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Natalie's Dirty Underwear

fetish Blucher 2018-06-25

She said that there was a big leak in her bathroom under the sink and asked if I knew anything about plumbing. I held a pair to my nose and sniffed the delicious perfume of Natalie's most intimate parts. I was sniffing and tasting her panties which had been between her legs for hours, she had been sitting in them, forcing the gusset up into her cunt and between her ass cheeks. I pulled my pants and shorts down and took one of the other pairs of panties which I wrapped around my cock. I wiped the cum off with my handkerchief and was going to put the panties back into the laundry basket when I noticed the pyjama pants in there.

Christine's Dirty Panties

fetish Blucher 2018-06-24

I love sniffing a girl's dirty panties and I wondered if Frank sniffed Christine's. I looked in the laundry basket again and took out the white panties I had already seen. I took another pair of her panties, black ones this time, and wrapped them tightly around my cock, thrilling to the exquisite feeling of the silky material as I masturbated. I walked around the apartment and looked in a mirror, seeing my naked body with my hard, erect cock and the lovely panties on my face. I thought "thank you for letting me have the opportunity to pleasure myself with your lovely ladies' dirty panties." I often masturbate thinking about this episode and look forward to the next opportunity to be alone with Christine's dirty underwear.

Lucy's Dirty Panties

fetish Blucher 2018-06-23

I had a huge erection and my cock started to throb when I took her panties and looked at them. Not surprising when you think that Lucy had been wearing these panties for around fifteen hours and driven miles and miles on a hot day. I looked at the poop stains and thought about how the gusset had been forced up tight against her asshole for hours on end. Lucy has been wearing these, I said to myself, these panties have been round her sweet pussy and her ass and now they are mine. During the week that Lucy spent with us I sniffed her panties almost every day; this was a vacation to be remembered.

I Stole My Secretary's Panties

fetish Blucher 2018-06-21

She often wears short skirts and high heels in the office and I sometimes get hard looking at her lovely legs and her small round ass as she bends over a filing cabinet. For the rest of the evening I kept thinking about the pleasure I was going to get from Jackie's delicious dirty panties. My cock got hard as I thought about how they had been worn by the lovely girl, caressing her pussy and her asshole as she sat in them for hours, in the office and in her car, going to the toilet, pulling them up and down, then at home all evening until she had taken them off to go to bed.

Natalie's Dirty Underwear Ch. 02

fetish Blucher 2018-05-31

Two days after they had left I opened the separation door and went onto Natalie's balcony with my watering can. When I had finished I walked along the balcony and looked in through their windows as I am a curious person (actually I was hoping that maybe she might have left a pair of her panties in view). I want to fuck this girl so much, suck her pussy and lick her asshole but it's impossible; having her dirty panties is the next best thing. I took the little panties I had ejaculated in out of the laundry basket and pulled and rubbed them around until they were soft again, I put the thong back in too.

Freddy & Marty Ch. 01

fetish L O Reins 2018-05-28

“Hmmm, are you sure about that?” I don’t know if she was being cautious or just giving me a long look but she opened the tap to the slowest trickle and ran the water over her fingers. Marty squeezed her thighs together like a little girl and leaned forward over the sink giving me an improved look. I always wanted to watch a guy jerk his cock off; and knowing you are doing it for me…ummm.” Marty had my belt open and was pulling down my zipper. This is what I want, Freddy.” She said as she fucked my mouth with her panty-covered fingers. I just want to eat up this sight.” Marty placed her wet panties in my left hand and stood up and stepped back a step.

Janine & George Ch. 03

fetish hairybush 2018-05-23

As I looked down upon his hair covered crack, I straddled Master's butt and a stream of piss emerged from my hairy pussy, matting down the fluffy ass tufts on his shithole. I had had a feeling George might ask for a pair, so I had been wearing the same ones for 10 days now, putting my smelly unwiped butt in them after I crapped, letting little piss squirts out in them, rubbing them into my hairy pussy. "YEAH SLUTS, RACHEL GET YOUR FACE IN THOSE PANTIES AND EAT MY SHIT WHILE JANINE LICKS IT OUT OF YOUR FAT NASTY RED ASSCRACK." George barked, and grabbed the camera.

Panty Log

fetish Wrench05 2018-04-30

On my way out this Friday morning I detoured thru the laundry room and snagged a pair of the little whore's dirty panties. After a good cum I went back inside and showered and got ready for bed putting just the panties back on. It's got a nice little patch of discharge on it and it smells amazing, a mixture of pussy, pee and a whiff of her ass. Saturday night she was running around in a skimpy little pair of shorts at one point I snuck a couple of good pictures when she was sitting on a swing with her legs up and spread open, real nice crotch shots.

