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On Display: A Mannequin Fetish, Part 2

fetish Chameleongirl 2018-11-29

"What are you going to do?" Michelle asked, now grabbing her long locks and guarding them from Nathan, covering her breasts with them. "Just sit." Anticipating the worst, Michelle sat down anyway, but held her hair in the front with both hands, as if to defend her tresses from a pair of shiny shears that Nathan quickly produced. Firmly, Nathan placed one hand on top of her head, pushing it down forward, so that her chin was pressed against her chest, face looking at the beads of water falling from her eyes onto her bare lap. A slow, deliberate smile crept across her face as she reached up to touch the clipper shaved back of her head, fingers moving through the abbreviated hair, not curly any longer, but straight, golden with a slight wave in the front where the tresses hung to her lips.

On Display: A Mannequin Fetish, Part 1

fetish Chameleongirl 2018-11-26

"I didn't bring one, but I'll be happy to email it if you'd like." The store clerk seemed pleased by Michelle's enthusiasm and eagerness, though in taking a careful look at her appearance, it did not seem that she would be a good fit for such a specialized boutique. "It's good to see you here Michelle," said Cecilia, the lady with the angled short black hair, now wearing a long red sweater dress that appeared to be cashmere. In a lavender floral print dress and dark purple heels, Michelle confidently admired her display work as a very attractive couple entered the store; a man and a woman in their mid-twenties.

Megan Ch. 12

fetish djubre666 2018-11-15

I feel just like a princess." Megan said excitedly.. There I was standing above the little thing pumping my thighs almost zoned out about to start touching myself thinking of you, when I noticed he was crying. after she apologized she told me that she really wanted to try and touch my breast, and then she got carried away and started sucking my nipple. "I'm learning self control a bit, I still get carried away mostly when thinking of my little Joey. How big is my little monster now anyway...." Megan said affectionately... And that bunny look when I put on my heels to tower even more over your frail little body, and you know I am going to fuck you for hours.

Rachel's Ravishment - Pt II

fetish Minidevilette 2018-11-14

It reminded me of my step – mother and, although I’d had some bizarre thoughts about Elyse lately, I didn’t want to be thinking of her in the same vein that I had Maitena. “But,” she continued, “you need to be taught how to harness it.” She stopped as she looked me in the eyes for the first time since I’d said goodbye to her yesterday. Her clothes clung to her curves but draped softly around the rest of her, accentuating rather than revealing and I realised I’d spent so much time wondering what she looked like under her tailored suits because she hadn’t flaunted it for the world to see.

Megan Ch. 11

fetish djubre666 2018-11-02

This in turn causes her body to sway and jiggle in impossible ways, her ass stretching the fabric, thighs growing pulsing on impact And on top her breasts swaying as if she wore nothing underneath, her nipples slowly starting to grow from the friction, forming thick shot glass sized hills on her track suit. "Really, why thank you, Joey." she says stepping back and lifting me and the chair for a hug from the back, accidentally breaking the chair into pieces and pressing her heavy warm breasts into around my head. "Now, let have you sit down tightly on the floor, while I prepare myself." She says pushing me gently down against the wall, and to my surprise dropping her 600 pound barbell over my legs.

Christine Takes Charge Ch. 03

fetish cynthiablaine7 2018-10-31

In that embarrassing position, with panties and undershorts down and their anuses exposed as well as Susie's pudenda peeking through her open legs and Jim's scrotum visible, Chris took the plugs, rubbed a bit of lube on the business end and slowly inserted them in each anal opening. So when Dorothy mentioned a man she had been seeing, Chris smiled and mentioned that yes, he had been a year ahead of her when she was in school and was regarded as a good catch for someone back then. While they were getting started with dinner, her sister and brother-in-law could not hold back telling her the shame that they had felt that day when their immediate bodily needs brought on by the buttplugs had caused them to behave differently.


fetish Pyro 2018-10-05

To ease matters and be able to concentrate, Cindy had the Grorick's niece, Eleni, over during the day to help her with the baby and with cleaning the house. Eleni would follow me around the house whenever she didn't have sitting duties or, when I was working on the apartment above the garage, she would act as my assistant and hand me tools when I needed them, make my lunch. "I am not like those others, Tim," she said in a soft, little-girl voice as her eyes locked on my crotch, "I would do anything for you."

A Return to High School

fetish AmorousFucker 2018-09-04

Isaac felt a bit awkward walking back into his old high school four and a half years after having graduated, but he was eager to see Coach Marks, whom he considered his greatest mentor. His body, while not rippling with muscles, had obviously seen some time in the gym; his curly hair made her want to run her fingers through it while lying by his side, basking in post-coital embrace; his eyes belied a depth of thought she knew she would love to pick apart; his smile, however, was what ultimately broke her resistance. Isaac saw Tara rise from her desk, and as she walked over, he got his first really good look of her.

