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Gas in the house

fetish flash 2018-11-29

My mother in law, her mom and my wife's whole family had arrived to celebrate Christmas at our. Eventhough they were really cool about it, normal people like me who came from families where you have never heard a woman fart could never take it. My wife was extra horny with the fart backgroud her aunts were providing and even i gave a couple of loud stinkers right on her face while she was busy between my legs. My mother in law came out of the toilet wishing me merry xmas. The toilet was filled with my mom in law's fart smell so i had to jump out. I laughed and went to the toilet admist the smell of all those farts.

Filling Santa's Shoes

fetish GabrielSweet 2018-11-16

After Eric was gone, I tried to be there to help like I said and one day Julie asked me, “Rand, can I get you to do me a BIG favor, PLEASE?” She looked at me with her big brown eyes and like always I started to melt, “Christmas is coming up and, well, Eric always used to play Santa for Suzie, would you, could you, do it this year. “ So, if your done playing house with the little girls, how about slipping that sweet hard cock into my cunt, Santa?” she starts to stroke her clit and motions me closer. “Well then, you must want my cock inside your pussy pretty badly, huh?” Spreading her cheeks and teasing the puckered little hole, “But I want to fuck your ass, deep and hard.

A Visit to a Mistress

fetish fun4all6969 2018-03-14

She laughed and said, "You have no choice, sissy." Then as I started to protest more Mistress Tessa forced her 7" strapon in my mouth at the same time the 8" pushed deep in my ass. She said, "I should tell Mom and get your loser ass out of our house but Mom definitely loves having your money to spend." Just then Tessa yanked me up and Amy continued, "We want you to see the pictures we took of you." I saw on the big screen pictures of me sucking Jerry's cock, getting fucked by Jerry and eating the cum filled condoms.

Jimmy Gets a Girl Ch. 04

fetish ScottWood 2018-03-11

From his new vantage point on the floor Jim was also right behind Tiffany's squatting body and he could see the firm spheres of her ass and the lips of her pussy between them, above which was the dark little hole of her anus. "Our present is on the table too, Jim." Dad said as he held Tiffany's head down on his dick for some deep throat. He slowed down on the vibrator and Jim saw that Gramps was inserting his old cock into Cleopatra's firm ass. Cleopatra squatted, with a pop as the dick came out of her ass, then she shrieked and thrust her hips towards Jim. A huge squirt like a jet of water hosed from her pussy and splashed all over Jim's cock and hand.

Please Hold My Titties Ch. 05

fetish LIVINRFANTASIES 2018-01-13

One afternoon while sitting around next to our RV Dollie asked me to make one of her French cut bikini bottoms narrower in the crotch. We played the game with our first partner Stan at least four times during those two weeks off and on in the sand dunes. I watched a few slip fingers partially inside her next to that narrow crotch without Dollie batting an eye! As we rode around the various campground loops Dollie and I spotted those same two tit lovers from nearly thirty years ago. We were new at being naked in front of others and very new at letting strangers play with her tits while I took pictures.