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Karen Babysits for a Man Her Age Ch. 04

fetish cynthiablaine7 2018-01-11

"Well," Karen responded, "perhaps he also figured that if he got a job and managed to make it work, he'd get away from being disciplined by me and humiliated, you know, like when you had me supervise him in the bathroom." She still blushed when she described how she had learned to exercise her feminine dominance over the handsome Jamie. Jamie noticed very quickly that Karen was being quite nice to him and he started looking at her for the first time as someone other than his embarrassing supervisor, heck, babysitter to put it bluntly, and now saw an attractive woman he could see himself spending time with. Jamie moved between Karen's legs and began kissing her calves then thighs, making her yearn to feel that massaging tongue right on her cunt.

Disciplining Mom Ch. 10

fetish lesliejones 2018-01-10

Here she was, in charge of Emily's sisters, both older than she, and her mother, at home, but at the office, she was afraid that her use of the ladies room might start the gossip mill turning with sordid discussion of whether and how much she farted in the stall and whether she did a large jobbie that plopped loudly into the bowl. "Marian," she quickly added, "lift your little skirt, pull down those panties, and hold yourself open down there so the ladies may see what your pussy looks like after a little time with us." "I certainly can't disagree with the logic of that," Emily responded with a wide grin, and proceeded to thank Deb, as did Karen, for the time and effort she had clearly expended on training Marian.

Amy is interviewed for the job at Mrs Potter'

fetish arbymore 2018-01-02

Amy soon realised this and although she too was enjoying it said, 'Oh Mrs Potter that feels very nice, I think the panties fit well, don't you?' 'You know I really think these panties are a good fit, just let me feel again between the legs,' she said. After a short while Jean said, 'Well I think the fit is excellent but I need to have a close look at them, come over here and stand in front of me.' Then Jean said, 'As many of my ladies insist on personal fittings of their underwear I think you need to check on my undies for me.' 'Oh yes, my darling, put two fingers in my big wet cunt and fuck my cunt,' Mrs Potter begged.

Henry's Home for the Summer Ch. 06

fetish cynthiablaine7 2018-01-02

"This naughty boy has started to pee in his panties," Kathy said sharply to Margaret. She then told Robbie he could pull down the panties, sit on the seat, and pee, but that he better not get the seat wet and he was not given permission to make a doody yet. "He definitely does need to go, Kathy," Margaret said to Robbie's sister, who was having a hard time restraining herself from giggling at the amusing situation of her brother being made to hold his poo in until given permission by the imperious governess. Kathy helped advance the progress of the occasion by reaching under her skirt after she had turned away from Robbie, still seated on the toilet, and pulled her lime green panties down and off.

Karen Babysits for a Man Her Age Ch. 05

fetish cynthiablaine7 2017-12-31

Karen moved by his side on the bed and started to run her nail up his shaft through the front of the panties and giggled as she saw the wet spot appear on the panties and gradually spread as Jamie involuntarily released cum—since he had just orgasmed, it was not the precum she had previously seen when teasing him like this. There was a small puddle in the corner but Claire took her by the hand and walked with her to the bathroom, where she directed her to pull down her panties and sit on the toilet, and then to wait for permission to resume peeing.

Karen Babysits for a Man Her Age Ch. 02

fetish cynthiablaine7 2017-12-25

She realized that disciplining this handsome young man was definitely a turn-on for her—in fact, her panties were already wet as she thought about having him over her lap again—but she also wanted to impress Claire Kendall that her nephew was complying with the directions Claire had set for him and which Karen was supposed to be enforcing. Now the blonde Karen's face grew crimson at the compliment and she said, rather sternly, "I'm here at your aunt's request to supervise your behavior, Jamie, so you had better not try to get me to let up on you by complimenting me. Summoning up his cool, Jamie merely smiled and said, "Yes, Aunt Claire, I have done this for your friends when they asked me."


fetish Shylass 2017-12-16

Would you like to put your lips around my nipple and suck, as your hand squeezes my pussy mound, feeling the wetness through the cotton? Wet. Already, my juices are spreading, and I feel the sticky nectar beginning to seep through the white cotton. If you could see me now, you'd like how I'm writhing against my own fingers, hips beginning to raise, and the pink shadow of my hand sticking to the wet whiteness of my knickers. I want to feel the force of your eager face pushing a little fold of cotton between my sliding lips, to feel your hot breath mixing with my hot juice, and I need to push against you in urgent desire.

Joan Takes Charge Ch. 02

fetish cynthiablaine7 2017-12-13

For the three—Emily, 28, Ken, 30, and Jill, 32—the humiliation of reporting to their youngest sister, who was only 24, for punishment had started to fade as they faced living their lives. Andrea kept herself in place although she now feared for how long this punishment might proceed, and worried that she either would jump up at a stroke or possibly lose control of her sphincter and humiliatingly pee herself all over Joan's tweed skirt and hose. "Jill," she said with a grin, "it was bad enough when your mother spanked you but now, your youngest sister exercises that kind of authority?" When Clarice complied, Jill reached into her handbag and retrieved a small rod much like the one that Joan had applied earlier to Andrea's bared bottom.

