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A Surprise Ass-Fucking In Panties Part 3

fetish hummmph 2018-11-01

I feel a little uncomfortable and strained but that all disappears as Emmy buries her face between my ass cheeks and starts to lick my asshole. “Oh Humph, you do look good with your cum on your face, and those panties, oh my well they have been through a lot haven’t they?” She says with a caring whisper as she lets me slip back down onto the bed. She takes a moment to collect up the beads of cum from my face and wipe them on the panties in my mouth before leaning in and giving it all a big slow lick while looking me straight in my eyes.

Some English

fetish Theladder45 2018-09-15

She would always wear flesh toned nylons and that could quickly turn me on if I paid them any attention, which wasn't helped by her taking off her heels to walk the class in her nylon covered feet. "Not really, It's just I haven't really had a spectacular day." Over time I've learned that these talks go faster when I tell the truth, teachers always seem to see through the bullshit, or maybe I'm just not that good of a bullshiter. "Yes Miss Hallingsworth," I said, quickly pulling out my shaft and getting to work on lubricating her fruit flavored arches. "Yes Miss Hallingsworth," I said and put on her sexy flesh toned nylons and headed for the door.

La Rose Ch. 02

fetish Artemis_Daniels 2018-09-13

Madame Wolfe handed me the letter. Any courtesan of Company House got that look only once. In a similar hand was written Charles von Black II. I leaned back on my chair, closed my eyes and finished off. He stroaked me a few more times, wetting it up with it's natural lube and spit, I could hear him working it before he leaned back and allowed me to enter him. Both his hands went onto my breasts and he played and leaned on them, stimulating my arousal further. His hand touched my cheek as he licked whatever it was off of my face and looked into my eyes. I picked up the letter after I wiped my hand clean.

Lingerie Does Make the Man

fetish lingerielover 2018-07-23

As the women were leaving the house, my wife turned around and said to me that I better not change clothes or masturbate while they went back to work, otherwise I would have hell to pay. "Looks like he has been a good little sissy" said my wife "look at that tent he has in his gown and since it takes him at least 8 hours to get hard again, I know he didn't masturbate and he is still wearing the same clothes." I don't know how long Stacy went at it but my ass was on fire and I wanted to cum so bad that she must have hit the right spot because cum started going all over my stomach and my chest.

Living Next Door To Dee

fetish wellworn 2018-07-02

You're thinking, I wish I could catch a glimpse of her panties and give a suave little wink that would turn her to jelly and have her begging to suck my cock in 5 seconds flat. I was surprised it was Dee. She made sure I didn't mind her calling this early, but thought I'd like to know that they had electric hot water next door and I was welcome to come across anytime for a hot shower. As I turned off the shower and stepped out and started to towel myself dry, the bathroom door opened and in stepped Dee. I couldn't believe it, she was dressed in just a skimpy little lace bra, garters and stockings and matching silk french knickers that I could not help but recognize.

Behavior Modification Institute Ch. 09

fetish NancyPan 2018-06-24

Ms. Jensen was there and dismissed Nurse Pyre after thanking her for being a nanny to "baby Tommy." Before she left Nurse Pyre gave me a peck on the cheek while she grabbed my balls and gave them a little squeeze, "I hope you learned your lesson, Tom. You must control yourself." Soon you'll be quite familiar with all of these training stations as you'll be spending plenty of time here over the next couple days." She stopped in front of the first cubicle, then continued, "This is a cunninglus training station, Tom, She lifted a rubber replica of a woman's lower torso and legs and spread the legs to show that the device had a very realistic-looking pussy.


fetish collegecavewriter20 2018-06-15

Alexander went to speak with a girl in the smaller room and after depositing her bag behind a couch Allison led Kyle by the hand into the larger one. He looked at Allison and held her gaze and their eye contact didn't break, not even when Alexander put his penis between them and pushed their faces toward it. If you even try to wipe that off your face before leaving I will beat the shit out of you." Afraid of enraging Alexander (no one is grumpier than a guy who just ejaculated) Kyle and Allison stood up and quickly made their way out of the room and down the stairs and out the door, not even pausing to gather Kyle's clothes.