Dee's Panties Obsession Ch. 03

fetish storyfella 2018-04-26

She felt a tingle of excitement between her legs when she thought about Sara's dirty panties and how she'd worn them all day and how messy they had become when she returned them to her the night before last. As Dee was loading the washing machine she couldn't resist having a sniff of her dirty panties before throwing them in. As Sara stripped and stepped into the bath her thoughts were of Dee. She laid back and her hands ran all over her body imagining they were Dee's hands, stroking her nipples, stroking her thighs, stroking her pussy. "I've been a very dirty girl today, I wore these panties to work, my dirty ones you wore for work the other day," confessed Sara waving them in her hand, "I can see how you felt wearing them, I've been so wet all day.

Scent and Scentsibility

fetish smellathon 2018-03-30

I glanced up from my concentration on my penis and was startled to see a girl about twenty feet away, watching my actions intently, but in a dispassionate way, showing no sign of flight or fright. She turned around and as I groaned my disappointment, grasped my shaft and gently pulled my foreskin over my penis head, clamping An extraordinary thing happened - she began stroking the underside of my penis head with her index finger, stimulating that rough area of supersensitive male tissue that approximates to the clitoris through my foreskin. bunched and bulged before my first spurt of semen she released my foreskin - a white coil of ejaculate hit her neck and upper edge of her tee shirt.

Dee's Panties Obsession Ch. 02

fetish storyfella 2018-03-20

Dee's pussy was wet with the thoughts running through her head and with the thought of her fresh juices mingling with Sara's and her own from the night before. "It turns me on just hearing you say that," said Sara, "I don't know Dee, what would people think of us if they knew. Dee was soon in her own room and after stripping off her clothes, except for her panties, pulled on her nightie and got comfy on her bed. "I have a little confession, I've been wearing them all day," said Dee smiling back at Sara. A little later as Dee relaxed in her room, reflected on what Sara had said.

Caught By My Mother-In-law

fetish mingeeter 2018-03-20

Telling me that I was a sick dirty boy for wanting to taste and smell the slick juices of a 73 year old suppressed slut, the very thought of my nose being stuck in crusty panties made her old pussy slick with her arousal. I did as I was told Heather stood up and walked over to me abusing me calling me a dirty filthy pervert for sniffing and licking Barbara's dirty smelly panties whilst masturbating.

Dee's Panties Obsession Ch. 04

fetish storyfella 2018-03-06

"You know, I wore your dirty panties to work again, made me so wet all day," Sara said. Sara sniffed in more of the dirty odours from the panties Dee had been wearing all day, "Stick your finger in my cunt and lick my clit Dee... Sara shimmied down the bed and pulled the knickers out from under the pillow, the ones she had worn to work that day and handed them to Dee, "here, have these and sit on my face, let me taste that yummy pussy while you smell my juicy panties," instructed Sara. When she felt Sara's tongue slowly lick up her pussy lips she lifted the panties to her nose.

Next Door Panty Play

fetish kebbyman 2018-03-05

I was in dirty panty heaven and was getting ready to blow my load all over my wife when she took the panties from my nose and held the gusset open under my pre cum dripping cock and pulled a HUGE load out of me into the pussy stained panties that belonged to our neighbor. I unzipped my pants and began stroking my rigid member with the sticky yellow ones and again sniffed the crusted gusset of the pair I had just found getting even more excited knowing big Bill liked to jerk off and bust a nut into dirty panties like I did. I looked him right in the eye, held the cum stained gusset of his wife's panties under my nose and sniffed so hard I thought I was going to pass out.

Melinda's Fishy Discharge Ch. 01

fetish Paradiggler 2018-02-17

I carefully slid my tongue underneath the separate crotch panel and gently placed my mouth over the discharge stain, closing my eyes as I subtly sucked on the soiled area, all the while inhaling the absolute joy of Melinda's fishy femininity. Realising there was probably not long before Melinda was due to return, I took several prolonged and deep inhalations, the odour of her fishy discharge consuming me entirely and directing me to one final fantasy. I stood up and knelt over the toilet bowl, closing my eyes and imagining Melinda sitting on the toilet with her pants down and soiled white knickers around her knees, possibly turning the dirty gusset upwards and inspecting her own discharge stains.

Brianna's Panties

fetish black saphire 2018-02-03

Mike was so lost in thought over Brianna and Theresa's tits that he drove right past Bri's house. Bri laughed and moved away to stand by the fridge as Mike knelt down and slid under the sink, the pipes just above his head. Mike felt so kinky wearing Bri's used panties that he almost came in his pants. Bri watched as Mike lifted the boxes from the kitchen to the store room. "They don't seem wet." Bri said mockingly as she walked over to Mike. Bri pulled Mike forward, with her hand still stuck in his pants, to the edge of the bed. Mikes semi-hard cock sprang to attention, stretching the fabric of her used panties.

