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fetish Shylass 2018-12-03

Would you like to put your lips around my nipple and suck, as your hand squeezes my pussy mound, feeling the wetness through the cotton? Wet. Already, my juices are spreading, and I feel the sticky nectar beginning to seep through the white cotton. If you could see me now, you'd like how I'm writhing against my own fingers, hips beginning to raise, and the pink shadow of my hand sticking to the wet whiteness of my knickers. I want to feel the force of your eager face pushing a little fold of cotton between my sliding lips, to feel your hot breath mixing with my hot juice, and I need to push against you in urgent desire.

Karen Babysits for a Man Her Age Ch. 04

fetish cynthiablaine7 2018-12-01

"Well," Karen responded, "perhaps he also figured that if he got a job and managed to make it work, he'd get away from being disciplined by me and humiliated, you know, like when you had me supervise him in the bathroom." She still blushed when she described how she had learned to exercise her feminine dominance over the handsome Jamie. Jamie noticed very quickly that Karen was being quite nice to him and he started looking at her for the first time as someone other than his embarrassing supervisor, heck, babysitter to put it bluntly, and now saw an attractive woman he could see himself spending time with. Jamie moved between Karen's legs and began kissing her calves then thighs, making her yearn to feel that massaging tongue right on her cunt.

Joan Takes Charge Ch. 02

fetish cynthiablaine7 2018-12-01

For the three—Emily, 28, Ken, 30, and Jill, 32—the humiliation of reporting to their youngest sister, who was only 24, for punishment had started to fade as they faced living their lives. Andrea kept herself in place although she now feared for how long this punishment might proceed, and worried that she either would jump up at a stroke or possibly lose control of her sphincter and humiliatingly pee herself all over Joan's tweed skirt and hose. "Jill," she said with a grin, "it was bad enough when your mother spanked you but now, your youngest sister exercises that kind of authority?" When Clarice complied, Jill reached into her handbag and retrieved a small rod much like the one that Joan had applied earlier to Andrea's bared bottom.

Dominican Slut: Office Sluts

fetish silkstockingslover 2018-11-30

I walked in and saw my husband, bent over Ms. Goldstein's desk clearly getting ass fucked by her, while Juliette stood on the desk as my submissive husband licked the tops of her feet. "Elizabeth, please close the door," Ms. Goldstein ordered while slamming into my husband, who was whimpering like he always did when I ass fucked him. "Yes, I'd give my chula culo puta to every white man or woman to use as they please," he declared, no longer even trying to lick the soles of Juliette's feet, but burying his face in them instead to hide his shameful declaration. "To be a cunt licking, cock sucking, ass taking, cunt spreading, cum swallowing spic for white men and woman?" she clarified, clearly revelling in the lengthy list of sexual submissive duties.

Karen Babysits for a Man Her Age Ch. 02

fetish cynthiablaine7 2018-11-30

She realized that disciplining this handsome young man was definitely a turn-on for her—in fact, her panties were already wet as she thought about having him over her lap again—but she also wanted to impress Claire Kendall that her nephew was complying with the directions Claire had set for him and which Karen was supposed to be enforcing. Now the blonde Karen's face grew crimson at the compliment and she said, rather sternly, "I'm here at your aunt's request to supervise your behavior, Jamie, so you had better not try to get me to let up on you by complimenting me. Summoning up his cool, Jamie merely smiled and said, "Yes, Aunt Claire, I have done this for your friends when they asked me."

Disciplining Mom Ch. 10

fetish lesliejones 2018-11-26

Here she was, in charge of Emily's sisters, both older than she, and her mother, at home, but at the office, she was afraid that her use of the ladies room might start the gossip mill turning with sordid discussion of whether and how much she farted in the stall and whether she did a large jobbie that plopped loudly into the bowl. "Marian," she quickly added, "lift your little skirt, pull down those panties, and hold yourself open down there so the ladies may see what your pussy looks like after a little time with us." "I certainly can't disagree with the logic of that," Emily responded with a wide grin, and proceeded to thank Deb, as did Karen, for the time and effort she had clearly expended on training Marian.

Amy is interviewed for the job at Mrs Potter'

fetish arbymore 2018-11-26

Amy soon realised this and although she too was enjoying it said, 'Oh Mrs Potter that feels very nice, I think the panties fit well, don't you?' 'You know I really think these panties are a good fit, just let me feel again between the legs,' she said. After a short while Jean said, 'Well I think the fit is excellent but I need to have a close look at them, come over here and stand in front of me.' Then Jean said, 'As many of my ladies insist on personal fittings of their underwear I think you need to check on my undies for me.' 'Oh yes, my darling, put two fingers in my big wet cunt and fuck my cunt,' Mrs Potter begged.

Henry's Home for the Summer Ch. 06

fetish cynthiablaine7 2018-11-18

"This naughty boy has started to pee in his panties," Kathy said sharply to Margaret. She then told Robbie he could pull down the panties, sit on the seat, and pee, but that he better not get the seat wet and he was not given permission to make a doody yet. "He definitely does need to go, Kathy," Margaret said to Robbie's sister, who was having a hard time restraining herself from giggling at the amusing situation of her brother being made to hold his poo in until given permission by the imperious governess. Kathy helped advance the progress of the occasion by reaching under her skirt after she had turned away from Robbie, still seated on the toilet, and pulled her lime green panties down and off.

