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College SPH

fetish J902213 2018-11-27

Alex whispered to me "If you wanna fuck Lilly tonight you're gonna have to be more confident, order something strong but don't get wasted." Not good enough for that woman, I just watched as Lilly couldn't stop laughing."There's no way I'm fucking that, but I guess I can give you something else, trust me you'll enjoy it but first let me get picture." "You're a very sweet guy, that's what makes me want you as my boyfriend but because you'll never please me with that stub I need some one else, like Rob." She began to caress Rob's huge cock. After my eighth load Rob finally pulled out his huge cock and release a giant load all over a Lilly and even I got a fair bit on my face and body.

Chastity with Ex as Keyholder Ch. 05

fetish chastity_sissy 2018-11-21

You have to understand that not having an orgasm for over a week doesn't sound like a long time, and I'm sure I've gone longer than that without wearing a chastity device. Under her watchful eye, I did as she said and managed to lock the device back onto my cock, which instantly tested the confines of the cage trying to get hard. "I think when I come over from now on, we should keep a little saucer under your cock to catch all that precum I know you drip everywhere, especially now after being locked up for two weeks. All the while, I was licking her feet and smelling her pantyhose, completely incapable of getting an erection, my cock aggressively pressing against its cage.

Chastity with Ex as Keyholder Ch. 06

fetish chastity_sissy 2018-11-04

I would have thought it completely entertaining for my hot Ex and her hot friends to have some random guy all dressed up as a maid serving drinks to everyone at a Halloween party. And there I was, dressed up as a maid, locked in chastity, licking the high heels of my Ex's hot friend in front of an entire crowd of people. And with that, I had to face the realization that I would finally meet the man with the cock who was currently fucking my Ex...while I was locked up in chastity...unable to get hard or have an orgasm...at least until my Ex said it was allowed.

Getting To Know the Family

fetish Quietoldie 2018-10-05

After tea Pam says she wants to speak to Fred on his own so they go in the other room. After the meal I help Linda with the washing up whilst Fred and Pam walk round to the off licence to buy wine. There has been an increased need to masturbate with the thoughts of Pam and Linda taking it in every orifice with Fred and his mates playing on my mind. Shortly before it's time to go Pam says she wants to talk to Fred on his own leaving me in the living room with Linda and the boys. oh god, you like to lick Fred's cum from my pussy lips." Finally I stick my tongue into her, and begin to suck the juices directly from the source.

Girlfriend Finally Cuckolds Pt. 02

fetish writemarksmith 2018-10-03

She asked me to pick out a nice outfit for Steve, and I chose a tight blue dress I always think she looks hot in. Steve said he had not had a good look at Val's ass except in the picture I had sent and asked her to show him. After our meal I left to go to the bathroom, and when I came back I could see Steve had his hand on Val's leg. He looked at me this time, his hand apparently now stroking Val's bare leg and asked 'wouldn't you like that?'. When we left the restaurant Steve shook my hand and looked me in the eye, the kissed Val on the lips and opened the door for her to get in our taxi.

College Cuckold

fetish geoffelectron88 2018-10-03

The audience, a mix of white female undergraduates from the Women's Studies program and the young black male Community Center organizers, murmured in agreement. I scanned the crowd and saw that the white women were flushed with embarrassment (or possibly arousal) and the black men were nodding with approval and trading jokes back and forth. Radical cuckolding is a state of emotional attachment and financial support for white women who will only breed with black men." I choked out this last line as I saw girls in the audience snickering and others nodding.

Happy Hotife In The Gym

fetish velvetdesire 2018-09-30

Trevor had grabbed one of the gym's skipping ropes and was now using this to tie Eugene's hands to the treadmill. I looked Jack in his blue eyes while I started stroking his muscled chest with my left hand. I kneeled down and grabbed Trevor's hard cock in my left hand and Jack's huge shaft in my right hand. Both men did not slow down and I felt Trevor's delicious black cock thrusting my pussy as I came into a mind-blowing orgasm. I could feel how Trevor's sperm was starting to leak out of my pussy, as I looked at my husband. I left Eugene with a sticky face and a mouth full of cum from a huge black cock.

Caught By My Mother-In-law

fetish mingeeter 2018-09-25

Telling me that I was a sick dirty boy for wanting to taste and smell the slick juices of a 73 year old suppressed slut, the very thought of my nose being stuck in crusty panties made her old pussy slick with her arousal. I did as I was told Heather stood up and walked over to me abusing me calling me a dirty filthy pervert for sniffing and licking Barbara's dirty smelly panties whilst masturbating.

