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The Little Lady Earns Her Spurs

fetish lesliejones 2018-06-21

"We're going to let you start acting like a big girl and use the toilet, Linda," Karen said in a light-voiced way. Karen had indicated to Emily that she wanted to impose some added discipline and thought it might be best if Emily left the two of them alone in the bathroom, so Emily quietly absented herself while Linda managed to pull up the tight pair of little-girl panties. "Get your mouth on my shithole, sweetie," she said very sternly, "and be prepared to swallow whatever comes out now because I need to shit." Totally humiliated, Linda prepared to swallow whatever horrible-tasting poo Karen was about to excrete.

Emily and Karen Train Me

fetish lesliejones 2018-06-20

Karen loved to talk about the prospect and told Emily in front of me that it seemed so silly for me to continue to have the privilege of wearing "big girl panties." Sometimes she would bring over small-sized panties that are commonly worn by little girls for me to wear: bunnies or ducks or flowers would adorn them and sometimes the crotch was a plastic one designed for the early teen girls who might not yet be capable of always holding their pee in. But every time I made a mess in the pantygirdle, either a doody or my period leaking through the tiny liner, Karen would tell Emily that I didn't deserve the privilege of wearing panties when it was clear that all I did was soil them.

Don Venuto's Sissies

fetish marybethsanford 2018-06-17

"It's an invitation to a birthday party?" Mark's mother said. You've got to go dressed as a little girl." Carol said. invitations, and I'll call a couple of the moms," Mark's mother said. supposed to have shoes, dresses and accessories." Mark's mother said on OK?" Mark's mother said as she transferred the slip to the arm "Life your arms honey." Mark's mother said as she gathered the slip. so the dress slids over it." Mark's mother said fighting that smile "Do you guys really like this stuff?" Mark asked as the dress and slip "Do you think he dresses like this?" Mark's mother asked. "Going to show you a trick we girls learn," Mark's mother said.

Toilet Training Elizabeth

fetish lesliejones 2018-06-13

"So as a good mother-in-law," Kendall persisted, "I decided that even at 25, some girls still need good, old-fashioned toilet training." Elizabeth blushed deeply as she heard those words but she also felt her panties getting wet with uncontrollable excitement at the humiliation she was about to undergo. "Now, Beth," she said as she turned to Elizabeth, "stand up, lift your skirt, lower your panties, and then bend over and hold your bottom cheeks well apart." There were gasps from the ladies at this horridly embarrassing order but also a few whoops and cheers from the younger women who were as rich and spoiled as Kendall.

Christine Takes Charge Ch. 04

fetish cynthiablaine7 2018-06-08

But Dorothy was still taken aback, though she was wise enough to remain calm, when Christine bent forward and quietly ordered the submissive teacher to hold her pussy lips apart so that Chris might insert the Super tampon. "I hope you manage to attend to your period more successfully from now on," Christine said in her strongest teacher's voice, "so that I don't need to change your tampon during your inspections at my house in front of my sister and brother-in-law." After hearing Christine relate the account of her initial panty inspection and toilet control of the submissive teacher, Susie let out a gasp of both excitement and fear.

Bed-Wetters Wedding Ch. 01

fetish Whitecottonpantyboy 2018-05-20

After a second of hesitation I answered in my most submissive and compliant whisper, "Anything!" There was a pause on the other end and then she told me that she would ensure Karl allowed us to stay only on the condition that James served as their cook for the week and I helped with the housework as a maid. When it was over he was about to complain but the supervisor said, "Don't get your panties in a bunch, unless you want to volunteer for a strip search." Jim's anger melted and he sulked like a school girl on the verge of tears as he repacked his bags. We were on our third round of Long Island Ice Teas, the waitress was coming up and Nikki asked loudly, "Are you wearing panties today Jimmy?"

A Visit to Nurse Peters

fetish Subtext 2018-04-26

Tom felt his blood flush up into his face hotly as Nurse Peters pulled his wet, jockey briefs down and away from his butt. You will wear this diaper and like it!" Nurse Peters stated peevishly as she grabbed Tom by the arm and pulled him down over her knee. After one of the waiting students was seen and dismissed, Nurse Peters changed Tom's diaper right there in the middle of the floor in front of the last remaining female student and this time he laid there and watched her wipe his rear end quite contently. "No, she doesn't!" Nurse Peters replied as she watched Tom's diapered ass shuffle away with a satisfied smile.

Bad Babygirl's Saturday Evening

fetish flash87 2018-04-19

Inside Daddy had given her the punishment plug tearing her tiny little butt cheeks wide open... She was sure Daddy had been joking when he said he was going out with the guys for the evening after he'd spanked her over his knee, tied her up in bed and told her she wasn't to cum before he got home... Daddy soon started to punish her for her everyday actions and began to remind her that when she was acting like a spoiled little girl she'd be treated like one. Janie writhed with her arms and legs tied as she felt the flush of embarrassment in her cheeks , the relief in her bladder and the uncomfortable warmth of the pee leaving her already we pussy.

