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What lies underneath – The beginning

fetish Tab00 2018-11-19

Time seemed to inch by as I watched all the women prancing around in the lingerie, offering up lap dances while the girl on center stage seductively moved around the stage continually eyeing Jenny, like a bird hunting prey. Just as I was about to break down and start rubbing my swollen cock, Jenny whispered something in the ear of the dancer who let on a dark smile as she looked in my direction. I do not think I have ever moved as quickly as I did in that moment, and was almost instantly on the couch beside Jenny feeling the cool wetness of her cum on my balls as my cock pressed hard against my jeans trying to stand up, but restricted by the tight material.


fetish apexneutral 2018-11-12

I usually have to press my wife into sucking my cock, but clearly, the wine had the desired effect, she had already started to slowly push her full red lips over the tip of my cock. I was torn, but also knew my wife doesn't usually like it when I cum in her mouth, but between the several weeks of build-up and between her mouth grinding on my cock harder and faster I knew I wasn’t going to last long. I couldn’t help feeling the familiar stirrings of another erection as I watched her pressing her perfect curvy ass back onto the pommel of the gear shift. I started to pump my cock in my free hand in time with my wife's fucking.

Skinny Bitch Ch. 05

fetish sixyjackoffpot 2018-08-25

You would think that two people would get sick of being around one another constantly, all day, every day, but even after three months of flirting and trading lewd stares at work all day and fucking like animals at night, showering together and eating together (or not eating, as it were), Tracy and I never got sick of each other. With the other arm, I sorted through what seemed like miles of silk, finally negotiating with the dress to maneuver my hand between Tracy' legs. I paused, kissing Tracy's bare, corded neck tenderly, and withdrew my fingers from her pussy. Now it was my turn to moan helplessly as she caressed my chest and, struggling to kiss my neck, her hipbones pressed and released and pressed and released my dick against my leg.

The Adventures of Penny Ch. 10

fetish mousemoonwalk 2018-08-23

"Your looking pretty good yourself." She said, "Let's get the car and get something to eat." And with that we walked towards the garage. A "game" was on so I quickly bent over the car bonnet, instantly Vicki's hand began to slap my behind. I felt Vicki's hands lift up my black dress over my waist exposing my black underwear to the mechanic. Vicky then gave my rump a minutes worth of spanking, when she had finished she turned to the mechanic, "Right my man! I want to see your tight knickered arse!" Vicky immediately lifted her skirt, revealing her red, lacy panties to our view. Vicki's head turned and she looked at me with an enormous smile, "Beat my arse senseless!" she screamed.

Susie the Baby-Sitter

fetish DaveFree 2018-07-29

My cock was rock hard as Susie said: "Now, I'll do whatever you want to me to do – these panties will be completely sodden by the time we're finished." Then Susie asked me to wait and she took her bag off the dashboard and pulled out her own, soiled panties (that she had taken off earlier). Susie was still stating up in the sun-roof and I slid my hand up Susie's thigh and under the elastic lace at the crotch of the pink panties (Jane's) that were already warm and moist. She pulled aside the white lace leg of the pink panties and slid down slowly easing her crotch onto my now fully erect cock – breathing heavily all the time.

Something Wet and Warm

fetish kinkycurvy 2018-07-26

He stopped peeing and pulled my head up by my hair until I was looking at him, then slapped me across the face, suddenly, followed closely by a second, a third. I heard the quiet rasp of his zipper, then a few seconds later felt the warm wetness on the back of my head, soaking into my hair, running down my face. I took advantage of the freedom of movement and turned my head so that his piss fell directly on my face, accidentally placing my ear in the pathway of his stream for a second, and experienced the strange sensation of having my ear canal fill up with the warm liquid, muffling my hearing.

Cum Sweet Cum

fetish thinktankwriter 2018-07-20

Hajera then took off the sweatshirt she was wearing, and while I didn't even care the slightest at the time, when I saw that underneath was just a light blue tank top, my eyebrows raised just a bit. I don't know what liked more, the nose piercing that gleamed in the sunlight or that long smile she had, with her upper lip curling ever so slightly. Back on the lake, I looked at Hajera, her hair slightly messed by her sweatshirt coming over her head. My eyes flickered like channels back and fourth from her smooth lips around my penis to her breasts, swaying ever so slightly.

