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Peter's College Swim Class Ch. 01

fetish Peter93 2018-10-04

Today, one of my assistants, Josh, will go with you all to the locker room and hand out your swim suits for you to get changed into. If you could form a quick line and come up and tell me your waist size, I can hand them out to you." He reached into a box and pulled our swim suits out. I understand it might be more revealing than what you're used to, but this is a swimming class." Josh stated as he handed Matthew his speedo. Can you help this guy out and check the tag on his underwear and tell me his waist size." Josh asked me. Matthew was already shirtless and it looked like he was getting ready to drop his pants to put on the speedo.

Prison Redefined Ch. 01

fetish sfsdada 2018-07-15

As they begun to eat, there was an ominous buzzing around the room, only for Juliet to remove her phone from her purse to get the same notification that Katie and Lily got. Her voice was interrupted as the walkie-talkie officer grabbed her by the waisted, turned her around, and pushed her head onto the car on the side of the road. Juliet and Katie watched in horror, each bringing their hands to their mouths as the walkie-talkie officer took out a ziptie and wrapped it across Lily's wrists which were pulled behind her back, tying them in place. The walkie talkie cop now outstretched his hand and voiced into the microphone, "Got the Klinsberg Cafe thieves in custody, heading to new HQ detainment center one now"

The Naughty Patient Ch. 01: Confession

fetish c1999 2018-02-03

This story contains conversations about panty-pooping and mild scat play, as well as the patient being embarrassment and submissive to the doctor. She knew she HAD to do something soon before it happened again, and she gathered up all her courage to walk across the parking lot and onto the sidewalk before reaching the door and entering the small office building. "You don't have to leave Doctor, that's OK," she said as she picked up the plastic bag and began opening it to get the gown out. "Its OK, I just didn't know you were finished." Melissa said as she took a step up on the stool and once again sat on the table.

Peter's College Swim Class Ch. 02

fetish Peter93 2018-01-28

"Yeah, but we don't all look like them." Scott said pointing to Hunter and Adam. Adam and Hunter were on the end joking around looking like two professional swimmers, and Matthew was just getting in, so I took the only open shower head on the right. You have to shower for 10 minutes and the next class starts soon." Josh said as he walked in fully clothed with a stop watch. "OK, hurry up." Josh said annoyed at Brock as he grabbed the towel around his waist and pulled it off him. I glanced over and saw the water run down his shoulders and over his baby smooth white ass that I had seen earlier when I checked his underwear size.

Eugene the Nerd Pt. 01: Hard Times

fetish Absweat 2017-12-06

He wanted so bad to keep his nipples and soft pooched belly, his armpit hair which he could feel was now dripping wet with his nervous sweat and he was sure his armpits were really ripe with his manly armpit musk, and even worse, the huge sausage shaped bulge in his pants created by his mature genitalia that he was so ashamed for anyone to see was now in full view of everyone. Eugene could feel that his dick was now stretched out and sticking up vertically and that the very sensitive fat head of his cock was now squeezed between his soft sweaty belly and the tight elastic waistband of his shorts.

Wet: A Tale of Desperation

fetish tehqueen 2017-11-15

Grace's mouth opened and shut a few times, trying to understand before the makeshift flag of her pants anchored to the brick wall floating in the breeze clued her in. Her feet met the pavement, but Grace steeled herself to the seat, her body rigid. Now with her left hand firmly over her mouth to prevent any more outbursts and her right arm hugging around her chest, her eyes widened as her building rose into view. Grace whimpered behind her hand and Robert's red-rimmed eyes fell on her, slowly drinking in the sight. His eyes met hers and at that, Grace's body committed the ultimate betrayal seconded only by death.