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Cindy and Mindy Ch. 01

fetish djubre666 2018-12-04

They had the same body type as their mother, and instead of being thin and lean which would be expected at their height, they had huge breasts even at their size, a tiny narrow waist which flared into wide shapely hips, and continued endlessly in long legs currently completely hidden by skirts. The bitch is now taller and has bigger boobs." said Mindy slapping Cindy's breast which wobbled wildly, to which I swerved wildly almost crashing. "Oh, he'll get a kiss afterwards for sure, but right now, we can give him something to look at." Mindy said, turning around and with a short breathy moan twisted in her seat kissing the surprised Cindy on her lips.

Cindy and Mindy Ch. 04

fetish djubre666 2018-11-27

"I just have to try out these bra's and then we can go, Sorry for bothering you with this shopping trip" Cindy said entering the dressing room, and in the sudden silence between the shopping mall music jingles I could hear the silent "splat" as the first drop of pre-cum fell from Cindy's cock. "Holy Fuck Cindy, that was monstrous, you must have been holding that I'm for a long time considering the amount." I said waking up to get and putting my shaking hands on the still spasming monster. "Oh, Chris sorry about that" Cindy said, I ignored her completely, letting my hands pass over the endless expanse of the Princess.

Cindy and Mindy Ch. 03

fetish djubre666 2018-11-23

"Give it a kiss Chris, kneel before the Queen" she said placing her hand on top of my head. I managed to cough out the cum clogging my air canals, and clean my eyes just in time to see the final drops fall down from the now flaccid 16" monster hanging limply between Mindy's thighs. "Give the Queen a kiss Chris" Mindy said, and when I complied she slid back impaling herself on my erection. Chris darling, you're mine tonight" she said sitting up and smiling satisfied, she was rubbing her own cum on her torso and breasts making them slick and shiny. But I promise to come finish breaking the bed add soon as I get back." said Mindy and left before I had a chance to ask any of the questions piling in my head.

Cindy and Mindy Ch. 02

fetish djubre666 2018-11-08

Afraid of being seen, I sneaked back into the living room, and not a moment to soon as Cindy just came in, in a tightly fitting long black dress showing off her curves and opened at the top of her breasts showing a deep valley of flesh for anyone tall enough to look, which unfortunately excluded me. "Uh, sure, no problem" I said immediately down on my knees and going under the table before i even realised what that meant, Mindy on the other hand spread her legs inviting me closer, letting me have a good look at the monster distorting the stocking.

Cindy and Mindy Ch. 05

fetish djubre666 2018-10-31

The last spurt jumped weakly barely a few inches from the tip landing in the large pool of cum between her breasts with a wet "Splotch.." Cindy gave me one of her dirty looks and bending down to lick the last drop from the tip of her cock, which has gone soft against and was almost completely sunk in the pool between her breasts. Cindy you..." I tried looking at her speechless, her clothes were completely drenched, there was a pool of cum between her breasts, in her lap and on the seat she was sitting on. I just love the sight of you so tiny under Princess, you look so tiny." Cindy said enjoying the view, she extended her hand holding my head in place.

Futa Flight

fetish phallicdelights 2018-09-12

I could see his face reflected in the dark parts of his laptop screen, where it looked like he was typing up some kind of report. Every time his hand grazed the tip, he let out what I could only assume was a moan given the fact that I couldn't hear it over the sound of the plane. My hand grazed my left nipple and I immediately bit my lower lip to avoid moaning at the sensation. I saw the lavatory in the back was unoccupied, so I practically jumped out of my seat and walked as quickly as I could to the back of the plane. I got some weird looks from the passengers and flight attendants, but I didn't care as I flopped onto the toilet seat and peeled off my leggings.

A Very Special "Girl" Ch. 02

fetish christian_hm 2018-08-30

Also, there's sort of the social aspect of possibly having an androgenous boy or girl, which is something that I've been dealing with for the past 18 years." "I know that my future husband and I would love any child that we had, but I don't know if he or she would have the same luck that I've had recently," Tiff said as she smiled at Christian. Settling into a nice slow and deep rhythm, he looked down at his love and nearly blew his load right then; her freckled cheeks were completely flushed, her eyes were tightly closed, and her mouth was slightly open as she took in ragged gasps of air. "You're so fucking sexy," Christian moaned as he knelt on either side of Tiffany's tits and leaned forward so as to position his cock right near her face.

