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My Fantasy Weekend Ch. 03

fetish Pro_Ball_Player 2018-09-27

"Greg," she asked, "Let's just say I told you to go into the dressing room with Cathy to try on your panties, would you have done it?" After I was about 20 paces away, I started to think about the conversation Julie and I were having about trying on panties with Cathy when the girl walked up to us. At first, Cathy didn't understand, but Julie told her that I was 'bigger than average' and I always seemed to have problems keeping my 'private parts' inside the panties, which is actually the truth. Cathy asked her straight out "Let me make sure I understand this, you're telling me it's going to be okay if I'm in the fitting room with your husband while he's changing clothes – trying on panties?

Cathy's Sick Desire Ch. 02

fetish almostdead 2018-09-21

Cathy rolled over onto her chest, raised her hips off of the carpet, and then reached behind her with both hands, pulled her pussy open and huskily begged, "Fuck me Harry. Cathy's stomach growled with arousal and she could feel her pussy lubricating, at the thought of being used by these filthy, vile looking young men. As their rough, callused hands ran over her naked breasts, Nick said, "Damn Harry, you train these bitches really good." Cathy looked down at Tom's hand, as it pulled harshly on her nipple and only then, did she notice the wedding ring on his finger. Tom yanked his cock from her mouth, tucked himself away and said his good bye to Harry and Nick, while ignoring the woman who had serviced his filthy prick.

My Fantasy Weekend Ch. 05

fetish Pro_Ball_Player 2018-09-16

Julie hadn't said anything to me about taking the afternoon off and it wasn't like her to hold that kind of thing back. "You have such a nice home," Cathy said, "one day I'll have a house like this, too." Julie looked at me, put her hands on her hips and said "You know, Cathy and I were talking and we thought that before you guys went out shopping, she should have an idea of what we already have and how it fits you. "So, Greg," Julie said, "I was telling Cathy about the camisole you wore today. "Greg, why don't you take off your shirt and show Cathy the camisole?" Julie asked.

Proud Holders Ch. 10

fetish Adrian69702006 2018-09-16

As I'm sure you're all aware both Charmaine and Omar had accidents, neither of which surprised either Mrs Glenson or myself. I fully expected to have ten wet students by the end of the day so I think it's pretty fair to say that the outcome way exceeded my expectations. Some, well most of you in fact, were pretty frantic by the time we got back especially, Cathy, Holly, Jack and Jonah. Also I would like to pay a special tribute to Anne who nearly left us but in the end showed both courage and good sense by sticking the course out. Omar and Charmaine, you've both done very well despite yesterday's little setbacks.

Cathy's Hamper

fetish conquen 2018-09-15

I had known Cathy and Dave for better than fifteen years when they decided to put new floors in their house. I tried to clear the thoughts from my head and just as I began to regain my composure I noticed a black bra strap hanging out of the hamper. My pants still half way down my thigh and my cock bobbing from side to side I stepped over to the hamper and opened it. She kissed my neck and I felt her breath on my ear as she replied to Dave “I’m sure he takes good care of himself.” I could feel my cock beginning to betray me again and quickly stepped back from Cathy.

Becoming Her Wife Ch. 02

fetish Scribler 2018-09-15

While Josie went to take a shower I sat and contemplated what she had told "Go brush your teeth your mouth tastes like shit." Josie's sister told her "You didn't tell her anything did you Nick." Josie asked. "You are so bad Cathy, now Nick's going to think we've been taking about Nick if and when you meet our mother she going to seem like a tyrant and It's not like there's a chance that we're going to be married." Josie Do you want to marry me?" Josie asked after she ties into the fact that I am now wearing panties." Josie thought for a minute "It sounds like the husband are always on the losing end." I said

Cathy's Sick Desire

fetish almostdead 2018-08-01

He coughed, cleared his raspy throat and said, "Oh and one more thing bitch, I'll want a cold beer waiting for me when I get there." And the third thing is, 'You can call me a fucking bitch or a fucking cunt, as long as you fix my fucking sink'. He took a look at the filth in the sink and said, I think it's going to be something simple, but you never really know with this things until you do a little digging. He got down on his knees and opened the cabinet beneath the sink, as he said, "You know something bitch; I asked you to wear something a little sexy and that's the best you could fucking do?

April's Dilemma Ch. 02

fetish S_Valasco 2018-07-31

April was sure that if she didn't find a cock to suck soon, the blemishes would return, And she had to sit and listen to Melissa talk so casually about meeting a man and giving him head... Of course, if the next happy hour was a week or two or three away--and it wasn't like they were planned out events--April would have a face full of ugly blemishes that would pretty much ruin her chances to meet someone new. If that meant somehow conveying to strange men in bars that she wanted to suck their cocks and swallow their cum, then she better get busy figuring out how she was going to make it happen.