Farzana's Ultimate Humiliation

fetish hairysurfer 2018-11-15

"My name is Farzana Nusrat," she heard herself saying, "and I wash my big, black, stinky, hairy cunt just once a week. While Ahmed ran his nose up and down the dirty areas of his teacher's underwear, Romesh gently pushed Farzana back into her chair and lifted her legs high up in the air by her thick ankles. But he had never before seen what a fully mature woman looked like and he found himself staring, in an almost hypnotic state, at the dark hairy area between his science teacher's spread open legs. Me, Ahmed, Rohit and Hrishi; we've already had a good look at your privates Farzi, but young Piyus and Abishek are only first year students.

Henry's Home for the Summer Ch. 04

fetish cynthiablaine7 2018-11-11

Kathy commented on Henry's red panties, and Margaret answered that he now no longer needed to wear them daily. Recalling how Henry's mother had commented on his father's sloppiness in terms of wiping himself as evidenced by the skid marks in his undershorts, combined with how she had so readily submitted to Margaret's dominance, the young governess decided to test these waters. Now Margaret took Lucille over her lap and slowly pulled down the tight control panties. Margaret now invited Lucille to sit next to her on the bed and told Edward to get down between his wife's spread legs and pleasure her pussy with his tongue. Edward liked the velvety feeling inside his wife's cunt and Lucille appreciated the girth and power of her husband's cock as it penetrated her long-ignored vagina.

Caroline Reveals her Dirty Secrets

fetish hairysurfer 2018-11-10

"As I recall, Mary, your arsehole is quite small and tight and very neat looking compared to Caroline's - and it doesn't have such a powerful smell to it," responded John. Mary hung her head withshame, not only had she had to endure the extreme humiliation of having all Marks friends poke, prod and sniff at her genitals, she was now being told by John that she wasn't even very interesting to look at. Mary will spread open her bald cunt and arsehole for as long as you want to look -- won't you darling?" He glanced over at his wife and she immediately turned away, tears in her eyes.

Karen Babysits for a Man Her Age Ch. 05

fetish cynthiablaine7 2018-11-10

Karen moved by his side on the bed and started to run her nail up his shaft through the front of the panties and giggled as she saw the wet spot appear on the panties and gradually spread as Jamie involuntarily released cum—since he had just orgasmed, it was not the precum she had previously seen when teasing him like this. There was a small puddle in the corner but Claire took her by the hand and walked with her to the bathroom, where she directed her to pull down her panties and sit on the toilet, and then to wait for permission to resume peeing.

A surprising invitation part two

fetish 2018-10-05

I rubbed that g-spot harder and harder as I felt her press deeper and deeper, her moans becoming gasps and then little screams as she began to squirt right into my mouth and I drank her greedily. Then I took a bottle of lube, covered my other hand in it, and began to work on her ass, one finger at a time until I had three inside her and my fist all the way up to the wrist. She was talking dirty now, telling me to fist her ass and cunt at the same time like the fucking slut whore she was, so I took my hand out of her cunt, lubed my other hand and after a bit of gentle manoeuvering, felt my whole fist gripped incredibly tightly by her ass.

A Spanking and A Little More

fetish theladycroft 2018-10-03

Steve lifted up Jamie's skirt, exposing her bare ass and pussy, her g-string was almost invisible, tucked between her beautiful round ass cheeks. Jamie was incredibly turned on as she thought back on the night's events; sucking Steve, being fingered by the Phantom, and now this. He roughly slipped under her panties and easily slid a finger inside her wet open pussy. "Fuck I love when you eat my pussy, God yes!" Her head thrashed from left to right as her fingers played with her erect nipples. "If you ever let another man finger your pussy, Jamie, I will never eat you out like that again."

From neighbours with love (Femdom story) Part 2

fetish germanmemail 2018-10-01

Tanya grabbed the leash and pulled tightly while Julie brought the shock device to my buttocks. Julie gave the shock probe to Tanya and Sally held the testicle leash. "Get your ass over and eat out Tanya and Sally too you son of a bitch, we need some cock in there when you finish your cunt sucking." "You cunt licking whore eat out my inside too!" She held my sopping face against her red sticky hole as I plunged my tongue in, and I sucked out pussy juice from deep inside. I fucked as hard as I could and in no time at all I groaned and jerked forward violently, and made strange grunting sounds as I hosed her inner vagina with hot nut cream.

Step Mummy pees I help her

fetish whybea10 2018-10-01

I felt auntie slip underneath me and her hot mouth sucked and her tongue flicked over my cock. She f***ed her arse and cunt against my mouth and said suck and lick this or you’ll be in big trouble. I said please auntie untie my hands and feet i need to fuck you both my cock is so in need of a wet cunt its driving me mad. I sank my whole 8 inches as deep as it would go i felt so frustrated i immediately came in the red hot hole that was her colon, spurts of spunk flooded into her i could see it flooding past her anus dripping down my balls and her cunt lips dripping rolling down her fat white belly onto the bed covers.