Adam's Lover(s) Ch. 03

fetish brian_maggie 2018-06-12

Maggie latched on to Adam as soon as we got there and trying to be useful I went to the bar to order drinks. Maggie looked over long enough to take her beer before falling back into conversation with Adam. Because the bar was crowded it wasn't obvious want was going on but I saw Greg take a look and knew that he was seeing what I was seeing. But after touching and being touched by a man as strong and powerful as Adam I realized how hard it would be not to enjoy the pleasures Maggie always spoke of. Like Maggie I now needed to feel a strong hard cock deep inside me.

La Rose

fetish Artemis_Daniels 2018-06-06

A gentleman, I thought rolling my eyes in my head. His hand embraced the curves my neck, my crimson hair pinned up on my head, some curls falling onto my ivory shoulders. I wanted to reveal my terrible burden to him, but I knew I couldn't. "You look very noble, Sir." I didn't mean to judge to I lowered my head. Clear as a beautiful day, his flaxen hair looking like wheat in a field and i was in this feild with this man inside of me, pleasuring me, making me feel like a person, loved and desired. I placed my hands on his chest and played with his nipples as he continued to dominate me with his massive cock.

Janet Helps the Fantasy

fetish vinceh23 2018-06-01

After about ten minutes, Janet raised herself on her elbow, looked at me and said, "thank you, panty boy, I sure did enjoy that." She put her hand down to her swollen labia, stuck a few fingers in her vagina and brought the sweet nectar to her lips, tasting it and commenting, "I sure enjoyed that." Repeating the action she then put her fingers in my mouth, "I just know how much you like that. I do as I'm told and Janet then stands over my face, legs apart and tells me to look up her skirt, saying "I know what men like to do. I stand there, bra filled with tits, panties tight with my erections, and starting to leak a little pre cum.

You're So Fired

fetish miniwritessmut 2018-04-04

Michael stood there, unsure what to do, until Candy pointed to the door at the far end of the room and told him that he could change into something a little more comfortable if he so chose. She took hold of the metal hose and crawled across the bed as he once again strained to get away -- "Good, work up an appetite," she said -- and fed the tube into his open mouth. Michelle felt sick, like she never wanted to eat again, and as if to prove there was no god, Candy informed him that he was almost a third finished! Michelle heard the door open and saw Candy walk back, blushing and looking extremely embarrassed and upset.

The Mistress Reward

fetish stain69less 2018-04-01

"I distinctly recall telling you to wear male clothes and you show up in my presence wearing a slutty crotchless panty." She reached behind his head with both hands and pulled him closer while pushing her hips into him forcing the cock deep into his throat. Here he lay secured to the bench with absolutely no escape possible and a male cock was fucking his mouth, his balls slapping on Brie's chin, and the pleasurable feeling of Mistress's strapon stroking his ass and prostate. The door shut and in a panicked voice Brie said, "the key, the bag." The sound of the lock being engaged could be heard and a shiver went through Brie's body as he stood there still wearing the collar and leash, the wig, the bodystocking, the chastity device, and a bittersweet taste in his mouth.

Paying Trudi

fetish OpenMouth 2018-03-05

Had they expected me to stop? I climbed into bed and started to fantasize, masturbating sporadically at the thought of actually going through with it. Expect to pay about £30-£50 for full sex.' Now I have a plan, and my heart pounds at the thought of going through with it. No thanks, I'm just off, now..." I put the car in gear and drive off. I stop and she approaches. "I'm sorry," I manage, my heart thumping. Naughteh boy... "Sorry..." "Just tell meh if I'm talking too much..." She pulls up a swivel chair. You're a dirteh boy. The smell? I hurry to the bathroom and get out of the slut gear, cleaning myself up with a towel. He's clean,"

My Mistress is My Wife Ch. 02

fetish slavetohiswife 2018-02-09

"Yes Mistress, I am your little sissy slut, to do with as you please." I said it as a wave of humiliation washed over me, which only caused my caged cock to strain again. You will show me how much of a little sissy slut you can be.", Mistress couldn't help but rub her nipples as she said this. "Much better you little sissy slut." She said as she sat on the bed in front of me and forced her foot inside my mouth to the point it was causing me to gag a little. "Now fuck yourself, hard and fast you dirty little cock loving sissy slut, but close your eyes while you do it.", Mistress demanded.

