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Erin and the Wonder Bra

fetish kimberlykitten 2018-12-04

Erin began feeling her massive J cups through her large tee shirt and started to remember about complaining to Samantha about how her breasts seemed to have gotten bigger. Samantha blew a huge load of cum inside her boyfriend's tight ass as Erin started flooding his mouth with her sweet cunt juice. All of a sudden, Erin's body started trembling and her breasts were shaking massively inside her wonder bra like a huge earthquake was just attacking them. Erin was sucking the bus driver's fat cock like a mad woman, swallowing his entire shaft and using her tongue to work over his mushroom head. Ohhhhhhh God!" moaned Erin as her pussy juices were leaking down her thighs, and the bus driver started sucking both her giant nipples at the same time.

Public Transport

fetish MsWriter26 2017-10-15

Camelia scarcely behaved this way, but fucking a sexy loser on a public bus after a disastrous day could well brighten up her day. As if reading her thoughts, Mr. Chatty grabbed Camelia and walked her to the back of the bus, where he bent her over, removed her pink lace La Perla thong and massaged her crevice using two fingers. Spoiled rich girls like you just want a real man to take charge and fuck ‘em senseless. Camelia wanted to tell him that she was neither rich nor spoiled, but his fingers probing into her swollen sex had made her speechless with shock and ecstatic with desire.