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Christine Takes Charge Ch. 05

fetish cynthiablaine7 2018-11-27

Dorothy cringed at the punishment and even more at being so further humiliated in front of Susie and Jim. She held her breath when Chris went behind her and told her to bend over and hold her cheeks apart for the anal insertion. Having tied the two white tampon strings beneath Dorothy's crotch, Christine looked her in the eye and added one more condition she knew would likely reduce Dorothy to the level Chris had envisioned: "Dorothy, my dear, I do have one more little rule for girls who are double-tammed, as you will be today.

Toilet Training Elizabeth

fetish lesliejones 2018-11-26

"So as a good mother-in-law," Kendall persisted, "I decided that even at 25, some girls still need good, old-fashioned toilet training." Elizabeth blushed deeply as she heard those words but she also felt her panties getting wet with uncontrollable excitement at the humiliation she was about to undergo. "Now, Beth," she said as she turned to Elizabeth, "stand up, lift your skirt, lower your panties, and then bend over and hold your bottom cheeks well apart." There were gasps from the ladies at this horridly embarrassing order but also a few whoops and cheers from the younger women who were as rich and spoiled as Kendall.

The Feared '57' Ch. 03

fetish lesliejones 2018-10-29

Dorine was still transported by the possibility of seeing a teacher disciplined so ignominiously by the school's principal, but she managed to gather her sensibilities in time to answer in a clear yet unemotional tone, "Oh yes, Miss Crawford, as a prefect here, I have learned that I am expected to keep everything I observe in confidence and you may certainly rely on me to maintain that." Irene affected great surprise, noting in a very superior tone, "I'm quite disappointed in your behavior, Janet, in that I do not know how we can expect our girls to behave properly when being disciplined when a teacher is unable to control her bodily functions." Valerie merely smiled at the principal's somewhat expected rebuke to the English teacher.

Fay's Dirty Discoveries Ch. 11

fetish toocold 2018-07-03

"Using your knickers as a toilet, like a dirty baby!" Nadia aimed the next stroke on the crease below her buttocks, eliciting a short scream from Fay, who did a little dance of agony, but still remained in place, fingers squeezing the pissy sheets, tears dripping down her lovely face. Nadia was kissing her aggressively, biting at Fay's tongue, licking her tears from her cheeks, hands stroking and squeezing the younger girl's heavy breasts. Fay responded hungrily to Nadia's kisses, and the girls seemed to want to devour each other, revelling in the passion of their embrace, soft bodies twined, neither caring that Fay was covered in pee and that her knickers contained a pile of soft shit -- in fact both were delighted by this.

The Principal's Office

fetish analasis 2017-12-06

My final humiliation now takes place as he orders me to remove my last items of clothing, saying 'Your tie and shirt may impede the strokes of the cane and that would never do," adding enigmatically, "and besides their removal may enhance what comes after!' Undoing my tie, and then removing my shirt, I feel vulnerable, totally exposed to his unflinching gaze. I must have drifted off or removed to some limbo between pleasure and pain, until Mr. McKinnon's harsh voice brings me back from my reverie, reminding me that I am only half-way through my punishment. He continues to masturbate me, urging me on, until, groaning with pleasure I come in wild long spurts, my semen plashing the side of the desk, slowly sliding down, to pool in stringy globules on the floor.