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Rubber Ball

fetish akfetish 2018-09-21

Holding the leash with his left hand, William bent Kate over his knee and slowly rolled up the back of her short white latex nurse's dress, despite her feeble protests. When he failed to land another blow in a timely manner Kate turned her head to look up at him (not an easy task with her stark white posture collar locked onto her gorgeous neck.) Her eyes were wide, pupils dilated; they were close to pleading. Her surprised gasp was cut short when William suddenly grabbed her hair and pulled, forcing Kate to arch her back and look him in the eye again. Hidden from view by his lab coat Kate placed a hand around his cock and pulled it to her waiting lips.

Delightful Day

fetish kristianklay 2018-04-25

Her legs spread wide, her pussy and ass open, wet and being slowly fucked with her fingers. Kate's eyes opened and she saw me there, naked, erect cock in my hand, watching her, masturbating in time with her masturbation. Kate's legs were spread widely before me, her fingers inside her gaping cunt just above my hard flesh; I watched my penis impale her body. "Oh god yes," Kate groaned as she continued to work the palm of her hand against her clit, faster and faster, her fingers sliding in and out of her wet pussy. My excitement heightened as I watched Kate continue to fuck her pussy with her fingers, my cock fucking her ass.

Naughty in the Dressing Room

fetish LadyMagicHands 2018-04-04

As he worked them slowly up her thighs, she sighed; so did he.  Obviously the hosiery was working magic for Karlos as well.  His hands smoothed out barely perceptible wrinkles as her feet sank to the floor on either side of his slim frame.  She drew herself off the bench as Karlos pushed the tight crimson dress up to her waist, making way for the sheer to waist nylons.  His fingers glanced over the dampness where her legs met; he looked up at her, questioning.  He saw her panting with her eyes closed and red lips apart, and he smiled as he lowered his head.