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Black On Black Pegging: Lady Cop

fetish Samuelx 2018-11-29

Ahmed laughed as I bent over the hood of the police cruiser and spread my ass cheeks for him. Ahmed fucked my ass so good I screamed in pleasure in three languages, English, French and profane! After fucking me so damn good, Ahmed squeezed his dick out of my now aching asshole. Ahmed squealed like a little bitch as I penetrated his ass with my strap-on dildo. Mercilessly I slammed my dildo so far up his fucking ass, I'm surprised it didn't come out of his damn mouth. I flipped Ahmed on his back because I wanted to look into his eyes while pounding his ass with a strap-on. I looked at his crotch and told him I was hungry for his dick in my mouth, pussy and asshole.

Girl In Uniform

fetish luckyman 2018-11-11

My cock was growing just thinking about the cute little police woman.  She comes back to the car and asks me to step out of the vehicle. She reached down and grabbed my hard cock and started stroking it through my denim jeans. I reached back, unsnapped her bra and through it in the road. I ripped off her pants and her frilly black panties. She grabbed my head and pushed my nose down in her tight pink cunt. I stuck my nine inch cock deep down in her pussy. I was holding back my orgasm until she got hers, but her pussy was so tight. I felt her pussy walls tightening and her body began to tremble. I shot my creamy load deep inside her pussy.

82% cop

Humiliated Muscle Stud Stripper

fetish Cosmo57 2018-10-29

One by one the women gasped and soon they were grabbing him by his big muscular cheeks and "accidentally" pushing their shoulders or breasts into his hard crotch. "But first we're going to have a "little" fun." Jack noticed the emphasis on the word little and felt himself flush hot and red. And with that, Doris pushed the head of the dildo into the stripper's hot, tight, hole. And when Doris obliged, when she fucked his hot, arrogant, stripper hole in and out, in and out; and Jack writhed and bucked and groaned; and all the ladies laughed and took photos and teased him; Officer Anton, stripper, bodybuilder, arrogant brooding stud, exploded and came like never before without anybody even touching his throbbing little cock.

A Cops Day Out.. And In.

fetish Sally_Mae 2018-09-23

As Klein grabs Casey and she gets on him and he puts her on the trunk of the squad car, and yanks her pants off and slowly kisses her thighs and works his way up to her swollen, wet, mound and sucks till Casey lets out he biggest sigh and grabs Klein's head and pulls his hair, which excites Klein more and be grabs himself and start to beat his meat while quickly glancing over at Honey and Davis. Davis has pulled Honey down and bends her over the hood of the car and spreads her legs and with out even taking his pants all the way off he whips out his huge cock and lubes it and slowly and easily slips it into Honey's tight, wet, swollen pussy, when he gets just halfway in Honey lets out a huge scream, that makes Davis go in further with pleasure!

88% cop

The Police Officer

fetish AdrianCf 2018-09-22

She smiles again and stops writing "You're a smart ass aren't you" she nods her head a bit "Yes I am on my way to home, Yes I am officially not on duty and Yes I still can write you a ticket" I mumble something inside my mouth With her hands she pushes down my jeans and shorts all the way to my ankles, she lays the gun on her knees, grabs my ass and begins to push me deeper down her throat. I wrap my hands around the legs laying up my chest and ram my cock as hard as I can in the police officer's ass "OWH YOU FUCKER" she screams, and a little tear appears in the corner of her eye.

Bad Woman Cop

fetish ADVrider 2018-08-08

While she was cleared by the department she was the only one who knew she took the man's life because he pissed her off when he pulled his cock out and told her "Suck this bitch." Drawing her Glock she shot the man twice, once in the abdomen knowing it would be painful and the second round a few seconds later in the heart. His cock ached for an orgasm, she sensed it in time, pushing the knife point into his hard abdomen, it didn't draw blood but hurt enough to make him feel like it did. James had suffered enough; reaching around her ass, she lifted her body of his shaft enough to pull the slip knot that held the cord tight around his hard cock.

Prison Redefined Ch. 01

fetish sfsdada 2018-07-15

As they begun to eat, there was an ominous buzzing around the room, only for Juliet to remove her phone from her purse to get the same notification that Katie and Lily got. Her voice was interrupted as the walkie-talkie officer grabbed her by the waisted, turned her around, and pushed her head onto the car on the side of the road. Juliet and Katie watched in horror, each bringing their hands to their mouths as the walkie-talkie officer took out a ziptie and wrapped it across Lily's wrists which were pulled behind her back, tying them in place. The walkie talkie cop now outstretched his hand and voiced into the microphone, "Got the Klinsberg Cafe thieves in custody, heading to new HQ detainment center one now"

Man in Uniform

fetish latexcd69 2018-06-21

It occurred to me the other day that instead of trying to date a police officer, why not purposely get pulled over by one. My closet was full of sexy outfits that I considered but I ended up going with the black leather dress with a hole in the center of the chest, showing off cleavage from my 36 d's. The officer slowly made his way towards my car as I touched up my lipstick. As I batted my eyes and ran my fingers along my leather dress I said, "I have to say Officer...Jones, that you look very attractive in your uniform. After several minutes I noticed and started pushing my ass back into him, trying to give them a great show.

Illegal In Blue

fetish Deadwood 2018-02-28

As she opened the door to her silver Toyota Highlander, Officer Bohn had a split second of time to see the hem of her maroon dress slip over the mid-way point of her thigh and smiled as the wide bands of her thigh-high stockings were revealed. "I think there are more important safety concerns right now than you simply driving barefoot", Officer Bohn said as he watched the young woman stand up and walk the few steps to the white parking lot stripe. "This isn't the police station," Amy stated in surprise as the office got out and opened up the passenger's door and let the young woman out.

Cop Fantasy

fetish Justmethinkingofyou 2017-12-22

As you are eating Sara's sweet, trimmed pussy, I go to her and start undressing her, freeing her round, soft tits and begin pinching and teasing her nipples. Sara moves over to me and straddles my head, lowering herself onto my mouth and you start sucking and biting her tits. You begin cumming as she sucks on your clit while slipping a finger into your pussy with my cock. She pauses and takes your clit into her mouth as I push into your ass slowly, letting you adjust to my cock opening you up. We are brought back to the moment as you feel Sara's fingers sliding into you pussy and searching for your G Spot while her other hand starts playing with my balls.

Unintentionally Streaking

fetish TwilightSkys 2017-12-04

I frequently slept nude on such nights, and walking around the house naked wasn't a big deal if it was just me and the dog. As I stood pondering this question I suddenly became aware that an attractive woman officer was behind me, bending my hands behind my back, and cuffing me before I had a chance to even think of resisting. There she stood me facing the headlights which fully illuminated my naked body for anyone driving by or looking out of a window to see what was going on. A gleeful smile and coy "What do we have here?" alerted me to the fact that Officer Bustos wasn't the only female cop interested in some late-night excitement at the expense of the poor naked guy.


fetish blackcoffeerealist 2017-11-16

Sitting on duty in his squad car, drinking coffee, a police officer checked his watch. I can spread them farther if you'd like that, officer." He looked her in the eyes as she spread her legs apart a little more. Removing his hand, she smiled as she slowly inserted it inside of her, closing her eyes just enough to enjoy how good it felt, but also to see how much he was enjoying watching her. He saw that there were no cars coming at the moment, so he quickly leaned down to bite her neck, and she dropped his nightstick. Wanting him, and not wanting a ticket, she grabbed his ass and rammed him inside of her hard and fast and moaned, "That's how I like it, officer.