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Zainab’s Foot Lesson

fetish footlover95 2018-03-01

I took her feet into my hands and started to smell them, I let out a moan and she knew I was going to blow. The next day I had a business lesson with Zainab and the rest of my class; it was going to be torture not being able to touch or smell her beautiful caramel toes. Everybody started to look at me, Zainab quickly pulled her feet away and asked “Are you okay?”, innocently with a smile on her face. Once the entire class had left the room, she started to laugh and said, “Had a good lesson?” She asked knowing the answer. I dropped to the floor and picked up her feet and shoved them in my mouth, “That’s a good boy," she said.


fetish footlover95 2018-03-01

We started talking about old times, and she told me that she owned the shop. “You’ve always told me that you wanted to smell my feet, why don’t you give them a sniff,” she said. She removed her feet from my mouth and continued with the foot job. “Yes, just let me fucking cum!” I replied. “What the fuck did I tell you about talking to me like that,” she said. She let go off my balls and went back to stroking my cock, with her feet. Straight after I had finished Cumming she shoved her cum covered toes in my mouth and said,

The Confession

fetish AllyLollipop 2018-02-19

Looking back on it, I think we both knew that I was, in essence, telling Mat that he could no longer meet my needs, but I did sincerely love him and never truly wanted to hurt him. Mat then pulled a long, thin leash from the pocket of his jeans on the floor, connected the clasp to an eyelet on the cock cage, and handed me the end of the leash. As I watched, Mat crawled over to the sink, stood up, and pulled a small key from behind his toothbrush holder. He place his hands on my hips and masterfully guided the dildo into my anxious pussy. Mat pulled the dildo from my pussy, and stood behind me, panting.

Miss Donald’s Cum Punishment

fetish footlover95 2018-02-12

I cleaned both her hands and even her leg without her asking me and said, “Sorry, Miss Donald, I do not know what had came over me, it was like I was under her spell.” I tried to pull out but she started using two hands and then whispered in my ear in a seductive tone, “Swallow his cum, and I promise you will have the best orgasm of your life.” Miss Donald bent down, on her knees and whipped the cum of my lips and said, “You did a good job, but you know your cock is to small for me to fuck.” I started licking my cum of her beautiful feet, until they were clean and then she said, “You will do what I tell you from now on, if you ever want to cum again.”

Is It A Need Or A Want

fetish jlltec 2018-01-20

I said, "swat it", she smiled and she did, hard, five or six times, balls and cock flying with each hit. I was totally aware of my cock and balls all day, hardly a minute went by without a twitch, ache or the feeling of wetness as another drop of lubricant dripped from the head. I obviously like it when you're in control, I like being shaved and naked and hard for you, I like it when you squeeze my balls or swat my cock. "I'd think you are going to want to slap my balls more than my cock or you may make me cum." Yes, I actually said, stick to slapping my balls.

Another Step

fetish dirrylittleboy 2018-01-12

No my mind screamed, that would be too much pain but somehow when I opened my mouth my brain changed the message "Oh god, please Jodi, step on my balls!" I must be insane, but no sooner had I said it she moved. Giving me a little kiss, smiling she said "Stand up honey" Up I came like a rocket, which really hurt my balls more because I failed to noticed that she had grabbed my nut sack and as I stood she pulled down. Later that night after we cleaned up and were settling down to sleep she kissed me good night and said "Think about letting one of my girlfriends coming over to help me beat your balls honey." Nasty things ran through my head, and my dick started to get hard again.

Six of the Best

fetish Topwork 2018-01-04

Alex stood outside Sister Veronica's office, his clammy hands clasped together behind his back. I shouldn't expect any less, your father was much the same, but at least in his day there were," she paused, "less bureaucratic ways of teaching discipline." She crossed the room in three strides then stooped so that her nose was only an inch away from Alex's. The decision you must make for yourself boy, is whether or not you are willing to take your punishment like he did?" Alex opened his mouth, but couldn't formulate the words to make articulate his thoughts. "I want to be made better, Sister Veronica," said Alex and the woman pulled back her lips in a thin smile.

The Next Step

fetish dirrylittleboy 2017-12-30

I am not sure how long I was out for, but when I was able to open my eyes again Jodi was sitting up in bed drinking more wine and slowly stroking her pussy. As her orgasm began to subside, she gave me one last hard squeeze and pull on my nuts to let me know that I should now stop tonguing her pussy, she gets very sensitive immediately after cumming. A couple of weeks later, I found my self laying naked to my wife, again with the kids at grandma's when Jodi sat up in bed, looking me in the eyes with her pretty little smile and said.