Panty Party

fetish stac2918 2018-01-27

Still unable to see what was going on as my view was blocked by Jayne's skirt, I felt the panties continue up my legs until they were cupping my balls, the g-string was pulled up in to the crack of my ass and I then felt a hand manoeuvred my hard cock in the panties. My hands were full with my trainers so I wasn't able to take the panties out of my mouth in time and my cock was still blatantly making a tent in my jeans, everyone on the landing went quiet and just looked at me, the only sound was that of the girls laughing in the bedroom behind me.

Rachel's Filthy Knickers Pt. 02

fetish RachelandI 2017-12-29

In my sheer ecstasy moments earlier, I had missed the front door go and now whoever it was nearly at the top of the stairs and would likely catch me, not only surrounded by Rachel's dirty underwear, but wearing them too! "So you don't wanna find out what these panties taste like then?" Rachel hissed back slowly and seductively, while hitching up her dress to reveal a sexy white g-string (much like the one I had been sniffing and licking earlier). I began feverishly tasting the dirty brown smears while Rachel had now pulled her underwear from her cunt and had begun finger-fucking herself through her panty. I'm gonna cum in my little panties" And with that her tiny, tight cunt began to gush; flooding through her already wet g-string and into my mouth.

Katy Masturbates in Public

fetish MichaelandKaty 2017-12-15

Believing I'd come up with a solution, before my next trip out of town I asked Katy to buy a pair of 100% cotton panties. Needless to say, Katy was less than enthused when I called from out of town asking if she was wearing her new cotton panties and if she was ready to masturbate in them for me. But as she is often prone to do, my wonderful wife surprised me one day upon returning from a trip to the mall, informing me she'd picked up a new pair of cotton panties from her favorite clothing store. She pulled on a mini dress over the leotard, turned the vibrator on, told me she loved me but was hoping she wouldn't hate me by the time she got home, and headed off to buy groceries.

Kathy's Smelly Stains

fetish Paradiggler 2017-12-07

It felt absolutely incredible to be sitting naked on Kathy's toilet seat with her dirty underwear in my hands -- I kept stopping to inspect those brown discharge stains, sniffing them deeply and sucking the deeply stained crotch panel, imagining how these knickers had been riding between her legs all day long. It felt totally wicked to be masturbating with two pairs of Kathy's soft, dirty undies wrapped around my penis, whilst sniffing the brown discharge stains of another and sucking hard on the brown discharge stains of a fourth pair and all whilst she was out at work -- sitting at her desk, hopefully soiling yet another pair of cotton bikini panties for me with her delicious fanny discharge combined with her typical daily groin sweat.

Elaine's Dirty Knickers Ch. 01

fetish Paradiggler 2017-12-05

I closed my eyes and tried to imagine carefully what Elaine's individual womanhood might have been like -- a perfect brown pubic triangle wedged between thick, white thighs covering what was a thick-lipped and wrinkled female opening - bright pink and lumpy on the inside, moist with her smelly feminine cream and discharging amply all day long into her tiny and tender white cotton knickers. And just as I imagined spreading Elaine's beautifully round, white buttocks and placing my tongue inside her smelly, wrinkled, brown anus I opened my eyes and immediately saw her discharge-stained undies directly underneath my hugely erect penis and immediately spurted another round of love juice into her toilet bowl.

My Best Friend's Mother

fetish Dj Booster 2017-11-20

" Do you like my fat ass James would you like to smell my asshole and taste it, like you tasted my dirty panties Put your finger in it baby put your finger in my asshole." So I reached between her cheeks and found that warm tight hole and shoved my middle finger inside. "Lick me James, clean my dirty hole" She said as she grabbed me by the hair forcing my face into her ass crack. "Come here and suck my cum out of cunt hole, I'm gonna squirt it in your mouth." Kneeling in front of her I buried my face between her legs, sucking and licking her jungle like pussy.

Scent and Scentsibility Ch. 08

fetish smellathon 2017-10-06

It was clear to us that most of these young women hadn't bothered to wash that morning, knowing they would be using the leisure centre facilites later, just climbing into the previous day's underwear and socks and bringing along fresh clothing in their kitbags. Sniffing lustily at a pair of light pink knickers and white cotton calf socks, she nodded at the changing position of this girl. Throwing the socks on the floor in front of the girl's area, she scraped vaginal fluid from her labia and applied it along the gusset of the girl's extravagantly stained knickers. As we returned to the public changing rooms, Divora wondered what would be the girl's reaction. After showering, Divora nonchalantly pulled on the girl's fresh panties.

Knicker Sniffing

fetish mingeeter 2017-10-02

You try to hide the fact but you feel that familiar twinge inside your panties and you realise that your tight vagina is actually getting moist at the thought that I have my nose buried inside the crotch of your dirty panties licking and tasting the cunt cream where you masturbated the day before. you're now forcing me to sniff and lick at your wet cunt calling me your dirty panty sniffing pervert finally you orgasm over my face and saturating your panties with your cunny juice, all thick, tangy and sticky girl cum that is the most tastiest naughty treat that I have ever had the pleasure of.