Operation Pucks and Panties Pt. 01

fetish JPantyboyVSL 2018-01-17

I was afraid what the women inside the store would think of a 25 year old guy walking into a Victoria's Secret store all by himself, and shopping for panties for that matter. Once inside the mall I took a deep breath and decided to face my fears and walk into Victoria's Secret for the first time ever (on my own). I had finally decided it was time to stop hiding my panty fetish love by buying them in person in store, rather than buying them online. My advice to any man who loves panties is to grow a pair, (no matter what size your dick is), and to face your fears by going into a Victoria's Secret store, and start buying your panties in person.

Study Abroad Bisexual Threesome Ch. 02

fetish faneuilwrites 2017-12-23

I wasn't attracted to Jack in the way that I was attracted to Jessica, but sucking his cock felt amazing. What Jessica could not have known was that I secretly loved wearing panties since I first noticed girls wearing sexy thongs and bikinis in high school. Jessica eventually slipped my cock out of the side of my panties and started gently stroking as we continued kissing. "Mmm, what a talented tongue you have my sexy little lover girl." I could tell she was getting off on being dominate as much as I was on being submissive. "That's it, baby," she whispered, "now open your mouth and stick out your tongue like a good girl."

A Fantasy Night Exposed Ch. 01

fetish tfrah 2017-12-21

I had agreed to dress up in my wife's clothes and let her tie me to our bed and leave me alone, bound and helpless in our bedroom while she went next door to entertain one of her new girlfriends from work. With my arms tied to each bed post I could do nothing to hide how embarrassingly aroused I was - nothing to hide how much I really did love being dressed up as a girl nor how excited I was by the possibility that at any moment my wife might open that door and let some unknown girl walk in and see what a dirty kinky sissy slut her husband really was!

The Pantyboy Diaries Ch. 01

fetish JPantyboyVSL 2017-11-21

When he got on the train, he was still wearing the hot pink Hiphugger panty that he bought at Victoria's Secret. Sydney had somehow arranged for all of the women sitting in the car to be seated all the way in the back where Jaymie had to begin his march. The other woman whispered "You really do look good in pink, pantyboy" she said and gave Jaymie's rock hard cock a little tug through his Amtrak panties.. Further down the line was the conductor, Zoe, who originally gave Sydney Jaymie's Amtrak panties before his march. Sydney then pulled down her yoga pants a little bit, unveiling bright red panties, which immediately caused a tent to form in Jaymie's crotch.

Loaned Out

fetish Valsslut 2017-11-20

As Ma'am fucked my face she pushed a valve on the cock and it started leaking out cum shooting its load in my mouth and on my face. At that point Ma'am stopped long enough to take a pic on her phone of my cum covered face and the cock in my mouth and send it to Lady Valerie. i couldn't see what happened next but I felt it as Ma'am lubed up my ass pussy with my own milking and started to force her new cock into me. i felt a pop as she got the head of a very large toy into me and started fucking hard.

Steve's Maid

fetish Mixedwritings1993 2017-11-05

He pulled down his shorts slowly and started to rub on his cock shaft, closing his eyes while imagining a German girl, with a name tag on her, Tulip wearing a maid's uniform cleaning his room. Her finger tip trailed all over his bare chest, descending down slowly, just to make the little boy shiver while waiting for the moment to come, when she will touch his cock, for the first time, who was looking away at the time, when she played with her nails all over his hairless chest and down to tummy while she had a sadistic smile engraved on her lips the whole time.

Lingerie Dream?

fetish lingerielover 2017-10-21

I noticed a bag on the bed, and I started to walk over there to see what was inside, but she stopped me and told me to take a shower. She then instructed me to lay on my back, at which time she started slowly kissing my body. She then had me roll over on to my back and pull up my gown to around my neck at which time she told me to start stroking myself. I didn't know until she woke up and asked me if I really enjoyed the night before, and then I looked down and noticed the lingerie laying on the floor.