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Steph's Descent Ch. 5

fetish fitzythemartian 2018-06-19

Meanwhile Fitz decided that Steph needed to meet some of his friends in the tattooing community. When she wasn’t seeing Fitz or his brother, Steph was spending time with Amanda. Steph especially liked kissing and licking Amanda there. Steph listened enraptured as Amanda described the beautiful pain of having needles pierced through her areolae and nipples. After the two women made love again they decided to introduce Phil to Amanda and his cock cage. Steph and Amanda went shopping for Phil. Steph found Fitz straight away, kissed him hungrily, and looked around. I fucked some huge cocks tonight and if you think I’m going to go back to your pathetic dicklet you’ve got another thing coming.

Proud owner of a tiny penis

fetish woreout 2018-06-15

It was very exciting to me to have her describe how she had been fucked while I was sliding my small thin hard on in and out of her wet loosened hole. In time it had become the norm for me to come home on Friday after work to a freshly fucked wife. Some days she will have me clean her as soon as I get home and other times she will put on a pair of nylon panties to hold the cum inside her and we will go out to eat and a movie. I never knew that she had been having anal sex with her friends untill one evening while I was slurping up her pussy I noticed a small amount of cum leaking from her ass hole.

Cuckold , a real life lesson

fetish woreout 2018-06-08

My wife noitced me looking at their legs and told me before we get started talking you had better go get the chastity cage she had laid out on her dresser. I did as I was told and my wife said I knew you where beganing to get hard from looking g at our legs. Not being a bit shy Beth took hold of my caged cock and snapped the lock closed. My wife told her that if she wanted to cuckold Walt she needed to learn to dress the part. My wife told Beth that Billy should be over soon and if she wanted to stay she could watch them fuck.

Steph's Descent Ch.08

fetish fitzythemartian 2018-06-02

Phil had no idea what was in store for him when Steph took him, fully sissified, to Fitz’s tattoo parlour. Fitz had thought it a great idea and took delight in doing the tattoos. Steph and Amanda took Phil home. Later that day Steph called Fitz and Steve to come over. She loved the pain of the needles, but Amanda took every opportunity to play with her too. Steph’s life now consisted of visiting Fitz at the tattoo parlour each day to get her dragon coloured in, followed by steamy sex with one or all of her new big-cocked boyfriends. He took great delight playing with Phil, telling him he looked really pretty with his tattooed lingerie and make up.

Appointment By Card Only. part four

fetish midsummerman 2018-05-17

Bruce's cock bulged in the tight plastic cage as she took his leash and led him to the stool and had him kneel close to its rear; his balls tingled as he watched her lift her black skirt then sit slowly, spreading her magnificent cheeks across the small padded seat as she sat. 'I will pay you any price when she is ready, I must have her as part of my collection; please let me see her in private, I promise I will not make her anxious.' The other males who were there, peeping through the lattice, on their way to the function that Ruth had mentioned to Bruce and treated to a tour prior to it, stood with their cocks bulging at the array of submissive females in various costume; several of them leaned toward being dominated by stronger women themselves, but all who witnessed this particular lounge could not help but be aroused by the show of feminine beauty there.

My bitch

fetish his1mrs 2018-04-27

She commands he lap her pussy once more then to work his fist in her .he takes his time working his fist in her pussy using only his spit for lube it hurts yet feels soooo good she thinks but doesn't dare tell him. She puts it on walking back to his ass and sticks strapon into gaping hole as far as it would go thrusting a few times She begins to fuck his face. He nods.As he jacks his own dick she tells him he inadequate and not allowed to fuck her she laughs that he's pleasing himself she likes at him the walks behind him and kicks him to where here toes smack his balls she likes the way they slap against her feet and repeats the patting with her foot while he jacks his own big cock.

The Other Zoo

fetish 2018-03-27

The dream starts out in a zoo. I realize the glass cage is sound proof as people start staring in at me and moving their mouths. The voice instructs me to always smile back and to begin fingering myself and massaging my tits. I am told to sit down in the cage and finger my clit. I begin to feel a small bit of pleasure as I stroke my own pussy and clit. They want to hear you sound like the a****l you are. Take your hand out of your pussy and smear your gooey, thick, wet cum on the glass for them to see and lick if they please." "If you are a good a****l, one of these men may want to buy you for their own zoo.

Working with Trista Ch. 05

fetish ChastityLatexSlave 2018-03-14

Having all my hair removed professionally, wearing only a thong at the pool, being allowed to wear only spandex when working out, wearing lingerie almost exclusively the past couple of days, being spanked repeatedly, being f***ed to try on and purchase high stiletto heels, watching as Trista had sex with Jake, tasting a drop of cum, taking a dildo up my ass, and maybe most importantly of all, having my cock locked in a cage to which only Trista had a key. Trista then said, "Well it's high time you start." With that, Alana lifted my head up and in front of me was Jake's hard cock.

