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A Dream Come True-1

fetish tarun 2018-12-04

I was hoping you would be a bit more proactive." "Now close your eyes and don't open them till I tell you." "Fine" She closed her eyes and I began soaking in her beauty, her medium milk chocolate complexion(95-97% milk with balance of chocolate powder), her extremely striking eyes, her rounded- kite face, her adorable nose, lips which give her a soft, mild-as-a-dewdrop appearance and a nicely shaped rounded chin. I rubbed her pussy gently along the slit and also with my palm covering both the halves, "oooo....oooohhhh!.....huuuunnnnngh!.......ooooofffff!....ooooo......ooooooo.....fffffff!" I decided to begin the torture: I put my face just a few centimeters from her pussy and stuck my tongue straight into her pussy and began licking and caressing it lightly, just barely touching it.