Giantess on the Subway

fetish kathryn94 2018-08-06

She stood with her back to a glass pane dividing rows of seats, facing away from Jake. Jake noticed that the carriage had emptied and they were the only passengers except for another woman who was facing away from them, with headphones on. She stood up and walked past Jake, her massive rod swaying in front of her. She continued walking towards the woman who was seated facing away, wearing headphones. She walked right up to the woman, grabbed her by her shirt with her left hand, lifted her two feet off the ground, and tore off her pants with her right. The woman passed out in the meantime, her belly bloated outwards by the huge cock inside her.

Giantess on the Subway Ch. 02

fetish kathryn94 2018-06-12

She started pumping her cock so hard that the camera began to shake. Jake's own cock was hard again and he began jacking himself off as well. Jake watched the throbbing of her cock in shock. She held her cock still and let it continue ejaculating. Jake's cock jumped when she said that. Tokens were apparently a type of currency that were earned by donating money during the stream, 10 for every month he had paid membership, and 5 for every ten minutes he watched her live stream. Over the next few days Jake spent hours on her website, watching her live stream and scrolling through pictures and videos of her. Monday night Jake sat down to watch her stream again.

Giantess on the Subway Ch. 03

fetish kathryn94 2018-05-16

"How do you feel, knowing that you're going to be featured on it next?" She leaned down and whispered in his ear: "With my cock deep inside you." By the time she finished ejaculating Jake looked like he was 9 months pregnant. She stood up to her full height with her cock still deep inside Jake. Jake held onto her hand with both arms, stood up, and pulled as hard as he could. When she came, she pushed Jake's arms down all the way making his hands touch the table. When she finally stopped cumming she let go of his hand and flipped the table, revealing her cock, which almost instantly started growing.

Claire's Transformation Ch. 01

fetish Weaver_ 2018-01-27

Claire sighed to herself, though inwardly glad this 'mirror session' didn't remind her of the rest of her hopelessly immature looking body with its small mounds of breasts and narrow hips. She drifted finally to sleep, her last thoughts of round boobs and butts and the beautiful and mysterious face of Kitty Brookes, eyeing her knowingly. Her lips looked more kissable - slightly fuller and more pouty; her dark hair looked thicker and perhaps a bit longer and Claire thought it shone with a new lustre as it fell around one side of her face, though it was hard to tell. As she spun around to look at her ass, she felt her massive cock thwack into her thigh, giving her an odd tingle of pleasure.

Giantess on the Subway Ch. 04

fetish kathryn94 2017-12-13

I had another one for in a few days-" She walked over to the fridge and pulled out the second steak. "I've got more to offer than just my mouth." She took her pants off and pulled her panties down, unleashing her hard cock. Her cock stood up straight in front of Jake, and without second thought he grabbed the 14 inch monster and began pumping it to the rhythm of his hips. It felt like having one hundred orgasms at once." She lay on her side and pulled him close to her, acting as the big spoon. She pulled the blanket over them and gave the back of his head soft kisses before falling asleep.

Willing Submission to a Dickgirl Ch. 01

fetish ArthurSummer2 2017-11-20

Whether it be shemales or futanari, I had always wanted a girl cock to take control of my ass and make me cum from a thick meat rod entering my back door. The pressure was so great that I couldn't swallow it all in time, and her thick white goo shot out of my mouth and plastered her cock and hips, as well as dribble down my chin. My cock was harder than it had ever been in my life, and even so I was able to catch a glimpse of my rock hard dick in contrast to her softening fuck pole, and I realized that I was probably not even half her size.

Extra Credit

fetish sajukno 2017-11-04

"Getting turned on by your teacher's hot dick touching your back?" Ms, Zander asked as she pulled her hand out of Stacy's pants, putting her wet fingers under her mouth. Snapping out of her train of thought, Stacy continued the blowjob she had already started, working more of Ms. Zander's hot dick into her mouth, working two fingers into her teacher's pussy at the same time, juices flowing out and down Stacy's hand. "Look at you, sluttily sucking your teacher's huge cock while fingering her pussy," Ms. Zander said lustfully. Stacy screamed in her mind as she too came, moaning hard into Ms. Zander's erupting cock, her pussy juices soaking through her panties, through her jeans, dripping onto the floor.

The Journey of Sexuality Ch. 03

fetish JosephGibbs 2017-10-23

Nice to meet you, Jason, it will be interesting to see how much of what she says is true." Julia said as she began giggling. She let go and walked toward the entrance and said, "Well, I hope that you had a good time on your trip, Jay." And then, to add insult to injury, Sarah is now going to be in the room right next door to where Amy and I sleep. "Now it's my turn to have fun!" Julia said, as she aimed her monster cock right at my lips again. Amy sat down on the ground, while Julia and I pointed our dicks right toward her pussy and asshole, while Sarah sat above her head, with her pussy right above Amy's mouth.