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Walk All Over Me

fetish Green_Man 2018-01-11

Since I had discovered these books, the closest thing to pornography I had ever seen, I would often sneak one into a restroom located on that floor and go into a stall and whack off as I read about the foot fetishes chronicled in the case studies. I held onto the little foot, continuing to make love to it, but used my other hand to unzip my jeans, drag out my hard cock, and began to jerk right there in the aisle. She kept rubbing my cock with her feet but she said, "I am taking you for a little walk my boy." I held her little feet in my hands and gave her the best foot massage she had ever had, or so she told me later.

Footjob Heaven

fetish Feet4BiGuy 2017-12-23

I told my girlfriend that I had a foot fetish one night as were fucking and her toes had ended up in my mouth. She had been on her back and I had been fucking her pussy with her feet flying up in the air next to my face. She said if you really like feet you'll take my sandals off with your mouth and kiss and lick my soles. Obviously, I was surprised as hell and couldn't even react at first, but that's when she got on the bed again and stood on my cock and said suck my feet you filthy slave! I started licking her soft soles and was enjoying ever minute if it when she switched feet and put the one I had just sucked onto my cock.

Rules for Submissive Men

fetish jlltec 2017-12-09

Orgasm control is a powerful psychological aspect for a submissive man, and you too will learn to enjoy your teasing and control. It is another important power exchange with you controlling the single physical aspect of maleness that is maleness alone, a hard cock and orgasm at will. If he works out in a gym, ask him if other men are shaved and what they look like, are they big, circumcised, big balls, small balls, compare them to him. Go to the bedroom, strip him, grab his cock and lead him back to your girlfriend, saying, "well you have already seen him naked, you may as well get a better look." Doing the same thing in front of a couple would be more than twice as embarrassing.

For Marion's Pleasure Ch. 03

fetish MarionsPuppy 2017-12-09

"I can never take all your cock in my shitter baby because you are just too big, but faggot boy's little dicklet is just perfect and I really want him to feel you inside me. It took my lover only 3 plunges, until my poor little hubby had a foot of black cock deep inside his ass. He was close to passing out with the pain and emotion when the massive load of black slimy jism started spurting inside him, but he whispered something unbelievable "I love your beautiful penis Master Daryl - I can feel your hot sperm in my bottom, it's so wonderful." I'll call her later, first I want to watch puppy doing what sissy white boys do best i.e. making love to their black Master.

Creampie Eating For Fun

fetish fun4all6969 2017-12-04

Then Susie proceeds to tell them how she made me lick her after filling her with cum and Lauren says "you made him eat his own creampie" and they laugh. Susie said "Marty, come with me and make another creampie." We went back to a bedroom at her friend's house and I came in about 2 minutes. They said they wanted to see me eat my own cum and Susie volunteered to let them watch but no one wanted to actually see me eat it out their friend. In the morning she said she enjoyed humiliating me the night before and making me eat Grant's cum. Later Susie told me that Lauren really enjoyed having a guy lick her clean after being fucked.

Please, Make Me Eat It

fetish Jay Richards 2017-11-23

"Yes I want to taste it, I want to taste my pre-cum from your hard nipples." I said as her wet glistening nipple hung over my face. I wanted her to cunt fuck my face and force me to eat my hot cum and now it was going to happen and I couldn't stop it. Jay, If you ever want hot sex with me ever again, if you ever expect me to suck your cock again, if you ever want to feel this excitement again, you are going to eat my cum filled pussy. She groaned as she fed my cock into her all the way, then out again, she leaned forward and began to fuck me hard, her vagina was like a wet slippery hot piston fucking me deeply.

The Key, The Pepsi, The Chastity

fetish bawdybloke 2017-11-23

Her passionate grunts clear that she was lewdly enjoying his thick veiny cock stretching her filled cunt. I wanted to hold her as he drove her into a gasping climax, feeling the passionate quivers of her muscles as her fiery body shivered with saturated lust. I wanted to taste her passionate desire for her male co-star as he elicited fervid whimpers from the young slut. Horrid humiliating laughs, as my mouth sucked at her pussy and swept over her slick cunt. I heard the clink of bottles as she adjusted her rump on my face, enjoying a few laughs with friends, with drinks, while I pleasured her. She giggled, kissing the key in the heave of her bosom, smiling at her alpha male friends shaking their heads at me.

Eating Pussy Full Of Cum

fetish Anal Slave 2017-11-21

I had some cum on my hand and I stuck my tongue out and licked it up, I don’t know if eating my cum made me do it but I really got horny again and had to jack it off one more time. The second thing I did with the frozen cum was to chip me a piece of cum off of the hard piece and let it thaw and when I started feeling like I wanted to eat my cum while I was jacking-off I reached over and poured the cum into my mouth.