My Fantasy Weekend Ch. 04

fetish Pro_Ball_Player 2018-07-23

I do some of my best thinking in the shower and it was there, relaxing under the warm water after our strap-on session in the ruffled panties, that I began to see and understand everything that was happening between Julie and I with more clarity. Even the strap-on session following the shopping trip where Julie started calling me "Little Girl" is all resolved in my eyes. The way she worked with Cathy to force me to try on the ruffled panties – more information for the data base. "No, not at all," I said, "I'm loving it, but, I just want to know that you're enjoying things, too."

Strange Curse, Pt. 2

fetish 2018-07-16

After about 20 minutes, though, Cathy complained that he jaw was getting tired from sucking on my cock, and suggested that perhaps I should find a condom and slip it to her doggy style. I stretched a condom over the head of my cock, as Cathy positioned herself on her elbows on the bed with her ass pointed directly at me. I finally came out of my mini-c***, and in a groggy state smiled up at her gorgeous face and wonderful tits. Given her demeanor and the state of the spent condom and what I knew from the Japanese bathhouse a few days earlier, I also assumed that she had no idea how much of my seed was up inside her.

Community Service Ch. 04

fetish davidmuleguy 2018-06-16

Stylish, comfy, and - like you said, Denise - sexy, too." After glancing at Dad, Rose said, "And look at the state of these ratty old things, uncle Dan," as she pushed her chair back, stuck out her bare, olive-skinned legs and, dangling her pair of black, well-worn flats from her toes, worked her toes to execute a rapid-fire half-dozen heel slaps. Pretending not to have taken on-board Rose's thinly veiled hint at a pay rise, and trying to get the conversation back on-topic; or, to be more precise, to get his shoe-mad wife, daughters and niece off the subject of female footwear (because, once they got started, you couldn't prise them off the subject with a 12-foot crowbar) Dad said feelingly, "Well, I'm glad I'm not Theresa Maynard's husband!"

Cathy's Sick Desire Ch. 05

fetish almostdead 2018-06-11

The sweat covered piece of meat in her mouth was filthy and vile, which sent shudders of sick lust coursing through her gut and ending in her cunt. As she took one tiny piece into her mouth and squished it with her tongue against the man's penis, Cathy savored the disgusting flavor of the cheese like substance she had discovered. With his cock now out, the man before her took her face in his hands and pulled her toward the sweaty piece of hard male meat between his legs. "This fucking whore is ready for some serious action." And another said, "What a nasty cocksucking slut." The epithets went on, as another cock appeared at her mouth and a pair of hands held her head tight, as it slid into her mouth.

Cathy's Sick Desire Ch. 03

fetish almostdead 2018-06-01

Harry gazed at the front of her blouse and said, "I ain't sure what that is, but she did spend some time alone with Wanda." To Cathy he commanded, "OK cunt, tell us what the hell happened to your shirt." Cathy walked around the counter and went to her knees, and then asked Jimmie, "Rather than whacking off, wouldn't you prefer to ram that cock down my throat and fuck my face?" Once she reached the head, she saw the tell tale signs of his pre-cum and hungrily licked it off, and then drove her mouth down the length of his cock, The man's loud moan, wasn't as good as him calling her a whore, but it was acceptable praise for her rapidly growing talent at sucking cock.

April's Dilemma Ch. 01

fetish S_Valasco 2018-02-27

April was trying to summon the courage to tell Nicholas why she needed his help and he seemed to be trying to find a way to politely ask what had happened to her. "I started getting these things on my face," April said without looking at Nicholas, "maybe six or eight months ago. I'd have to acquire it on my own and that's where you come in." As she said it aloud for the first time, April realized that it sounded like she needed Nicholas to help her buy illegal drugs. "Tonight?" Nicholas asked, and April was certain she heard something in his voice that wasn't there a moment ago: excitement.


fetish RGLatex 2018-02-26

both feet in place, Helen began to smooth the latex up over her a husky whisper as her hand reached out to stroke slowly down Helen's Helen's mind was still racing when Cathy reappeared a few minutes notice the suit pressing against Cathy's sex, the human's folds just Helen's eyes continued to move up over the doe's body, the Helen noticed Cathy had not said a word since re-entering the room, Cathy smiled and stood up, gesturing for Helen to pull herself off the mare had stopped moving, the doe began to move, slowly caressing Slowly she slipped her fingers free of the pony's still quivering sex forelegs of Cathy's suit were locked in cloven hooves, while on her

Proud Holders Ch. 02

fetish Adrian69702006 2018-02-19

Matron checked the beds this morning whilst you were having breakfast and I'm afraid they didn't all get a clean bill of health. "I'm sorry Miss but it wasn't a case of waking up in the night and needing the toilet. Look I'm sure I'm not the only person here who wets the bed occasionally. We may as well give the gentleman a little entertainment and, given the amount of liquid imbibed at breakfast time I'm sure some of them are in need of a helping hand." Jack, we're going to do some exercises which, with any luck, will give you such a level of control that that one woman in ten is quite fearless about having a cock inside her which is attached to a full bladder."