Cuckolded with a Coworker

fetish NursePoundCake 2018-09-20

I know it's because you're ready to freak out on me, but at the same time you're turned on by the idea of me getting my holes torn up by another mans huge cock I don't have anyone in mind but I'm sure that I could find someone-maybe someone from work, a random person who we meet out, or perhaps someone of your choosing-someone who I know makes you feel inadequate. I'm not listening, instead I'm thinking about what he looks like naked and how not too long from now I'm going to feel his big, strong hands on my body. I put the strap on back on and start fucking your ass hard and deep.

Camping Memory

fetish Anal_Ally 2018-09-11

They got quite aggressive when sad sack said he didn't want to play, which I'm sure was just a ruse because they were lovely guys really. "Let's peg him out!" I suggested and we carried sad sack, one scrawny limb each, out of the tent and used guy ropes to tie his wrists and ankles and then pegged him to the ground in a star shape. The cool thing about tents is that sound travels and I made sure sad sack got to hear plenty of orgasmic moans from his wife being fucked by other men. I fucked all three guys in that tent, hugely aroused by their comments and the image of sad sack lying listening to my pleasure, covered in piss.

Big New World

fetish AronB 2018-09-07

I pulled into the Starbucks parking lot, driving past blue and green reserved spots, before finally finding a decent parking spot. She said nothing and grabbed me by the hand, pulling me through the parking lot behind her. Blues didn't have to wear tags, greens had a lot of flexibility, yellows would get a small fine, oranges get heavy fines, and reds could get jail time. We walked down the stairs, past tall guys with blue or green tags flirting and talking with various people. She instantly got to work on my semihard dick, sucking it bottom to top like a pro. they made me fuck her, and recorded my dick slapping against the sides of her gaped pussy as I thrusted ineffectually.

Foot Cuckold for Isha

fetish cuck_for_isha 2018-09-05

mai isha teri maalkin hun aur tu mera paaltu kutta hai... apni maalkin isha ke pairon ko tere chote se lund ko hilate hue dekhkar? fir rahul tu apna lund hilate hue apni maalkin isha ke joote chaat chaat ke chaat chaat ke saaf karta rahega aur atul mujhe paglo ki tarah apni randi banake chodta rahega... atul ko mujhe chodte hue dekhkar tera lund aur zyaada hard ho jaayega na!! She continued tormenting me by saying..."Rahul tera dil zor zor se dhadkega jab mai apne pairon par gira atul ka mutth tere hotthon aur jeeb ke saamne laaungi ... aur tu roz mere pairon mai lage atul ke mutth ko dho dho kar peeyega..."

Hugo's Humiliation

fetish Porky_Pig 2018-09-05

"Eeeeeee ..." Shriked Hugo again and started pushing against her slippery fingers wanting nothing more than to feel his penis erupt into her hand. Jenny, immediately released her two-finger grip on his baby penis and saw him comically thrust his massive body in the air. Yes, he had been intimidated by the nineteen-year-old Greek god, and yes, he had fantasized about Alfi and Jenny secretly, but hearing her verbally strip him naked and flaunt each of his fears in his face had set his mind on fire with anger, his heart aflame with jealousy, and his penis incarnated with desire. "Lardo, look at you, getting so hard by me finger-fucking your ass-hole." She said mockingly.

The Cameraman Cums Around

fetish twiddershins 2018-08-28

I'd been shooting videos of Grace fucking male models (who knows where she meets all these guys?) every Saturday for the past year. Dave tore Grace's face off his cock and lifted her out of the chair by her hair. I was going to protest that this wasn't fair for a shot because it meant I'd have to get to the other side again when Dave reached around, grabbed one of her tits in each hand so he could tweak the nipples, and impaled her sloppy hole with his giant member. I'm not sure if either of us had any idea what Dave meant when he asked it, but Grace slapped her palms down on the edge of the desk again and shouted, "Fucking do it to me!"

Little Alex, Smiling Sam Ch. 01

fetish happywife82 2018-08-22

Sam (short for Samantha) was lying in bed, peering through the half-open bathroom door where her husband was toweling himself off after a shower. That was one good thing about small cocks, she thought, he husband seemed to get hard instantly. "Come here," Sam said, staring at his penis. She fell back asleep contentedly; meanwhile five feet away, Alex's thoughts were in overdrive as he mentally planned his pantied day. Alex stepped into a pair of large size Victoria's Secret panties ... He actually felt more potent and more "male" in some ways while pantied - maybe it was because his little penis was in a constant state of semi-arousal and therefore approaching a respectable size.

Our Evolving Relationship

fetish rnumbers123 2018-08-22

One day they went to a spa and in the steam room Anne told Sheila that Mike wanted her to sleep with other men. Nothing actually happened, but the weeks turned into months and Anne would update Sheila on her progress. My eyes were in the back of my head as I asked her if she wanted to be like Anne. It was funny, because Sheila began to bring up Mike in our sex play, but I was too ashamed to admit I wanted to fuck another woman. Sheila found a better job and Anne and Mike were now out of our everyday lives. I told her he will be like Mike, nothing will happen.