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The Unsuspecting Candidate Ch. 02

fetish missvicky53 2017-12-17

First, matching hot pink satin lingerie with white lace trim, the kind a woman wears when she wants to attract attention. At least your clit seems to relish being trapped in slippery satin." Once again, I took some pictures as I continued to document his transformation into a swishy sissy maid. "A proper sissy maid has to have very full petticoats under her uniform." I pulled the petticoats up over the panties and turned again to the closet. "Come here pantyslave and open your mouth, Mistress has a special treat for you." I pushed the panties firmly into his mouth and tied the stocking around his head trapping my pungent undies in his mouth. It's time your were rewarded," I cooed as his sissy clit grew inside the satin panties.

A Letter to My Mistress

fetish poboy789 2017-12-14

Pain shoots though my nipples, cock and balls. The slightest move, sends pain from all parts of my cock and balls. Now I take the white candle, again dribbling the wax on my chest, nipples, down my stomach and onto my cock and balls. My chest, stomach, pubic area and cock and balls are painted with red and white stripes of wax. Alone, naked, painted with wax, impaled by the plug I ask aloud: "Please mistress, please let me suck your cock." Then, I open my mouth, stretching wide, slide my tongue out and bring your cock to my mouth. Then I began stroking my own penis, as I increased the tempo of your cock in my ass.

Another Step In The Right Direction

fetish dirrylittleboy 2017-12-11

Giving me a little kiss, smiling she said "Stand up honey." Up I came like a rocket, which really hurt my balls more because I failed to noticed that she had grabbed my nut sack and as I stood she pulled down. I want to kick you in balls hard, and then when you recover you can shove your cock deep in my cunt." I love it when she talks nasty like this. Later that night after we cleaned up and were settling down to sleep she kissed me good night and said "Think about letting one of my girlfriends coming over to help me beat your balls honey." Nasty things ran through my head, and my dick started to get hard again.

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The Fetish Files

fetish CasperNZ 2017-12-05

Once I'd made it clear to her that my intention was to lick suck and fuck her senseless all morning, have her wear a pair of high heels, the modified bra and her lovely summer dress...and that I'd be making her cum in the café of my choosing for a late lunch, she got into this idea with much gusto! Judy was a little shy at first, whereas Anne-Marie had a very decisive "let me get this hard prong into me" type of demeanour about her right from the first time she got her fingers wrapped around my lovely fat cock.

A Prostitute Enters The Room

fetish disturbingjulia 2017-12-03

I told you to get your fat fucking ass off the goddamn floor and it took you at least five minutes. I don't know why I bother wasting all my time with you; you're not worth it at all. Can't you make it harder than that, I bet an eighty year old man could get it harder than that, and just look at those balls. You think a woman would want to fuck you with balls like that; you've got to be kidding me. Don't even waste my time; you couldn't possibly think that I could get wet from those tiny little balls. Big fat tits, you look like a big ugly cow.

Mistress Tanya Ch. 01

fetish Palancar 2017-12-02

After a lot of deep thought and sleepless nights I answered an ad on one of them from a couple looking for a sub male. I told her that although I would lovingly worship her ass, I was not at all interested in anything to do with scat and that was a hard limit. I also told her that other hard limits would include severe beatings and punishment which resulted in actual injury. She said she had never peed in a man's mouth before but that the thought excited her. She told me she had been controlling her husband/sub's orgasms for almost 10 years now and had gotten very good at it.

Do You Think I'm Evil?

fetish Robert_Anthony 2017-11-19

Even though you know full well that every orgasm that I allow you to have will be ruined one way or another, as you get nearer, as your balls start to tighten, your brain tricks you into thinking that this time you will be allowed to cum properly. Karen moved away from him again and squeezed his balls hard once more, then reached for the dildo, pumping it into his ass in time as she stroked his reddened, angry looking cock towards an unavoidable, excruciating edge. Though he hated to admit it, the thought of her banding his balls like that pushed him hard to the edge and his breathing was coming in huge uncontrollable gulps as he tried desperately to hold back for her.

Mistress Monique

fetish bleedndkn 2017-11-14

A couple weeks later, during one of our lovemaking sessions, which is what I called what we did together (She called it fucking), I had fallen to my knees on the bed and brought her to an orgasm through worshipping her pussy, then began to move up to fuck her as I usually did, when she placed her hands on my shoulders, holding me from entering her and said, "you don't have to cum every time we fuck, you know. Men who will have me every way you're giving up." "And you know what?" She asked, a truly scary look lighting up her face, "If they'd like your mouth or ass to use as fuck holes, I expect you to oblige with enthusiasm."