Triumph TR-250

fetish MungoParkIII 2018-07-01

The way the leather seats felt against my skin, not to mention how Annette's wet pussy would slide over it, the way the wind felt against my face while I drove and the way the stick shift knob felt in my hand. Images of the stick shift slipping in and out of her pussy as she sucked my cock ran through my mind until I finally lifted my hips up off the seat and spurted my cum onto the floorboard between my legs. I then whispered to the car, "Well, I couldn't fuck you the way she did, but I did leave something for you to remember me by." I held the stick shift knob up to my nose, took a deep breath and then walked back though the junk yard.

83% car

I Just Love My Car

fetish Guy De Jose 2018-05-24

My car was a wanton whore, its doors spread wide, giving itself to these men like a four wheeled slut. I spread my legs wide, making my hem climb up to my bald slit as I seated my fanny in the driver's side black bucket. When I am sufficiently juiced up, I take my hand, well oiled with my love lube, and begin "jacking off" the stick shift of my sports car. I then slowly impale myself on it, lowering my bulbous, suntanned tush while spreading my pussy lips, accepting my car's fuck stick with reckless abandon. Up and down I move, faster and faster, like the red hot pistons pumping inside my car's motor.

The Drive

fetish modestone32 2018-05-12

You open the back door to the car and climb in seductively, on your hands and knees noticing the guy staring at the perfect shape of your ass. As he opens his mouth to begin his worship of your feet, you begin pushing two fingers all the way inside your pussy, and you watch him. A woman on her back, her skirt hitched up, fingers plunging in and out of her pussy, with her legs in the air, in the face of the guy sitting next to her, facing forward, sucking the dirt off her feet. You are kicking out at the guy's face and he is trying to hold your feet still so that his Worship isn't interrupted by your all-consuming orgasm.

The Right Car For The Right Woman

fetish loorslady 2018-04-28

I whispered as each passerby came and went, "look at my pussy, it is tasty and hot and needs to be fucked." "Come and stop and fuck me hard, make me scream and come all over your hard cock!" That was what I needed and I came so hard my knees got weak and I thought I better get my night gown on before a cop comes along and drags me away in handcuffs! I had to be careful because even though I wanted to fuck that thing like a cock, it didn't have the give of a stiff dick so slamming my pussy down was a no, no for sure. So I got back on my "lovers handle" and stroked it up and down making my pussy come and watching my juices coat it the same way they slide down a stiff dick when I fuck it.

Submissive Secrets Ch. 02

fetish robyne_morgan 2018-04-09

I looked up nervously as the headlights of a car pulled into the gas station and pulled up next to one of the pumps. I laid the script on the passenger seat, grabbed my purse, and stepped out of the car and into the pouring rain. "Okay Ethan; I'm Jennifer." I said and put my hands, palms together, between my legs and shrugged my shoulders as innocently as I could muster. I sat with my purse clenched tight against my wet shirt for a few moments, and then looked over at him a little unsure. I looked around again and pulled my shirt tail from my skirt, then, with shaking hands, slowly undid the remaining buttons and pulled it off. He started bucking hard, forcing his cock down my throat a little.

Anna Ch. 02

fetish bbrunoj 2018-03-27

Her boot pumped the pedal in unison with the sound of the Bronco cranking, her breasts bouncing against the steering wheel, as if this truck was going to make her cum too! At the same time, the Bronco ROARED to life and Jill revved the engine a few times, still humping the seat as Kyle's eruption finally started to slow down and her contractions began to subside as well. Jill finally found the amusement of in the story and even though she wanted to explain that she wore them to turn Kyle on, she figured Anna got that already.