Accidents and Non-Accidents at Work

fetish anyone11 2018-04-12

Jen obviously could guess what Alice was thinking – wait, why do you have adult diapers in your bathroom, does that mean what I think it means – and she explained, saying, "I'm no stranger to wetting or messing myself, although with me it's not accidental. Clean up didn't take long, since her poop had been solid and there were wet wipes available, and Alice then faced the choice of whether to go commando or use one of the many adult diapers available in the cabinet. "I'm still going, and I don't think this diaper will hold much more." She had barely finished her sentence when rivulets of pee started to run down her legs, forming a sizable yellow puddle on the floor by the time her bladder was empty.

I Wet The Bed

fetish just_a_toy 2018-04-12

"I want you to go and get your bigger rolled up scouring pad and shove it into your naughty girl hole." I whimpered at the thought, as I knew it would hurt, but I went and got the requested item. "You need to, of course, post this and all the pictures to the usual site so that others can see how naughty you are." I nearly cried again at the thought of anyone who wanted to seeing how I had wet the bed, but I did as I was told. I want you to film yourself fucking that naughty pussy of yours with that scouring pad, hard and fast...punish your pussy for Daddy, ok little one?"

Claire Gets Punished Ch. 02

fetish secretsubmissive22 2018-04-09

"I need you to go to timeout now, we are going to have a talk about your behavior, but first lets get a diaper on you so you don't go potty without it on you," he said. "Yes," he said congenially "it is too cold to be wearing that outside, you can wear jeans if you would like." Claire got up to walk to their bedroom and he stopped her, "you cannot dress yourself," he reminded her. "Now you disobeyed me and you said a bad word, come stand here I am going to take off your pants and you're getting spanked." Claire looked defeated as she moseyed over towards Mark.

Mommy Eve

fetish Subtext 2018-04-07

"Why thank you, Bobby!" she replied as she moved her right hand to a place up between his legs. A feeling of elation filled Bobby's heart and surges of adrenaline shot from between his legs up into his stomach as she moved him along slowly to the bathroom. "It's okay, I understand." she said as she started to undo his belt and unzip his fly, all the while keeping the pressure steady between his legs with her right hand. Bobby's legs were now forced into an open-hipped position, and he began to feel all the pampered helplessness he had longed for. Eve then moved her hand to a position under the seat of his diaper.

Claire Gets Punished Ch. 05

fetish secretsubmissive22 2018-04-02

"Claire, I want you to go to daddy Evan and apologize for being a bad girl, then lift up your dress and ask him to spank your bottom." "I insist you smack her bottom with your hand a few times for her rudeness after Evan is done, then you may instruct her to strip naked and touch and look at her, the only stipulation I have is you may not penetrate my baby wife" said Mark. After a few minutes he told her to stand up and took her by the hand to go to her room, he was going to spank her with the spoon and show her the new furniture he also made a mental note that he should probably order a second play pen and some type of timeout spot for the downstairs.

Daddy's Little Cow Ch. 03

fetish KindAsCake 2018-04-02

She saw herself wearing a t shirt and one of the diapers from the box, felt the pressure in her bladder of needing to pee and imagined begging her Daddy to use the potty. She trembled under him, the feeling of his cock inside her, the milking machine tugging at her breasts, her juices running down her legs, she was right on the edge of an orgasm. "Your Daddy would like to start his day with kisses and warm milk, are you going to tell him no?" "Daddy, please, please." She begged, trying to be still as he started leisurely nursing at her left breast, his fingers rolling and pulling at the wet, sensitive nipple he'd just finished with.

A Woman in Need

fetish morningchica 2018-02-28

It was so erotic to see her pumping milk from her full breasts, I began to feel aroused. Now I was really confused until she unzipped the bag she had sat on the floor and began to pull out baby powder, lotion and a diaper! Veronica explained how hard it was to deal with the lactation she had experienced since the onset of puberty, and how it made her feel like something was missing in her life. As I watched V fasten the diaper around me I noticed the front of her shirt had two small wet spots right where her nipples pointed through, and as she became aware of it too, she announced, "Dinner is ready." I put the head of my cock at the opening of her pussy, and began to enter.

Space Camp Ch. 05

fetish kcunningh 2018-02-16

Garret pulled his diaper down and got on his knees behind Lisa. Lisa looked directly into Will's eyes as Garret started fucking her. Meanwhile, back in room 469, Bobby had untaped Kylie's diaper and started eating her pussy after she jerked him off into his diaper. Bobby gave up on letters and just tried to keep licking while her hips bucked around as her orgasm rocked her body. Then she grabbed his shaft with her hand, placed her mouth over the head and started to stroke and suck in unison. To switch things up, Kylie would pull her mouth away and stroke his slick cock with her hand as fast as she could possibly go.

