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Big Ben

fetish SizeQueenSupreme 2018-12-04

“I’m looking for Big Ben.” I said. “A dildo…” I gasped, looking up at Big Ben. My face flushed deep crimson with embarrassment as Aaron Black laughed and laughed. “No.” Said Aaron Black. Just as I was hoping he might cum as quickly from that, Aaron Black looked down at me with genuine pity on his face. “Holy shit!” Said Ben, taking Aaron’ cock in. “You said you wanted it.” Said Black as he placed his head inside my back door. “What did I say about giving me orders?” He said spanking my ass and thrusting harder. He pounded me with a savagery that I couldn’t describe, like each thrust was meant to punish me for wasting his time with such a tiny cock in his home.

A Wife's Lover, His Boss

fetish keptsissy 2018-11-29

I was amazed at how wet it made me to talk like that, to think about actually being with another man and treating my husband as a submissive house slave. I felt his finger run in and out of me, remember thinking that no man had ever done that to me before, his cum all over me, still in my mouth. I was getting almost as wet treating my husband like this as I was with Alan's finger up my ass. I remember hearing my husband's voice break, almost to tears as I went into the bathroom and started to clean up and do my makeup.

Cuckold , a real life lesson

fetish woreout 2018-11-28

My wife noitced me looking at their legs and told me before we get started talking you had better go get the chastity cage she had laid out on her dresser. I did as I was told and my wife said I knew you where beganing to get hard from looking g at our legs. Not being a bit shy Beth took hold of my caged cock and snapped the lock closed. My wife told her that if she wanted to cuckold Walt she needed to learn to dress the part. My wife told Beth that Billy should be over soon and if she wanted to stay she could watch them fuck.

College SPH

fetish J902213 2018-11-27

Alex whispered to me "If you wanna fuck Lilly tonight you're gonna have to be more confident, order something strong but don't get wasted." Not good enough for that woman, I just watched as Lilly couldn't stop laughing."There's no way I'm fucking that, but I guess I can give you something else, trust me you'll enjoy it but first let me get picture." "You're a very sweet guy, that's what makes me want you as my boyfriend but because you'll never please me with that stub I need some one else, like Rob." She began to caress Rob's huge cock. After my eighth load Rob finally pulled out his huge cock and release a giant load all over a Lilly and even I got a fair bit on my face and body.

If The Shoe Fits

fetish Footwriter 2018-11-24

It was only day before yesterday he had come home to find her sitting alone, half dressed, admiring a new pair of sexy flat shoes she’d just bought. The following morning Loren informed him of her new and vindictive intention to wear what she seemed to perceive as sexless flip-flops, on a daily basis, even to the dress-up party later that night, since, she said, Jerry didn’t seem to care. In front of an old friend, Charlie, Loren again teased about removing her footwear, and with the help of Charlie’s wife, Lily, did just that later on. “Come on, Lor, what’s wrong?” Jerry asked, as he took Loren’s stockinged feet into his hands and began a gentle massage. I don’t want you touching my legs or my feet again, Jerry.

Spring time cuckolding

fetish woreout 2018-11-24

She said well I need a strong man to fuck me but since you are the only one here I need you to put these news rings in my pussy lips for me. Yeah she said I want to start stretching my piercings so every 6 months I'm going to buy a thicker gauge. she said I told him I have a cuckold husband at home and the only time he gets to see and touch my female parts is when I allow him to do the new rings. I had to push the new thicker gauge rings through the small hole , it wasn't that hard and my wife being as tuff as she is never complained once.

A New Lover

fetish keptsissy 2018-11-22

"You know, when you have your little jealous moments, after I've been with my boyfriend for what you think is too long a time, like when I spent last weekend with him, I put up with that. She starts to rub her other hand softly over the head of my erect and wet penis, in tiny slow moving circular motion. She starts to run her hand over me like she does when she wants me to cum. "I know it turns you on to hear your dirty little wife talk dirty like this. I feel her slap my face hard, her other hand patiently holding my cum in it.

Chastity with Ex as Keyholder Ch. 05

fetish chastity_sissy 2018-11-21

You have to understand that not having an orgasm for over a week doesn't sound like a long time, and I'm sure I've gone longer than that without wearing a chastity device. Under her watchful eye, I did as she said and managed to lock the device back onto my cock, which instantly tested the confines of the cage trying to get hard. "I think when I come over from now on, we should keep a little saucer under your cock to catch all that precum I know you drip everywhere, especially now after being locked up for two weeks. All the while, I was licking her feet and smelling her pantyhose, completely incapable of getting an erection, my cock aggressively pressing against its cage.

