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Belonging To Ms. Tery Ch. 01

fetish CamScorp 2018-09-20

My girlfriend Cathy was starting to get tired of me and my fetish for her feet and shoes. I looked down at her boots and wanted to fall to the floor and lick them. "If you're going to stare at my boots with hungry eyes, I think it fair I give you the opportunity to lick them." She said. It isn't enough he is submissive to you, but you won't reward him." Ms. Tery said. This was the toe on her left foot, the one that Ms. Tery had used to defeat Cathy. I looked up and could see she was wearing her mask and had on a shiny black half body suit.

Halloween's Birthday Bootie Bash

fetish naughtychanteusez 2018-07-17

"I want to be treated like your wench, taken over your pirates knee, my dress lifted and given a good birthday spanking that we both will remember!" Una was greeted by a loud outburst of children all dressed in various costumes, screaming "trick-or-treat." She handed each candy and warned them to be on the look out for pirates roaming the streets. Brad pushed her over the couch; parting her bloomers, he began to spank the bare flesh of her behind. "She getting a whipping, before I make her walk the plank," Brad said taking a few quick steps back toward the couch landing a sharp smack across Una's behind. Closing the door behind the parade, Brad turned to see Una grinding her pelvis against the arm of the chair.

Mermaid Movie

fetish Francine-frcxa 2017-11-30

Russell Thatcher, producing a low-budget movie, had called on Tim with a very simple request; he needed six models who would be costumed as mermaids and would serve as a kind of background scenery for a sequence he intended to shoot. "I know about what a mermaid costume is going to look like, so I guess that explains the no-bra bit; but I don't understand why I need to come with my bladder so darned full! We need models who can look like mermaids, but they also have to be able to hold a lot of pee for a long time, and we can't take a chance on you not being able to do it next Friday.

The Perfect Sex Robot Ch. 03

fetish gmikeisbad 2017-10-28

I cannot open my left hand with the zip tie holding down my fingers around the fairy wand and I am fiddling with it as heat builds in my red face. I start singing and feel my arms get heavy holding the pole and the shopping bad in one hand and waving my fairy wand above my head in the other. I could not open my left hand, it was still stuck tight around the fairy wand so I was trying to hold the coins and pick up more with the same hand. Genie asked me to move my puffy fairy sleeve out of the way as it was blocking the Skype camera on the phone.

Disney is Where Dreams Come True

fetish nymphononymous 2017-10-17

She grabbed the shaft in both hands and took his jewels in her mouth, scrotum and all. His arousal dripped from the tip of his cock, into her hands and onto her forehead as she alternately rolled his balls in her mouth, sucked on them with much gusto and nibbled playfully on the skin. His head cocked to the side as she reached down, blushing furiously and breathing heavily, and parted the lips of her pussy wide for him to see. She screamed in ecstasy, her hands involuntarily grabbing his wrists for support as he pushed his cock into her hot depths. And she only loved it more, as she felt his hot semen coating the walls of her happy little pussy, and probably squirting deep inside her womb.