one of her nipples, and let a hand drift As Lucy sucked on her nipple, Jess fingered Lucy moaned as the big cock fucked her breasts, and reached down to her Sandra went into one of her bags and pulled out Jess' dad's belt.

pregnant and lusting

fetish vinney 2017-12-06

His hands went to her blouse and undid the buttons, pushing it apart and pulling her tits over the top of her bra - he started to suckle her whilst finger-fucking her. Candy had chosen not to breastfeed her baby so Keith suckled on her tits and drank her milk instead - draining both breasts three times a day - breakfast, lunch and tea he called it! Candy thrived with all his attention - her breasts just got bigger with all the milk she was making and due to all the fucking, predictably, within weeks she was pregnant again - Keith loved it. This meant that they were now fucking at least 6 times a day and sure enough, when the new baby was just 8 weeks old - Candy found out she was pregnant again.

The Milk of Human Kindness Ch. 01

fetish Emmcee20 2017-12-06

He told me his fantasy of wanting to be able to suck milk from my tits and, when I looked into it, that's when I heard of your company. Slowly I moved closer and my lips surrounded your nipple and grazed against the bumps of your areola and I snaked out my tongue to wet the surface so that a good contact and suction could be created. I stayed in close contact and suckled harder, drawing the nipple deep into my mouth with a steady sucking pressure. The perfectly rounded breast with the pert nipple in its centre that I had seen in your profile picture that you had given the boss at your interview, was now a cone shaped reddened point with an areola that had doubled in size during the sucking session.

Hell Hath No Fury: an Eclipse Vignette

fetish damilklover 2017-12-06

Her breasts look so big, so soft beneath her tight, purple sweater. Looking down at him, and he up at her, she inhales a deep breath and draws back her shoulders, showing him her big, lovely breasts. Hmm?" She asks mischievously, swaying her big breasts slightly before his eyes, so close to his delicate little face. I want to crush your little body with my big, soft breasts." Rather, she feels him stir underneath her weight and, incredibly - as if in fealty - start to lick, to kiss, to suck at the skin of her huge breast. "Here, sweetie, let's have a look at you," she purrs as she raises herself up slowly, her nipple slipping from his distended mouth.

The Collegiate Milkmaid Ch. 07

fetish ZotDragon 2017-12-05

Little beads of thin white milk formed on her nipple and Helen watched as the coalesced and then started sliding down the long slope of Kelly's breast. Taking a breath, Helen grasped the sides of Kelly's panties and pulled them off her hips, exposing her wet pussy. Sucking, nibbling, licking, teasing; it didn't take Helen long to be rewarded with a gush of Kelly's girl juice as the other woman came with a stifled scream into her pillow. But to start having sex with another woman, to have a threesome in the bed she shared with Simon, to let another woman suckle at her breasts along with Simon...while it all felt so good and wonderful, it was more than just a little weird now.

My Friend Pat's Grandmother (Cont'd)

fetish Croozer 2017-12-02

She put my hand onto my penis, and said, "You may play with yourself while you do this," I began to masturbate as she watched me, and soon got to the edge and stopped. "Come on, man," Pat said, "Let's do something." Margaret intervened saying, "I want him to rest for tow more hours until noon, then he's all yours." As they turned to leave, she turned to me and smiled.


fetish Mediastar 2017-12-02

I'd delight at you playing with it, slapping things with it, feeling its weight and bulk, constantly jerking it to test your technique, fascinated by that delicious moment when the electricity travels from your prostrate and fizzes up through the shaft, both your balls and your eyes seem to disappear back into your body; then there is that agonizing moment as the head of your cock bulges with the pressure of unexploded cum before that sweet release and jettison, like breathing again after being under water for too long. I'd pull back our foreskins, rubbing the purple heads against each other, mixing our pre cum together and feeling that electric surge each time we touched each other just below the crown on the underside – almost painful yet totally addictive, like putting your tongue on a live battery.

Gamma Lambda Kappa Ep. 07

fetish RedHatter76 2017-12-01

It reached the point where I would start unbuttoning or lifting my shirt when the game was clearly drawing to a close, and Heather would turn and come up to me with a flushed face, immediately wrapping her arms around my abdomen and clamping her eager lips onto my nipple. "That is usually how it works, but not this time apparently." I had slight suspicions even as she came up to me from what had probably been a long class session, but when her I-want-milk look fully emerged while she nodded, I took her hand. Meanwhile, Vicky was apparently blessed to have either easy classes or unusually efficient and effortless study skills, because I don't know how else she would've had the time to basically be Melanie's errand girl during those couple of nearly day-long cramming session.

