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Furry Lust

fetish JodiStarr 2018-02-21

So, imagine the first time I had unboxed my newly shipped fursuit: By myself, I had an incredible evening of admiring, touching, and parading, with and without the suit, until I, understandable, reached the most incredible orgasm ever. I was going to a meet-and-greet drinks and dancing event where I was going to look out for Lily and Rocky, and hopefully, meet other interesting characters as well. Not thinking then about the good decision to wear a padded panty to protect my precious fursuit from such an event, I clenched the absorbent material between my legs, feeling the waves starting from my sacral chakra, rushing down to sweep over my root chakra low down.

The Military Guy

fetish SexyGator 2018-02-21

I was dropping my daughter off with my parents and saw Kyle's car in the driveway, which was a little strange. I walked in and saw Kyle in his uniform pants, boots and his tan shirt. My daughter being four, and knowing I have watched a few guys drop kids off to her school in military uniforms lovingly said, "My mommy likes guys in those clothes." Kyle laughed, picked my daughter up and said, "You know, I think your mommy is really cute, do you think I should go workout with her." I was a little confused, until he came around and opened my door and said, "Let's go get your cardio in." I couldn't resist, I placed his cock inside my pussy.

Getting What He Asked For

fetish joey65 2018-02-03

I closed the room door and watched quietly as Michael picked up one of the condom packs and returned to Tom's exposed ass. I told Tom that since I had booked this hotel room for the last five days and had ordered room service several times during the week, I had gotten to talk to Michael on several occasions. As Michael returned to probing Tom's rectum with first his thumb, and then the two middle fingers of his right hand, I walked around to the side of the bed where Tom's head was located. I knew Tom was enjoying himself because each time Micheal's hand made contact with his ass cheek, Tom would let out a soft whimper, while he bit down on the bed spread beneath him.

The Bike

fetish secretstories 2018-01-16

So I was a little surprised when she had rung me during the week and told me that she had a new car and wanted to use the garage and asked if I would mind coming and picking my bike up. As I sat there I could feel my cock going hard at the thought of seeing her pussy and ass again. My cock throbbed as I watched her push her ass in the air completely spreading her peachy cheeks. I quickly shoved my cock in to the hilt and began pumping her hard, my balls slapping off her ass cheeks. Jane felt my balls erupting inside her and began to cum too, bucking wildly and then collapsing flat on the bed.

Feline Fantasy

fetish DirtyDreamer19 2018-01-04

Master grins "good pet." at that he walks over to the sofa and sits down "come here little kitty, for once I'll allow pets on the furniture." I crawl on my hands and knees trying to hold back the waves of pleasure pulsing through my vibrating pussy and proceed to bury my face in my master's crotch licking and sucking his balls and his cock. "Do you want my cock in you pet?" he asked with a smirk on his face I nod breathlessly "beg for me a little more and I'll consider it." I whimper and meow until I can barely speak then he finally reaches down and pulls out the toy.

Ron's Wife Watching Fantasy

fetish Frosty_Winters 2018-01-01

We got back home, not to mention the cab ride, Jessie made me sit in the front with the cab driver, while her and Greg sat in the back, all over each other, she made it a point to let out a groan here and there, and she would say things like "you are such a good kisser" and "I can feel how big your cock is", I knew she was saying this just so I could hear her. She kept talking to Greg, she kept saying things like, I have never been fucked this good and your cock is so deep in my pussy, I am so fucking wet right now.

Real-life Femdom

fetish 2017-12-31

In particular, I am referring to the topic area specific to “realistic” Femdom, wherein a woman (or a group of women) have control over a man in a non-professional setting. In any of these typical scenarios, it’s pretty clear that these women are merely providing a service for the sub men by helping them act out their male fantasies. It’s safe to assume that no two women would react the same way, but I think it’s pretty intuitive to assume that none of the typical male fantasies would be part of the agenda unless they somehow fit into the framework of the woman’s wants and desires.

The Cumhunters

fetish Jreforma 2017-12-29

Zane knew that this was the only oak tree around the lake, and that was exactly why he had chosen that spot to camp out, as it was easy to locate. Soon Zane lost all semblance of time as he had boobs pressed against his face, boobs in his hands, and boobs engulfing his cock. He couldn't exactly remember what had happened, just that he felt good. "I hope you wiped his memory properly," Raine commented to Allison as the video showed the girls getting up to leave the boy behind. "He'll remember that a girl came up to him earlier, but not your face or voice.


fetish deanono136 2017-12-26

"What happened to the employee who came up with this?" Bella couldn't take her eyes off of the highly realistic vagina that had been modeled into the costume's crotch, and the hard nipples at the tips of the breast forms. Bella considered those words, and as she admired the costume she felt a slightly alarming- but alluring- thought crept into her mind. As Bella looked from herself in the mirror, to the succubus costume at her side, then back again, she felt the heat of the comparison begin to tingle at her throat. The nipples of the costume were placed above her own, and for some reason that Bella couldn't figure out, she could somehow feel through layers of soft, quivering latex to her own nipples and breast below.

