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Impregnation Pt. 02

fetish first2learn 2018-04-17

Rachael, licking the head of his penis, "are you sure you don't want to breed me and put more babies in my belly?" Cum in my fertile pussy, put your babies in me!" She could feel his hot semen spraying inside her, filling her again. His giant balls filled with baby batter and his cock oozing, looking for another pussy to fill. Rachael and Susan kept a steady supply of women that wanted to be bred by a real stud with a massive cock that had such fertile sperm there was no way they wouldn't be knocked up. Susan's belly was huge and her breasts fattened, filling with milk as her body prepared itself to feed her brood.

Family Planning

fetish msound1 2018-04-13

I couldn't help but wonder what it was like, feeling your baby kicking it's way to life inside you. If you don't, you're gonna feel my cock exploding inside you, filling you up with cum," he murmured. "Think about that cute little belly of yours swelling up as our baby grows inside you," he said earnestly, his strokes turning hard and deliberate. I couldn't help but remember what it was like, feeling your baby kicking it's way to life inside you. I didn't think I would feel this way, but now that she's inside me, I couldn't imagine life without her," I said thoughtfully, stroking the taught skin on my stomach.

Picking the Right Rebound

fetish tittany 2018-02-14

Four long and lonely months later, I finally realised that he was having way too much of an affect on me, and I needed a rebound. That was way non-sensible.' I said, putting my hand on his and inspecting my now empty martini glass. He took the hint and minutes later I had another martini. Stu's rough hands fondled my outer lips then slid up and down my valley a few times. He certainly wasn't worth wasting time on, so I simply shrugged and headed back to the street. Half an hour later I was settled at the second bar of the night with a fresh cherry martini. It's now eight months since that night, and I decided to visit Rob's company today.

A Date with Daddy

fetish MischievousMissi 2018-02-07

He looks down at me and takes both of my hands and places them on his growing cock in his pants, "Take it out baby girl, it's time for me to fuck your dirty little cunt." He grabs my hips and begins thrusting even harder, Daddy gets close to my ear and says, "I'm gonna cum in you baby girl, I'm going to dump my seed deep in your tight pussy. Daddy pulls his cock out of my aching pussy, now filled with his cum, and hands me my thong from his pants pocket as he pulls up his boxers and pants, "Put these on babygirl, I don't want that seed being wasted and falling out."

Impregnation Pt. 01

fetish first2learn 2018-01-07

I've never had a dick that big and I wanted to feel it in my tight pussy" she said as she slid her huge 8.5 month pregnant belly into the chair across from Susan. But don't come in me, I'm ovulating and I don't want to get pregnant." He smiled and started to slide his 12" dick into her waiting pussy. Don't stop give me more, I want more!" Her vagina stretched as he slid his pulsing cock deeper into her, she thought he was going to split her in half. Finally, his dick was all the way in her pulsing pussy and he started pumping.