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Operation Pucks and Panties Pt. 01

fetish JPantyboyVSL 2018-01-17

I was afraid what the women inside the store would think of a 25 year old guy walking into a Victoria's Secret store all by himself, and shopping for panties for that matter. Once inside the mall I took a deep breath and decided to face my fears and walk into Victoria's Secret for the first time ever (on my own). I had finally decided it was time to stop hiding my panty fetish love by buying them in person in store, rather than buying them online. My advice to any man who loves panties is to grow a pair, (no matter what size your dick is), and to face your fears by going into a Victoria's Secret store, and start buying your panties in person.

The Pantyboy Diaries Ch. 01

fetish JPantyboyVSL 2017-11-21

When he got on the train, he was still wearing the hot pink Hiphugger panty that he bought at Victoria's Secret. Sydney had somehow arranged for all of the women sitting in the car to be seated all the way in the back where Jaymie had to begin his march. The other woman whispered "You really do look good in pink, pantyboy" she said and gave Jaymie's rock hard cock a little tug through his Amtrak panties.. Further down the line was the conductor, Zoe, who originally gave Sydney Jaymie's Amtrak panties before his march. Sydney then pulled down her yoga pants a little bit, unveiling bright red panties, which immediately caused a tent to form in Jaymie's crotch.