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Band Parents Ch. 04

fetish BillyBobJoeEd 2017-12-12

"I'm sorry you had to find out like that," I said, and I really meant it, "but why aren't you angry?" I knew that discovering my affair with Linda by reading an email to me must have hit Lily pretty hard. Plus, I know when she's riding me this way that it's an open invitation to play with her ass, so once she established a steady pace on my cock, I moved my hands to her buttocks and began to spread them apart with my thumbs. Lily, for her part, leaned down and began to lick our combined goo off my cock, moaning contentedly around my rapidly deflating cock, occasionally commenting about how much she loved the taste and asking me if I liked licking up the cum that was running out of her pussy.

Spying On My Neighbor Ch. 04

fetish Sodomite 2017-11-18

"Get cleaned up and meet me at your car, I will explain everything on the way back to your house" I said as I watched her try to pull herself together. After I unloaded my cum in your ass and I started to soften, I just relaxed and emptied my bladder into your well fucked anus." As I described this my neighbor started rubbing her pussy right there in front of me. I'm not sure if she could feel it, or if it was just the thought of me filling her ass with my hot cum, but my neighbor started to cum at the same time as me. My neighbor stopped rubbing her pussy and started to slide her ass off of my cock.