Meeting Them In Their Van At The Pa

fetish wellrestedunfullfilled 2018-08-18

Her husband says forcefully "Get to it and quit worrying about other people ..I AM WATCHING" I knelt down and moved my face close to her, the smell of cum was heavy , the pee surprisingly not. She bends over me, her breast hanging right above my mouth, I start to lift my head she pulls back and says I pull it deep in my mouth savoring the feel of it stretching it with my tongue making as much as I can of the brief pleasure. It feels like my lips are inside her as well as my tongue as she opens and relaxes around my face. she slides up and down my mouth making sure my extended tongue pokes into her asshole a few times.

My Best Old Ex Friend Dave

fetish tommy6907 2018-08-16

"Your father-in-law who loves his star salesman son-in-law and his beautiful grandchildren so much, takes good care of people who are straight with him. Virginia was afraid that if her hunch was right and the old man found out, you might "have an accident." That would be a terrible thing for your wife and children. "The thing is, Bobby, Karen was sitting at your desk with the report in her hand she came on all your cuckold stuff on the computer. That smile, long legs, perfect tits, great sense of humor, but I had no idea how much she loves taking care of a guy who appreciates her.

Kissing My Friend's Girl Feet Ch. 00

fetish writemarksmith 2018-08-15

The car wasn't full but the people near us all clearly heard Emily tell me in a little girl whine that she had got dirt on her foot. I took off her flip flop and was stroking invisible dirt off her sole when Emily pulled her foot away, pushed her foot brusquely against my shoulder and told me I was a 'good boy'. Madison simply stared down smiling so I looked over to Emily who nodded and said simply, "Well done, now let's go." Emily looked at me with the cash in her hand taunted me, asking if I thought Madison was sexy, whether it would be exciting to kiss her, be alone with her.

The Captain

fetish Quietoldie 2018-08-13

"I liked the look of those singers we saw at the exit dear." Diane says as they lie in bed later that evening, both wearing men's pyjamas. Diane smiles, "So you do Donald, so you do." She's thinking of the time he dressed as a maid for her. Donald and Diane notice an attractive elderly grey haired woman standing nearby with a number of senior ships officers. "You want her to open her legs wide for the Captain don't you Donald?" Dorothy says. "I promised Diane we'd make this night special for you too." Dorothy quickly slips off her panties and hands them to Donald. As they sit watching, Dorothy stroking Donald's little cock, him wearing her panties, he sighs happily.

Goddess, Sir and the Cuck Bitchtits

fetish slavebitchtits 2018-08-12

As I leave my old life behind I tell know one that I am leaving to become Goddess Jessica's and Sir's full time cuckold slave. I look forward to meeting Goddess at the airport and can't wait to get to know Her and Sir better. I watch Goddess and Sir, the two perfect people I have served for so long walking in front of me and think of how lucky I am. "There is your bed bitch tits," Goddess says, as Her and Sir laugh. I hear the joy of beautiful people sex and feel the bed push on me as Sir pleases Goddess in a way I could never ever imagine.

Topped from the Bottom Ch. 02

fetish cutebabysadie 2018-08-10

"Hey man I bet you got it all, but I am also a little messy can you clean my cock up to" I was shocked and wanted to do something to hurt or embarrass him, but for some reason I was immobile and a tiny voice in my head said... "Look we all know who the real top dog is here...what they say is true cant judge a book by its cover ...I fucked Samantha into a frenzy of orgasms then you licked up our messy creampie...not to mention you cant stop staring at my cock" "Dont you dare stand up!" Mark said looking down at me "I think you are beginning to learn a lot about yourself and your new place, so to seal the deal for today, I am going to cum in your mouth.

Beryl and Our Neighbour

fetish Quietoldie 2018-08-05

I knew Beryl liked to look and had admitted she sometimes thought of other men when we were fucking, it helped her get in the mood she said. After one or two comments from me Beryl decided to have a little party at our house to celebrate our wedding anniversary and invited most of the neighbours including Adam and Tracey, his partner. Their kiss goodnight started like a peck but then Beryl pulled him to her and their lips met in a passionate kiss which soon turned into a tonguing similar to his earlier performance with Tracey. When I spoke to Beryl she was all for it but wanted to arrange things with Tracey for me, so I gave her the phone number.

Walking in on GF and Obeying Commands

fetish NursePoundCake 2018-07-22

I keep teasing you about it and saying "oh baby imagine if you came home and found another guys cock in me. You quickly obey and get behind me and start plunging your tongue deep into my ready asshole and while you do I say "oh I bet you can taste his precum in there baby" [ you've never licked a fucked asshole before ;) ] As your fondling his testicles you're getting more and more turned on and you begin stroking your own cock without my permission so once I realize that I decide it's time to punish you. Once I get you really close I stop and say and now baby you're going to cum while you watch another man fuck my ass.