What's Your Fantasy Ch. 05

fetish Optimus9812 2017-11-20

"Are you ready Pet?" she asked him as she pressed the bulb shaped head to his hole, not waiting for his reply as she began pressing forward with steady pressure. I love seeing your tight ass stretched around my girl cock while you beg me to fuck you like a slut. "Oh shit Pet, I think I'm gonna cum just from fucking your hungry ass!" she moaned to him as she withdrew again, this time a little further before pounding back into him. Just like a good little slut." she told him as she watched his fist pump and down his gorgeous cock. "Oh...fuck...yes ma'am...I'm cumming" he stammered as his fist pumped up and down in a blur over his rock hard cock, it's veins purple and bulging under the tight skin.

Goddess Mina: Reunited

fetish ArmondoDeHavana 2017-11-17

Goddess looked down at me and asked me if this is where I wanted to be. I love the feeling of her feet on my face. Goddess moved her feet around my face and pressed them hard into my face several times. I wanted to service her toes like they were her cock. As I have written many times, my goddess has a beautiful breath taking ass. I dream of her asking me to orgasm for her and cleaning her feet of my mess. I want to be under her feet at all times I want to be her property I want to serve her in any way possible.

The Night That May Happen... Pt. 01

fetish topher0609 2017-11-16

This one is larger, much larger, she knows that I can take it so there is little need to step up slowly. Her hand traces my body until it comes down to the plug. Her hands pull the straps back cinching the harness snug to her body. Her right hand caressing my cock, her left is placed near my mouth. Her other hand wraps around the girth of my cock, feeling its hardness. "This is what you wanted right?" Her hand slides up and down the shaft. Her grip stays solid against my cock as she toys with the head using the fingers of her other hand. Alternating between strokes, fingers tapping on the plug, I am now her toy and she enjoying every second of it.

Finishing Where Tim Left Off

fetish RaoulDukesAlterEgo 2017-11-09

It was definitely a mutual thing: she tilted her head and moved towards me as I did the same, and when our lips met it wasn't a timid, first-time kiss; it was urgent and open-mouthed, savage and carnal. The feel of her soft lips on mine was amazing; and her enthusiasm for pushing her tongue around my mouth was a great turn-on. A perverse thrill passed through me as I realized Traci knew this and she wanted me to eat her. I could barely sleep that night, alternately filled with guilt, lying next to Melissa, and filled with lust, imaging the feel of Traci's skin under my fingers and her tongue in my mouth.

In The Woods Ch. 01

fetish Parthenokinesis 2017-11-08

Grunting a little in mock disgust, Greg wiped his hand on my t-shirt, coping a quick feel of my left breast. He raised his piss soaked hand to my face, forcing his fingers into my mouth. With a push and a twist Greg slid his fist up into my cunt, knuckles grinding against my sweet spot, and I came, screaming and pissing, for what seemed like an eternity, or the moment that would end my life. Also, if I asked Greg for anything now, he could use that in our play, and that danger/excitement dichotomy kind of froze me up, like a shaky, aroused, piss soaked deer caught in the headlights.

Pizza Time

fetish Kirbyman01 2017-11-08

I pull down the top of my sweater to cup my breast and tease my nipples, meanwhile I place my fingers on the lips of my vagina, rubbing ever gently as the warm breeze heat my legs more, my fingers start to drip my juices as I lose myself to the pleasure coming through my fingers, I slowly begin inserting my index finger inside me to really get it on but my enjoyment gets cut short once a buzzing starts. Reaching as far as I could before a complete deep throat, I stop and take the time to move my tongue on his cock as I begin to move back and forth, I wanted to keep the cheese and sauce in place as I moved.

Sister-In-Law's Creamy Delivery

fetish DiggerDave 2017-10-31

Pam came round a few times, but she never mentioned the party or our cozy little chat about our sex lives and my fantasy, and I had almost forgotten about it until two weeks ago. No one has ever licked a cream pie out of my pussy before and the thought of it has really turned me on.' ‘When Steve fucked me just now I put on a big pair of knickers straight afterwards, under my tracksuit bottoms, to keep all his sperm safe inside me.' I licked and sucked at the mixture of her wet love juice and Steve's sperm as she ground her pussy down on to my face and mouth.

