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M's First Tie, Part 4

fetish gilrenard 2018-12-01

M keeps her left hand stroking the marks on her breasts, as her right hand slides over the rope marks on her thigh. “I would love that,” she replies, as she takes my hand and places it on her breast. M quickens the pace of her rocking, drives my hand harder to her pussy and answers, “Please Gil, right now!” I grab her wrist and kiss the back of her hand and ask her, “How does it feel?” When Brooke is back behind the counter, I slide my hand onto M’s right leg and undo the bottom two buttons of her dress. M replies in a nervous voice, “I hope you have a change of clothes for me, and a bucket and mop.” “What if I squirt, Gil?” she asks.

AdDICKed Cuck

fetish Anal Slave 2018-09-27

She fucked that dildo till she was pouring cum out of her gapped pussy. She than grabbed some vaseoline and started massaging by asshole as one by one her fingers disappeared into my horny ass. I reached down and got the dildo that was mounted to the harness, and started working it up my hungry asshole. I opened my eyes and my mother-in-law was standing there, looking at me fucking myself with a strap on dildo. I had the strap-on already up my asshole and I ask Linda if I could suck on her pussy a little. And she kept fucking her pussy till the cum had worked into a white lather.

Fantasy Overload Pt. 01

fetish facesitting10 2018-09-06

In the morning everything went as planned I got under the trailer & she tied my hands & feet to the corners & quickly lowered the jack so the weight of the trailer pushed the pipe into my mouth locking me in place helpless & ready to serve her every need. I deserve a clean toilet & this isn't to my standard but I did pee in it too so hope you enjoy ;)!" A few minutes later she flushed & toilet cleaner filled my mouth along with toilet paper. I got a glimpse of their feet as ALL 4 girls went inside talking about the trailer & how Anna was getting their bathroom fixed. Yet she forced me to eat her poop & walked away without a care in the world to enjoy her day with her friends.

Shoe Store

fetish DanielleQ 2018-08-31

He gently held her foot in one hand and the red heel in the other. He marveled at the perfect fit and beautiful arch her foot made as it formed to the red heel. As the strip came loose, Brandon gently slid the heel off and compulsively started caressing the woman's beautiful foot. Brandon quivered under her orders .He continued to rub up and down the length of her smooth legs with one hand, and stroked his hardness with the other. The woman quickly stood up in front of Brandon and he stared down, fixated on the pool of cum he left on the woman's legs and feet. He lowered his head to the woman's pretty foot, still warm with spunk, and did as he was told.

She Ch. 04

fetish Scorpionic 2018-08-15

She feels tension on the alien object inside her arse again and presumes it is Jamie. Jamie moves the alien object inside her while Annie fingers her. Jamie rocks the object back and forth in her arse and she moves against him feeling the gentle thrusts and her anal muscles relaxing even more. Annie still playing with her pussy she feels Jamie reaching his climax and wonders if he will be able to resist cumming inside her. She now has a beautiful fist inside her greedy aching cunt and it feels wonderful. Jamie returns from the bathroom and at the sight of Annie's fist deep inside her beautiful big cunt he is instantly aroused and rises to the occasion.


A Surprise at Work

fetish targa45x 2018-08-09

While I was filling out my forms my boss (Tom) asked if he could talk with me after I finished. Tom then asked me to come over and show him some stuff with his new Yahoo Messenger account. Tom told me to get down on my knees and kiss his cock. He began to moan and I could feel the head of his cock starting to swell as he was about to cum. I pulled away and he let his cock hang for a minute and I saw a drop of cum oozing off the head. Afterwards he sat down on the couch and I turned around and began sucking and licking his cock. Tom told me to cum on his cock and balls.

AdDICKed Cuck Ch. 02

fetish Anal Slave 2018-07-31

I'm jacking my cock when Linda tells me to get on my hands and knees next to my wife. She than has me hold the dildo in my ass and I get down under both of them, so I can suck on my wife's loose cunt while Linda fucks it. My wife started off by saying that if I was going to be her bitch that I needed to douche my ass-pussy. I couldn't believe I watched my mother-in-law fuck my wife. When the wife is on the rag, she calls it boys night, she likes to see us get in a 69 position with us sucking each other's cock.

Summer Meets Danni

fetish KFP93 2018-07-05

By the time summer had stopped daydreaming about the many different things her fingers and tongue could do to Danni's ass, the leggings had come off far enough to reveal an obviously wet pussy. Danni then picked up the pace and lashed her tongue across Summer's clit, causing her to lift her legs involuntarily and shove her pussy into the face of her playmate. Twining her fingers into Danni's hair, Summer pulled her face tightly to her and raised her hips, coating her playmate in her juices. Planting one foot firmly on Danni's ass, Summer pushed down firmly until their pussies were touching, the heat was intense. Reaching up, Danni placed her hands on Summer's ass cheeks and spread them slowly.