His First and Largest Encounter

fetish bored1nhomer 2018-02-24

She laughed, "We got a ways to go before we can warm each other up." She started the car and backed out onto the road. As he placed his head between her legs, his eager mouth waiting to lap up any and all juices, she put her hand in his hair once more. With her climax came a feeling of suffocation as she wrapped her legs around him and pulled his face further into her now quivering snatch. His manhood was now inches from her warm, inviting place, he was ready to go all the way when he heard, "Get up here, I need to taste you." Guess that will have to wait.

Hitchhiker Play

fetish Aaron310 2018-02-15

"Where ya headed Ned?" Sandra started to play with her hair. Ned slowly turned back to see that Sandra had slipped her hand into her shorts and was now breathing rather hard. His eyes glued to the erotic scene beside him, Ned watched as Sandra jacked herself off while driving at 90 miles per hour. Sandra put bother hands on the wheel and Ned slipped his hand into her jean shorts and found her pussy lips. He was about to ram himself into her dripping cunt when she turned around and said, "Fuck my ass you dirty man and I want it hard!" Sandra dropped Ned of at his friends house and drove away.

Leaving the Car Behind

fetish Adrian69702006 2018-01-11

She thought she'd put his suggestion to the test though and then write to him, explaining that if car users people were to be coaxed back on to public transport it would need a significant investment of taxpayer's money to bring buses and trains up to scratch. Claire turned to her, trying to look and sound sympathetic, whilst thinking all the time that her old friend had scored an own goal. Claire gave her a sympathetic look but Anne felt as though everyone on the bus knew about her predicament and was judging her. Soon the bus pulled up at the stop where Anne got off and Claire followed her.

Black Skirt

fetish sc43dpr 2017-12-29

I could feel every sensation of romantic & sexual energy I possessed come alive when my hand touched the inside of her thigh and when I felt her open her legs for me to slide my hand further under her skirt, the intensity swelled so much that I thought my head was beginning to float off of my shoulders. As I grasped the top of her blouse gently and eased her closer to me, I could feel her legs open wider and I turned my hand and slid it under her warm and moist desire. As I was emptying my passion into her soft sweet mouth, I could feel her body pressing hard against my fingers and against the palm of my hand and I increased the pressure and speed of my caresses.

Fleeting Glimpses Ch. 02

fetish laplappapillon 2017-11-29

Like a gentleman and an idiot, I looked into her caramel eyes and watched her lips open to mouth the words: The interior light clicked out as I shut the door and she reached forward, pulling me towards her and literally stuffing her plump, warm tongue deep into my mouth. She pushed me back onto the seat, the door clicked shut, the lights went out and suddenly her warm, wet mouth was nuzzling the front of my jeans. "Marilyn, I want to cum all over your thighs and your satin pussy, lie back again, this is all too sexy for words." "Oh honey, I want you to wank over me and splash your warm sticky spunk all over my knickers as I finger myself.

Seth's Fetish Ch. 02

fetish SweetPregnantTits 2017-11-28

Whenever she even sees a pregnant woman (and working at the hospital, that happens quite often) she comes home and we have amazing sex, each time picturing my sperm swimming to meet one of her eggs, which will swell her belly and fill her breasts with delicious mother's milk. I think she was more disappointed than I was, because as much as I wanted Dana to be pregnant, I wasn't sure I was ready to be a father, that is, emotionally ready. But having a baby would mean a lot of things that I wasn't sure I was ready for at the moment. I was so wound up I knew I couldn't last, and one powerful thrust later I could feel ropes of come spurting from my body into my wife's cunt.

The Desert

fetish playfuldophin 2017-11-02

My hand rested on her thigh and I loved the feel of her smooth but tight skin covering those strong hiking muscles in her legs. She laughed and dropped a hand onto my leg and slowly ran it up my thigh to my shorts and then across my crotch, feeling the growing bulge in my pants. I moaned and then whined, "An hour, I don't know if I can keep my hands off you that long or wait for your lingerie treats!" She turned and smiled with one eyebrow arched and said, "Patience TC, good comes to those that wait". "Then I guess I will just have to enjoy the moonlit view" she said as she leaned against the hood of the mustang with her legs glowing in the moonlight.