Dominant Wife, 'Counseling' Program

fetish keptsissy 2018-11-21

My wife has become the perfect Dominatrix and both of us 'house boys' are completely addicted to the way she keeps and treats us. Don't think that I don't know you've tried to talk her out of having me as her full-time lover, her live-in slave. You know I did, Ma'am.' He moans softly as she does what she loves to do with her sex toy slave boy. Now tell me what bothers you, other than the fact that I fuck your boss, have a beautiful twenty-something insatiable sex slave in our house regularly, and keep your little dick locked up tight." Think about the way I treat you, what I fucking give to you, wouldn't you be masturbating a hundred times a day if you could?

Cherry Manning My Ebony Goddess

fetish footlover95 2018-11-19

“You heard, wank for me or you will never get to suck my toes again,” she said with a smile on her face. “Next time I tell you to do something, make sure you do it,” she said whilst squeezing my balls harder. “That’s a good boy, wank faster but make sure you ask me before you cum,” she said. “That better, it’s time for your punishment,” she said whilst lifting her feet to my mouth. I replied, “Thank you Mistress for letting me worship your feet,” with cum on my face. “If you don’t want me to send those pictures to anyone you will do what I tell you,” she said with a smile on her face.

Cuckolding Hubby

fetish porscha 2018-11-18

After all my research, I did a search of Steven's computer for the word cuckold, low and behold, I was greeted by dozens of pictures, and articles in a sub directory under program files called simply; cuk. Turning off Steven's computer, I retreated to our bed room, and got out my little pink vibrator, and proceeded to give myself half a dozen orgasms! When Steven got home that night, things pretty much went as usual; dinner, a little TV, and then off to bed. I quickly retreated back up stairs to our bed room, and by the time Steven got in bed, I was breathing normally, and I appeared to still be asleep. The hours passed slowly, but just before it was time for Steven to leave work and head home, I got ready.

A Marriage Redefined Ch. 03

fetish sotto 2018-11-13

Diana was also naked and she had her legs wrapped around his waist and her hands gripped his shoulders. As I looked closely I could see that Diana held a string in her hand, later I realized it was looped around the base of Seth's penis and served as a cock ring. I couldn't stop myself from saying "I love you Mistress Diana." "I know you do." She responded with a softened even kindly tone. As I moved to her legs Diana handed me a razor and without a word I grabbed the can of shaving cream. She placed her left foot on my shoulder as I rinsed her right leg with the hand held shower.

Zainab’s Foot Lesson

fetish footlover95 2018-11-13

I took her feet into my hands and started to smell them, I let out a moan and she knew I was going to blow. The next day I had a business lesson with Zainab and the rest of my class; it was going to be torture not being able to touch or smell her beautiful caramel toes. Everybody started to look at me, Zainab quickly pulled her feet away and asked “Are you okay?”, innocently with a smile on her face. Once the entire class had left the room, she started to laugh and said, “Had a good lesson?” She asked knowing the answer. I dropped to the floor and picked up her feet and shoved them in my mouth, “That’s a good boy," she said.

Humiliated By Our Guests

fetish SissyHubby 2018-11-11

"Look Chad," Alexa said, "I'm not saying your 3 inch toy is the smallest pecker in the world, but Kate used to joke that she should be a theatre major with all the acting she does in bed. "Tell you what," Kate snapped, "Alexa, Philipe and I are going to the bedroom, you do whatever you want." Alexa and Philipe were making out, and I started to kiss Kate when she stopped me. I was used to Kate insisting I was totally naked before she would even think of taking a sock off, but this caused Philipe and Alexa to stop and stare. I felt Kate's hand squeezing my cock as Alexa placed a well-lubed index finger in my ass.

Choose your fetish wisely

fetish Whitebeard 2018-11-09

“What delightful housework is my sweet cuckold doing on his day off work?” Mary said, surveying the mess of clothes spread across the children's beds. I got a second job when you said you wanted to give up work to be with the kids. I can't work two jobs to have my kids looked after by some random nanny when Leonard wants to screw you. I know I said I wanted me time with the kids, but I wish you were here." She reached for her phone, held it up in the air above them both and took a picture clearly showing the words on her skin and Simon hard at work between her legs.

Steph's Descent Ch 07

fetish fitzythemartian 2018-11-07

Fitz wanting to tattoo her always did. Fitz stencilled the Gemini tattoo and began to ink it in. Fitz had tattooed her a number of times and had plans to cover her in his work. Amanda loved needle play and Steph had turned into a pain slut. They looked a little like Steph and Amanda. Steph was wet from the tattooing so Fitz could slip right in. “I’m falling in love with your cock, Fitz. A friend of his, a fellow tattoo artist was visiting from interstate and he wanted Steph to meet him. Lucifer plunged his tattooed cock into her wet, waiting hole. After about four orgasms Lucifer came again, this time painting the walls of her cunt with his hot cum.