Cuck's Wife

fetish Anal Slave 2018-06-15

So one night we had fucked about three times and Kim wanted more. My brother got on the bed and Kim started sucking on his cock. Kim makes sure my cock, balls and ass is always shaved. I sat over in the corner and jacked off as my brother fucked Kim. She made him cum three times before she let him go. After he left, I got up and Kim remarked that I must have liked watching her fuck him. I started telling Kim how l loved the way she let my brother fuck her from behind. Now I am a full fledged cum hungry cuck that loves to see my wife have a good time.

Dearest Phil

fetish bubbles94 2018-06-08

"You're a real whore aren't you?" I bob down on your dick again and you moan again "But you're so damn good." The next time I'm gagging on your dick you grab my by the hair and push me even farther in, dragging my head around a bit so my throat muscles really massage your thick hardness. When you orgasm, when your juices spill, it'll be for me and my enjoyment." I stop sucking you long enough to respond, "Yes master." "Good little slut. This feels sooo good.....omg...fuck I keep cumming...fuck...I can't stop...I just keep cumming...master....I've had enough...I can''t...anymore...I..can't...please..." You pay no attention to my mumbling and keep making me convulse. "Yes, master." "Good, now..." I feel the soft tip of your dick probing the opening to my ass.

Sexy Secretary Showers the UPS Guy

fetish filthgenie 2018-05-23

pushing his fingers inside the now wet material he gently rubbed my sopping slit, moving along until he found my swollen clit. "I want to piss on your face as you push your tongue deep inside me. I want your chin to tickle my clit, making me cum as I piss on you" His tongue lapped at my clit, like a dog lapping up water, strong, broad gentle strokes driving me to absolute ecstasy, I pinched my nipples through my blouse; my juices were running down his face. Drilling is tongue deep into my soaking hot pussy hole, he was so deep inside me his chin was rubbing my clit. I lost control, I could feel the electricity building, my juices flowing, my clit tingling and my nipples throbbing.

Time to Wake Up!

fetish DaddyIsTheBest 2018-05-19

I barely peeled my lips as I pretended to breath from my mouth but I knew what was about to happen and couldn't wait to get a taste. After several minutes of enjoying him touching me and the the taste of his jizz in my mouth I heard him whisper in my ear. "I slept the best daddy!" I smiled wide as his cum slowly ran down my cheeks and chin. "Daddy, pretty, pretty please, may I eat the cum you left on my face? Daddy!" I was so excited about getting permission to taste more I could barely handle it. All I think about is the next time I get more of your cum in my mouth! Please, daddy, please, let me eat your cum!"

Nikki's Doctor Visit Ch. 01

fetish submissivelittleme 2018-05-06

"Alright, you can step down now." I did, slipping on my shoes once more and following the nurse and Phillip until we reach the exam room at the end of the hall. Phillip closed the door behind us, his hands immediately going to my shoulders. I couldn't look up, instead choosing to allow my dark hair to continue masking my face from his view as I hung my head. Finally a knock sounded on the door and before I could speak, Phillip casually said to come in. I managed to look up then, catching the older gentlemen closing the door and walking towards me with his hand outstretched. "Alright, I think we should begin the breast exam." He seemed to pause for a moment, looking in Phillip's direction.

Dominated by the Ticklish Dom

fetish PleasuredPearl 2018-03-08

I wriggle desperately beneath Nick, begging with my body to be tortured in the right places in the right way, dread and desire flushing through my body in waves. "You've never been tied up and tickled before?" Nick stops stroking my arms and lowers himself to place kisses over my forehead and cheeks. Nick moves to my breasts, tickling the skin with his fingertips and flicking my nipples with his tongue. "But if you laugh, well," he pauses and flicks his tongue over the small of my back, "then I will take my sweet time tickling your naughty cunt," Nick's voice is dangerously soft and even, "I'll take you to the edge...

Naked Boy Cleaning Service

fetish JacobGoody 2018-02-14

He sent me another picture of himself, this time seated in a club chair, wearing a white hotel robe that was open, exposing his long, limp cock. Scurrying over to the pile of clothes I had left on the floor, I leaned down to pick up my pants when I felt a strong hand on my shoulder pushing me down. Folding and stacking my clothes by the door, Tom gestured down the hall, and I slowly, and painfully crawled on my hands and knees to his kitchen. I studiously cleaned the dishes, and would randomly feel the splash of hot water on my belly and cock. I sat back, with my butt on my heels and watched as Tom unzipped and pulled out his beautiful cock.

Collared Servant

fetish Hoochie69 2018-01-25

Miss Di holds my leash tightly and I start licking her lips, spreading them so I can flick her clit with my tongue. Then Miss Di starts kissing the other dominatrix as I suck her sub off. Miss Di is keeping his cock and my ass wet with her lubricating tongue. Miss Kitty straddles my face and lowers her wet pussy on my tongue. Then just as quickly he took her, he pushes my lover aside and starts to fuck the hairy cunt of Miss Kitty. We savor the taste of Miss Kitty's pussy in our mouths, tasting and sucking each others tongues. To have this bull dominate my ass while my love is underneath us licking and sucking my cock.

