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fetish Mizilla 2017-11-22

"Ask me to suck your pussy harder," He said and went back to sucking and chewing on my clit. "Fucking harder," I said, more because I needed this to be fierce. "Harder?" He asked as he pulled out his fingers and slipped his thick, hard cock into me again. Remembering the sheer length and girth of him, still feeling him all over me, and all through me; seeing the vision of my wet, red and swollen pussy in combination with all of the little trophies earned through his bites and swats, I felt the fluid inside of me mount up, my toes curled. I held my breath and clenched my pussy tighter as I rubbed harder on my aching clit.

My Sarah Ann Ch. 08

fetish Volock 2017-11-20

Her pussy gripping my cock in orgasmic fury set me off, I pumped cum into her while grunting in her ear. "Yeah, that was a good start bitch." I pulled my cock out, spilling cum down her pussy lips. Pinning her down with my body, I slid my cock back into her cum-soaked pussy. I could tell when I saw you, you're a fucking whore." I pumped my cock in her as I grunted my words in her ear with a breathy cadence. Our bodies slammed together in manic passion, I felt my balls tighten up and I buried my cock all the way into her quivering pussy. I felt my cock swell and explode, the feeling of my cum spreading through her pussy set her off.

My Girlfriend's Strap-on

fetish ClosetCS 2017-11-16

It all started when she would rub my ass while she sucked me off which felt so good. Her beautiful curvy figure with a hard cock standing tall from her pink panties. "Tell me you love my cock!" Both of them look and feel very life-like. It thrills me to watch her working her cock in and out with such fervor. "Come over here and suck my cock, Bitch," she said. I usually have my hand under the strap-on rubbing her clitoris as she fucks my mouth. "Ooo, Baby, you really do love my cock in your mouth," she cooed. I tried to pull my mouth off of her cock to speak but she gripped the back of my neck.


fetish Pyro 2017-11-13

To ease matters and be able to concentrate, Cindy had the Grorick's niece, Eleni, over during the day to help her with the baby and with cleaning the house. Eleni would follow me around the house whenever she didn't have sitting duties or, when I was working on the apartment above the garage, she would act as my assistant and hand me tools when I needed them, make my lunch. "I am not like those others, Tim," she said in a soft, little-girl voice as her eyes locked on my crotch, "I would do anything for you."

My Slave Kayce

fetish latexcd69 2017-10-24

Kayce's large breast bounced every time I gave them a hard whack of my leather crop. "Do you like having all of that hard dick inside of your dirty cunt?" "Ok bitch," I pull out of her cunt and move towards her mouth, "It is time to show how well you suck a dick." She held her flooded mouth open as some of my seed ran down her lips. Kayce seemed relieved as the cum and spit mix dropped from her mouth onto the palm of her hand. She shook her head up and down as she sucked on the tips of her fingers, getting the last bit of my cum into her mouth.

I Met My Master Online

fetish thatmoaninggirl 2017-10-06

Are you a filthy slut?" He asks as he shoves himself even deeper inside of my mouth. "Say it, tell me what a dirty slut you are, tell me how much you love my dick in your mouth." He pulls my hair hard, forcing me to look up at him. "I am a dirty slut, I love having your hard cock in my mouth!" I cry out. I am a dirty slut and I want it so bad!" I scream a little as he starts to shove himself inside of me. Should I cum inside of such a filthy little slut?" He slaps my ass again as he stops choking me.

The Perils of Penelope

fetish decimus 2017-09-13

Taking his time Stephen looked her up and down, taking in the soft curves of her body encased in the armour of her city suit. You of all people should know how important it is to pick up a client like the Johnstone Company." Penelope had her eyes firmly fixed on the floor. Eventually, Penelope forced the words out, saying, in a small voice, "Please Stephen, I deserve to be spanked." Stephen spoke slowly and clearly, knowing that each word would work it's different magic on them both. In turn Penelope ground her hips back at him; slipping her fingers back, groping for, and finding, his hard cock. Stephen and Penelope collapsed onto the desk, laughing, gasping, released at last.