A Very Special Marriage

fetish keptsissy 2018-11-04

I told her just over a year ago that I wanted to be her full time house husband and slave. "When you told me you wanted me to fuck another man, confided your fantasy to me, who'd have thought we'd be on this path. He wanted my pussy by my lover wouldn't let him have me that way, only my mouth and my butt. I felt the dread and apprehension of going into to face my boss on Monday, face him for the first time knowing that he knows all about me and my submissive role in my marriage, knowing he is my wife's and now my by default Master.

Chastity with Ex as Keyholder Ch. 06

fetish chastity_sissy 2018-11-04

I would have thought it completely entertaining for my hot Ex and her hot friends to have some random guy all dressed up as a maid serving drinks to everyone at a Halloween party. And there I was, dressed up as a maid, locked in chastity, licking the high heels of my Ex's hot friend in front of an entire crowd of people. And with that, I had to face the realization that I would finally meet the man with the cock who was currently fucking my Ex...while I was locked up in chastity...unable to get hard or have an orgasm...at least until my Ex said it was allowed.

In the Water

fetish AlexBird22029 2018-10-31

There were a lot of rumours about black guys and the size of their dicks and, as I sat pressed against Leo, feeling his gentlest touch sending shivers through my entire body, I wondered whether they were true. I felt like his cock would be pushing out of the front of my stomach but when I looked my flat stomach gave nothing away, but the disappearance of the black shape in the water underneath me spoke volumes. Leo tensed underneath me, pushing his cock as deep as it would go into my pussy and I felt it pulsing as he shot wave after wave of hot cum right into my tight, fertile, unprotected pussy.

Getting To Know the Family

fetish Quietoldie 2018-10-05

After tea Pam says she wants to speak to Fred on his own so they go in the other room. After the meal I help Linda with the washing up whilst Fred and Pam walk round to the off licence to buy wine. There has been an increased need to masturbate with the thoughts of Pam and Linda taking it in every orifice with Fred and his mates playing on my mind. Shortly before it's time to go Pam says she wants to talk to Fred on his own leaving me in the living room with Linda and the boys. oh god, you like to lick Fred's cum from my pussy lips." Finally I stick my tongue into her, and begin to suck the juices directly from the source.

How I Became a Cuckold

fetish Rjt72088 2018-10-05

This time when she got home she told me to eat her pussy. When I asked why she did that she said "Brian thought it would be hot" that night I realized my wife was no longer mine. It has now been 6 months since our first encounter, my wife and Brian fuck a minimum of 3 times a week sometimes he leaves work early to fuck her and I have to stay and do his work. She put me in a chastity device after he suggested it and I have to ask permission to fuck my own wife and when he does allow me to fuck her I have to wear a condom.

Girlfriend Finally Cuckolds Pt. 02

fetish writemarksmith 2018-10-03

She asked me to pick out a nice outfit for Steve, and I chose a tight blue dress I always think she looks hot in. Steve said he had not had a good look at Val's ass except in the picture I had sent and asked her to show him. After our meal I left to go to the bathroom, and when I came back I could see Steve had his hand on Val's leg. He looked at me this time, his hand apparently now stroking Val's bare leg and asked 'wouldn't you like that?'. When we left the restaurant Steve shook my hand and looked me in the eye, the kissed Val on the lips and opened the door for her to get in our taxi.

College Cuckold

fetish geoffelectron88 2018-10-03

The audience, a mix of white female undergraduates from the Women's Studies program and the young black male Community Center organizers, murmured in agreement. I scanned the crowd and saw that the white women were flushed with embarrassment (or possibly arousal) and the black men were nodding with approval and trading jokes back and forth. Radical cuckolding is a state of emotional attachment and financial support for white women who will only breed with black men." I choked out this last line as I saw girls in the audience snickering and others nodding.

Black Nation Ch. 01

fetish tunnel00vision 2018-10-01

A cord locked to his chastity cage ensured that he wouldn't be able to unhook himself until his owner wanted, so he was forced to sit there and keep his eyes on the screen to avoid the punishment shocks. She managed to convince the school board to let her keep this slave—it was uncommon, but not rare, for whitegirls to have whiteboy slaves to make their lives comfortable and help in their life goals of pleasing superior blacks—so they set him aside for her on graduation day (though part of the deal was that she had to lend him to them periodically for personal help, cleaning and maintenance around the school, and as a bottom for torture demonstrations).