Teased by My Neighbor

fetish randomer555 2017-10-25

"I bet you wish you could get long and hard." Beth said, laughing as she grabbed my caged cock again. "Yes. I'm sure." I said as Beth began licking my cage again. Beg me to keep your cock locked up." Beth said. "Well since you want your cock locked up so badly, I'll keep it locked." Beth said. "Here's how this game is going to work," Beth said as she blindfolded me with the cloth, "I'm going to put each clothespin on you. I managed to get clothespin number six off but then I got another smack to the balls. I simply focused on giving Beth a strong orgasm, in hopes of forgetting about my sore balls and throbbing, trapped cock.

How to Handle a Submissive Hubby

fetish dombaby 2017-09-14

I was starting to like this control and couldn't wait to squeeze those balls to which I got my affirmative response, "Yes, Maam." Just to make sure he knew I wasn't afraid to crush his balls again, I released them and gave him a really hard smack right on the balls with my hand. I removed his mask and I looked him right in the eyes, smiled and said, "Who's the bitch now?" I quickly grabbed his balls to squeeze them again and heard him quickly say, "Yes, maam." I then pushed him back down on his face and put the mask back on, so that I could get to the next part of my plan.

The Good Wife Ch. 01

fetish tazsis1 2017-09-07

Somehow I came to love the fact that my wife was so desirable to other men and could be a slut at the office, would allow a man to see her naked, would fuck a man or suck his cock just to get ahead. I knew immediately that this was the man's car and Stephanie was in there. A gust of wind blew open Stephanie's white blouse exposing her high little breasts. She dropped her case and jacket on the floor, kicked off her shoes and released the buttons on her skirt, letting it fall to the ground at her feet, just inside the door. Stephanie stood between my legs, raised one foot and placed it on my erect penis.

Weekend Valkyrie ending

fetish gmikeisbad 2017-08-11

We rolled around sideways and through some more ball yanking and nose rubbing and his teeth in my mouth few times we got into a position of me kneeling on top and him kneeling facing me and we slowly raised up off the mats to cheers, whistles and clapping from the women. A lady said, "Wriggle hard little ornaments, you want to be out of that foam and into your clothes before the sun comes up Monday morning." As she closed the roller door with us still in the driveway out the front of the clubhouse in full view of the street.

Mistress Tanya Ch. 04

fetish Palancar 2017-08-10

Tanya looked my way and told me that Sam was one question ahead of me. She finally collapsed on top of Sam. I pulled my tongue from her ass and began to lick her juices from her still impaled pussy. She asked Sam if I'd done a good job sucking his cock. After a few minutes for her to catch her breath we then moved to the shower where she sat on the bench, spread her legs, pulled me to her pussy, and told me that she need to pee and that doing so in my mouth turned her on immensely. Moving up to her clit and sucking it into my mouth sent her over the edge again as orgasmic pleasure wracked her body until she slumped down spent.


fetish FantasyMan021 2017-06-21

Did your left foot start inching its way up to my balls where once it makes contact you begin to flick your toes back and forth over them causing them to swing between my legs. My cock is resting on top of your foot as you continue playing with my balls for several minutes before stopping and lowering your leg. You stop your fun move your foot away and sit up, wrapping your hands around my balls and pulling me forward. Clapping your hands and laughing in clear excitement you inform me that is the number of objects in the house you are going to use on my cock and balls in your quest to make me cum 7 times.

Jane's Exquisite Tattoo Skills Ch. 01

fetish stacey_lynne 2017-06-12

When all six were in place, Joel could see in the overhead screen that Jane had completely gripped his foreskin in six equidistant parts. As Jane turned this particular gear very slowly, Joel saw that the six set of tightly gripped tweezers were opening very slowly apart and moving away just as slowly! Samantha and Jane looked at each other and smiled back, "Amy, this is as tight as we want to make it. All he heard was Samantha telling Amy, "Now that we have his foreskin as a large, very taut canvass, we can start tattooing it first inside and then outside with this very intricate and colorful design you selected."

Mother-in-Law Discipline Pt. 02

fetish Chastebob 2017-06-06

Weeks after David's apology and "Act of Contrition" with Miss Ann, as Mary's mother liked to be called in discipline sessions, his physical marks were gone, but mentally he was still struggling with what happened. The conversation provided him with enough justification for believing that Mary knew what happened and as her mother said, would have explicitly agreed if pushed. He didn't mean anything by it, it's OK, really." Mary held the phone out to David, with a concerned look, "she wants to talk to you." About the third stroke of the extras the poor man, her husband David, peed himself, and at that moment Mary came with a powerful orgasm and squirted.