Cumming Back For More

fetish e_dan 2017-08-27

This didn't please Jon, so he held on to her hair and pushed her down on his dick making her gag and pull back but he wouldn't let her. "Say it like you mean it." Jon said, once more he grabbed her hair and pushed her down till she fought him back gagging. "That's a good girl." Jon pushed her onto her back on the seat and he pulled down his pants exposing the rest of his hard member and his balls dripping with her saliva. "I'm gonna cum in you." Jon said as he finally let go of his hot thick load into her dirty little cunt.

Slave Ch. 06

fetish slaveheathen 2017-08-24

Mistress Kay noticed the surprised look on my face. I was then led outside, where a low bench, just the right height to kneel and fuck my ass, had been placed under the patio roof. The chain from the nipple clamps got the same treatment as the spreader bar, stretching my nips out painfully for nearly two hours. I fucked many a cunt and ass, and got at least a dozen blow jobs. It was down to Mistress Kay, me, Lori, Tracy and Janine at that point. Tired as I was, having that damn Bam up my ass while driving was having an effect on my cock. Sid grabbed my hair and spent the next ten minutes skull-fucking me as Mistress played with the Bam in my ass.

The New House Ch. 01

fetish perrybroom 2017-08-20

I arrived home on the Friday of the first week of his solo work at the house to be greeted by an exuberant Irene with the thrilling news that she'd enjoyed an afternoon of rampant sex with Steve, who actually fucked her three times before returning to his work minutes before I returned home. By this time Steve had fucked my wife all over the house, both kitchen and dining room tables seeing some action, but our bedroom remained their main venue so I had high hopes of watching them from the balcony. I assured Steve that I really did enjoy what I'd seen, stammering somewhat as I said that I hoped my deceit in spying on them hadn't put him off and he'd continue to fuck my wife until the building work was complete, adding that Irene found his lovemaking really satisfying.

Nothing Else Matters

fetish GuiltlessMiss 2017-08-14

As I pull the tank top over my head, my kitten bell responds with a little jingle, jingle. As I bob my head against him, I hear my kitten bell jingle jingle and a little smile comes to my lips. He puts one hand to the back of my head and pets me gently as I continue stroking and sucking his cock. "Trust me, Kitten," he says again as he grabs both breasts and begins kneading them harder than ever while kissing and nipping my neck. Across both cheeks, I could feel the tears in my eyes as each time he spanks me, my kitten bell jingle jingles.

Anna Tries Hard to Please

fetish songwriter503 2017-08-08

"When you say things like that," I said as I pulled her body close to me and wrapped my arms around her tightly, "it feels as good as fucking you," I said as I pushed myself deep inside her, pulled back and thrust in again fast and hard for a couple minutes, until I needed to catch my breath. I held her tight while I fucked her hard and fast, deeply thrusting in and pulling out again and again, until I was again out of breath, and stopped, relaxing, feeling the wonderful combination of stimuli - the rush of endorphins from working up a sweat, the sexual arousal from knowing that with each thrust, Anna had to use great force of will to stay still and prepare to accept the next one.

Tantalizing Teacher Ch. 01

fetish bootslave 2017-07-16

Nick, who just turned 18, casually strolled through the hallways of his senior level high school, his pulse racing in preparation for his English Arts class. They began talking about the novel that she had assigned for the class, her eyes kept on him and his eyes kept on her boots. He grabbed his book bag and headed home, his mind still controlled by her boots. Today was a fresh start; Nick woke up, grabbed something to eat and headed to school again. When she walked out, Nick noticed something -- she had changed her shoes, she was wearing a different pair of joggers. Nick immediately grabbed them, walked into one of the stalls, locked the door and dropped his pants.

Rose Submits

fetish Ms_Jane 2017-07-10

You can feel my body against yours, playing with your skin, roughing your nipples in the rope, learning your curves so that I can enjoy them even more. Maybe I'll let you strap one on yourself, so we can spit roast him between us, just for a little while, so you can feel what it's like to gag a man with your cock or to fuck him from behind and watch that gorgeous view, hear the noises he makes as you do. Or perhaps I'll fuck you hard, while he shoves his cock down your throat, my hands on your breasts, on the back of your head keeping you in place, telling you what to do.