I Met My Master Online

fetish thatmoaninggirl 2018-08-25

Are you a filthy slut?" He asks as he shoves himself even deeper inside of my mouth. "Say it, tell me what a dirty slut you are, tell me how much you love my dick in your mouth." He pulls my hair hard, forcing me to look up at him. "I am a dirty slut, I love having your hard cock in my mouth!" I cry out. I am a dirty slut and I want it so bad!" I scream a little as he starts to shove himself inside of me. Should I cum inside of such a filthy little slut?" He slaps my ass again as he stops choking me.

Consuelo's Revelation

fetish Subtext 2018-08-16

As Consuelo sat down on the toilet that morning, she put one hand under her massive belly for support and the other down between her legs. Why would Marko get involved with such a plain-looking, simple-minded girl like Lupe? Later that day, as Consuelo was cleaning one of the upstairs bathrooms, she heard Spanish voices coming from behind a closed door. So it wasn't long before Consuelo's smelly cunt was hosting yet another rock hard cock, as the good doctor fucked her from behind harder than anyone else had. The doctor began to moan and Consuelo got excited, but as he shot his load deep into her, her water broke, flooding out over his cock and drenching the table.

New Friends

fetish HappyOldGuy 2018-08-06

H: I walk right into the Jacuzzi - fully dressed - then wade up to you and present my hard cock to your mouth. Then I push your right butt cheek toward the door and march you outside again to stand naked by the car. I am SO fucking hot right now that I need to jamb my cock into your pussy. Before long, you are riding the host's cock while I am actively fucking his wife - right there in the entry hall - with the front doors wide open. I want to eat you and finger you and fuck your mouth and suck your nipples and keep you on edge for an entire day.

The New House Ch. 01

fetish perrybroom 2018-08-03

I arrived home on the Friday of the first week of his solo work at the house to be greeted by an exuberant Irene with the thrilling news that she'd enjoyed an afternoon of rampant sex with Steve, who actually fucked her three times before returning to his work minutes before I returned home. By this time Steve had fucked my wife all over the house, both kitchen and dining room tables seeing some action, but our bedroom remained their main venue so I had high hopes of watching them from the balcony. I assured Steve that I really did enjoy what I'd seen, stammering somewhat as I said that I hoped my deceit in spying on them hadn't put him off and he'd continue to fuck my wife until the building work was complete, adding that Irene found his lovemaking really satisfying.

Blake's Truth

fetish Subtext 2018-07-25

Eventually they would all lose strength and slide down helplessly where she would be waiting to carry them to their place on the fence post, their dangling feet kicking just inches off the ground. Blake usually made it to the top of the twenty foot pole once, and on the second attempt would come within five feet of the top before loosing his grip and arm power. And as Brenda lifted him up and held him aloft she would carefully read all these confused feelings on his face. Finally Blake's frustration would crest and he would begin to cry and ball like the little submissive was.

Musclegirl Starstreak

fetish Desiremakesmeweak 2018-07-20

And then he got into that damn low gleaming red automobile -- that hot automobile -- and when he powered up the engine it really did sound like the goddamned batmobile as he drove away pretty fast from the curbside and took off away to wherever Bruce Wayne goes when he just doesn't give a damn about the sick chick that he's left in her dismal pool of sweat and drool on some pavement out there somewhere in nowhere'sville. The smiles I give when I like the people looking are really coming down from a high place.

Slim Girl to Fat Bitch Ch. 04

fetish robin35 2018-07-20

Bev quickly scurried along the bed and placed herself at the feet of her new Mistress Gladys. Gladys removed her finger from Bev's pussy and was pleased that she had made her cumm and then she said. She found a new packet of razors because she thought that she was going to need quite a few of them and then she went to the bedroom and plugged her waxing machine in and left it to warm to be used once she had shaved Mistress Gladys. Gladys stood and checked herself including her pussy and was happy with the job that Bev had done and she felt sure that David would be happy with her new look.

Two Sides

fetish wildirishrose7 2018-07-12

other times I knew she had been playing with her clit as I would come home and feel her and find my hand "extra" wet and a smell of herself on her finger and lips... I was totally sunk deep inside my lover, cock head pressing against her womb, and she was squeezing her vaginal muscles like a milking machine, trying to urge all of my cum out of me. As I gained a little composure I pulled back slightly, moved her so she was on her back, and kissed her open lips, sucking her tongue, holding her tightly until I could feel her breathing return to normal.