Can't You Read My Mind?

fetish AnotherNight5 2017-12-25

If you put your hand between my legs you would feel the wetness that begs for you to control me, take me, hurt me as you pound me with your cock. He let go of my hands and started shoving me to my knees while pulling at his zipper. Removing his hands from my shoulders he told me to pull his cock out of his pants. He slid his hands into my curls pulling my face toward his cock. He pulled out of my mouth and as I protested he pushed me toward the bed and told me to strip. It felt as if little fingers of lightning were running from my anus to my snatch. It felt incredible especially with him still finger fucking my anus.

My secret Passion!

fetish ManLeiria 2017-12-20

i am a very young sex addict and my most secret fantasy is to have sex with a overaged couple man and wife! i can´t stop thinking about pleasuring a chunky granny with saggy boobs, while her hubby feeds her lustfull mouth with his cock! after pleasuring her and having cumm ate least 2 times on her boobs and mouth, we will be taking turns into her ass and cunt, both of us at the same time fucking her every-hole!!! damns the hardness of my cock just turns her ass upside out and tears up her cunt, i can her her moans of pleasure and her husband just shouts out loud that he whants to be fucked too....

Panty Husband Fulfills Fantasy

fetish DrLit 2017-12-09

You also know that my wife went from not liking anal sex at all to falling in love with fucking my ass while I wear panties. She said, "I'd really love that, but can you eat my pussy and finger my ass first? My wife, said, "I appreciate your concern for my pleasure, but that little finger in my ass was great. She then sat up and took the time to enjoy a thick cock in her pussy and a butt plug in her ass. With you in my pussy and the plug in my ass I feel like I'm getting fucked by two men. Eventually she said, "I want your cock in my ass doggie style, no finger first, no butt plug.

Submissive Secrets Ch. 05

fetish robyne_morgan 2017-12-09

I shifted my body a little and began to wonder how much air I had as I rode captive down the interstate in darkness—naked and cuffed, defiled and humiliated—and tried to turn my mind away from Lindsey. I suddenly felt Stephen's warm lips press against mine in a soft, sensual kiss. Stephen filled them with a warm embrace.We kissed passionately and I could feel my face begin to flush as my hands wandered excitedly across his back. I turned away and ran my fingers through Stephen's hair as he kissed my stomach, his body moving slowly downward. Stephen put his arms under my legs, and with his hands under my butt, began lifting me up and down.

The Dark Erotic Side Of The Moon

fetish scattyNova 2017-12-08

I feel a presence: The castellan of the castle banishes the moon-urchins with a clap of his hands. I sit on an old rocking chair and look at her shyly, feeling uneasy. Suddenly four moon-girls come in my room and lead me to the bathroom. The mixture of shit and moon-berry juice is fragrant. Heartened, I return to licking the rest of my shit from his cock, stroking it. Touching it, smelling it – seeing it coming out of my asshole; hearing the tiny farts as I shit? With one hand I keep his mouth closed, with the other i smear my shit all over his body. I can feel his tongue licking my ass.

The Road to Shadani Mo Ch. 1

fetish leaky_one 2017-12-04

Suddenly the room was filled with a loud hiss and pattering sound as Ailish's pee hole opened and a hot deluge of golden yellow pee started to bounce over the table top as she sprayed her piss all over it. The flow of urine from Ailish's pussy was a now a torrent of golden pee; spraying downwards over the short distance between her pussy lips and the wooden boards now receiving her piss shower. Ailish opened to her mouth to say something but the words never got out as Buki's piss flaps parted and a thin stream of hot golden pee started to descend into her mouth. Instantly Ailish started to return the favour, parting her own pussy flaps to allow out a similar flow of piss, squirting upwards into Buki's waiting mouth.

Nicole and Her Ass Lover

fetish Freak4fantasyfuck 2017-11-20

With each new plunge I feel the shit squeeze out around my penis as his ass tries to get rid of it. I quickly pull out my shit covered cock and shove my face into his faeces covered cheeks, putting my mouth over the wide anus. I feel his bowels let the shit flow into my mouth. YYYYEEEEESSSS!!!!"I reach my climax and hold Peter's mouth onto my cock as I cum into his mouth. Then Peter says, "I want your ass Nicole." I look at him and smile. He fell asleep on the couch and I slipped my penis into his ass full of my shit, and slept with my cock lodged and stiff up his huge ass...