Dominating the Ticklish Dom

fetish PleasuredPearl 2017-12-30

So I run my fingers down from Nick's secured wrists, softly along the sensitive skin of his under arms. I trail a single nail along the smooth skin and watch his rock hard dick twitch, aching for a substantial physical touch. And I get to watch big bad Nick scream and wriggle helplessly; knowing every single moment is pushing him closer to ecstasy. "Oh," Nick gasps and pushes into my hand, seeking a firmer touch, "Ngh, please- so fucking ready!" "Tell me, Nick," I twirl my tongue around his head, "do you remember your safe word?" His head shaking, body twisting, teeth chewing on his lip, panting, screaming, squealing, guffawing hysterically. It feels right to be squirming in humiliation beneath Nick before he's even touched me.

She Ch. 02

fetish Scorpionic 2017-12-26

He smiles down at her feeling his cock straining, hard inside his trousers. A gentle hand takes her right wrist and holds it down against the bed. She feels the weight on the bed change and knows he is kneeling between her legs now. She kisses back allowing her tongue to touch the other. She feels movement and someone moves above her but doesn't touch her. She feels a harder touch at her lips. He is massaging her clitoris and probing her with two fingers, spreading them inside her, opening her cunt. She holds onto the waist and moving her face upwards engorges herself on the beautiful vagina. She massages her clitoris and allows a finger to slip inside her with his.


Role Reversal

fetish litty700 2017-12-24

I must have looked a right sight, but Crystal seemed to be enjoying herself and the stockings also felt really good against my skin. "Oh yes, now you really look like my little bitch," she said. I could feel Crystal moving on the bed and suddenly there was something rubbery trying to push into my mouth. She worked her mouth up and down my cock, licking, sucking, and wanking it with her hand. "Aren't you going to suck me?" she asked looking back, "go on, give my cock a nice blow job." I kept on sucking the cock, until Crystal let her imaginary orgasm subside. Crystal took the head of the rubber cock and pushed it against my tight opening.

Not Your Average Groupie

fetish checker 2017-12-15

I feel pretty confident in my pool abilities, so I almost forget to ask "What if I lose?" You give a sharp looking back as you rack up the balls "Are you going to lose?" You tug my boxers to the floor and spread my legs wider as I face the window, looking at the empty parking lot. I see a few people stumbling out of the bar and into the parking lot as i feel your hand against my ass gripping the dildo. You can feel it to in your hands and at the last moment you thrust deep into my ass one last time and stroking my cock steadily as spurts start to shoot up and onto the window.

Filthy Slave

fetish justjv 2017-11-20

"I know you closed your eyes just so there was more of my delicious spit covering your face so that you can lap it up with your tongue. Clean off your face like a good boy." You start licking your face, reaching your tongue as far as it can reach to try and get every last specimen of my flavorful saliva on your tastebuds. I know you especially love when I cover your tongue with my shitty ass spit so I can really make you the dirty boy that you are. Thank you for covering me in your filth!" you manage to mutter between licking the sides of your face and trying to reach your arms and torso for more tastes.

She Ch. 03

fetish Scorpionic 2017-11-19

But the pussy tastes too good and she begins to slide a finger at a time inside Rio until she can't hold anymore. Jamie moves in front of her standing at the side of the bed his hard trembling cock just in front of her face. Rio comes and squats below Jamie and takes the cock from her mouth, licking the side of her lips as she does it. Jamie is straining to hold his orgasm and Rio is looking at him with a naughty sexy smile in her eyes. Rio grips Jamie's balls and squeezes them on the last deep thrust then pulls back immediately until his cock is free of her mouth.


A Royal Jealousy Pt. 01

fetish sunniedaies 2017-11-05

"Of course I mean it." Cleo moved on the bed and came to press her body to the big man's back. He couldn't avoid the initial wash of shame, at how easily he submitted while in Princess Cleo's bed. Amadeus glanced at the Princess's beautiful face and saw her eyes shine at seeing how his body reacted. Amadeus was just about to open his mouth to ask for an explanation, when Cleo position the rounded head of the polished wood phallus at his opening. "Yes, Princess." Amadeus quickly got up from the bed and went to the washing chamber. Amadeus was no fool and knew very well that he wasn't the only of the King's guards to share her body and bed.

Here Kitty Kitty

fetish sfcitydom 2017-10-27

Coming home from a long day, I find my kitty-cat curled up on the couch waiting for me. On my return downstairs, as I near the couch, kitty-cat pops her head up to see me. One of the reactions of cats I have always found interesting is how their hindquarters raise up as you stroke them from their head to their tail. I reach out and stroke her head and she pulls her body under my hand and stops as my touch reaches her tail and I give it a good petting. Forcing her face into the bed with one hand, I rub the base of her tail, which causes her to raise it even higher and she then turns her ass towards me.