Taken Firmly in Hand

fetish JulianWinslow 2018-07-12

For a long moment, she simply stood there, looking into the naked boy's eyes, as she let one hand casually play with his balls. She felt a thrill run through her body as she deftly slipped her right hand between the cheeks of his bottom, impudently forcing apart parting the mounds of flesh until her fingertips were pressed firmly against his sphincter. Edward was a prisoner to the firm grip of those fingers closing on the shaft of his penis, unable to escape the exquisite agony of sexual torment and forced arousal, as she casually stimulated him to a full solid, throbbing erection.


fetish Mizilla 2018-07-07

"Ask me to suck your pussy harder," He said and went back to sucking and chewing on my clit. "Fucking harder," I said, more because I needed this to be fierce. "Harder?" He asked as he pulled out his fingers and slipped his thick, hard cock into me again. Remembering the sheer length and girth of him, still feeling him all over me, and all through me; seeing the vision of my wet, red and swollen pussy in combination with all of the little trophies earned through his bites and swats, I felt the fluid inside of me mount up, my toes curled. I held my breath and clenched my pussy tighter as I rubbed harder on my aching clit.

Nothing Else Matters

fetish GuiltlessMiss 2018-07-02

As I pull the tank top over my head, my kitten bell responds with a little jingle, jingle. As I bob my head against him, I hear my kitten bell jingle jingle and a little smile comes to my lips. He puts one hand to the back of my head and pets me gently as I continue stroking and sucking his cock. "Trust me, Kitten," he says again as he grabs both breasts and begins kneading them harder than ever while kissing and nipping my neck. Across both cheeks, I could feel the tears in my eyes as each time he spanks me, my kitten bell jingle jingles.

Rose Submits

fetish Ms_Jane 2018-06-27

You can feel my body against yours, playing with your skin, roughing your nipples in the rope, learning your curves so that I can enjoy them even more. Maybe I'll let you strap one on yourself, so we can spit roast him between us, just for a little while, so you can feel what it's like to gag a man with your cock or to fuck him from behind and watch that gorgeous view, hear the noises he makes as you do. Or perhaps I'll fuck you hard, while he shoves his cock down your throat, my hands on your breasts, on the back of your head keeping you in place, telling you what to do.

Jenny The Intern Takes Control Ch. 04

fetish writemarksmith 2018-06-22

As I sat down I looked to Jen, expecting a little affirmation, but she had already turned away and was stroking Matt's hair. I couldn't help but look over again and watch as Matt bent in and started to aggressively make out with Jen. I looked down and saw his hand again exploring her bare leg. Looking down at the stain in my pants, I knew I was never going to be allowed even a bit of dignity with Jen, but I hoped I would continue to be the boss who served at the pleasure of the office intern.

Slave Ch. 06

fetish slaveheathen 2018-06-20

Mistress Kay noticed the surprised look on my face. I was then led outside, where a low bench, just the right height to kneel and fuck my ass, had been placed under the patio roof. The chain from the nipple clamps got the same treatment as the spreader bar, stretching my nips out painfully for nearly two hours. I fucked many a cunt and ass, and got at least a dozen blow jobs. It was down to Mistress Kay, me, Lori, Tracy and Janine at that point. Tired as I was, having that damn Bam up my ass while driving was having an effect on my cock. Sid grabbed my hair and spent the next ten minutes skull-fucking me as Mistress played with the Bam in my ass.

Sam and his Queen

fetish QueenAmynSam 2018-06-01

The Ben climbed on the bed and Amy leaned forward and began to tease and suck his cock, watching Sam the whole time making sure he was paying close attention to how much she enjoyed sucking another man's cock. Sam fought and begged from the very beginning, when Williams cock broke into his tight ass he cried out so loud that William slapped him in the face for fighting and told Amy to gag him. Amy took Ben's cock all the way in her mouth as she watched William face fuck Sam. Sam knew how to answer, if he said anything but 'I love your cock in my mouth' he would suffer some cruel punishment that Amy and William will think up.

My Girlfriend's Strap-on

fetish ClosetCS 2018-05-19

It all started when she would rub my ass while she sucked me off which felt so good. Her beautiful curvy figure with a hard cock standing tall from her pink panties. "Tell me you love my cock!" Both of them look and feel very life-like. It thrills me to watch her working her cock in and out with such fervor. "Come over here and suck my cock, Bitch," she said. I usually have my hand under the strap-on rubbing her clitoris as she fucks my mouth. "Ooo, Baby, you really do love my cock in your mouth," she cooed. I tried to pull my mouth off of her cock to speak but she gripped the back of my neck.