The P Club

fetish Mareus 2017-11-20

They stand facing each other and the woman introduces herself as Sandi and the two men as Alexis and Uri. She turns her back to her helpers and tells them to take off her coat. Alexis takes the coat, folds it and passes it to a member of the audience for safekeeping before returning to Sandi who now stands before us in a black satin basque, matching black satin panties, seamed stockings, high heels and a black satin ribbon around her neck. Sandi is back on her knees and alternately kissing Uri's cock and then Alexis' through their panties. Sandi pulls both cocks out simultaneously and begins to suck them in turn, going backwards and forwards between them, pulling them deeply into her mouth whilst gliding her hands over their arses, coaxing them to grind their cocks into her.

Favourite Fantasies #6

fetish hard_for_yu 2017-11-17

The sight of her fulfilling an old-time fantasy of mine, along with the view I had of my hard-on going in and out of Carol’s beautiful face, quickened my orgasm. With Carol’s ass sticking out as she kneeled on the bed, I gave her a hard smack on the tush. For a finale, I was going to fuck her hard, with her arms and legs spread-eagled on the bed. But as Carol lay on the bed, face down with her hands still bound behind her, she yelled, “Fuck me from behind!” I was happy to oblige, and after dipping my hard-on into her cunt for lubrication, I jammed it (much too hard, I regret) into her asshole.

Special Delivery

fetish GuiltlessMiss 2017-11-10

His right hand went to the place where my head and neck meet and he said, "You have the most perfect eyes, I think I like them looking up at me." His hand was warm and seemed to vibrate an energy right into me. You are mine and I am going to make you cum." He kept his hand on my throat as he kissed and nibbled his way down my neck, my breasts, then his hands moved down to my wrists pinning them to the bed as his head went between my thighs. "Shhh Kitten, I am going to make you cum." His hands went up to my thighs holding them apart where he wanted them and I moved my fingers to his head keeping him where I wanted him though I don't think I had any choice.

Divorce Party

fetish letmepleaseyou2006 2017-11-04

And I could imagine a fantasy with every single one of them, but I knew it was Renee that wanted me as her Divorce Party present. And she just started talking about me, to the women almost I wasn't there, telling them how nice my cock felt and looked and even going on to tell them about one of my fantasies to lick several women's pussies one right after another. I couldn't even think, I just knew I was going to eat some pussy and crawled over to Renee and planted my face between her thighs. These women playing with my ass, had me squirming, then I felt a firm set of hands on both cheeks spreading them and now a tongue licking my ass and poking into my ass hole.

My Giantess Adventure

fetish wandwiz12 2017-11-01

Just as I turn to see who it was when one of Norma's bountiful and curvaceous hips bumps my shoulder again. All I can think about is the feeling of her warm hand on my head. Before I could think anything Norma finds my copy of Big Hooters magazine lying on the coffee table. One of her breast sits against my face like a soft pillow, the other rests on my chest. She envelopes my swollen member with her large hand and plants it back into her warm wet hole She then rolls on her back placing me on top of her. The following morning I awake to a spinning hangover but to my surprise I'm still fully wrapped in Norma's warm body.

Real Life Masturbation Experiences - Episode 03

fetish bountydog 2017-10-30

As a foot fetishist I would have loved to enjoy my fantasy while looking at a barefoot beauty, he feet resting on the train seat. I had just a glimpse of her feet but instead of contemplating such beauties I started to get ready: I positioned myself in the opposite seat row, near the opposite window. I find the right position to have myself hidden from the other seats and to have the best view of the beauty napping some seats from me the, after positioning the newspaper in a way to hide my act and make it looked like I was reading it, I unbuttoned some buttons of my jeans, my boxers already a bit lowered under my pants, sometthing done on the train wc immediately after boarding it.

Dean Becomes a Cuckold

fetish tiez 2017-10-22

Just like when I fuck you with my hand." Dean opened his mouth, her finger slid along his lower lip. "Open!" and the cock filled his mouth again as the leash pulled him back into the man's crotch. The leash went slack but hands grabbed his head, pulling him toward and away from his crotch, now fucking his mouth. Dean heard his Mistress saying something, but it was unintelligible to him as he was getting his face fucked and his head being grabbed by large hands. "Clean me off boy, my cum and hers" He shoved his cock roughly into Dean's mouth, forcing himself in, making him slurp, suck and clean him. As the man climbed up onto the bed to join them he pointed out how hard Dean's cock had become.

A Fantasy Night Exposed Ch. 01

fetish tfrah 2017-10-15

I had agreed to dress up in my wife's clothes and let her tie me to our bed and leave me alone, bound and helpless in our bedroom while she went next door to entertain one of her new girlfriends from work. With my arms tied to each bed post I could do nothing to hide how embarrassingly aroused I was - nothing to hide how much I really did love being dressed up as a girl nor how excited I was by the possibility that at any moment my wife might open that door and let some unknown girl walk in and see what a dirty kinky sissy slut her husband really was!