Henry's Home for the Summer Ch. 04

fetish cynthiablaine7 2017-12-13

Kathy commented on Henry's red panties, and Margaret answered that he now no longer needed to wear them daily. Recalling how Henry's mother had commented on his father's sloppiness in terms of wiping himself as evidenced by the skid marks in his undershorts, combined with how she had so readily submitted to Margaret's dominance, the young governess decided to test these waters. Now Margaret took Lucille over her lap and slowly pulled down the tight control panties. Margaret now invited Lucille to sit next to her on the bed and told Edward to get down between his wife's spread legs and pleasure her pussy with his tongue. Edward liked the velvety feeling inside his wife's cunt and Lucille appreciated the girth and power of her husband's cock as it penetrated her long-ignored vagina.

My little clit

fetish andygone 2017-12-06

I'd lick her beautiful cunt to start with tasting all her juices, and once ready would fuck her with the dildo, with her legs spread wide with her wand on her clit. Flashes of a big, huge dick filling her on the sofa, filling her mouth, her eyes looking longingly at the owner, deep and intent on satisfying a real cock, whilst I look on, or get her pussy ready with my mouth, before he fucks her like she deserves to be fucked - deep and hard, till she is a mess, done; worn-out on the bed, her pussy gaping open dripping his hot, sticky fluid.

Wrecking My Wife

fetish drippingopensluthole 2017-12-04

I wanted her to feel a stretch before I fucked her to climax so I used my usual shallow cunt busting stroke to open her hole up, then began long stroking it all the way out and pushing it as far in as possible. Having already been slam fucked by a hand with four fingers gripping the wall between her ass and cunt, those same fingers being ripped in/out while pulling her open next to a hard cock, and having had the biggest thing of her life fuck her the deepest she had ever been fucked, she was understandably sore and halted me from going as deep as I knew I should have been able.

My Girls f****y

fetish albion64 2017-12-03

Diane was cumming and her hot young cunt sucked the cum out of Jim's cock forcing him to fill her wet pussy with a big load of sperm as he reamed his thick prick up Diane's slick hole banging her balls deep with each climatic thrust. Mary watched as I plunged my long stiff meat up her daughter Kim's hot tight pussy ramming my prick balls deep into Kim's slippery slit with hard fast strokes as Kim licked and sucked Diane's sperm filled cunt and fingered her tight little anus with two fingers. Dan started to thrust in the young girl's hot cunt hard and fast as he shot his load deep in her cunt making her climax as his daughter Jill pulled on the girl's erect nipples and flooded her face with her own climatic juices.

Episode 16 - Becki in Chains

fetish 2017-12-02

The Hand rises from floor thumb enters her bum, fingers pull cunt lips apart, vibrator rises out of palm expands into cunt spraying pulsing jets of water. Watching the picture of the two giant dildos pounding her cunt and arse change into a soft touchy-feely line drawing by May of the inside of her breasts she screamed in ecstasy and agony as the Hand fucking-machine tore her apart, filling every hole with its hot sticky spunk. Dee strokes Kate and gently asks if the a****l sperm extracted from her cunt might be Dog's, just as Heidi opens the kitchen door, and gasps "You little slut – he's my Dog, why is he fucking you?"

Slut Miem at Work

fetish 2017-12-01

The amazon slaps slut's face, knees her pussy1 The bikini is pushed into her cunt. The woman spit in her mouth slaps her cunt over slut miem's face. Her husband comes into the room and rams his cock sight up slut miem's cunt i hear her scream throught the mouthful of cunt. she screams as the couple hold slut miem in mid-air r****g her cunt. miem is held to the womans cunt and laps her pussy for all she is worth. The wife picks miem up holding sluts knees to her tits! Slut miem screams as the ice cold water fills her ass. The wife drops slut miem on the floor before me.

I'm Easy

fetish 2017-11-30

good at making me enjoy his plunging pecker, so when my The problem started when my husband came home from work. before my boyfriend, now husband, got in there. my stepfather's age so I figured he'd like to fuck me. I asked my husband if his buddies thought I was hot. getting much at home so I felt real good about helping When hubby got awake enough the next morning to be hard, filled my horny twat but he IS my husband so I take good went out and let my husband fuck me in his dad's cum. By the time I fucked hubby I'd basically I fuck anybody I want to and my husband thinks

domination fantasy

fetish 2017-11-29

I increase my pace as I let one of your legs wrap around my waist pulling me closer and deeper into your cunt, you moan my name like a little slut and I slap your breasts making you gasp in pain, I'm drilling your wet cunt with ease whilst I grip your breast between my hand, you feel my left hand squeezing your thigh as my cock begins to pulsate, your pussy gushes again as your wet lips squeeze my shaft, you scream out in pleasure as I fuck you deeper, relentlessly.