Cathy's Sick Desire Ch. 04

fetish almostdead 2018-02-17

Can you help me out there?" Cathy was hoping that Wanda could provide a few hard working men who wanted to dump a load of cum down her throat or in her pussy. He don't look like much, but he's the best damn short order cook in town." As Cathy nodded to him, without speaking, Wanda told him, "This is...well shit, I don't know your fuckin name. Wanda then took the liberty of caressing one of Cathy's breasts and told her, "Now if you really want to get your mouth on that sandwich, I think you'll find that old Charlie will do a better job of it, if you get your cocksucking mouth on his prick first.


fetish SplendidSpunk 2018-01-29

My daughter, Cathy, keeps her blond hair long as most young girls seem to like, and while she resembles me, she is, due to her youth a bit more attractive then I am, as gravity has not yet come to visit her, and her tits are firm and her ass not burdened with childbirth. I cringed and I'm sure my face went deep red as I saw those soiled and sex filled panties now in that old woman's dirty hand. My embarrassment grew as Cathy told Liz of the day, of how she'd caught me wearing her panties, how she'd made me remove them in the café, the interchange with the old woman, the waxing of my pubic and anal hair and the enema.

Cathy Gets Offered

fetish furryfan 2018-01-24

I felt Cathy's body seem to relax with Inga's words, and I let go of her wrists as she slowly raised her arms, and I felt a little light-headed as I watched the scenario unfolding in front of me. "Does he play with your armpit hair like this?" Inga said, raking her deep red fingernails through the lush spray, causing Cathy's entire body to shiver. "Does it feel like this?" Inga asked, before the older woman bent down and buried her face in Cathy's armpit. I had a bird's eye view as Inga coaxed Cathy's head under her arm, and I watched intently as Cathy's tongue came out and began to lick Inga's armpit, causing the older woman to moan softly as her eyes rolled back in her head.

Becoming Her Wife Ch. 03

fetish Scribler 2018-01-18

I usually wait till after three and a good strong drink before I get that deep in thought." We both laughed then she said "Hi I'm Jolene Josephine's oldest sister. After Jolene left Josie came over to me and took me in her arms and said "Are you sure all this will come off before we go to the party tonight?" I asked I was starting to feel a little vulnerable at this point. Is that because of the way you're dressed or do you have another reason." Josie said from behind me. "Sure I understand and since you already said you won't marry me I have to wait till I find someone like you." I told her before I thought about what I should say.

Proud Holders Ch. 01

fetish Adrian69702006 2018-01-15

Should you choose to leave us before completing the course I must warn you that we are regularly approached for references and we have a duty of candour to those who approach us in good faith. Please note that all bathroom and toilet use will be strictly supervised at all times - either by Matron or myself. If any of the ladies foresee that happening you must tell Matron and she will issue you with our approved sanitary protection, your use of which will take place strictly under our close supervision." You're all adults and Matron and I firmly believe you should be able to view whatever you wish during that generous allocation of 'me time' which we've worked into the timetable for you.

Chloe Ch. 02

fetish SplendidSpunk 2018-01-14

The ladies room was big and not empty, a couple of women were at the sinks reapplying their make up or washing their hands as Liz had me pull my dress up so she could change my diaper. I was afraid of what a "sitter' might be and while I relished my time with Liz and Cathy and felt shocked by the ways they were finding to humiliate me, I wanted still to be with them. Cathy shouted and both Liz and Claire fell quiet and looked at me between Louise's legs and at my wet mouth and then at Louise's red and swollen cunt, her cum dripping from her labia and onto the coffee table.

Romance Comic Cover Stories - Chapter XL

fetish Victor2K 2017-12-28

I usually work paired with my friends Anna Perton and Cathy Sokoll, because they think we do a great job as a trio, and taking the customers’ talk, they are right. But, after we leave the airplane, it’s a race against time to find a man or men that can fit up to our standards and give a night or two of fun to three horny women. He was a major hunk and we saw him virtually every week, but for us, Hank wasn’t the kind of man to leave to anyone to do. The three of us need to have that man on our bed, but we didn’t knew a manner Hank could surrender to our desires.

My Fantasy Weekend Ch. 07

fetish Pro_Ball_Player 2017-12-26

I watched as Julie squirmed and wiggled her pussy on Cathy's fingers while subconsciously wiggling my own bottom to feel the butt plug inside my ass. With her eyes still closed, Cathy started to breathe deeper and soon it turned into panting as Julie concentrated on her clit and alternately pushing her fingers inside the girl's wet vagina. She started to moan, saying "Oh, yes, I'm going to cum!" Then a little louder, "I'm going to cum!" I took my hand away from my cock so I could watch her pussy closely when she finally was there. As the cock pulled free, she pushed my head onto it and I began to suck her as I did before, but this time enjoying the smell and taste of Cathy's thoroughly fucked pussy.