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My blindfold fetish

fetish PetiteWife 2018-01-13

I'd been dating this guy named Rich, and we had pretty typical sex several times a week. So back with Rich, we had been having sex a few times a week like I said, and whenever he would get close to cuming, if I had my eyes open he would tell me to close them and keep them closed until he was finished ejaculating. So one time as we kissed I asked him straight up if he would like me to wear one. As I lay there glowing and musing, Rich soon after came inside me once again, moaning beastily, like a man getting sex after spending years on a desert island.

Emmy's Games (Chapter 2)

fetish hummmph 2018-01-08

I step on gingerly, being careful not to expose my stockings and suspender belt or let my cum filled condom slip off my cock, butt plug still vibrating away in my ass. As I see them part the light comes on in the house and I can see Emmy standing on the other side of the window, wearing very little, her legs spread apart slightly in a Wonder Woman-like pose, hands on her hips. The doors slide open slowly in front of my face and Emmy takes up position beside me, her fingers reaching down my ass crack giving my cummy asshole a little rub. I can feel the hands holding the panties release my ass and the cock slowly pull out of my asshole.

CFNM, the Second story

fetish Hampton 2018-01-02

Jan and Sally admitted it turned them on to see other women watching as Mike and I exposed ourselves and played with our cocks. Sue said, “Sorry, Sally if I got Jim into trouble, but his cock does look lovely in that tight harness. Some of the ladies laughed, some smiled; Sue was the only one to say, “You poor man, I did want to watch your lovely cock cum properly.” Sally turned to face me and asked between Mike’s thrusts, “What does it look like Jim, watching Mike fuck your wife. Sally knew how to make him cum, and cried out, “Yes, fuck me hard Mike, cum inside me.” She was smiling as she looked at my erect cock.


fetish NoahBody 2017-12-31

Speaking of laps…her fingers continued stroking my cock while her other hand now maneuvered between my legs and began alternating between squeezing and rubbing my balls. Her thumb and fingers moved faster and for a brief second I actually thought she was going to let me cum. For a brief second my wife moved away from my wavering tongue, only to pull the crotch of her panties to the side, and now her bare pussy was right before me. She grabbed me just under the head of my cock again with just her thumb and forefinger began quickly moving her fingers up and down, pulling back on my foreskin, her fingernails slowly tickling my balls.

For her....Tied Up!

fetish uliveonce 2017-12-31

Your legs wide open, and you feel me gently stuff one leg of your tights slowly inside your wet pussy, and then slowly push the other leg deep into your ass hole with my finger. Your loving the sensations, and just as your getting close to anothe orgasm, you feel my slippery wet tongue tease your anus again, before gently easing right up inside your tight ass hole. I know you're close to cumming, so I go back to the vib and licking you, going from your pussy to your ass, exploring deep inside each and back again.I feel as you near a massive orgasm, but I stop, and it drifts away, frustrating and teasing you.

The Beginning Of My Panty Fetish

fetish NoahBody 2017-12-31

A particular session would be me on my knees, squeezing and pulling on my hard on, letting long dribbles of pre-cum ooze onto the picture, where I made sure I painted the crotch of her panties with it. Eventually I knew we’d be leaving soon, so I would move my hand faster up and down my throbbing shaft, and as my orgasm approached I would aim my cock at whichever model attracted the most of my attention. At one point I got brave and began jerking off in the shed behind our house and I’ll be a son of a bitch if my Mom didn’t almost catch me red-handed, or would that be cock-handed?

Kitty Girl's Day Out

fetish sprite 2017-12-29

I took a short break, chatting with two of my favorite people here on Lush, my Mistress and Dancing Doll… coming clean about my state, discussing… well, perhaps those topics should be left to the imagination… then, it was time to let go of the last little vestiges of girl-hood, leave that 5% behind and transform into kitty girl –why do I suddenly hear dramatic movie music in my head? Well, she helped me dress, touching up my make-up, making sure my ears were on straight, and telling me what a pretty little kitty I was before sending me home to await my owner which is a story in and of itself, one I may or may not feel compelled to share.

Cum Compulsion

fetish Kee 2017-12-27

Greg and I were already totally enthralled with each other, so by the time we got to be alone together, in a way that we had no worries about anyone, especially parents, catching us, the intimacy started. The next day, after school, we did not have time for what we both so desperately wanted, but I knew I could suck him in his car. I’m not sure I totally understood, but the first time we did that I looked in my mirror; I loved seeing his cream on my face, slowly running down in various sized rivulets. As Gary was hustling them out, I stood up and began to wipe my face and chest, taking time to lick their deposits off my fingers before returning for more.