Back in the cage

fetish redunder 2017-12-27

Yesterday my lovely key holder dropped by to do a unannounced inspection of my manhood, securely encased in a chastity cage. As I saw my wife walk into the room, I also saw and heard my key holder close and lock the dog cage door. Then I watched as my key holder sat on the edge of the bed and said out loud to my wife, “now where were we” And shortly after breakfast I hear I’ll assume the position on the fucking bench where my wife and my key holder will both take turns fucking my mouth and my ass.

The Landlady's New Pet-Part Seven

fetish midsummerman 2017-12-17

“I can adjust this to the required length, when I’ve finished with you comforting me, I shall draw it tight, you’ll sl**p with you face close to the bottom of your mistress; you will take in the scent of the woman who owns you, even as you sl**p.” She then embraced me and our lips met; my arse clenched at the plug and my cock bulged in its cage; this new soft pleasure toyed with my emotions, I was not sure how to feel, but enjoyed her warm affection; Elaine intended to own me completely. My emotions were mixed as the two dominant women took control of me, I dare not protest and my cock bulged in the cage at the feel of the soft panties; my arse tingled as I saw the obvious enjoyment the two women got in humiliating me.

my life in chastity continues (a true story)

fetish redunder 2017-12-14

But now, with me in chastity, I see her sexual wants, needs and desires increase from two times a week to sometimes two times a day. Not only have I found out some of the things this little itty bitty cage can do to this male but we have attended events and my wife has turned me over to little women. Not that I did not want to but with the chastity cage locked on my cock and balls. While I was on my hands and knees, she slipped the metal chain, hanging from my dog collar and pulled the chain through the top of the cage openings. My wife has a couple men dropping by later to do the things she wanted me to do last night but I could not.

Sperm Slave to Any Mistress

fetish KCUM 2017-12-05

Also her other hand now firmly gripped the chain that was attached to the fastening on my chastity cage and with a sharp tug she reminded me of the power that gave her. That is to say, apart from the chastity device which enclosed my cock in its hard shell, fastened at the root of my balls and held in place by the gleaming fat gold ring which penetrated my glans. There was another male there already and the girl who was obviously his minder was unfastening his cock cage as I was led in. The other woman was treating the male in her charge with similar conviction, but the two younger girls who had brought us up from our cages were talking disinterestedly over at the back of the room now.

Bitch's World Ch. 04

fetish dominasolo 2017-11-04

Once they reached the doctor's clinic, Frank got Redhead off the truck and led her into the clinic. Frank walked in to find the doctor reading with his legs resting on a brunette whore's back. "Now now, Frank," said the doctor, inspecting Redhead's breasts, "I was just messing with you. Frank left the clinic feeling energetic, ready to go shopping after a long time. On looking closely, Frank saw wrist straps made of leather in the two front corners of the cage. The man walked the whore to the dysfunctional lamp post in the dark corner of the dingy lane, tied the leash to the post and drove away quickly, without another word.

The best deal we ever made [Part 3]

fetish travelerjd 2017-10-04

I want you to do them completely naked!" She giggled as she continued to stroke my cage. All the while Ana would walk around topless and black bikini panties. She began stroking him hard and licked his cock from his balls to the tip. As she took him in, Derek grabbed her hair and held her tight to her body until her pussy could stretch out and fit around his cock. It was so hard, Ana could barely pull it away from my body to kiss the cage marks. Bent over the rocks, I gently placed the tip of my cock into her pussy. Grinding her pussy against me, Ana was coaxing the cum from my balls down the shaft.

DaddyDo’s Sissy Slave

fetish 2017-10-03

Standing up, Master told me to pull my panties down and proceeded to cage my limp cock and lock it in place, taking away what little manhood I had. He came deep inside, his seeds flooded into me as I pushed hard against him, squeezing my cunt lips around his hard cock wanting to suck every last drop of cum from his balls as he slipped out of my wet hole and started to finger fuck me, pressing hard against my inside so I squirmed and bucked uncontrollably for his pleasure until he had finished with me. Sometimes when you’ve unlocked and removed the cage PLEASE allow me to rub my limp girly clit and squirt my sissy juices.

Pony girl

fetish Latexslav3 2017-09-28

Adam still didn’t know why but when her mom had come to get Ashley for dinner she was furious with the girl. Moving around the cage he could see now that her arms were covered in the same furry material as the rest of her body, and that her hands were indeed hidden from view. He wrapped the end of her leash around the fist of his good hand, and slowly began to pull on the girl's collar. For the first time since he entered the room he spoke to his pet "Ashley I love you." Her green eyes went wide, she let out joyful bark, while her tail never stopped happily wagging.