Diapered Gals

fetish LadyDaisy 2018-02-11

I was going to look back when I noticed the car on the left was attempting to get into my lane. The nurse still wasn't in, so I asked Jenny to change me, though I pretty much knew what the answer would be. As a nurse was changing me the next morning, Jenny walked into the room. She kept a pretty nice house, I thought as I went into her room. Her other hand quickly went on her own as she felt me filling the diaper up. No inch was left untouched, and yes, some juices went in the diaper as well! My whole hand went into her diaper as I repaid the favor.

My Story

fetish Missy112 2018-01-31

Clearing his throat he said, "please don't think less of me, but I'd love to see you in diapers. I don't like to wear them, but I think to see you in a very wet heavy diaper would be sexy as hell." I was actually going to wear diapers in front of someone else. I tried wearing them once, but that just wasn't for me, but I love them on you." he said as his eyes travelled over my body and remained on my diaper. Slowly he ran his fingers along the leg bands and slid his fingers under the diaper and he began rubbing my crotch and then slid his finger in my vagina.


Dotheboys Hall

fetish klammer 2018-01-12

The other boy was released from his crib, still firmly gagged, and held by the men in the shower in the corner while the nurse pulled off his rubber pants and removed his very soiled diapers. She washed his diaper area clean, dried him, pilled a pair of the red rubber pants up his legs and in place around his hips, and then went with the men as they frog-marched the struggling boy through a door into the next room. They came back some time later and the girl, like the boy and David, naked apart from her rubber pants and the electronic tag around her ankle, was lifted from the bed and held in the shower while she too was cleaned up and placed in pink rubber pants.

Rachel and Victoria

fetish LadyDaisy 2018-01-11

Lovely home!" Rachel said in her cute British accent, looking around. "Well, I'll have some water and Rachel would like some lemonade." Victoria requested. Rachel, Victoria, and I played around a little more before we decided to go to bed for the night. Rachel joined me in that, and Victoria got into bed in just a diaper. I went back to Victoria, and started grabbing her ass by her diaper as I was kissing her tummy... I made it so Rachel has a diaper fetish and Victoria has a bald fetish. Later, I go into a room to find Rachel and Victoria having wild sex! Rachel and Victoria have been at my side the entire time, holding, kissing, and talking to me.

Mother-in-Law is Disciplined Ch. 03

fetish tom6432 2018-01-08

As soon as we arrive inside and the girls place their packages down, I notice my wife, Karen Anne, starting to fidget. My Mother-in-law dressed in her schoolgirl outfit had a quizzical look on her face, as she watches the discussion between my wife and my self. I hear an audible gasp from my Mother-in-law, as she can't believe I am treating Karen like a child. "When you are being punished Missy," turning to my Mother-in-law, "you will always ask to go potty and you will use your own potty chair, which will have your name on it. "Karen Anne we are going to have lunch downstairs, but first I want you to double diaper you're Mother and dress her in plastic panties and a tee shirt.

Claire Gets Punished Ch. 04

fetish secretsubmissive22 2017-10-23

"This is for Claire's bare bottom when she is a bad girl, I am going to keep it somewhere we can find it easily," he said as he showed her the words. "This is for when my little girl is ready to stop wearing pull-ups and learn to use the potty." He put the box in front of her for her to look at and moved behind her, gently pushing the thermometer in and out of her bottom. "I am going to check for stubbles now and then we are going to discuss the punishment for taking off your diaper and after we discuss that I will put baby down for her nap." Claire thought he was going to let that go but knew she should have known better.

Lesbian Diaper Story

fetish 2017-10-13

"Are you going to be a good girl now?" I asked, rubbing her bottom, my fingers slipping down to her wet pussy. They were clients of the law firm, and I had gone there a couple of times to get Karen little girl dresses, and some of the leather supplies, but had forgotten about the baby stuff. Before he rung it up, I selected 2 little girls dresses with matching panties for the start of the evening. If you wet them, you will be punished and put back into diapers, this time for 2 weeks." At the end of the week, I started dressing her in the little girls outfit.

Space Camp Ch. 02

fetish kcunningh 2017-10-12

The girls removed their diapers and put on their Hanes Her Way cotton underwear and street clothes and met the boys for dinner. Instructor Brad told everyone (even though the girls already knew the story) how astronauts have to wear diapers during launch sequences and space walks due to the long periods of time they are in their space-suit. The girls decided they should try to sneak down the hall to peek in the classroom window to see if they can see the boys changing. Lisa pushed Kylie out of the way so she could try to sneak a peek at some of the boys in diapers.