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Prince Charming

fetish Rupert 2018-11-06

I then scoop the puff either side of my drenched testicles and with my left hand I flatter my dandy cock, dealing out flushes of clumped white bubbles to the tumbling water below as they evacuate through the plug holes, as if on the run from some recently committed grime. Naomi asked me if I wanted the standard service for a client, which was full body massage and hand-relief, or, because I was her partner, did I want a little extra? Scanning about the room, I noticed an air vent in the ceiling and wondered if anyone had bothered hooking up a camera inside it, and then I thought about the mirror being two-way and behind it, a couch where voyeurs could pay to watch prostitutes servicing clients.

Ashley's Confessions Ch. 03

fetish Marie89 2018-08-09

I sucked him but before he could cum he pulled me up and took me to his bedroom where he closed and locked the door and put a gag on my mouth to muffle my cries and began to fuck me from behind. He fucked my body relentlessly, he grunted into my ear that he was going to sell this pussy tonight for a good price. My arms were tied behind my back and they set me face down onto the bed, a cock began to push into my pussy and I was pressed to the mattress by a heavy body fucking me. I struggled to reach him, my legs flailed until another set of hands roughly held them apart and began to slap my pussy.

Catholic Schoolgirl

fetish Boxlicker101 2017-11-23

Most of Rick's weight was on his knees and, while keeping his cock buried to the hilt in Mary's ass, he straightened up somewhat, pulling on her hips while she pushed against the arm of the sofa. He stayed in place while Mary reached over the arm of the sofa and tugged against it, pulling her ass most of the way from around the cock that felt so wonderful inside her. Rick quickly got more active, thrusting forward to match her pace as his cock was enveloped over and over by Mary's tight, succulent ass and stroking her adorable clit at the same tempo. After her orgasm, Mary relaxed completely, sagging toward the arm of the sofa, but Rick kept her upright while continuing to ram his cock in and out of her ass.

dark desires at the brothel

fetish camay1997 2017-10-10

I shove my fingers in her mouth and fish hook it wide open and give her several quick hard thrusts for acoustic effect. I'm thinking how much i want to shove my tongue in her ass and I like it so much I fill the condom with my spunk. with out hesitation i expressed my one true desire, "i wanna shove my tongue up your ass!" She stands and takes the panties off, but I command her to keep everything else on and stand over my face. I washed her hair, she gave me a sensual hand job and fingers my anus with various oils and creams that heated and cooled my dick.