Chastity blog day 5

fetish garyw 2017-09-19

Unfortunately, the material is also thinner and less absorbent and a couple of times I found the rapidly building levels of cum in my balls leaking a little with the feeling of pleasure coming from down below and this was far easier to see than it would have been in jeans. Unluckily, I drove past a hotel where I'd spent a couple of hours with a very sexy Asian TS once and the whole way home I kept thinking about the things we had done that day. Work today was a little bit of everything, so jeans would be OK and I have to say the freedom of not having to worry about the bulge showing too much or of there being too much leaking was a weight off my mind.

Pet Seeking Owner

fetish Justwords 2017-09-14

A good pet owner makes sure their pet is healthy, examined regularly, fed nutritious foods, and receives plenty of love, play, exercise, and discipline. Some pet owners want their pets to remain completely naked and natural at all times, others prefer a latex suit, complete with restrained arms and legs and a full hood. What I wear is completely up to you, but you should consider the convenience of when your pet needs to do her "business" and the hygiene related to the same. Just remember that a good pet owner considers their pet's overall health and needs when making these selections. Should you decide to take your family on a vacation, you will need to hire a pet sitter to care for me.

My new toy, day 4

fetish ray_zhor 2017-07-27

She replies with bad news, "not happy, my car needs to go in the shop today." Damn, that's not good news. If she is not in a good mood then I don't like my chances of getting release from my cage today. Time to hurry home, I need to fuck my key-holder. If I wanted to get that key off her neck, I'll need to make her cum. She continued to ride my strap-on and rub my dick against her clit as she said, "just leave that ring on, your cage is going back on after you cum." She had complete control over me and my penis, but at that moment I was just relieved to be free from my cage and about to cum.

My new toy, day 2 part 2

fetish ray_zhor 2017-07-26

It arouses me but my cage prevents me from becoming erect. I alternate licking each nipple as she closes her eyes and moans her approval. My cock is straining in its cage, trying ever so hard to stand erect. She rhythmically thrusts her hips in time with my tongue licking her lips. I hold her legs in the air while I lick her ass. I pause for a moment to remember her orders: she is the boss, I must do what she wants, when she wants. She gasps and then moans as she grabs my cage and fondles it. Just as my frustration level hits a peak, she moans, "I want to see how long it will take you to get out of your cage.

My new toy, day 3

fetish ray_zhor 2017-07-05

After twenty minutes of twisting and adjusting and a wet spot on the bed from the ice, I finally have my cage on. When I arrive home I give my key holder her dinner and tell her the cage is putting too much pressure on my nuts. You look like a girl peeing.", she giggle, "don't forget to wipe your slit." When I was finished, I did as I was told and wiped off the opening and the end of my cage. When I got to bed I thought after enduring the humiliation of going out for the first time and being laughed at while peeing, my mistress would make up for it with some more great sex. I don't think I can leave my cage on for a full day of work."

My Pussy Eating Fantasy

fetish lyqs2lyq 2017-06-28

Black shoes that looked like they were for someone who stood a lot. Her ass was a little big, but it was round and looked really good in that skirt. "It comes with the job", she reminded me.  Walking over to the couch, she turned to sit and caught me looking at her ass. Her moans get louder, as her hands pull me in tight and she begins grinding against my face.  She tastes amazing and smells even better. I kiss her feet and run my hand along her leg. Putting her hands on my cheeks and looking into my eyes, she smiles. I don't know if I could handle more, but I'll need wine first", she said with a smile.

Cuckold Chastity Roulette - chastity game

fetish madismaximus86 2017-06-26

The way the game is played is that the cage starts out with just white chips and each time I get fucked by one of my black lovers and Hubby cleans me, I put a black chip in the cage,and once a week I spin it, and let him pick out a chip (blindfolded , of course). We started out with 20 white chips, and it only took 3 weeks and me getting fucked 8 times by my blk stud (I only had one then) before he managed to pick out a blk chip and he got his hand job (he came in like 2 min).

I own your Cock Now Cuckold and Pegged

fetish 425olds 2017-06-24

Wendy's tits were bouncing from the impact and her legs were spread around both my cock and a magic wand vibrating her clit – the only way she could climax now unless I went down on her. Once she was satisfied, Wendy said I had also earned some extra time with the cage, before letting me do her dishes while my penis dripped pre-cum down my leg. Two weeks later, I thought I was going out of my mind with sexual frustration as Wendy had showed no signs of providing my aching balls any relief, only a sore ass and plenty of practice eating out her wonderful pussy.