A Debate with Man Pig

fetish Anal_Ally 2017-10-25

Man pig: Then I mean when the actions of the woman go against the cultural norms of their society and especially when they break the associated vows within their own custom. Ally: Then my choice is to kowtow to laws made by men, be subjugated in a patriarchal society, or be denigrated as a slut! Ally: Yes man pig; I am joking, but back to what we were discussing: Do my views seem a feminist bias? Man pig: Laws are written for the benefit of all society, not just men, but women too. Ally: Consider man pig, original societies were matriarchal in design. Ally: A Goddess is eternal, man pig. (Man pig withdraws and I call in the three men who will worship their Goddess as is the true nature of things.)


fetish SlaveToHer 2017-10-23

After I had swallowed what must have been a dozen loads of cum, Jackie told me to go in and get the last container of frozen cum, which looked to hold about another 6 loads. She took the rest of the frozen cum and told me it was time to melt the biggest load yet and made me take all of it in my mouth. As she scooped up my flowing cum and feed it to me I knew I was destined to end the night as her cum eating slut having swallowed so many frozen loads and one fresh load of cum, all without the sweet release of an explosive orgasm.

The Visit Ch. 03

fetish stateofdenial 2017-10-22

"Phase four is where I start off by rubbing my tits across your cock." She rubbed the lube into his shaft and her hands. You've been waiting for this, right?" She placed her hands together, as if praying, and pointed her fingers at his cock. "Then, how about a nice, wet mouth on your desperate and frustrated cock." She kept her hands together as she slowly let them caress his member. Phase two is getting all the cups of cum you can swallow." She changed to long slow strokes. "After a year of denial don't you think you should allow yourself release?" She then, keeping her fingers still, began rubbing her palms back and forth across his head.

Mistress Aimz For Her...

fetish hyperpress 2017-10-19

"Yes you fucking cock-whore, make yourself feel this way...make yourself cum....god you are such a fucking sexy cock-loving bitch my queen...I love to watch you...I wish I was you....i want to know this feeling...i love seeing you so turned on...you are amazing...you are a cock slut," I am now thrusting my cock into her firmly grasping fist and she is riding her wand and she is begins to buck her ass up and down, planting her feet flat on the bed, her knees up and spread, her ass fucking the air and she begs me.

A Simple Solution Ch. 03

fetish jlltec 2017-10-19

As I leaned against the counter she took my left nipple in her mouth and lightly kissed and then suckled it. She slowly rolled both wet nipples between her thumb and forefinger as she looked at my cock. I imagined what I looked like now, a total slut in my willing submission to her and no longer caring that she knows, that she controls, that I am as venerable as a husband can be with his wife. "God yes...look at me." I loved the word "doing to you", she knows her control. She leans back but doesn't let go of my nipples and looks me up and down, a smile on her lips.

My Husband & I Get Kinky Ch. 01

fetish Davie46 2017-10-17

Though John loves to eat my cunt, and will devote a lot of time to pleasuring me, I rarely get so totally absorbed in it that I feel a climax is on its way. The cum spread all over my outer lips, and he circled and circled, flattening his tongue to cover the whole pussy, then, with the well-lubricated tip, he would explore my clitoris. Surprisingly, this experience was only occasionally repeated, and now, some years later, I only wish I had opened up and told John that I would love that creampie eating to become a regular part of our sex life. Next time, I will describe John's further fall into fetishism, including his desire to eat his own cum and my accidental discovery of him masturbating to a video involving female strap-on penetration.

Request to a Femdom Escort

fetish DrSpXmt 2017-10-16

lightly smack my erect cock a few times before ignoring it and continuing the massage on my front from your unconventional position on my face, always slowly rocking your pussy and ass over my nose and across my mouth. once they are clean you order me to slowly work my way up your legs with my tongue as you grab another dildo and start fucking yourself with it. when I reach the top of your legs you turn around, flop down onto your hands and knees still fucking yourself with the dildo and order me to get my tongue in your ass until you cum.

Dominated By Ebony Tenant

fetish eatmebeatmeguy 2017-10-13

She was holding my thighs again as she started grinding her ass and pussy in my face. If you can fix this without cumming while I stroke your little cock, then I'll let you cum on my ass. I decided to focus on the repair and not think about her strong black hand rubbing my little white cock. I made the repair pretty quickly without cumming, but I didn't want the hand job to stop, so I continued fiddling with the drain. She started moving her hand faster and harder and when I felt as if I was going to cum, I yelled, "OK, THE SINK IS FIXED". "Ready for your punishment?" she asked as she took her cum covered hand and put it over my mouth and nose.

Caught in the Act

fetish SirAerus 2017-10-12

Arielle said she would have gladly let me smell her dirty cunt any time I wanted to. She moves off of me, takes a deep drag of her cigar, leans down and blows the smoke right into my face. Arielle moved off me again, and blew another cloud of smoke into my face. She hadn't touched my cock the entire time she was sitting on my face, despite it being rock hard and staring right at her. So she took another drag, put just the head of my dick into her mouth, and worked the shaft with her free hand. As soon as I had no more cum to shoot, she took another drag of her black&mild, moved back up to my face, and kissed me.