Blood Work: A Love Story

fetish Diderot 2018-09-30

I'll choose a restaurant on the water, and we'll have a chance to meet in a neutral setting, talk about our mutual interest, check out the chemistry." And to tease her a little bit, he sent a photo of the straight edge razor he mentioned in the story that started it all. "What was that thing?" Merry asked, still sucking the blood from her finger tip. Merry wasn't normally shy when it came to her body, but talking about her cunt with a man her father's age was a little bit embarrassing. The pretty young Goth placed the lancet against Denis's finger tip, and then pressed the white button. "Nice tongue work," Denis said as he grasped her jet black hair with both hands and slowly pushed her to her knees.

Wife now Hooked On BBC

fetish 425olds 2018-09-29

The subject didn’t come up again for a couple of days until Linda told me that she had heard that black men all had such big cocks. Jane was telling Linda that most black men had really big cocks. No sooner had Jane walked out the door, when Nate turned to Linda and said, “If you want to check out my equipment, we’d better do it private like in your bedroom.” But when she asked him again, the black man shook his head, telling Linda, “I don’t wear no fuckin’ condom, I liked to feel his bitches cunt against his cock.” As he said this he was rubbing her clit with the bulbous head of his cock, stoking her fire again.

A Dirty Piggy

fetish NYCbbwSUB 2018-09-27

I couldn't help it, and when he realized I came like that, he got so turned on, he bent me over and rammed his hard cock deep in my ass. All I could now think about was that perverted man using me like a pig whore all for himself. They continued to take turns fingering my wet cunt, and abusing my tits, until they forced me to my knees to suck their cocks. The pervert's father grabbed me by my hair and threw me on the bed, and ordered me to get on all fours like the pig I was. They took turn fucking my cunt from behind, each one spanking my fat ass, making it red and sore.

rainy day thoughts

fetish Novocaine1 2018-09-25

It all started out so innocently when the idea of sitting on his face and squirting cum into his mouth came to me as I was in the middle of an important but very boring meeting. Mashed mango smeared into my pussy and being sucked and licked from me would quite turn me on I think! And as the scene in my head evolved into one of me grinding my cunt on his face and cumming in his mouth the idea of mango fandango appealed to me even more. Seeing his face all covered in sticky juice and licking it from his cheeks while he filled my cunt with his throbbing hard cock was enough to send me to the loo to check the state of my knickers!!.

The Best Of Affidha Affindi

fetish johara 2018-09-25

“Thanks my dear Affidha for all your hair…you look so erotic that I want to keep fucking you all night long” Norman said and brushed her pussy hair with his lips. Affidha Affindi was a lovely and horny Malay beauty with all the true features of a Singapore Malay woman; big boobs, hairy pussy, big and wide butt, and a deep desire for a long and intense fuck. He kept his cock nailed inside her horny cunt for a few seconds before he really began to fuck his horny Malay girlfriend, Affidha Affindi. He kept on his onslaught of her horny cunt and Affidha Affindi had another quick orgasm as his cock rubbed against her sensitive clit.

BBW slut wife

fetish canadianbbw 2018-09-21

black cock; and Toni flat on her back with her legs enema bag and Toni would suck one throbbing cock after under Toni's elevated ass and then put a black satin After Toni lowered her beautiful ass onto the pillows, As the depths of Toni's pussy began to fill up with the my cock to Toni's creamy lips, helping to guide my cascading down Toni's fat ass cheeks as I was about to Toni's heavy hips began to buck to a shuddering climax Toni's gaping cunt, ass cheeks and thighs were also spurt erupted from my pulsating cock, combining with the copious ejaculate already covering Toni's fleshy thighs stroking their fuck-meat, cocks were soon spewing white

Cathy's Sick Desire Ch. 02

fetish almostdead 2018-09-21

Cathy rolled over onto her chest, raised her hips off of the carpet, and then reached behind her with both hands, pulled her pussy open and huskily begged, "Fuck me Harry. Cathy's stomach growled with arousal and she could feel her pussy lubricating, at the thought of being used by these filthy, vile looking young men. As their rough, callused hands ran over her naked breasts, Nick said, "Damn Harry, you train these bitches really good." Cathy looked down at Tom's hand, as it pulled harshly on her nipple and only then, did she notice the wedding ring on his finger. Tom yanked his cock from her mouth, tucked himself away and said his good bye to Harry and Nick, while ignoring the woman who had serviced his filthy prick.

blk mom daughter doggystye

fetish binympho 2018-09-20

Mom, I let them all watch me suck, and fuck a dog, then I took all of their huge cocks. I moaned, It was making me hot to see my mom watch the dog eat my cunt. Her ass tensed, Yes, honey yes, EAT MOMMYS CUNT, BABY EAT MEEEE, she screamed, as she squirted her juice into my mouth. YES, FUCK MEEE, FUCK MY CUNT, mom yelled, as the dog drilled her pussy. I know mom, I know it is, I want to eat his cum out of your cunt when he is done, I told her. Ok honey, but a dog cock to eat would be fine with me, mom said.