Seducing My Daughter in Law

fetish Tommie_tomm2 2017-11-29

I pulled even harder on my cock, stroking my hard shaft up and down, while I inserted my daughter in law’s vibrating penis into my mouth, running my tongue up and down its length, trying to taste her love juices. My massaging hands continued to slide up and down her back, caressing her shoulders, rubbing the tension out of her neck, touching her ears, swirling back down her back to her waistband of her tight, sexy shorts. I closed my eyes as the intense feelings of my daughter in law’s wet tongue and warm mouth engulfed my cock, moving slowly up and then down the length of it.

Baby Sitters Secret

fetish drew1207 2017-11-28

So I sat beside Jenny on the couch and listened attentively as she told me the story of her life, how she had come into this world as a boy but quickly realized that had been meant to live as a girl all along. Her hand came to rest right on the bulging mass inside my pants, already rock hard from the feel of Jenny's body and the kiss we had shared. At first, I thought she was going to give me a blowjob right then but, like I said, Jenny was a natural tease. I opened the door and stepped into the bedroom to see my eighteen year old babysitter lying on her side, elbow cocked, head resting in her hand as she faced me.

Ultra-Mint Lip Gloss

fetish picturepainter1 2017-11-28

But today, as a surprise Sally had planned to wear some ultra mint lip-gloss for the sucking which she knew would make John’s cock tingle so beautifully and make him cum even harder. As she did she felt the rough hands of the security guard mauling at her breasts and she moaned gently as she opened her red lips before closing them over the man’s thick cock. The guard pushed deeper as Sally felt her breasts being mauled this time by the older man who was clearly enjoying himself as he touched and caressed the teenagers fat melons. Releasing the cock and leaning back Sally lifted her breasts as an offer to the men and they started to wank furiously before shooting in long strings of cum splattering her far and fat breasts.


fetish wastedaway 2017-11-28

You take another sip of beer, and lean towards me and push one strap down over my shoulder and then pull the top edge of my dress down below my left breast. You touch my still exposed breasts, and say with a smile at me "I think you would enjoy yourself more without any underwear on, why don't you take them off?" I pull up my top, and get up to go to the ladies room, and you put a hand on my arm and say "no, Alice, take them off here. My eyes flicker close, but I immediately open them, afraid of what looks are crossing my face, and trying to hide the sensations I am feeling from the pen, from you touches, from having you inside of me.

Adult nursing - sharing the milk with friends

fetish 2017-11-24

He said, loudly, “relax – you’ll get used to it, If you weren’t pregnant I’d be fucking you in the ass girl and that really would hurt!” To which Mark laughingly replied “next time b*o, next time!” Gary then started to move in and out, gently – presumably because of my condition – all the while holding onto my swollen belly. When I mentioned to Mark that night that I thought the baby was close, he decided that he wanted Gary to fuck me one more time wilst still heavily pregnant and knew the next day might be too late.

A late night massage. (Part 1)

fetish magichands1971 2017-11-22

I continued the massage, working her chest, arms, and then to her feet, but the room was so dark, I kept fumbling around. All of the sessions were very similar, I'd massage her upper body, head, arms, upper chest and legs and feet, however we talked a little more each time. Stef told me that she'd been on business trips out of state but was looking forward to another relaxing massage as she hadn't had a decent massage nor good nights rest since the last time I worked on her. No underwear this time, so without asking, I slid the sheet off of her, and slowly dragged my finger nails around her feet around her ankle, up the calves back and forth through the quads just millimeters away from her pussy.

Nourishing My Nieces

fetish RedHatter76 2017-11-22

Perhaps due to her mammaries getting plenty of use during her college years, Dina has always had plenty of milk to go around, so in addition to keeping Monnie and Ronnie well-fed, she also helped Mom feed me throughout my infancy and toddlerhood. The fact that she continued to let her own daughters suckle well beyond that age is probably what instilled a certain curiosity within me, and it eventually culminated in me inducing myself to lactate as a sort of experiment during my junior year of high school, and by now, Monnie and Ronnie have come to rely just as much if not more on me for milk than they do on Dina.


fetish 2017-11-19

"You need a master," he smiled, pulling away after the long and "Tell him to stop this!," Gina said, indignant now and starting hand, squeezing and rubbing them roughly, an act which made Gina weak Gina was perfectly willing to play this little game if it got her He told Gina to unzip his pants but when she reached for the zipper he pushed her hands cunt," he said and grasping Gina's hair he f***ed his prick between "I need your prick in me," she said, adding the word "Master" to if Ben wants to use you, he is quite welcome." Gina could only stare "I want you to fuck me, master, fuck my cunt." Gina was slightly