fetish eatmyowncum 2017-11-29

...my head was still spinning but I had striped naked as she emerged from the en-suite just wearing matching light blue bra and panties .....what a body she had done some modelling and her looks were incredible ..my cock was at full attention....kneel she commanded....as she sat at end of the big double bed go get mt a pint glass..quickly.....I ran to the kitchen aware I am naked with a raging 7 inch hard on leaking precum on to my wifes expensive cream carpets....hold the glass in position .....as she pointed to her cunt....I did as instructed and she produced a golden stram thru her panties mostly into the pint glass ..with some running down her gorgeous slim legs...trying to save the carpet from piss-stain I was glad she ordered me to lick the golden streaks off her fit legs....she tasted awesome as my big tongue lapped at her legs cleaning her nectar....


fetish hasbeen1967 2017-11-29

I let my hand roam a little, my fingers sliding gently along the crack of your arse and down towards the wet warmth of your cunt. Still kissing, I push you gently onto your back and slide my hand down the front of your knickers, letting my soaked fingertips glide around your swollen clit. My cock twitches as I feel your wet flesh before sliding my fingers down over your swollen lips and gliding them slowly inside you. As I suck you through the soft material, my cock is twitching beneath me, desperate for the sensation of sliding slowly into your wet, warm cunt. I can feel your legs and stomach start to shake as I reach beneath you to rub a wet finger over your soft, tight arse.

Seducing My Daughter in Law

fetish Tommie_tomm2 2017-11-29

I pulled even harder on my cock, stroking my hard shaft up and down, while I inserted my daughter in law’s vibrating penis into my mouth, running my tongue up and down its length, trying to taste her love juices. My massaging hands continued to slide up and down her back, caressing her shoulders, rubbing the tension out of her neck, touching her ears, swirling back down her back to her waistband of her tight, sexy shorts. I closed my eyes as the intense feelings of my daughter in law’s wet tongue and warm mouth engulfed my cock, moving slowly up and then down the length of it.

Toilet sex in the Ladies

fetish 2017-11-25

I stood straddling his legs and the pan, looking at the top of his head as he licked my cunt, when someone entered the next cubical, and started peeing, another woman sitting and pissing while I was having oral sex with my friends husband, I just let go and had an orgasm. I opened the cubical door and walked out while our neighbor sat on the pan, he emerged with an embarrassed look on his face, and I devilishly knocked the door on the cubical and asked, 'If she would like to fuck him', we waited a little, then the lock on her door clicked to 'Open', five, ten seconds and it remained open, but closed, I said out loud, 'Sorry babe, he has changed his mind' and we ran out, and went back to the same table and ordered another wine.

All tied up

fetish WonderWoman22 2017-11-23

His mouth covers my pussy, and he thrusts his tongue into me like a tiny cock, i lay still whilst He lashes my clit to the point i am almost in tears, and want to grab at Him and beg Him let me cum. When my entire body, quivers, and His sex is hard and i feel Him close to me, and with every single touch of his hand on my skin, i ripple with sex, and desire. He says nothing, just slides His hands on my belly and chest, making my flesh ripple and i involuntarily arch up toward Him. I cannot help but wanting Him. He leans over and whispers into my ear, so very softly, "cum for me now" He says softly, whilst stroking my face with the back of His hand, "Do you want my cock, princess?

I have to pay the school fees Day One

fetish tim1936 2017-11-23

“Did you get the pictures – she owes about twenty five thousand in fees and extras for herself and her s****r – no, she is not a virgin, done it a couple of times with her boyfriend – You are interested, oh that is good news – full works you say – I had a feeling that that would be the case for this sort of money – No problem I will get the consent forms signed and witnessed ready for you – you’ll send a car. Slowly at first he pushes the helmet just pass my teeth, the camera comes in for a close up, the young girl is still stroking him from the back between his legs, I shut my eyes and try to imagine fields of spring flowers, but it does not work, I am too aware of the black meat in my mouth, I can taste its saltiness.

Night at the park

fetish patkneels 2017-11-22

He grabbe my neck and said, "if you follow my direction, you won't get hurt you whore." I was to scared to disobey, so I lifted my skirt and pulled the back of my panties to the side and spread my ass cunt for his pleasure. His buddy, then rammed his cock deep into my sissy cunt and exploded filling my already dripping ass with his own hot white load of cum. My r****t hasn't said a word, but the fucking I was receiving f***ed me to moan, "yes fuck my sissy ass deep and hard, fuck me like a whore." He pulled harder on my nipples, if I wasn't in a cage I would get so hard.

BBW slut wife

fetish canadianbbw 2017-11-21

black cock; and Toni flat on her back with her legs enema bag and Toni would suck one throbbing cock after under Toni's elevated ass and then put a black satin After Toni lowered her beautiful ass onto the pillows, As the depths of Toni's pussy began to fill up with the my cock to Toni's creamy lips, helping to guide my cascading down Toni's fat ass cheeks as I was about to Toni's heavy hips began to buck to a shuddering climax Toni's gaping cunt, ass cheeks and thighs were also spurt erupted from my pulsating cock, combining with the copious ejaculate already covering Toni's fleshy thighs stroking their fuck-meat, cocks were soon spewing white