Jemima Cumslut

fetish Shylass 2017-12-24

Then she pushed her hand between her legs and let him see as she ran her fingers between her pussy lips. Jemima grinned to herself inwardly, loving the tight feel of Bob's cum on her now dry chest. We don't want other peoples' wetness on us, do we?" She lifted his hand to her mouth, and slowly, she licked off the cum with the flat of her tongue, slowly. She shoved her hand between her breasts again, and although there wasn't much cum left to lubricate with, she was wet with sweat and desire. The fat little cumslut wiped her slippery pussy and legs with toilet paper, washed her hands, and strode back into the offices to give the lazy secretaries a good tongue lashing.

The Bohemian's Apprentice

fetish TheTravellingMan 2017-12-24

With the feeblest caress of his hard cock with a solitary finger, a tender gasp left his body. Showing him the look on her face as she penetrated her sex, he gasped as she squeezed her eyes closed and moaned for him. Each time, Lina looked up, smiled and occasionally bit her top lip. Daubs of soft soap followed, she giggled as his cock looked like it had a big foam afro. She held him tightly inside her, her eyes rolling back as he drove into her slowly but firmly as her body took over. She looked to his body and gasped, his cock began to jerk in time with each powerful beat of his heart.

What lies underneath – The beginning

fetish Tab00 2017-12-23

Time seemed to inch by as I watched all the women prancing around in the lingerie, offering up lap dances while the girl on center stage seductively moved around the stage continually eyeing Jenny, like a bird hunting prey. Just as I was about to break down and start rubbing my swollen cock, Jenny whispered something in the ear of the dancer who let on a dark smile as she looked in my direction. I do not think I have ever moved as quickly as I did in that moment, and was almost instantly on the couch beside Jenny feeling the cool wetness of her cum on my balls as my cock pressed hard against my jeans trying to stand up, but restricted by the tight material.

Footjob Heaven

fetish Feet4BiGuy 2017-12-23

I told my girlfriend that I had a foot fetish one night as were fucking and her toes had ended up in my mouth. She had been on her back and I had been fucking her pussy with her feet flying up in the air next to my face. She said if you really like feet you'll take my sandals off with your mouth and kiss and lick my soles. Obviously, I was surprised as hell and couldn't even react at first, but that's when she got on the bed again and stood on my cock and said suck my feet you filthy slave! I started licking her soft soles and was enjoying ever minute if it when she switched feet and put the one I had just sucked onto my cock.

Slick and Slide

fetish CJMcNally 2017-12-22

Darren wished he could have been able to reach up and grab that arse to hold her cunt over his face until he suffocated from her scent. ‘Oh…..mmmmm.’ Naomi bit her bottom lip as the pressure and explosive wave of euphoric pleasure spread throughout her body. She could tell by the lust crazed stare he gave her that he wanted to prove to her he was a better lay than the wicked device still buzzing away on his head. Yes!’ He cried, and she squeezed his member, pursing her lips together over the head of his cock to the point it hurt a little. Darren threw his head back; writhing in a mixture of pleasure and pain under the diligent administration of her furious hand fuck.

Emmy's Iron Maiden Glory Hole

fetish hummmph 2017-12-21

I really don’t care what other people think my sexual orientation is, I have a strong desire for the feminine look but it’s just that I want it to come with a cock,” I say finishing my drink and gesturing to Emmy for another. I pull my head back a little to get a closer look at this writhing cock between my hands and I see it start to spurt it’s hot glowing white cum all over my face. I start rubbing its now sopping wet head up and down my ass crack and can’t help myself as I pull my panties aside to place my puckered asshole on to the head of the cum lubed shaft between my hands.

Caught sniffing my panties

fetish DanielleX 2017-12-19

He was on his bed, his boxers round his knees, cock in hand and a pair of our panties on his face. I beckoned Gemma to join me on the bed and we sat each side of Toby as Hayley positioned herself over his face and then sat on him, her panties completely covering his nose and mouth. I stroked her hair as she sucked him, one hand still pleasuring myself but yearning to rub myself on Toby's face. I rubbed my clit through my panties, taking deep breaths between my little cries of anguish and pleasure, the torment of being so close and the sight of his cock such a turn on!

CFNM, the first story

fetish Hampton 2017-12-18

Jan nodded, “But this was not just him jerking off watching women getting fucked. Do you think Mike wants to jerk off while women watch? I shrugged my shoulders, “I don’t know Jan. perhaps you should watch a porn site with guys jerking themselves off, and then see if it turns you on.” I was thinking of how it would feel to stroke my cock with Jan watching. I could feel me cock throbbing and despite my better judgement that told me to tell her to go I said, “I do want to help you Jan but that would be difficult, wouldn’t it?” Jan smiled, “What if I said I would like to watch you jerk off for me.

