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Lingerie Does Make the Man

fetish lingerielover 2018-07-23

As the women were leaving the house, my wife turned around and said to me that I better not change clothes or masturbate while they went back to work, otherwise I would have hell to pay. "Looks like he has been a good little sissy" said my wife "look at that tent he has in his gown and since it takes him at least 8 hours to get hard again, I know he didn't masturbate and he is still wearing the same clothes." I don't know how long Stacy went at it but my ass was on fire and I wanted to cum so bad that she must have hit the right spot because cum started going all over my stomach and my chest.

Lingerie Dream?

fetish lingerielover 2017-10-21

I noticed a bag on the bed, and I started to walk over there to see what was inside, but she stopped me and told me to take a shower. She then instructed me to lay on my back, at which time she started slowly kissing my body. She then had me roll over on to my back and pull up my gown to around my neck at which time she told me to start stroking myself. I didn't know until she woke up and asked me if I really enjoyed the night before, and then I looked down and noticed the lingerie laying on the floor.