Consequence and Compromise

fetish SissyStoryTime 2017-06-26

"Care to explain why you were late getting to bed, young man?" She's only a couple of years older than me, but whenever she uses that tone of voice the gap seems to magically widen until I feel like a naughty little boy getting caught with his hand in the cookie jar, and that I had better have a good reason for it being there. "Now," she says with a sigh, sliding back on the bed, "I'm already in bed, and waving that heavy bathbrush around for twenty minutes sounds like sweaty work, so we can at least deal with that part tomorrow, but," she raises her hips, her hands sliding her shift up her legs until her lacy red panties come back into view, "If you think you can 'talk' some leniency into me, you've got 45 minutes until lights out."

The Exchange Program Ch. 01

fetish seat542 2017-06-26

I placed the overnight letter in the middle of our marble-topped table where I knew it would catch Nikki's attention the moment she walked through the kitchen door. Tonight Nikki took control by placing one hand behind my head and pulling me into her mouth. Without warning, Nikki grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled my face away from her nipple. With shit-covered hands, Nikki pulled my face to her breasts and told me to lick them clean; to "taste my shit." I was in orbit, licking and sucking. "Hmmmmm," she cooed, "Looks like somebody enjoys tasting my shit." Nikki scooped a nail-full of pre-cum from my shaft and bought it to my mouth.

Lacey Learns

fetish Cupcakee 2017-06-12

"Why I wanted you not to use the restroom and to drink more?" he offered, and I nodded, embarrassed a little. I haven't done that since I was a kid." As he looked at me, his face blank, I felt like a kid who had wet her pants in front of the entire class: Humiliated beyond belief. And still, you failed to control yourself and wet yourself like a small child." He stepped toward me, tipped my chin up and forced me to look into his eyes. Even as a small part of my mind told me it was James's fault I had had an accident to start with, that he had probably intended it from the start, a new and bigger part of me yearned for Papa's approval and his care.

Wet Punishment: His Perspective

fetish Cyberguy 2017-05-29

I know you are ready to fuck now, and I tease you, pressing my stiff cock against your ass while my arms wrap around you and my fingers slide beneath your black mini to probe your slick cunt. I smile as I see you resort to holding your hand to your pussy through your pee-drenched skirt as we exit the crowd, knowing your actions are drawing the eyes of every guy we pass by. I yank your skirt up to expose your sweet sexy ass and bring my hand down on it hard, spanking you for your loss of control. I quickly spread your legs and slam my cock hard into your still-peeing pussy.

New Friends

fetish HappyOldGuy 2017-05-28

H: I walk right into the Jacuzzi - fully dressed - then wade up to you and present my hard cock to your mouth. Then I push your right butt cheek toward the door and march you outside again to stand naked by the car. I am SO fucking hot right now that I need to jamb my cock into your pussy. Before long, you are riding the host's cock while I am actively fucking his wife - right there in the entry hall - with the front doors wide open. I want to eat you and finger you and fuck your mouth and suck your nipples and keep you on edge for an entire day.

The Born Sub

fetish ShadowWhisper 2017-05-24

"No, Mistress, but I know I don't want anyone else." She stood up, turned on one elegant, black, patent heel and strolled away from him, her dress brushing against him as she moved, her perfume seducing him, hypnotizing him, tearing his soul from his body and possessing him. With no further ado she walked round him and left the room, one man opening a door to one side for her to pass through whilst another presented Michael with a piece of paper on a silver tray. The man smiled back in complete understanding and extended his arm for Michael to walk away from his name, from his past and from his ability to resist; into his new life.

Like a Girl

fetish GirlFan1855 2017-05-24

How does it feel to be like a girl, to have no cock?" "Today, I want to make you cum from just my fucking your pussy, no cock play for you." You reach down and squeeze my erection - the last time you will be touching him until after you have finished. "Get it nice n wet, Baby, cause the next place it is to be is inside you." Some of the lipstick left over on my lips smears onto the shaft of the probe, turning it pinkish. "I'm going to use a condom, too, so you won't dirty my pretty cock." After you roll it on, you say, "It looks real when it's all bagged up like this!" Then, I feel you tug at the butt plug, pulling it out, leaving me with a somewhat empty sensation.