A Surprise Ass-Fucking In Panties Part 3

fetish hummmph 2017-12-18

I feel a little uncomfortable and strained but that all disappears as Emmy buries her face between my ass cheeks and starts to lick my asshole. “Oh Humph, you do look good with your cum on your face, and those panties, oh my well they have been through a lot haven’t they?” She says with a caring whisper as she lets me slip back down onto the bed. She takes a moment to collect up the beads of cum from my face and wipe them on the panties in my mouth before leaning in and giving it all a big slow lick while looking me straight in my eyes.

I am the slut, you are my slave

fetish DanielleX 2017-12-18

I turn around and begin to undo the top button of my blouse as your eyes gaze longingly at my panties and the sexy mound of pussy that’s packed inside the skimpy gusset. Looking back, my eyes meet yours and I lick the end of my thumb, turning my bottom lip down and running my thumb along the damp edge of my mouth. I stroke you with the palm of my hand and make a circular motion, teasing you, until your cock begins to pump, the spunk rising from the base of your balls and you know it’s nearly done. I kiss my index finger and place it on your lips as I ease you into my soaking wet pussy.

One for her...The Train !

fetish uliveonce 2017-12-16

Then I looked you in the eyes as I ran my tongue along the line of cum, licking it up before calmy slipping your heel back on just as the station platform began to pass our window. I couldnt wait any more, so I ran my hands up your legs, pushing your skirt up around your waist, and with an animal instinct, I pulled your knickers aside and buried my tongue deep into your soaking wet pussy. I turn on my back, making you sit on my face, as you rub your clit over my tongue for a while..then you inch forward, pushing down so my tongue delves inside your soaking pussy, then you move again, pushing that tight wet ass down onto my stiff slippery tongue as you play.

CFNM, The third story

fetish Hampton 2017-12-14

Jan felt Sally’s juice leaking onto her hand and began increasing her probing, fingering her faster, “Do you want me to make you cum, Sal?” Being fucked while watching Mike fucking Sal. I want to watch him cum, I never tire of seeing a guys cock just as he spurts.” His hips were thrusting hard and Sally was encouraging him on, “Do me harder Mike, let me feel your cock moving in my pussy. Jan said, “Let me see you cum Mike, I want to watch you.” Mike groaned a little, he was panting heavily and with effort he managed to say, “I can see you looking at my cock Sue, and I know everyone is watching.

Cock ring chaos

fetish DanielleX 2017-12-12

“Hmmm… going to be a good one,” said Angela, stroking his cock. “OK, but you look so damn sexy baby!” said James, stroking her bare arms. “Hmmm… lovely," said James, running his hands inside her legs and twanging her silky stocking tops. Angela looked up at James as her hands slid down his body and she licked the end of his cock. “It’s the Doctor, James,” said Angela as the pretty young medic entered their living room. Angela took James’s rock hard dick and began to suck him off as the doctor said. The doctor explained the situation, as Angela stroked James’s cock, which just appeared to be getting harder, the head almost purple and engorged.

Multiple Melia Ch. 01

fetish realityischoice 2017-12-08

"Wow, you look great!" she said as she pulled me down in a hug, sliding one hand slowly down my back to the top of my ass and leaning close enough to my ear to give it a nibble "and I can't wait to see the rest of you!" I saw a quick flash of excitement as her eyes worked past my hard cock before she began kissing the front of my thighs and rubbing the backs, creeping up to my ass, rubbing up the outside of my cheeks towards my hips before I felt her tickling fingertips tracing the top moving inward, then finally, slowly tracing each cheek down the crack.

Friendly Favours

fetish Goey 2017-12-05

Me and Jess continue to lick Tom's cock and balls, taking it in turns to suck him as the other sucks his balls, licking up both sides of his shaft at the same time, rubbing our faces against his manhood -- doing everything to please him. Steve crouches at the side of the bed, his face only inches away from Tom's cock as Jess lowers herself onto him. I feel Tom's cock tense in my hand as a large white rope of cum spurts out of him, it hits Jess's face just under left her eye, and she flinches slightly, the force of his ejaculate shocking her.

Fantasies Do Come True

fetish hisigorness 2017-12-05

When I turned back, she had not left the room but she had removed her dress and now looked like the ultimate object of male lust standing totally nude in her heels! She then dropped to her knees, put her hands on my hips and began to suck on my piss covered cock like she hadn't eaten in months. After a couple of minutes of non-stop head bobbing, she stopped and said, "Fuck my face!" She took her left hand and started to squeeze and pull on her nipples. Only some of the come got in her mouth which she let drip out slowly while the rest of it dripped down off her chin and onto her breasts and pussy.